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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 79 · 8 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: Gay Fashion


On todays epsiode, Jesse couldn't make it and as such we are all very sad. Not really, we were just all tired. Today we deicded we would talk about Gay Fahsion, talking about a few notable fahsion pieces before moving on toward gay designers who will change the world. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay. Make sure to check Echo out at

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapie,

Hi, welcome to the House of cars and lgbtq plus podcast. My name is Simone. You see the pronounce and I am definitely ill. I have to book you, Loves Jackson, it's your turn. Ohyah, waiting for you. It was doing shit. Who Am I? Hi, I'm Jackson. I used they are pronounce and sleep, sweep, sweep. It'll be very good. Fine, Ookem last as always. Anyway, yeah, because of your disability. So true. I'm I am in my final like uni, very, very tired. Yeah, I guess, and pepperm and oil is amazing. Yes, I think of us are dying right now. I'm honestly pretty fine, except for like having to research a topic I wasn't ready for, because I'm not like eagery and I can't consume knowledge as easily. Fine, but I'm honestly fine. Besides that, this is probably the first time we're I'm the okay one. Oh, by the way, Jess is calling the dying about mic justice. I have a migraine currently, so that's what he's not here. You know, he's too much of a sport, of a pussy to Percorde through a migraine. So it's literally Pobia that all of us are what God could full litter. No, I'm fine. Great, yeah, but I'm not. Yeah, but that's so that my teeth don't get fucked up. So I stay hot. Not Bothering you. No, but they're going to sell. They're going to what's going to happen in a few years? They can already tell that the wisdom teeth are going to push into my teeth and they're going to damage my teeth and make my teeth UN straight. So they've decided to take it out now so that that doesn't happen and my teeth stay straight and I don't need to put braces on my wisdom teeth for making my my teeth straighter. Races now out wisdom teeth. I already had braces for seven years. The roots must the roots must be grown in. That's the only other reason. That's the only time they're allowed to actually take them out. I don't know. They just said. They just they just said to me, like I don't have any pain, but they can see them. So they said, we're going to take them out so they don't fuck up with your teeth in it. So I said, okay, must be the roots. Otherwise you wait, sorry, hold up, but no, the reason they take the notice is they're going to damage my teeth. They're they're not allowed to take them off the roots. Wait, I got to Google this. I'm just intrigued now because that's very interesting me. I can't see. I have teeth that are physically rotting in my head and I'm not allowed to get them roots yet. Well, because I had four teeth that didn't have adult teeth under them. So I had two...

...of them removed because they weren't used to my job, but the other two are. They're just slowly running in my head and they're not allowed to turn with them until I screw in eighteen. Oh myopic a recommended or their roots are well, my just fucking me over that to get a new dentist. Um, not, no, you don't. I have been looking. I've been looking. They have my room when I was seventy. They you should get them out soon, though, because they do recommend for your eighteen, because it's easier when before the roots and bones of your teeth are softer stuff. So I don't. I haven't. I haven't read anything about needing your roots in my dentist love. It's possible or to your destin. Your dentist is posonal preference. They before to have the roots in. Actually, note that makes actually it would make sense because again it says here the roots and bones, so they would need the roots of the bone of so I think they just want the roots there. But I don't think you need them. Like, who knows when that comes out? When do when your teeth roots form? I don't think I'm ever actually gonna need to get my wisdom teeth out because my mom and dad did not need to get theirs out. My Dad is much I'm actually were work. So okay, do you have so other two? Okay, so I think I'm seeing when you just came from. So three to four months the roots of the normal teeth grow in and then wisdom teeth come in runds, like begin to form at seven and ten. So you can start getting wisdom teeth out at seven, at the age of seven or ten. So yeah, and they recommend. So technically you have ten years between being ten and twenty when you should get you wisdom teeth out. Anyway, welcome to house of cods at tea, a teeth podcast, because we're not talking about to you. If you want to hear talk about teeth. Where can you find us on social media? You can find us on Instagram at House of cards. Sorry, I just wrote a really funny tweet. It was from winter. Right now. Anyway, no, I just got a notification for it. Anyway, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards, underscore podcast, on twitter lgbt or score deck on Tick Tock as House of cards, lgbt and, I know as house of cars and LGBT podcast, deck deck, but it's just closed. It should be pod guests, not a podcast. We're posting podcast episodes on Youtube because the only reasons because you're supposed to start getting the youtube lend listen. We don't live close together, we can't flog together. Therefore it's not a valid channel. Oh my God, we can do independent episodes and we can do Vatroll Aviolas. Awful, fucking God, you are so dramatic. Yeah, speaking of dramatics, I did something to Simon yesterday. I killed for entire family. Oh my God, yeah, I forgot about that. No, I pray called stone now. You literally killed my entire family. I don't know what you're talking about. A frank color, I don't it'swer my phone. So and so. So I was hanging with my friend in town and they wanted help with a video because they know I have the podcast and... some stuff. So they wanted help with it, and so I said I'd like made the joke that you have to talk to my sister, and so they made it up back like Oh, what's your sister number? And then I came up with the brilliant idea of calling simone pretending to as my assistant. I was in the middle of studying from math. By the way, I failed this exam. It's your fault. So we call Simon and she picks up, which I wasn't ready. I thought they were just going to like see the unknown number hanging up and that was going to be a weird just so I had the area tag where you were from, and I was like this is gonna be good. Didn't Oh, see, you know where I was from, so you knew it was from my town. Yeah, so called ask for Simone's name, like so said Simone's full name, which was hilarious because subone, I don't know if you like. As soon as she said your name, Your Voice I change. You would like curious like how did you get my name? But it's like who is this? And we put a fake name. Were like I need to talk to your boss, Jackson or something, and Simone just was like what the fuck, what's this? Wellshit, though, because a bit eventually she's like yeah, I'll give the number, and then I got a text some someone like this went on for probably about a minute or two, maybe even five, and I get a text that says bitch, why is someone calling me? Like the call, I didn't get it until like in the middle of it. Rude. Well, yeah, Simone was funny. It was fine just suck someone's reaction. And then we thought we should call it avery and like no, if we call avery, she m may cry. Like we were like we're going to call you and say that like a house of cards, one like a place, an award or something, or like a news thing, like no, because they will believe it and then I won't be able to say no and then I would just think we won this award. Yeah, and then and then I'll have to like falsely make up an award and host a ceremony. That would have been so sweet, though, like if you actually like that effort, like make me feel it likes. Took me like one year to do this and you found out like one month in that it was fake and just went along with it. Oh my God, awful. Yeah, and then I thought like I'd called you, but Jesson was in school, so I was like, no, can't do that. Okay, I was also in school. Yeah, but you wouldn't like a physical yeah, that's dude. I still have to do school work. I keep my phone muted throw the day most of the time because of it, and so felt. So I don't print call you again. Yeah, now my phone is going to be muted through today. So if I can be called from work and miss them, as your fault. Anyway. I also came up with like another fun idea that we're going to do for the two year one hundred episode special. If any one I make I can't tell you. I can't tell you anything. Well, why bring it up? I do have a plan on the beginning of September to tell you guys something, and that it's for two so you guys have two weeks of planning and training. Bro I will I will be moving in September. Like I said, it's the hunger games, so I will move that. Yeah, would you like to know whether Festi you. What are you going to you can't miss the hundred episode. I'm moving. Okay, so you don't move that day. We...

...were. I can't say we're. Yeah, likext it in the chat, but also we are. We will be recording the hundred special on the thirteen, but if something happens, we can move it. That just that. The hundred a special is one that, like, none of us can miss. So if you think you're going to miss it for some reason, then Hellas as soon as you can. Are you just going to be constantly moving the entire month, the entire month of September? Sumoe is constantly moving. I don't have a lot of Shit. Maybe kind of smiut there me. Yes, we're doing something in September. Smote, I'm constantly moving the entire time, but I can't make it. No, you're not. Or you can take the evening off on the thirteen. Do hang out with your friends. Trust me, simone, you're going to like it. You'RE gonna want to be there. I'm not going to be eighteens. No, not even even without it either. No, I think, I think, I think it's gonna be really fun. I've already planned so much, and I have. There's an actual award this time. Okay, like I'M gonna be spending money on it, but yeah, it's it's kill them. What? What my mom? What? Know? It's I give you your virginity back, I take you to church. Huh? Are you taking the church to get the virginity bag? Whoever wins whatever it me. Yeah, yeah, you guys will need to beat a free this time. Oh wait, I'm not, because a we will then be the double virginity and also the dumb double winner of the House of cards competition. Anyway, let's just get in the topic. There's no transitioning here, because, Justin so, I know such to s yeah, also, also, just as all about transitions. Also every are you asleep? She anyways? Yes, okay, dude, are you like high? No, leave it or not. I am natural. Not, naturally. There's a lot and going on. Well, let's talk about the what's been going on in fashion? I don't know. Fashion is a very important part of everyone lives, right how much we wish we could ignore it. They can be. It can be considered the first compression given to other people out how they will value us. This is an expectation for gay people in today's Modern Day. Notable clothing trends are world jeans, Rainbow Pens, pennies and other such left out slows. Anyway, no, I didn't know. I didn't SME. You'RE gonna love the Pott the paragraph I gave you my fulse so going a bit oversandditional route. They're such a thing...

...called flagging. Sorry, give me a moment. Sorry, I had to, you know, kill the person plugging was used by gays to attract other gays. When I was writing this, I want you guys to know I thought a bit like dogs, like like you. There's this meme were like gay people. I like dogs. You Miss the other gay people once, so you know, like out like the ears of it and like dide where and you're like, Oh my God, that's okay, that's again, and you're like and you're like panicking and you're going to circles, but you don't want to get like your show. He wasn't, and then you don't and you're just like panicking, like Oh my God, there's another Queer God. Anyway, but this was used before. It was leave, because nowadays you can just be like we are, but it was common. Was a handkerchief and you play him one of your back pockets. Other gay people be like Yo, I see that and ask you something and, depending on your response, would tell you if you were gay or if they should get away, you know, because you know straight people. Anyway, for those of us are the Musus, we would definitely forget the proper response and we would never find another day for us, like I could totally see someone like I have the handkerchief from a pocket right and I just completely forget the right response and I'm just like, Huh, but awesome. But depending on the side that you put your handkerstrong would also affect how you were seeing, you know, as the left ear in a straight and the right area is gay. My Dad Pierces right ear himself in university when he was black out drunk with a safety ps gay. He's Gay, I hate to tell you. Anyway, earringthing keys would also be used in this process, which is also why I think they were phrases along with it, because, like if someone like your dad pierce the right ear as a fun joke and then I gave us and went up and like dart to make it out with him, your dad would obviausly be like hollow. See, that's half and anyway, another gay clothing that could help you identify as gay is in everyone's closet's in my mom's closet flannels. Um, probably the fucking gayest clothing to ever exist is a flannel hang I still have covid for sure. Anyway, this became a gay iconic outfit, mostly used by lesbians and Women Loving Women. This is because flannel was seen some masculine, open, because of multilevel marketing schemes and women loving women wearing more famulus, more masculine clothes, even though closed door of gender. As such, lesbians were flannel to communicate to other women loving women that they truly like women and as such, moved on towards a modern day gay icons, more Modern Day y'll and I don't know what. I caught closing gay icons. They're gay icon you know, you know, everyone to you is just gay. Come every I actually just start seeing us as people. True, because he's nicest. Is Gay icons. Anyway, as pins I see you are used by so many types of gays, including ourselves. You don't me play on any type of calls or bags and needs use, or just show lgbus have been used by gay people for help it gender without having me come out repeatedly, because it can be emotionally exhausting. Mood me all the time, Bro, not from coming out. Our friend at are you...

...a bad influence on instagram cells, ground pins as well as backpens. So will check him out. He's on, Aye, he's on at sea. We all also, we receiver, actually have pins from him, the regect. Anyway, let's talk about a few gay designers who, helps say, shaped fashion for what it is today, as well as maybe two of you that are going to shape fashion for tomorrow up. But before we get into this, I would say that any designers that do not appear in this episode just does not mean that they are not equally as important or equally as cool or influential or anything. That they're all VALIDIS fucked. I think we start is fucking king won't Keem Walk. I can't say. You know someone plays. Say His name quickly. Kanye West. Why? That was out of nowhere. Out During my research, Krannie said in two thousand and fifteen interview he felt a scriminate against in fashion for not being gay. No, Kanye, you want beings given it stimulate against for being straight, no matter what industry you are in. So, yeah, just fuck you, like that was hello. Like there's other things as men faces, and he chooses the fact that he is straight. Yeah, anyway, I postly loved these three paragraphs. I'll especially like the last two, but anyway, goossmone. But I didn't realize you read your yeah, I just I felt like I had like as soon as I went to the fuck Kanye, I was like, I can't fit a Porson in here. Okay, the first designer will be talking about is he's say Lauren, and openly gay man who is in a relationship with Pierre Burge. He created the company you've sat lauren in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five five, caroline millbank wrote the most consistently celebrated and influential designer of the past twenty five years. It is not been twenty five yer, since nineteen eight five. I think Carolyn Milbank is a little bit dumb. Anyway. Why is cell was regarded by his spring guitar rise and it's S S ashes and rendering ready to wear reputation. That's that's that's what they said. No, but that's literally the wrong grammar, and fixing it for them anyway. Okay, good for you. Up Off Bestie. In one nineteen fifty seven, at age twenty one, he became the head, ha ha, head designer of house door, which saved it from financial ruin. I don't think I spelled that. Right after being fired from house door, he was forced to fight the military. After twenty days of being Hayes, he was into a military hospital, Jesus fucking Christ after he, after his release, a suit to you or for breach of contract, and from there he started his life as a full time designer. Love Suing. Do you or completely support the move? He designed such things as the beatnick looks far jackets for men and women, tight trousers, tall by high boots and arguably the most famous classic, took pseuto suit for women. In nineteen sixty six, Lee smoking, least Le Smoking the smoking. Why is so? Died June first. Two Thousand and five did bring cancer. Same it's kind of iconic that he died in the four state of Pridmn, is it not? Though it kind of like also also the most famous toxic suitful women up look let me get a let me get you a picture, y'all. Let me get you a picture of this. I need it me to let me just. Let me sending it into chair. If it will, let me send just I sent it six times. Okay, it's sending right now.

It looks let me find like a person picture of it. Oh Shit, this is it in like people every INSOMO. I've seen that right, isn't it? Anyway, a very focus. Don't focus is like, and I have seen how the world pocuses on that, is to create a fans grow the idea of women uses men. Future will wow right, like, oh my God, I love it so much, and her fashion is amazing, but it looks great anyway. Pierre Davis is the last of W we talked about and starting a strong Pierre Davis brand is called, believe it's a no see so, no see, so, no s so, which is no sex or gender in Italian, which is amazing. I think it sounds like that's like an amazing name. Pierre made history about between the first transgender designer to show at the New York Fashion Week in two thousand and nineteen. There's also a massed, a huge following in la or outfits has been won by this, by celebrities like dog cat and tennish. I have not heard of Dash, but you know, maybe I'm just old like avery. I haven't either. Actually, Oh, maybe the warm real. No, Pier Hope, that knows. See. See, so is it's so someone where? Well, just it's the name again. No, Caesar. See some SLESSU. No SES. So that's a pie season. I will what pop and no, see. So. Nope, I say no, feither with Pierre hopes. The nursing so inspires people to be more community minded. I meanisa, not everything is it just about istags and comments. It's also about humanity, like, Oh my God, Oh my God. Honestly, Pore Davis is such an amazing sign. And we are there's an excite to see the gender fluid and all embracing future of fashion that Pierre is offering. Yeah, okay, so I just googled Hannah Hoole Quist, and I mean okay, so, remember that dress that Ariana Grande wore? That was like a pink, like really short pink dress that was literally like it looked like a cupcake. MMM IT. That's kind of what her designs yeah, yeah, anyway, and like I looked at Pos a lot. They are they look amazing. Yeah, they're awesome. Okay, that's it for a fashion episode. We talked about how fashion influence gay cultures in the modern day and in the past. We also talked about an open gay designer who helpship modern fashion world and to up and coming lgbtqia to plus fashion designers who will most likely change the world, especially in Quist, because I'm in love with her now. anyways, remember, whatever you wear, your bellot is fuck down. I... writing this episode. I love doing the research on it. Keenis I. The only thing I wish is that I did find more LGBT Q I to plus like members fashion designers in the past, but like most of them just showed up being like old men, and I was like, listen, listen. I Love Gay represensations, I love Gay representsation, but we done with it. Like I want to see some like powerful envies and women who are queer in the fashion industry, but that is up and coming in the future. So that's great to see. So true. Hey Man, amen, amen, Hey man, disgusting, awful. Oh yeahs Fuck Satan, Satan, is that you? That was out that a handcuff. That was you trying to shut up a child. No, no, that was my hand up. Y'All, have furt it in person. Awful, and every time I see covering the mouth of a child trying to scream, I know you're secret a ready. Wait, how do we wrap up the episode again? Oh my God, thank you so much for listening today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you next week. If not, have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else? Sad, valid as book stay. Yay, Skay, there we go. I.

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