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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

Episode 40 · 4 months ago

House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Feminism


Today! Simone could not make it, so it left Jaxson and Avery to pick up the pieces and bring you an episode on feminsim. You can also listen to Jaxson and Avery complain about school! Make sure to tune in next week for a new episode, but if you are busy and can't than have a good rest of your life! OH and remember you are vaild as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

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A l podcast i had just graduated this week, sothat's talkers. I forgot about that like i didn't forget about it, but iforgot, but you know what i mean: yeah yeah lives hi, i'm jackson i ha exams to come andstill have exam exhausted. As i enforce say to one. I am the past two nights.So it's most like me o finish. This episode go ges for minutes and i go bed, no okay, so on over o. What are we supposed to do aboutpromotion yeah? So on is in here that cyah name in to pull up to quick or instershouses. Fucking is four instagram is house of cards under spore podcast. Ithink the lane thing i have is argier. So that's a loading give me a minute.Our witter is at lgbt underscore deck and ithink i said that wrong. It's lgbt look at us. Look at us. Look at us. We can do it. We did it. Go!I'm glad we could. I me my glad some had to go on vacation mortar. We didn't do that. No, soimagine if someone actually went missing and then you posted this that'd be fun. Imagine magic, fun, funny thing, so all of you probably fascinates what ido with my life. I know i so mean someone try to go this morlierbecause we forgot avery was doing you know graduation stuff, oh yeah, and that hens, because i like no, youknow it's you're choosing to do something aversgraduating, which one of these is more important like come on. So i sat down stars like thirty minuteseating this cheesecake, i was fain ketone recording watching history,videos, oh my god, ses hake, slaps so hard. I love just in its homemadecheesecake i get to sushi today and it did not make me food sick. That's incredible! We love to see iteyah we do nolly. This is where some month saysyour mom or something. So like your move. There we go nice trying to make.This is good a rus like some. It is like a boy. This is weird. This is kind of better, though i feellike it's more honest, like there's just a better vive, herwow. Now i think, what it's harder for me to bounce off everything is tobounce off some yeah. It takes every a few moments agewith the jokes to yeah. That's true! That's true! That'sjust how i am my we. So we did graduation patines andour florou for one in the was or she'd be like. Okay, never lax your shouldersand i would like be trying to relax my shoulder so hardthat i ended up like kind of like falling backward, and i was trying sohard to relax...

...and ike. Like stress yeah, i like twoends of a spectral. I'm either stressed for even more stress. There is no inbetween a tresses yeah, but you know we were by a lakeand i got in the water with my dress. So i was because i wanted to. I don'tknow she was like what other kind of picture things we want to do. She waslike you want to get in the water, and i was like yeah. I love that actually, and itreally had actually really calmed me down. It was very laxings know aginnewa like hypothetically. We could on this we by the way we are ever sivinpeople for graduation. I weenwe not. This is a weed, or this is an every celebration same reason why we're not pulling up totaoists. I just shut that idea right down, because i'm like today's meant tobe about you like to the next two days are supposed to be like your graduatingand that's stating now and i being happy with you not about king al to the box store it'smy favorite place, fanever mind. I don't want to. I call too bad the cheesecakes we ring. We totally. Are i told bo i'm like? Canwe go the i don't know yet. Is that all the penises getting like differentkinds of slices so that we have like variety? I will my keon. I read the replan a a i don't like that. Don't like that rutilae are you fucking dying. Is that that's me literally dyinganyway, feminism and the what is it hearing feminism issomething that's become widely controvert and popularized in moremodern culture, a somere dike, okay, i'm diving right in yeah yeah. There are honto definitions, eated withemim, but for simplicity's sake, like we're just going to go with one of themand say that feminism is insuring like economic, political and social qualityfor all people, feminism has become a range ofideologies hartie by philosophy, social and political movement. A l be honest. I want to be honest withyou. The original day to recording was meaday when i could have made it, andi'm still sitting here like why can't we have done it that way so, like i feel like me, being a man justdoesn't feel right here, but we still go to get to the topicbecause we got to educate the people so educate we et pepe.

There were. Why is there a there? I don't know. I didn't put that therebetter. We jesus eave to characterize western seven. These waves are built upsocial and political movements that e exchange becus. The first way was frometene one thousand nine hundred and twenty. I my favorite is a getto. Theacts of the nicety sufferagette get. You know like i'm from the mary poppingsong like well done. Sister. Some forget basically what the women foughtfor the right about what an then have been. You know something important, but thisis what that ward me. Oh, i don't know i kind of sin that you knew what itmeant. I i didn't, but i do to run a a the same thing. Just forget that,like not everyone, no yeah, i yea. You know that old man. Yes, i'm sigi think it's either likeseneca or sinica ni mention well. My two hundred womendiscuss the right thing to mild a list of twelve residin. Unfortunately, themovement was seen a specifically to white people, women of color, i e forto rioe. That is why i love women, a pillar. They are ten times better. Welove women of color. I just marshal p johnson, my heart, no idea who that is valid. Okay, osca wile. I thought youlike this rosco wilds main thing was caught agains, really, that's. He established thatfive sexus or cardigans i so i thought thas important be nowbecause avery is a story. Angle. O closet has pictures of him, my god it does not, and it's not justas for a while. The romantics are my favorite, like era of authors and likeclassical right, okay, i'm getting. I have myself fuck, no, it's just a for,while it's not just oscar wild. It's like o, o o matic, the victoria al arwriters. It's just ostal, is all the facts that they are were all like.Frederio know, just alike. The idea for mary shells. Frankenstein was likebasically at this, a cool party that she and percy shall an orfling were at anyways. The second wave of feminism,lo o one thousand nine hundred and six two three ah on those s on women, beganchallenging the patriarchy, but an amothen was most influenced by the nonfiction book. The feminine mystique betty freetent, the autor, give thebelief that women were born to be a housewives stating that there was aproblem with the system and even going further as to later quote. I thoughtthere was something wrong with me, because i didn't have an orgasm waxingthe kitchen floor, oh, and go right. Why? I not put that on mine. Thatshould be my graduate. That should be your graduation put that on my fuckinggrave. She what a girl as i love she gossip, the man. She can keep thepeople...

...probably as for time and she was a goldboss. Yes, i love her another life impact. Thesecond wave was the fanes grow b, wacate yeah. I love this one thousandnine hundred and seventy three case that famously quote unquote: guaranteedreproductive freedom. I say quote unquote because you know america was still as stilldoing with that right now, yeah they're still problems, i always its america other. No otherparts of this way was like. Why is it? Why think i ate speech therapy aparently, risingsupport for women of color rosa parks, challenging, please mortality onceagain, fucking queen shit and outraged at objectification, and this wave iswhere, like the myth of women burning bros for freedom originated from likethey didn't do that, but it well. What are the purpose of rod? I mean like well to some people. Bras are like asingle of oppression and then, like other people, that'sjust like our undergarments are like for support. I was in to say whether i for you butlike you, don't need port on emett he next to the most to the motel.Do you see the most kind of uncomfortable and a societe? No, i mean like i, i often accessorial,like not so much undergarment, which i wish it is kind of in my mind, but imean like i, i just use the word on the urori love.Thank you. I just say i like when my braw n, myantis match, like i feel like a boss, has bitch, but like so i mean is that you coni, like er roscoie. Youknow i have a i like having an tragen like expressionstuff, so i mean like it also kind of like gives like the shape right yeah i like ease, you know what i mean like you're kind,o yeah. I don't care one o. A e andit depends on your comfort little to a like taker apples. If you watch it, i don't want it to get cold on. Mynipples to break my shock if uckington this is the it's just a trader for like sexualassault, so so it should take me. It should take afew minutes if you just want to skip to where everybody and speaking an then goright ahead. We want you guest as comfortable as possible to listen atyour own risk, let's in at your own risk, and we hope that stay says the pirga began in nine n t s, itstarted with anti and and to anita. I think that was so much for me as...

...uneaten ed up stacking alogism lar tothe n tenethon things i make up my heels and grows because the second roomi had seen were seen as in sablan. Then fiofio, not even american, and i, likei'm gonna vote. I would oh. There has been yahai, no mister s, a m. We love her niaiser first and onlyfemale prime minister of canada. You need he was voted in well like it's so like us, they came la, i mean they stalk. I be voted in totake their place, though, because we don't have like vice prime ministers. No, like the second, when you son, to be voted. I don't understand you're part of themartlet yeah yeah that doesn't matter as if you,the secant, have voted in as long as you are so that what i think we're confusing each other,i'm just going to keep reading. No, i work i do i just like. I thinkthat we're like confusing each other yeah. No, it's you don't like i'mtrying to say one thing and you're trying to say another thing: yeah andcanada. You only need your potty, you be fraud and you don't it's not aspecific but but like. If the person who like was voted in in the party likedied and they like, then it would be like someone else voted in from that sameparty. So it wouldn't matter about the party. It could be anyone in that party wellyeah. It would be from that it be from that party yeah, but they went before yeah. I would be someone voted fromthat party, but it did not right away. No, no we'resaying the same thing we're just confused. I yeese there have been, likeyou know, like leaders, which is for like forreplacement for some time, but sucks a that was like okay, gay back on tothe topic of thing. So, like all the like kind of way andstuff was centered around western countries, so i do have some of theseperates. I could not find a lot film whichdisappointment the women colbertine ment in asia was afeminist movement. That's heard in the la o, t s and t th s. The movementsought to read a fine mens relationships to their families and theway women express their sensuality in china. It was originally believedthat the communist revolution name patriarchy, india, the first democraticwomen's union conference was held in december hunne hundred and seventy fourn n one thousand nine hundred and eighty the form against rape marked apoint where i realized that both legal reform and aware were ness were neededto combat hatrack.

I think i no reason- and i i could berona with that. You can't find a much uneasy ten culture, it's just becausethey're not so all of them a yeah like yeah, there's like a lot of differentcountries and cultures and like so that way, it's not so easily, groupedtogether. Yeah, like i think in western n, a lot of women which we did badlythrough our culture, but an eastern like the treated differently butthey're not treated badly. That makes sense. Maybe i don't really know a lotof a choice. There are some women who's like i don't like that and get out of there the like that. But ifyou do like, if, if you're listening to this and you're someone's like, iactually really like how my culture places me. Remember that that's okay,but if you're in a place where you feel unsafe, they get out of there as soonas you can- and you know like neither of us are oflike yeah, don't co to asian descent, yeah yeah, we, ah you know nothing, youdon't know what we're talking about. This is all just that just kind of lingto a bet, help you and again it's your own judgment. If you sound, there feelfree to erect us, we want the to rest and best information possible. What ido now, i let us know we have a quit, make sure, because twitters besly saythat just so everyone, anyway in israel, see show an action against full wages,filename and repect rights and freedoms, as well as an opening on the force,woman, shelter and wait circean in japan. The movement was my focus onwoman to roll in sexual liberty, which explored auto autonomy, but bisexalmond, disabled. He liwali eration what the fuck is won. I know that says he vergina the fuck or what? What is wrong? I'm sorry. I had mysecond o, so my brain is like that microsoft. Ere feminism was mostlyfocused on rogeson and part of the rod of fighting a dictatorship o all in all. Anini is valid as buck, andwe hope that continues just reading grow world wide. Just a few things that i didn't put in,that i forgot to say so. Patriarchy, like literally means man in charging,comes from the latin or i think it's latin, like padre, that's not even right atall. That is, but a spanish. It's something like that. The word literallymeans man in charge, and you know that's. Basically whatfeminism is fighting against and more like. No, anyone can be in charge likewhy i live by a man's rules. Dan i was at picture literally meansthe rule of the father and comes from week, yeah, so that at so that's why we get re yeah. It's i thinkit's a lakonis, a spanish one, yeah right ro, you good, o yeah feminism. You know, writing forequal wage and the right to autonomy are necessary conditions of living, andyou know autonomy is actually like the right of like to have a say over your body. It'ssomething medical. Anyone who disagrees with that can jumpin anyway. I think that's her, that's got that's all we got...

...honting. We need to tell what wasaphereus. We've always been to my mistake, of course, step in to reliancebest thing to do is to take your self accountable and fix yourself. Come yellat us. Don't don't give a seprit. There is noreason to give anyone to anyway. Is there anything else to a? Is that your so i loved it? I thoughtit was i so much. I love it. Yeah, i'm about to go watch mygraduation, video so see. Alloy in sorry e is an ad into the alert.

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