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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 40 · 1 year ago

House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Feminism


Today! Simone could not make it, so it left Jaxson and Avery to pick up the pieces and bring you an episode on feminsim. You can also listen to Jaxson and Avery complain about school! Make sure to tune in next week for a new episode, but if you are busy and can't than have a good rest of your life! OH and remember you are vaild as fuck. 

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And welcome to the House of cards and LGBT podcast. I had just graduated this week, so that's pokers. I've forgot about that, like I didn't forget about it, but I forgot about you know what I mean. Yeah, yeah, FIBS, hi, I'm Jackson. I had exams to come and still have exams. I'm exhausted because I've been forced to say till one am the past two nights. So it's most like they'll finish this episode, goests futy minutes and then go in bed. Moody, okay, some month over. Oh, what are we supposed to do about promotion? Yeah, even some OIS in here, Simonas that's classified. Yeah, possible, and they let me pull up. No quick. Our instagram is house of Fuck. INSTAGRAM is I was a fuck. Our instagram is house of cards, underscore podcast. I think the only on earthing I have is our twitter, so that's a loading. Give me a minute. Our up we are is at LGBT underscore deck, and I think I said that wrong. It's LGBT. Look at us, look at us, look at us, we can do it. We did it. God, I'm glad we killed I mean I'm glad some ore had to go on vacation mortar. We didn't do that. No at all. Can you imagine if someone actually went missing and then you posted this? Oh, that'd be funny. Imagine, you imagine, but funny thing. So all of you are probably fascinating with what I do with my life. I know it's amazing. So me and someone try to record this boiler because we forgot avery was doing, you know, graduation stuff. Oh yeah, and that ends because I'm like no, it's you're choosing to do something, Avery's graduating. Which one of these is more important? Like, come on. So I sat downstairs like thirty minutes eating this cheesecake. I was buying teater and recording, watching history videos. Oh my God, cheesecakes slaps so hard. I love just in its home made cheesecake. I had Puma Sushi today and it did not make me fool sick. That's incredible. We'd love to see it. Yeah, yeah, we do. Yeah, no, only this is what Simone says. Your Mama something so like your mob. There we go, nice trying to make this is got sounded just like Simon. It is like a void. This is weird. This is kind of better than I feel like it's more honest. What like there's just a better vibe here. Wow. No, I think what it's harder for me to bounce off everything is to bounce off something. Yeah, a bit. It takes every a few moments to get with the jokes, to moan the joke. Yeah, that's true. That's true. That's just how I am. Speaking of we sure we did graduation pictures today and our for our poor photographer, I'm the most harbored personal life. She'd be like, okay, Neverlax your shoulders, and I would like trying to relax my shoulders so hard that I ended up like kind of like falling backward because I was trying so hard to relax. Right, relax, and I'd like fuld,...

...and you like exact bloxing. You're like stressing. Yeah, I'd like two ends of a spectrum. I'm either stressed form even more stressed. There is no in between. Looks stress of me was dressed, yeah, but you know, we were by a lake and I got in the water with my dress. That was because I wanted to. I don't know. She was like, what other kind of pictures we want to do? She was like, you want to get in the water and I was like yeah, I love that actually, and it really did actually really hold me down. It was very relaxing. That was so that's all you. That just sounds like it. I know that reminded me of like this was like, hypothetically, we could record this weekend. By the way, we are averite time with people full graduation this weekend. I thought we was not to invited. Got Sididay correct and I'm like we're not doing fucking task for a. This is supposed to be your weekend for avery. This is an avery celebration of the thing. Same reason why we're not pulling our dreamt in. Then I'd all this thing. So I just shut that idea right down because I'm like today is meant to be about you, like to the next two days are supposed to be like your graduating, and that's hanging out and I've been happy with you, not about me. To book store. It's my favorite place. Fuck, never mind it. Don't want to, so I can't make them all too bad. I got the cheesecakes where order rain. We totally are im I'm like, can we go out the chief day time? I don't really know yet, because that was append if I want to be there. D I know that she's getting like different kinds of slices so that we have like variety. I will only Keil. I weither be plain or feel I don't like that. Don't like that fruity stuff. I don't like gay pope. I'm going to take the cue salad. Are You fucking dying? Fuck, is that? That's me literally dying. Anyway. Feminism and the patron. What is it? A very feminism is something that's become wildly controversial and popularize more modern culture. To say something, I really did be like, okay, I'm diving right in. Yeah, go right in. Yeah, there's there are hundreds of definitions. This is sating with the word feminism, but for simplicity sake, like we're just gonna go with one of them and say that feminism is ensuring like economic, political and social equality for all people. Feminism has become a range of ideologies characterized by philosophy, social and political movements. Honest, I want to be honest with you're the original day for this recording was going on, a day when I could have made it, and I'm still sitting here like, why couldn't we have done it that way. So like I feel like maybe in a mad just doesn't feel right here, but we still go to get through topic because we got to educate the people. So educat we educate the people. There were. Why is...

...there are other area you. Okay, I don't know, I didn't put that there. The better with Jesus. They're also three ways to characterize western feminism. These waves are built off social and political movements that quotes change their history. The first wave was from eighteen, forty one, Nine Hundred Twenty, Aka my favorite years, and dedicated to the options of the thinking century. And only twenty six century suffered something. That fuck is that one? Suffer, I am it's suffer, Suffergett, you know, like I'm from the Mary Poppin Song, and it's like, well done, sister, Suff project. Basically what the women who fought for the right to vote. Wouldn't that have been, you know, something important to put this is what that ward means. Oh, I don't know. Just kind of assume that you knew what it meant. I I didn't, but I'm also dumb. But also, we run it into case of podcast avery. What a valley. I do the same thing. We both just forget that. Like not everyone knows what words mean. Yeah, it sucks, it's fly, but yeah, ny go. Now you know what that would means. We're actually the people it kicked off this. Yeah, thumbs up favor. I think it's either's like Seneca or Seneca snaas and again mention. Well, almost two hundred women discuss the rights and compiled a list of twelve resolutions and fortunately the movement was seemed as specifically to white people women of color with the four start people right befo everyone. That is why I love women of Color. They are sometimes better. We Love Women of Color. I just Marsha P Johnson my heart. No idea who that is valid's okay, all school wild, though. I thought you'd like this. O School Wild's main thing was caught against. Really, that's he established that bisexuals work caught against any work one. Sorry, I thought that was important baby to know, because avery is amolschool wids tangle folk closet has pictures of him. My God, it does not. And it's not just Oscar wild. The Romantics are my favorite, like era of authors and like classical right. Okay, I'm getting out of myself. No, it's just all school wild. It's not just Oscar wild. It's like a Romantics the victorious era writers. It's just Oscar wild. The saw the fact that there were all like friends possible, while no just sawesome. The idea for Mary shallows Frankenstein was like basically girls. This a whole Party that she, im Percy, shelley and or firing were at. ANYWAYS, the second wave of feminism. What's from nineteen sixty three to the the S, when women began challenging the patriarchy like an amen to the and was most influenced by the nonfiction book the Feminine Mystique Betty Freedman, the author are the belief that women were born to be housewives, stating that there was a problem with the system and even going further as to later quote I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't have an orgasm waxing the kitchen floor. Oh and my God right, why not? Put that on my that should be my graduated that should be your graduation quote. Put that on my fucking grave. She what a girl boss. I love she gasped at the men. She Gate keeps the people, probably because of her time, and...

...she was a goal of boss. Yeah, yeah, I love her. Okay. Another life impact of the second wave was the famous row the way case. Yeah, I love this, the one thousand nine hundred and seventy three case that famously, quote unquote, guaranteed reproductive freedom. I say a quote unquote because you know, America was still was still doing with that right now. Yeah, they're still problems, I always will be. It's America, come on. Other other parts of this wave was like why is it? Why? Think I had speech therapy, apparently, rising support for women of Color, Rosa Parks, challenging police brutality. Once again, fucking Queen Shit and outrage. Add objectification, and this wave is where it like the myth of women burning brass for freedom originated from. Like they didn't do that, but it. Well, what all the POPOSE OF BRAWLS? Um. I mean like, well, to some people bras are like a symbol of oppression and then like the other people, that's just like our undergarments. Or like for support. I was going to say whether for you, but like you don't need supports. or I mean, what would you see them as? Do you see the mast like a fucking where? Do you see them as kind of uncomfortable and the societal thing. Now, I mean, like I kind of brass, like an accessorials, like not so much undergarment, which I'm just it is kind of in my mind, but I mean, like I just I just use the word undergarment more. Thank you. I mean like just saying was like when my Bra and my aunties match, like I feel like a boss ass bitch. But like, so, I mean is that you can as it comport I'm kind of yeah, it's, I like a weary roster, like you know, I have a I like having an introgenous like expression and stuff. So I mean, like it also kind of gives like the shape, right. Yeah, I love me. Seem like necklaces and prisons, like you know what I mean. Like you're kind of a yeah, I don't care one if you don't want to, like just and it depends on you're comfortable too. Not like taper nipples if you want to. Yeah, you don't, you feel like I don't want it to get cold of my nipples to break my shot. I fucking tape a bitch hotly, the way. Think. Yeah, anyway, this is true. The one by the way, right, I don't tricking warning about Um, it's just a trigger for like sexual salt. So so it's should take me. It's your take a few minutes if you just want to skip to where every being speaking, and I go right ahead. We want you guys do as comfortable as possible, to listen at your own risk. Listen out your own risk, and we hope that you stay safe. The third wave, for Dan in night in the s it started with the tie, tie, and Tim Anita, I hate vowels so much, Ana Kill Nia.

He'll testify the vote that she was sexually as good, but the screen quote nominal. This ended UPS fucking Amalage of completes, similar to the two thousand and sixteen, to the Third Way. Also race all pots of feminism that the second wave, and bought things like make up, high heels and girliness, because the second way, from this had seen. We're seen as I cycle and then fut it's not that week, it's not already under the fourth way. Fucking I know name vote here, not even American, and I'd like I'm in about I wish we had a f Oh, there has been one. Yeah, the way, I want wait, no, I love wait. We've had a female prime minister she's still love Campbell. We love her. She's nineteen prime minister, person, only female Prime Minister of Canada. He needed all the one which she was voted in. Well, voted like. It's no like it. So many guys give my minister guys they can someholse to take the place. I mean they still have to be voted in to take their place, though, because we don't have like vice prime ministers, know, like those second wouldn't you sound to be voted into it. I don't understand your part of the party, like if we vote for the party. Yeah, yeah, then it doesn't matter, as long if you're the second to command. You don't want to vote it in, as long as your party was voted in. What? I think we're confusing each other. I'm just going to keep reading. How Politics Will Canada? No, I wor can I do? I just like I think that we're like confusing each other. Yeah, no, it's you don't like I'm trying to say one thing and you're trying to say another thing. Yeah, and Canada, you only need your party to be fraud. And you know it's not a specific but but, like if the person who like was voted in in the party like died and they like then it would be like someone else voted in from that same party. So it wouldn't matter about the party. No, it could be anyone in that party. Well, yeah, don't it would be from that it would be from that party. Yeah, but they weren't voted specifically for being them. Just what I'm saying. Yeah, it would be someone voted from that party but did not right away. No, no, we're saying the same thing. We're just confusing that. An eventually we would forward someone in that but like there have been like female like leaders who which is from like for replacements for some time, which sucks. Okay, so you know, that was like. Okay, getting back onto the topic of things. So like all the like kind of waves stuff was centered around Western countries. So I do have some of the stuff here about these contries. I could not find a lot, though, which disappointment. The Women's Liberation Movement in Asia was a feminist movement that's heard in the late s and through the s. The movements sought to redefine women's relationships to their families and the way women express their sexuality. In China, it was originally believed that the Communist Revolution Didn Patriarchy. In India. The First Democratic Women's Union Conference was held intocember nineteen seventy four and in one thousand nine hundred and eighty, the form against rape marked a point where realized that both legal reform and awareness were needed to combat patriarchy. I think the new reason, and I...

...could be wrung across, was that you couldn't find a much on easy eastern culture. It's just because they're not so not all of them are not. Yeah, I like. Yeah, there's like a lot of different countries and cultures and like. So that way it's not so easily grouped together. Yeah, like, I think in Worcester and a lot of women were treated badly throughout culture, but an eastern like the treated differently, but they're not treated badly. That makes sense? Maybe I don't really know. A lot of its choice. There are some women who's like, I don't like that and get out of there. Leave like that. But if you do, like if if you're listening to this and you're someone's like I actually really like how my culture places me, remember that. That's okay. But if you're in a place where you feel unsafe, they get out of there. As soon as you can, baby. And you know, like neither of us are of like, yeah, don't come to Asian descent. Yeah, yeah, we are. You know nothing, you don't know what we're talking about. This is all just doubs found on right to what best help you. And again, it's your own judgment. If you're sound there, feel free to erect us. We want the tourist and best information possible. Let us know he's that's us. Know we have a twitter. Make sure, because twitter's best play. To say that. Just so everyone's anyway, and Israel simply so. An action against whole wages violence, goods, women and reproductive rights and freedoms. That's will. Wasn't opening of the force, woman shelter and wave courses semper. In Japan, the movement was more focused on woman's role of sexual liberty, which explored auto autonomy, but by sacs without and disabled liquid liberation. What the Fuck is wrong? I know that says the version after. What the fuck? Are you all right? What what is wrong? I'm sorry, I had my second Oh, so my brain is like dead Microsoft of my brain, and so were. Feminism was mostly focused on roll Christ consol and thought of the broad of fight against dictatorships. Ooops. All in all, feminism is ballad as fuck and we hope that it continues to spread and grow worldwide. Just a few things that I didn't put in that I forgot to say. So paid triarchy like literally means manage charge. It comes from the Latin, or I think it's Latin, like Padre. That's not even right at all. That is spent Spanish. It's something like that. The word literally means man in charge, and you know, that's basically what feminism is fighting against and more like no anyone can be in charge, like why live by a man's rules? Yeah, that was that. Patriarchy literally means the rule of the father and comes from Greek. Yeah, so that's what outdated as how that's why we getting rid of yeah, it's it's I think it's from Latin. It says a Spanish world. Yeah, right, Bra good, good, I'm fine. Yeah, a FEMINISMM you know, writing for equal wage and the right to autonomy are necessary conditions of living. And you know, autonomy is actually like the right of like to have a stay over your body. It's something medical, and anyone who disagrees with that can jump in about anyway. I think that's all we come out now. That's all we got. That's all we got. I hope you did it again. That anything wrong? You think we need to change anything?...

Tell us on twitter. Will always have to hear when you say who. We will always a bit to our mistakes. The four step and loaning is realizing that mistaken. What you have a long yeah, it's okay. Can realize that. What you thought you knew what's wrong, and the best thing to do is to take yourself accountable and fix yourself. Come yell at us, come us, but not don't mean. Don't give us death right. There is no reasn't give anyone test anyway. Is there anything else to add? Is that you're smarting prison. It was good. I loved it. I thought it was Kinda thank you so much. I loved it. Yeah, I'm about to go watch my graduation video, so see y'all all right again. Okay, guys, Oh, I didn't have my final thing. Fuck. Sorry, we want that. We hope to see you next week. If not, is there anything else add into the black's gonna cry. See you guys later. Don't think about what comes after what you just gotta your knees.

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