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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast; LGBTQ+ and Religions


Today we played would you rather and talked about how Christen, Jewish, pagan and Wiccan Religions and how they feel and work out with LGBTQ+ Communtiy. 

Hi, welcome to the House of cards and LGBT podcast, where we talked about gay things. We Love Gay. Yeah, you do, we stam and hi, my name's Jackson. I see the Pronoun. I didn't do that last episode and that's fine. If you don't know, if you don't know what a phoneounst check one of other episodes. I'm should we said at once, and I'm goringly trying to revamp my animal crossing village because I can't revamp my life. Yeah, I'm a very I used she her pronouns, and in the last few episodes I mentioned that I'm knitting an octopus. I just found out that I accidentally ditched an additional one hundred fifty three. Okay, yousgree now, one hundred and fifty three. I don't know how it happened. Yeah, but you said it was a hundred and fifty. Okay, anyway, sorry. Yeah, yeah, me too. That's my life. I'm so disturbed. I really even know how that happened. I feel like that shouldn't have happened and I feel like there was a mistake. It shouldn't have there was a mistake and it's name was Jackson honey. Facts. Yeah, now it's a mood. Okay, someone needs to introduce yourself now. Yeah, right, I'm Sumone, I'm a Nita holic and I she think through. Oh right, I didn't do the contract one of all this. So we are going to be talking about religion today. So if you have any triggers that involved religion, don't watch or don't listen to this episode, or at least wait. Oh, you could like cut off art room, stop talking about our topic if you feel like listening to US play all game and promote and that stuff. Yeah, we'll give like a little heads up. Yeah, we'll say it right before about to begin. They'll be a quick we'll give a quick, like fifteen second time for you to quickly pause the video, throw your phone out of window. Whatever work expect to you. You. Oh, you guys have Victor Frankenstein was a grave robber. Yeah, how do you think? Do you think they what do you think? People donated the bodies to a college, to it so that he could remake a human body? I honestly don't know what I thought, but the science I wanted. She turned in the Frankenstein. Damn, I don't think that's what they do. When you give a body to science, they just see how you decompose. Dream bag. That's great. Fuck, what do you want them to do? I want them to turn me in a frank and so got the spider. I sorry, I'm playing out that. There's there's such things as body and farms, where you like literally send your dead body and the study. How'll bugs at your corpse? Good, row, good, I've just been eat I just got some bitten by a spider. Oh, no, spider man, and I went and I literally went unconscious in the game like they just knocked about. You get pit at your character dies and I can't open my notebook. Yeah, and it was. You've got you in it out. So I don't know what you're saying, but you've cutching in and out. Sorry. I write prone cons list about guys and that's happens to be in the same notebook that I promote from. Anyways, I'm a CON guy. Well, do from out then. You...

...can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Patreon as just house of cards and our website, house of cards, lgbtcom website, and on Tumbler it's house of cards. Boom, boom, you did great, sweetie and castic. We love you so much. Okay, so, relating to our conversation, actually, before we started recording, Frankenstein's monster is in fact male, but I cannot find any definite source that states that Frankenstein's monster has a penis. Okay, so, for context, before we started recording, me and Jackson would kind of thirsting over Frankenstein and like we were wondering if, if you were to like do stuff with Frankenstein, would his dick break off and like part of it the inside of you or kill you? Like what can we talk about? How, like everyone has the media as it like Frankstein's ugly, but in the actual literation the only thing that's scared about him is he has yellow eyes. Yeah, everything else about him is like he's just really attractive Montjo Guy, except he of these. That's like any guy who is in alcoholic his yellow eyes, yet people still date them. Anyone with kidney failor literally, my Grandpa Frankenstein just had jaundiceps. Doesn't have to hate him for that. Well, they hated. They hated people for like having long hair and not more being male. So anything she did was valid as fuck, except for making that somebody with yellow eyes is a bad person and a demon. Wait, is that the what I tossa? I'm care, will be no scarf to wrote it as like part of a contest and keep one. Okay, an anonymously too, because I don't think they would have accepted if they knew that it was a woman who wrote it. Wait, don't seem like a woman wrote it, except that is like an actual good story. Wait, okay, the rendition of this story that I heard is that Mary Cilly was like hanging out with her guy friends and they had like a race to write a story, like in the horror category. Yes, and they were like party, going to castle and get a drunk his book and like Writing Horror Stories, and she'd see that she wrote the best one. Did she exist when they are castles still? Yes, they're still castles out like around now to wrote. Yeah, believe you don't see anybody going through passing and like hanging out guys. We should go to Scotland and hang out in an abandoned castle, okay, and then what could possessed by a dead Porson? That's off. Second thing I order talking about is Finana, tracer Libas, back to the castle. Oh my God, mine to. Well, don't know their family history. I need to. My teacher was like talking about how she went to Berlin. There's like a lot of shame surrounding ancestry, so they just don't talk about it, you know, because is your ancestors could be a bad pitch. Yeah, so if people immigrated from Germany or Berlin to Canada or America or wherever, they don't talk about their ancestry. or The people who knew about it died, oh, like killed, died or like died as Ann know, like died of old age. So like somebody's grandma, you know, like she could have told her whole family about where they came from and whatever in Germany or Berlin, but she didn't because she didn't want to, because she felt like that was a bad bitch. Oh yeah, because their grandma was a bad bitch. Hmmm, for grandma, like was an escape or something like I robbed fifteen jails. There's something wrong with my yawn. I need to fix this. Okay, what are your...

...guys opinions on like the like supernatural, abnormal, everything supernatural, because that like sounds like weird. It's not just me that I hate the tone people control. Do you guessie all became cannon? Oh my God, Oh, okay, no, nope. Anyway, what do you think about that? Because I'm just really cool portion devotion of what they think. Like when you see ghostes. Yeah, so you know how we only see ghosts in like pastimes, like in the ancient times? Yeah, like only girls from like, yeah, eighteen hundreds or whatever. Weird. So goes from one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine that died at wood stock of the drug overdose. So, but what I heard is something. Well, now, what I heard, I listened to the story, is that somebody thought that what would be cool is that where you see ghost isn't like what somebody died, but it's where this space is between the different times is thin. MM. Because like the idea that like times not line or until like those two areas overlapp in time. And so this maybe you see like a little boy dancecing on a bed or something like a ghost. Yeah, and you tell them to stop and they disappear with that little boy in his time sees this weird adult walking and tell him to stop. It's like that kind of thing, see each other in this little thin area of time that kind of scientifically possible to with the theory of wormholes exactly. It's just it's where to womhole or warmhole something existence, so you can glap glimpse into the past. Wow, we are so nerdy. We really do be solving quantum physics. Bro I don't know. I used to play with like wigi boards a lot. I still kind of do. I don't know why under snow right now, but WHAH, I hate would eat you woulgi wougie boards. Would you want wiggie boards? They're just for fun. They're not for like actually doing anything, because I don't personally believe they actually do anything. But what is really cool about them is if you do it alone, which I don't recommend. I had nightmares for weeks anyways, because a demon probably like possessed you or something like sleep process with halluse nations. Dude, get on my level. That literally sounds like somebody like with haunting you. Oh yeah, for sure, but how about to get this bad bitch? You feel that entity in you while that's insane. I don't know. I don't know why you think we why you would ever think they're okay, okay, I'm fine. My mother was always taught me never mess with them and I believe that whole hottedly, Oh, I don't, what's because, like I believe that like want somethings dead. Just leave it alone. Like a ghost is vibing in your room. Is it holding? You know, then leave it be. You have a new friend. That's all that is. Why can't you be happy? So we're going to play would you rather again, because we are kind of runt of the Games and I did see one of you guys a suggestion for a game. I just have to actually google all the stuff and get everything ready. So we're going to do would you rather get today? I know, so boring. How on original? It was summon's idea. Fuck you. Never my fault. Aby. Do you want to start us off? Yeah,...

...okay, awesome. So would you rather only we're plaid for the rest of your life, or only we're jumpsuits? Flood Glad? Yeah, I look good in jumpsuits. Really, I feel like you would. What's the jumpsuit? Give me a second, like a like a ramper Jackson and a Romper. Right, that has jump suit, jumps to jumps through jumpsuit like pant suit. Oh No, I feel like I'd be hit is I have one that I really liked. It really makes my house, my hips pop. I said hawks. Wow, every anything you wear makes your hiphops facts. I have really nice hips. I love it. My favorite part about myself a does a little hair flip one hundred percent every nose. They be looking good in their outfit. I do simooned. Do you want to go? Do you have one ready? Have One? Okay, keep your head shaved, not completely bald, but shaved, or never be able to cut your hair ever again. Just keeps growing like Rapunzel. Shave shaved for sure, because as a male, that's way most should acceptable than very long hair. The a kind of want really long hair because I know my hair can't grow past my shoulders and just start splitting. Shave because I literally showed up to my first year of our summer camp with a bald head. Fun Though, throwback to when people thought I was a cancer kid. Guys were back to my Moma. Oh my God, I forgot. I wasn't there, but I remember you telling me. You know, it was like rogues, like you had cancer. Not only did I like shave my head, but I also I disslocated my knee that summer, so I showed up in a knee brace and a shaved head. You just had like the most unfortunate for ever. Looking back, I'm like, wow, people must have thought I was dying or something. I sometimes still think that, thanks, I'll have my neurologist. Yeah, well, my neurlogives. Many of us have those. You know that. I'm built there front built. Okay, Jackson, you have to do or would you rather now what I do? Know, I don't I'll just like leave. Okay, just leaves. So would you rather go on a date? Way, you cloud watched or stall watched? So if if you're worried about temperature at all, then like you can like a connore temperature. No, right, first, you guys live in small towns. So what it? What was yours? Clouds, because I at night, I would have to worry about getting murdered. Well, like, no, like, no worry. There's no like problem. You can just do what you want. No one's gonna kill you. There's no get. Like. What's your just personal preference. Star gazing, but only if there's a comment going by other than that kind of watching. Yeah, that's just. That's just because if you get bored, you can easily like have a seg yeah, and I like just on. Hey, what did you say? Probably Stars, but like that's honestly just like the esthetic, like lying down in the back of a pickup truck, like middle of nowhere, looking... stars and it's like goos thing around. That's life. Probably stall watching as well, to be completely honest, like I would do stall watching like I would love of kicking stone watching that out of the two I picked, I would pick stall washing, star, gazy saw, whatever it is called, stall often. I Love Stars. Saws are so pretty good. But glad if you what do you say? I'd watching. You can be like, Oh my God, that cloud looks like you. You're so sexy. You can take about start, like you could say my love shines brighter than the stars in the sky. You can tell each other stories about tried about Greek tragedies. You can tend to point out a constellation really or just like making one up by a line, and no one's going to know the difference. Nobody knows constellations. I'm pretty sure that's like it's the Vogos up and I'm like where it's those three lines. Yeah, I know the stories behind constellations, but I don't know what they look like and I could not find them. I only know the big different role differ, because I can literally never find them. I can always find a Ryan, though. I can always find the big a little differ. Are You Stephen? When? No, not in the sky to be able to see them from our trailer. Wow, we should getting to our topic. I just realize that we've just been talking. You've been talking for like sixteen minutes. Oh, true, I forgot. Yeah, everything gets cut out. Yeah, we cut some things out and I'm big brain today. Yeah, you're always like we've been talking to any minutes? I'm like, no, we've been on call for thirty minutes. Yeah, I can see how long we've been recording. Just I go into the list just mining for us. I'm like, oh well, okay, thanks avery. So again this is your trigger warning. We are talking about religion, how religions, he's with LGBT and all of that together. So if you have problems religion, if Tama or just late not you don't want to hear this, then back off, get out, goos six. If you have. Yeah, if you have religion trauma, then you should definitely leave because this is just going to harm you. Yeah, enjoy having viewers, we don't want them home. So we're just gonna just a quick fifteen seconds. Hopefully by now you've quickly exited out of the way and we can get into our topic of religion and lgbtq plus. So for all ready you. Yes, sir, okay. So well, people typically pay religion with homophobia. It's a quite controversial and can have multitude effects on an individual individual and their family. Christianity and Catholic Catholicism, I can't yeah, tend to be the most popular controversaries, but are actually very open about the ugbody community in and out of the Bible. There's even one passes that reads there is neither man nor woman, which may which many trans and on thutting people have taken to as pushing beyond the gender gender binary, even though the Catholic Church itself referced to gay sex. Of the fin there there are some teachers that claim to be just as spiritually valuable as heterosexual, heterosexual sex.

That was a lot of sex. Yeah, okay. Teachers that claim it to be a very spiritual one role as heat. Sorry, my brains, I don't know if I said that right. So again, as the Catholic Church or forced to gay, sick of the sin, there are some people who claim it to be just as spiritually valuable as heterosexual sex. That sounds yea, I realize like that sounded more like ward coming out of her mouth. So yeah, like I was saying, just as specially probable as heterosexual sex and have many notable lgbt q plus members, including priests and Bishop. Additionally, as the Church teaches, one can't choose to be heterosexual or homosexuals. It can technically, it can't technically be classified as a sin. So yeah, that's that's it again. Y's that's anyway. I'm back in the closet right now because will carry less throughout my house. anyways, there's been a lot of discourse within the Christian and Catholic communities about the inclusion of gay people. I would like to say, though, it's more Catholic people than Christian people. Christian people tend to be more accepting. Huh. Just I don't know which. We're Baptist positant, but I know Baptist is one of the worst under the God, like the God kind of religion. So if you if someone is Baptist and they go to talk to scharge like if somebody went to a bout to church and the guy I wouldn't go. That's what they are very bad with that. That's why my family doesn't go to church. Yeah, weird. He had a Catholic school. Be like, I don't like women, though. Gay People, what? Those don't exist? It's not. Many arguments for gay inclusion include that discrimination may drive young people away from the church. That is very true, and that the truth is God's love is unconditional for all people. There have been many protests about these issues and that, to tell the cool name Alfredo or Mando, a gay writer, even died after setting himself on fire in protest of Catholic discrimination. Partial to the I know I would do that. Partial to the disc there are many lgbt church organizations and then, estimated twenty three to fifty eight percent of gay priests in the early s, as well as much of the community, including classical author Oscar wild. We Love Oscar Wild, we do. I follow an Oscar Wild Fan account similar to Judaism, the Torah, which is the Jewish Bible historically states gay sex to be a sin, which is an opinion more modernly associated with Orthodox Jews. On the other hand, Reform Judaism allows homosexuality and gay marriage. Are Even two stories in the Hebrew Bible that are occasionally interp dated as homosexual the story of Ruth and Naomi in the book of Ruth and the relationship between David and Jonathan in the book of Samuel, which I haven't personally read those stories, but I don't know, maybe I'll search them up after maybe google them a bit and really, yeah, figure it out. Oh yeah, it's our classical and shit more, more classical Jewish interpretation further goes on to state that, while homosexual attraction isn't a sin, homosexual intercourse maybe, whereas leslianism has been never explicitly prohibited.

You know, not to like King, shame ancient Jews, but everyone just likes lesbians. You know who doesn't? That's true. Yeah, anyways, the Reform Judaism movement has brought dozens of achievements for lgbt practitioners, including full acceptance into the religion and two instances from two thousand where it was stated we do hereby resolve that the relationship of a Jewish same sex couple is worthy of affirmation through appropriate Jewish ritual and integrating LGBT education into Catholic studies as to teach students to stand up against homophobia. Okay, yes, I really, I really hope that I say this right. Modern Pagan is, okay, taken as actually has a lot more lgbt percentage than most mainstream religions. They some LGBT pagans find struggle with the set binary, with more masculine relating to the sun or impregnitive heritage and feminine traditions which are is more like the moon and fertile culture. Yeah, more commonly in the twenty one century, however, members have challenged the gender binary and question the existence of Queer and non binary deities, as well as incorporating sex positivity and bedsm into the exploration of Pagan Culture. Can I actually say some liquick? I want to. I do study a little bit of paganism. I want to force that too. So modern paganism recognizes that everyone has feminine and Masculine Energies and when all related to male and female, which are related to male and female, but it does not mean that you have to be male or to experienced. They aren't related. Yeah, they aren't. So it doesn't mean that you have to be male to experience masculine energy. You can just have masculine energy as something that flows through you. A lot of people have both. A lot of people have a mixture or a percentage of math skill and or feminine energy when it comes to ritualistic practice. Yeah, and it can be interchangeable and used for different things. It can be channeled into different practices. Yeah, I want to talk about that too. Is Yeah, how masculine and feminine in the Pagan and name the wiccan religion don't mean male and female as they are in society. That is a society build thing. They mean different types of energies that happen to associate with male and female, but they don't like some people. You need both. Yeah, everyone has both. Yes, and you normally all recommended to have both, like you need an equalism. Yeah. Well, so talking about that. Wickens are quite positive on the homosexual view and some believe it creates insight to masculine and feminine, feminine rituals that I don't know. I'm going to there are two what mono and Meno and menoly organizations called the Brotherhood and sisterhood, that are specific, specific to gaze in bisexualist religion, knack religious naturalism is also quite incorporated, and Uniteism, Nitide you, interior universalism, values of divosity, diversity of gender and sexuality as a spiritual gift. Yeah, I have touched on three world religions. There are more than hundreds out there, with dozens of us on lgbt community. Even if you identify with a religion that maybe isn't as progressive or mainstream with...

...modern views, you can always, you can almost always find others in that religion within your community. Additionally, gay sex is usually only seen as sinful because it's not meant for procreation. Just remember that you're you not entitled to any belief or faith just because you identify a certain way. Your beliefs and your sexuality is valid as folk in every sense of the word, and you can almost always find someone's relation to and actually, I didn't write this one down, but I don't even know why I didn't. But, like of so much of Greek mythology is like so inclusive and diverse in terms of sexuality and gender and so and Roman and is all right. How Dick, I find is a bit kind of swaying on it, m a lot of the older religions and although people seem to be more clusive of it than what you think. Yeah, and actually, I have a couple things I would like to at. So, yeah, I know that you two are more spiritual kind of faith, whereas, yeah, I know, yeah, someone, if you want to go actually into what you're kind of belief is and what you do quick just so that people kind of know? Yes, so what I do is I try to get in touch with myself through not so much spirit guides, but I use Tarot cards to figure out how to deal with struggles. I I don't really deal with deities because I have not done enough research yet and it kind of scares me. I do celebrate Major Pagan holidays, sort of. So that would include like you'll and my bond and fuck, what's the other one? It just happened. It's our version of Halloween, if the new year. I can't remember what's called, but I get what you're saying. Yeah, Oh, I really wish I could remember it right now. anyways, it's our version of Halloween, where we honor the dead, as the veil is very thin and we would like to perspect them as much as possible while they're closest to us. So what I do is I I incorporate it into my daytoday, life, for kind of a sense of sanity, so that I have power to move throughout my day. So one thing that I do is I burned incense in the morning and I meditate and I carry crystals in my pockets or I wear them on a necklace. And I met because I'm also kind of in the stuff is I woke a bit more with the energies of the universe and feeling the different life forces. Yeah, so I'm a little bit more. I'm very close to nature, you, and if I don't go outside as much, is when I am outside, I like to close my eyes and just feel like the living force that surrounds us. I try to do tail cards when a question is needed, but I don't rely on them too much because I like to rely on how the universe is tilting me on. This means a lot of sitting still. Basically, it's not the better. I don't meditate the way that, like most of them, would like they sit on a main area. I sit and I stay off and that's my meditation of just feeling the energies around me and that's my personal kind of belief into it. I woke slightly with deeds, not more of them getting me started, but I have never walked like alongside one very long and that's all two different practices. Those basically you.

I don't think any of us do practice the wick of religion, do you? Um, I, I don't. I'm going more onto plectic paganism. I belief because of my roots. I felt both of them were a little bit constructing. I kind of do my own thing, which is actually very common with in different practices of witchcraft. Yeah, because, yeah, because a religion and witchcraft. But witchcraft is not wika. Yeah, and deities come into play when you practice Hellenistic Wick, wick of or for Greek gods, which is the handling of Greek gods or working with them whatever. I don't know what it's called when you work with Roman gods, though. I think it had probably I think it's Helens Dick a Roman as well. Probably. I then the fact is called colonism when you're working with the Greek dudes, and then there's cut Dick faganism. Yeah, there's Calcl peg, which is working with the Celtic gods and the Celtic people that the normally falls under. It doesn't fall under, but there's a possibility of going into Judaism, which is something I'm a little bit interested in. Yeah, Oh, how beautiful hearing you guys talk about your faith. I don't know, I I'm just like, I'm so like kind of enchanted, like wow, like this is like a belief and a faith. Yeah, the thing is, I'm a lot of people tend to create it within themselves, not follow a Yaparation, which is what I think is beautiful about it. Yeah, it doesn't. So when you get a couchings, then that you are expected to donate money and you're expected to go every Sunday and your expected to do all these things with this you kind of do what you feel. You do what you how you feel, what is necessary. And Yeah, what else is they're going to say? Yeah, it's it doesn't fit into restriction. I feel religion is a cult in binding actual but the actual works of what a cult really is not. But what said? The modern society has it called a code religion is a cult. It's a group of people that come together towards ore for God, but faith doesn't have to be that. I have a few things that I would like to say about Greek mythology and inclusion and also the Bible really quick. Yeah, go on, go on. Yeah, are lying about that. So we know. We all know the phrase, I'm sure by now, a man shall not lay with another man as he lies with a woman. Hm. That was actually changed during World War Two in Germany from a man shall not lay with a boy as he lays with a woman. So, yeah, I think I read that. Yeah, that's I don't know how accurate that is, but I have heard, I thought that it was actually a Miss Misread of the hue hobrew official thing, because of its ward selected has both been used as man, but it was normally related to younger man, not older man. Yeah, which relates it to boy, not man. That's what I've pard. Person thing is that it was just a miss, but I kind of files. I also have another thing that relates to Greek beliefs and gender fluidity. So the God Hermes he is the Messenger and I'm sure everyone has heard the term. It's outdated now, for sure. But the term is Hermaphrodite, which comes from the Greek God Hermes, who is ambiguous in gender. He doesn't have or, sorry, they don't have one. And he or fuck. They a...

...keep using he. But heard it's because what society has, it's what societies told us is that I've been conditioned anyways. That's actually so have a bender and Hermes represents balance between two things, which I think is really cool. He he fought. The only reason we've been told is that there he is because the statues have been given a penis. Yeah, that's true, because I'm guessing they have a penis. That does not make thin mail. But she said it was like, HMM, yeah, that's selling credible actually, and that makes one hundred amount of sense. And so herms is often represented by the Tarot card temperance, which represents balance and sort of like kind of balance between two worlds, masculine and feminine, energy, good and evil, stuff like that. He Hermes is like a balance figure. Herms is a non binary icon. Confirmed, they really do be. I just had a thought that I eat. Yeah, yes, I love having thoughts. Now thoughts had added, you know, thoughts head empty. We love that. Non Binary icons. Other than that, is there anything else we want to add on? Yeah, I really don't say. Do you have any you know? No, I don't think I do. Okay then, I think that is it for today's episode. This again, we hope you enjoyed it. We hope you can get tiggered. We hope you will introduce to a new world and seeing the difference in three religion and the LGBT community. If you want to normal look up on Google and you can read more about it. We're not going to educate you and everything that securality or topic has to offer. We can definitely do our best to get you to stalk doing it yourself and begin researching and begin looking at it. So very interested gut up a bit. We could definitely in like few weeks time, maybe in our like second season of the podcast, we could do it like a second part to this episode. Probably we done things involving religion. We can't tell you how to thinker where you'll fit, and you kind of just figure it out faith and it's what your faith is, and sometimes you don't have any faith at all, and that's more where I fall actually. That's that's the felt so mind oh you are, as someone so perfectly fulk. Yeah, we will see you next week. Okay, see you guys by AV. A Good Week.

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