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House of Cards: An LGBTQ Podcast; Endometriosis


Today! We enjoyed a wonderful conversation about Simone peeing everytime they saw something on her floor. We also talked about Endometrioss! We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay. 

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone, Jesse,

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Hello and welcome to the House of cotsan LGBTQ podcast. My name is Jackson. I am, I hope I you see them pronouncedand I am currently spending money that I don't have money to spend. Swag Hi, I'm Simon. I I'm in her host. I use Shedi pronounsand I made seventy bucks today and for you, what did you do? Who didyou kill? I'm not at Liberty to disclose that at this time that a I'm just kidding? I took her cyclingback, Oh okay, cut hi. My name is Jess. I use eitherpronouns and I want to Er treating for Halloween and I have almost illegaladults due. I went trading to and I'm inuniversity. So but you went trigger treating a tears. No, we didn't what you know, what listen? Listen,THOU! The Free Candy is free, fucking, candy, okay, exactly that's true!Exactly moving on! I'm your last cost, I'M ABRIA! I use she her pronouns andcurrently scraping at my Nail Polishe, because I'm too lazy to go get a cottonPOB to use NEOPOLIS remover. I love that, for you understand kaniblefor you. I feel that on so many levels like it's not even like it's justoutside my door, but I have the energy. No. I do not thankyou for I, the No eneroth it that's the end of the podcast aver doesn't haveenergy is. Is it a bone, stair or no bone steak,because I feel, like a lot of us, are low, so I don't know wait the Noo is it that makes so much sense. Okay, of course, it's fucking two nobones ina road dude I like can tell as well energy the vise I so for throwing up. As I really like,I have this. I have this thing where I will not bemy my dog to a you. I have idea of anger issues when it comes to screaming and Shit sometimes you haveto, but I'm like if they puke, I literally do do. Becum like there isnothing you can do to stop that. I was having a bad day, so I screamed, and but also you often destan like whoother people who's gonna have to clean it up. We are now the dog cleans it upO. I no one yeah, your dogs are turn to the lifeJackson down on the my dog gets some clorox andthe little mop he walks a little ass, upstairs fuckinggrabs a bucket is like mom. I frew up an she's like she's, like all there's,there's the vacuum under the sink or whatever, under the same quet backingyeah. No, no! No! It's the thing that youlike clean up dog Piss with Bob Oberon, no one like sucks it out of the carpetwhat what human like by now. It's like! It's like it'sliterally like a vacuum, but it's...

...smaller n handhelds, my mouth, you go O my God and it goes. It goes you like tick itout and you like it like sprays, some stuff and then you like scrub it up,and then you suck it up and then what this is. The weirdest thing I've everheard of I kind of want to know. I got this fucking sending I'm going to postthe picture on our fucking instagram that I'm kind of use. I am proven tothe world that they should exist because I use it far too often. I okayspeaking of he even haviour instagram. If you want to follow a sense of media,he can find us on Instagram at COSIFA, underscore podcast on titter, at LGBT,under Torti and on Tatoka poses cards. podcast a transition, good preto, excellent okayso. that a dog is so. I start, listen: okay, yeah! You lookto have a dog, I did and she's not dead, and I just don't love with her any more,but no it's like I did she to two days ago, yeah like res. No, I always I no like you know when, likeyou have like a depression room and then there's like mysterious stains onyour carpet, no yeah, I mean yeah, I of except. I know what the stain is. It'spaint I understand a bibe minus mine is usually co because I leave far too many just likecompletely full coffee keps in my room for any normal human being. That's Ilive completely full like Celtorii stands: It's the laundry basket, but in vain of my existence I just like dealt with that the otherday and it was what pain lie auto arc. I you Alton, I don't understandanything, but that's! Okay! That's! Okay! You!You guys, like you know, Epestai, like you know you just like you, just stopcaring about it. You're, like whatever Shit's going to end up on the floor,anyways and your rooms just like a complete mess and to to it we're likeyou, can't even see the floor anymore. Oh No, my floor. I can't have things onmy floor. It makes me Piss I make so piss like with you, my Gottheil. It is me anxious it's just like to. When you get honeyhoney. There was a shirt on your floor that I thought you might and you justimmediately started. caressively fucking pissing yourself. There was there's something on theforty like walk into the dog knocked over a pillow, something you're likethose are really grids. Out of fact, it really was Ursie get what you were trying to sayit does fit the VIBE and it does fit today's topics NEYSA. Where do youpe out of pose a o? And what we talking abouttoday? We talking about Busi have some...

...bad nose. I've some bad it out of myPenis, Oh shit, you right you right I to get on. We I W! I was born with one. Send me theleg I was you think it's gonna say come on, but then I ran I'm sorry. I was on call for toolong with my my be friends like with a pain on my ear. It's not coming off tofucking stubborn. I have to get up lick it I mean I would but with let's stout thetopic as a ooal right, okay, so we're talking about and Ometries in case.Nobody said, I don't think anybody said it. No, I I just said Pussy we yeah okay sea. What is the well slapping inthe background? No it's just lissome topic. Now that we've talked about puberty andperiods. Why not fucking talk about Innumeros says I it's all under acategory so good for you yeah we actually get into the top. Wewere going to say the for the end, but guess no will no longer be part of thepodcast after today. So one is distomas fuck birch into the balladist more, butis anyway that okay os the turf suggests Dostai, don't read the wholething. I'm sorry, I only Everi a fucking idiot is, as the firm suggest on a metrios is adisorder that involves the endometrium, which, if you don't know, is the liningof the uterus. It did not t o e a writ this. No a right. I Know Hills. PODCAST works. UN related terms by listening to ourepisode on minstrations and no metrios is a painful fucking. What a painful gynia disorder,where the lining of your uterus and demetria gross outside of your uterus,and it still sheds like it, would normally and that's mosy you begin to instead of shutting intothe outside of the body just sheds and just exists, then, like a eternal Lea, we actually we actuallytalk about that Er yeah yeah, I just I was just thinking like a k, a it's likein the movie. This pace is me this just a part of you, that's just like, Oh, myGod as end of Metrios. You know that is fluid between your organs. Just likerandom fluid, that's just that yeah, I think about it. Your teeth are the onlybones that you clean dasint. I lost my ma with a alines Ofriend, O g next and you know jess will be rip it not just every bee. A Openand strikes like it looks like Oe's going to be outside of my door with afucking spray bottle and a needle like. Let me get those bones. Well, he scramble bit on to Disinfect Your Colt. What the fuck anyways it does sound like a briantdrink milk with sailing...

...a feel. You don't like the idea thatyeah, because you that doesn't get her bones. It goes to your digestive system.The has also, I said that, like an anti vaco talksabout how the vaccines are deadly, she's like no as Ye, I like no, like yes sweetie, but in the wrong way, yeah you're right, but I outrootcommonly include your public organs. So your uterus chalopin tubes, yourover weave and the tissue that lines you helmets, we would say Dick, but ifyou have Andrew and in Dromet Osis and a Dick, you should talk to your parents or parents do not just your parents, no, becauseno, because no because at that point you're most likely interest et and setyour parents with down. I mean not really if they have a kick but a uterus,because Dick is like outwardly presenting, so it would be like itwouldn't be obvious. Yes, Bro. I've never thought about thatbefore I e every once in a while that what Ithat's being far trouters is at the enemy trip, stillbreaks down and leads trier period which, yes, we just we just water. You can go watch our episode onministry yea. An emetrius may also grow on the Lignine Por. Theater is space between your utes and rectum, and you re bladder that furrel and an may also grow onyour testin rectum service and bladder. Why is he a Resono re o? Yes, my brand process of Trewartha, you knoweverything is render. God O, which I didn't wake up, because the endometrium grows outsideof the Gris, the broken down under me to an becomes trapped inside of yourpelvis and leaves just card issue because of thiss page is the topindicator of the new atrocis common symptoms include pain or inministration intercourse pain. will us in the washing on your period andfertility and excessive plating. I have a question guys. I got to go to thedoctor. Ah Wait a minute. What, if you have mental pain, throwing all of those?Well, I that Awowe, then you that's Teres, that's just trauma and that'sfor another episode. I I think we've done now. We've done yeah, we adepression. We haven't done the troule, though trago anyway, and do metrios thatcorrect Andrew Meiosis Yeh. He tricky to diagnose, because the desoto hassuch a wide verity of symptoms and the pain Andrew, an dro me trim. Sure e ratio is never consistent. Therewere four stages of Androtion to Metrolo, I'm using the combination ofwhat I'd want in Chemistry and what had...

...learned a by authority. I'm, like I cansay, Endo and I can set matross time. Trios is from I. I actually, I believe I talked aboutthis in minority propity. It was like this. This is whenyou, your andromeda girls in the Ol, Sudin N, eters anyway, cavies and then we were so fat. Save one isminimum. You instances of Istrati, I guess is it an me: Is Andre metre o supposed to endo me Trois and your pace and o? I know I know, and now I I know thedifference. Oh sorry, I thought I thought this way. No, I think my askingis because this is the few instances, so my bray and my rends, like Ohinstance, of Andrew each risis, but a brees, the one that wrote it o o ifshe's like this is the right one. Then it's the right one son, I feintes ofAndroma Jokes Andrew Meeting Andrew Mitio, an that's not it's, notI'm not insist, but that's in my head sis. Yes, this hey for Sir yea stage to is in my more and deeper ISSof endometrium stage. To is moderate many instances. Small over insists fewadhesions and many pain levels save for a severe of many deepnesseslarge over incest, deep attentions and your name begins to fetal j. What the fuck won names I swear to go.I I even do that a purpose I always feel so offended when people are likepeople trainings suck and I'm like. Okay. Thank you. I like fish. I chosethis one. I don't is one anyways with s no yeah on's, justhating on themselves, yeah that it happened. Let it happen Ka a DA chance,Fucker, a mild tesee, severe pain to beassociated with any stage of India creates some of state one enemy. Herosof my experience, worse pain than Simon Sage, three, someone with endometritismay even experience very animal pain and others may go their entire liveswithout knowing they have it like. Like me, not not like you Jack. What are youjust going me O, my God? What were really can keep it uness right now.I think it's okay, that we can keep this a no yours, no opinion. I thinkyeah like that. But the way you said that Samona that to be like that soundsa little transome then tasking endometritis is to you said. I think it's a good idea toget computers. No, I didn't think get computers is. I think this is okay,that we GIG, I meant gate kin, the mats no or do we know what you mean no want to. Fuck just happened. No, wedon't look at monotony of anyway continuing so risk. Pasters for enemy Tsin includegetting your period at a younger age, starting mampon older each having abird men, trust a set having short mental cycles less than twenty sevendays of heavy menstrual periods. That last more than seven days, a higherestrogen levels are having a greater...

...lifetime exposure to a student whichI'm actually ACTU. What the fuck I mean. I just go: Wait in where I'm going tobe honest with you all when you said men, so psycho lessen to seven days. Ithought that was the time you mine for a second, and I was like you all leavefor twenty seven days. No, but it is possible, I mean that's a healthy, a yeah movingon low body mass index, reproductive trackdisorders, having any medical condition that interferes with the body's abilityto pass mastro blood and having one or more relatives withenemy trioes in actor. Wait is is order that you like studiedabout, like you were watching you cycle to see if you had it yeah I'm. Actually.I am looking a doctor's appointment soon to go, because I actually I fit alot of risk factors and I a lot of the women in my family. have it and stuff-and I'm gonna, be honest. I got some fucking do these of a period, sometimesso yeah, that's what I'm doing actually not the fuck a nerd out about my atrecycle, but my symptoms get worse on days that my extra didn't go the entire.So I thought that was cool. Oh Interesting, Nice love, it pussy the two biggestcomplications from endometritis, our cancer and infertility. Probably thatwas what yeah that's Im fucking zero do hundred real fatties. What it is iswhat it does and I was like the prevalence of Andemer, Oisin and forout one than is thirty to fifty percent as a whole. ANDEMER SIS is estimated toeffect ten percent of women worldwide, which is actually a lot more than youthink. That's a hundred and seventy six million women or men like a sign female Bert people and underMatria diagnosis, may be made through an algon external or internal. I don't ever want to think about aninternal ultrasound to get in my life am a right. Helthe, exam or laborsomewell and Ometries is, is chronic and camp cure treatments include hormonetherapies, paid management, pelvic, massage lice physical therapy and anarray of others. This endometritis is pro I put. My ass is iconic. Your uterus is not iconic, though Isaid my ass is I come yeah, but you you er die with is uterus is chronic, butthis ass s, I con my ill. My depression is chronic, butmy ass is like Gonin, a a resort born Savio cases, one from it and no metriosinclude removing the Urus or one or both over es new bottom biter just dropped. That's actually one of the like fewsurgeries. I'm planning to have is like a historic me, which is where theyremove that yeah all on fining or planning. Okay, okay, I was like Iwant it dude, the second. I get the chance of fucking getting rid of theseTorben best as if you need me to pretend to be your husband, so that sothat doctors won't be like what, if your husband want. Kids I'll, do it thanks. You know in some cases they askthe father, and you know I could just ask my dad to come in with me. Your death says now the doctor too bad.You fuhairah me a lot of times. They recommend that you leave and overbehind, so that you still have some sort of like form, one like production,a way of maintaining on yo spaces, but yeah. Absolutely not does guys homealone pot. Three,...

...why you know e goes asleep and wakes up andnothing be. Oh, my God yeah just don't keep in over. I feellike that's going to be counter productive. I would keep them over a I'd, keep one but on the jar at theside of my sed to be allowed to do that with due. If you, if you ask to keep it fora religious reason, they can't say no, that's what I should have done it. WhyI you could have every morn an deck to meI could have. I could have had my own little fuckingstomach bean, okay, so and and O metrios can be very debiliate disorderand perhaps one of the worst things about it is how little people havetaught about it. Like you know, nothing pay tested to your party, so you canunderstand what your normal is and remember that endemism, not you allabout as fuck, and this message is brought to you by the every foundation of thanks every has a foundation. Now,where can I donate apparently trupial? So, no to my barlite y'all, the moremoney you spend on us, the more likely I can buy us on microphones and thenand then we can all get paid for college. You have like a good one. It's my headset microphone. I use it for streaming. The audio is not terrible yeah. It wasa terrible, but it isn't Chris. It would not be Chris by their way acre. If it was crisp, I would get avoice, Changer Yeah. I think that my God I need one of those dude like Iwould totally. If we had a money to, I would totally get in that and I'm likelike don't do it? Don't do it like, so it's annoying. No, so that fun, no, not so that it's funny I'll be ingoing be funny, and I literally just don't like my voice so like. If I had anicer microphone, I would need to have a voice changer figure out how the oneI have works. Okay, but a because I'll have an actuallike nice microphone, hopefully soon, because I'm like finishing up my studioso hopefully I'll have like an act. I I like recording, I forgot there was athing that you were doing. Dude so did I, but I just was like just walk down to getlike bean to the base and I was like what the fuck is it. My my dad was like.Are you going to like finish that any time son and I was like Oh you're likefinished? What o what I well, I will for sure one day to ten years in the future, return tothat house, your father doesn't even live the anymore you fucking break.Then it's an abandoned, okay. I said, like a liar, so I said Yeah I'll finish it one day.You know like a liar anyway, so I think that's everything. So we hope you enjoy the episode. Wehope you on something. We hope that you don't have this because, honestly, itseems like I kind of feels like shit. I ain't in a lot doesn't seem like a nicething to have. We pray that we pray to whoever the fuck you want nick manageof God, whoever you before that we be design on it. The only to you either a barber cruscans that muchfucking credit because they would steal...

...the spot like other ways, yeah true, II just get like yeah just like give a I've come out forthis line. Anyway, we hope you go to e Opie next week. If not have a good restof your life, don't have painful periods. No, you can't really stop that,but you know don't have more painful than in e period suck anyway. Esomethaelse to add before is. I will not be here next week. These three will bedoing the episode without me. What a a I have, a pomatias yeah you got. These three will behaving to control the podcast so avery, instead of having to stable people, t not sable mentally butlike in the podcast on truck it's like whenyou have like two wheels that are rolling and then two wheels that arelike shake thing and the costal proves, and now we gostill moving. It's still fine, but it's just every once in a while. It justgoes the complete fucking wrong way and now we're getting rid of one of thewheels that is going normally and so every excellent analogy every Ipid you good luck than it the episode and here the? U Payoffthat happens, we name it the wheel, the record wheel episode! If you do theepisode on the three car a wheel anyway, is there anything else, a valid? I fucked stay gay, a.

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