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House of Cards: An LGBTQ Podcast; Endometriosis


Today! We enjoyed a wonderful conversation about Simone peeing everytime they saw something on her floor. We also talked about Endometrioss! We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay. 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello and welcome to the House of God's and Lgbtq podcast. My name is Jackson. I am your host. I U see them pronounced and I am currently spending money that I don't have money to spend. Swag. Hi, am salone. I am another host. I use she they pronouns, and I made seventy bucks today for you. What did you do? Who did you kill? I'm not at Liberty to disclose that at this time. That is catchy. I'm just kidding. I took her cycling back. Oh, okay, cute. I'm a name is jess. I use either pronouns Um and I went to retreating for Halloween and I am almost allegal. Adults don't like illegal. Dude. I went trickeror treating too, and I'm in university. So, but you went trick or treating? No, we didn't. What you know? What? Listen? Listen though. The Free Candy Is Free Fucking Candy. Okay, exactly, that's true. Actually, moving on. I'm your last host. I'm Abriam. I us she, her pronouns and currently scraping my nail Polish off because I'm too lazy to go get a cotton swab to use. No, Polish remover. I love that. For you understand cannible. Good for you. I feel that on so many levels, like it's not even like it's just outside my door, but I have the energy. No, I do not. Thank you for coming and there's no energy. That's it. That's the end of the podcast. Every doesn't have energy. Is Is it a bone stair or no bones stack, because I feel like a lot of us are low and the shoot. I don't know. Wait, the no bones is it? That makes so much sense. Okay, dude, of course it's fucking too no bones days in a row. Dude, I like can tell as well energy. The vibe size literally so sad for throwing up. It is I have this, I have this thing, or I will not scream at the my dogs think you I have. I do have anger issues when it comes to screaming and Shit. Sometimes you're just but I'm like, if they puke, I literally do it all because I'm like, there is nothing you can do to stop that. I was having a bad day, so I screamed. And but also you have to stand like who other people? WHO's gonna have to clean it up? We are now the dog cleans it up. It knowing. Yeah, your dogs astring to the life, jacking, look down on the mob. Know, my dog gets some chlorockx and the little mops. He walks a little lass upstairs, fucking grabs a bucket, like mom, I threw up and she's like, she's like all, there's there's a vacuum under the sink or whatever, under the saying what's backing? Yeah, I start putting you back to you. No, no, no, it's the thing that you like clean up dog Piss with mop paper. How? No, no, it like sucks it out of the carpet. What? What? Like Bakya? Know, it's like it's like it's literally like a vacuum, but it's...

...smaller and handheld my mouth and you goes, Oh my God, and it goes, it goes. You like take it out and he likes it, like sprays some stuff and then you like scrub it up and then you suck it up and then what? This is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of. I kind of want to know why got his fucking sending. I'M gonna post a picture on our fucking instagram that I'm kind of you is, I am proven to the world that they should exists because I use it far too often. Like, okay, speaking of you don't even have I don't why, I guess, looking of our instagram. If you want to follow us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at pubs of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on tick pocket, supposed of cards podcast. Good Transition. Good for you, excellent. Okay. So, so that's a talk this. So I am so listen. Okay, yeah, you know's it. Have A dog. I did, and she's not dead. I just don't love with her anymore. But no, it's, like I said, she thought two days ago. Yeah, like recent. No, Um, I always know, like you know when, like you have like a depression room and then there's like mysterious stains on your carpet. No, yeah, I mean, yeah, except I know what the stain is. It's paint. I understand the VIBE. Mine is. Mine is usually coffee, because I leave far too many, just like completely full coffee cups in my room for any normal human being. I leave completely full like salt. Mine isn't stands, it's the laundry basket. HMM. I fucking fine of my existence. I just like dealt with that the other day and it was lush paint line. Thought it would be. Are I you all don't. I don't understand any of you, but that's okay. That's okay. You ever, you guys are like so, you know, I a pressure because I'm just like all what? Yeah, like, you know, we have just like you just stop caring about it. You're like whatever, she's gonna end up on the floor anyways. And your rooms just like a complete mess and to the point where, like you can't even see the floor anymore. Oh No, my floor. I can't have things on my floor. It makes me PISS UM and makes you piss like like you like staying like, Oh my God, there's a towel on the ground, liquid against the blow, like it makes me anxious. It's just like so when you get honey, honey, there was a shirt on your floor that I thought you might end you just immediately starting aggressively fucking pissing yourself. There was a there's something on the part you kisses yourself. You like walk into the dog, knocked over a pillow something. You're like, those are really bad sun effect. Yeah, it really was cursed Jesus. It vibes, though. We get what you would trying to say. It does fit the VIBE and it does fit today's topics. And yes, really, fucking Huh oh. Okay, where Do you pee out of your pussy? I don't know. And talking about today. We talking about buzzy. I have some bad...

...notes. I've some bad ip out of my penis. Oh Shit, you write. You Right. So did you get one? Where did you? I was born with one. Send me the leg. Oh, you think that's gonna say? Come on, but then I bring I'm sorry, I was on call for too long with my minecraft friends. Like pant thumbs are is not coming off to fucking stubborn. I have to get up lick it. I mean I would, but let's let's start the topic. I'm on your all right. Okay, so we're talking about endometriosis, in case nobody said it. I don't think anybody said it. No, I'm but I just said Pussy. Yeah, we're just gonna talk about okay, sweet, okay. So, yeah, what is the we slapping in the background? Now? Let's just, let's just some, only stick to the topic. Okay, now that we've talked about puberty and periods, why not fucking talk about dumetriosis. It falls under that category. So well, good for you. Yeah, we actually get into this top we were going to say that for the end of yes mom will no longer be thought of the podcast. After today. Simone is dying. She's made the joke. Sorry, I'm dying. Morbid is fuck verge instead of ballad is fuck more. But anyways, that's the allow. Okay, as the term suggests, does it? Oh, but as ring, I don't read the whole thing. I'm sorry, I only have a up. The fucking idiot says, as the term suggests, a metriosis is a disorder that involves the endometrium, which, if you don't know, is the lining of the uterus. It did not suck. I Dick. Feels great to write this. No Atan writes. I know he's podcast works. Feel free some uterine related terms by listening to our episode on Menstruation. Endometriosis is a painful, fucking what a painful gynecological disorder where the lightning of your uterus and doomet trium grows outside of your uterus and it's still sheds like it would normally, and that's goofy. You Begin to instead of shutting into the outside of the body, just sheds and just exists there like, Huh, Eternal Plata. We actually we actually talked about that here. Yeah, yeah, I just I was just thinking, like I wuck, as it said. It's like it's like in the movie, this space movie, this just a pot of you. That's just like, Oh my God, has Endo Matrios, you know that this fluid between your organs just like random fluid. That's just that. I think about it, your teeth are the only bones that you clean. That's absolutely not if I washed my body with the saline, just a friend is OCD, next thing you know, Jes will be ripping not just a review arm open and shrinks. Next I know it's gonna be outside of my door with some fucking spray bottle and a needle, like let me get those bones, let me scrub them, bitch a disinfect your calcium. What the fuck? anyways, the just sound like a very drink milk with sailine. You don't do it for I... the idea that, yeah, Cuz you, that doesn't get her bones, it goes through your digestive system. That would have calcium. If we said that, like an anti vaxx talks about how the vaccines are that late. She's like milk, as you tell him, like no, like yes, Sweetie, but in the wrong way. Like yeah, you're right, but I metrio says most commonly includes your public organs. So your uterus, Philippian tubes, you're oval weaves and the tissue at lines your helmets. We would say Dick. But if you have and row and Ingrometriosis and a Dick, you should talk to your parents, your parents, fucking doctor. That would just your parrots. No, because no, because, no, because if at that point you're most likely intersect and it's set, your parents would know. I mean not really if they have a dick, but a uterus, because Dick is like outwardly presenting, so it would be like it wouldn't be obvious. Yes, roll. Never thought about that before, I hope a while. That would find interesting. That's been clear problem with having a metrium gray outside your uterus is at the endometrium still breaks down and bleeds during your period, which, yes, we just we just about that. What's a period? You can go watch our episode on Yeah, endometrium may also grow on the ligaments and part the uterus, spaces between your uterus and your rectum, and uterus and bladder. That Fox, rarely, rarely, and we triump may also grow on your intestines. Rectum, cervix and bladder. Why did you saw rectum twice? Oh, on your recom between. Yeah, my brain game process between what I think like the rectum, wrectrective. What's the verse? Don't you know? Every everything is rectum. Oh, Dear God, I wish I didn't wake up. Because the endometrium grows outside of the uterus. The broken down end of metrium becomes trapped inside of your pelvis and leads to scar tissue. Because of this, pain is the top indicator of endometriosis. Common symptoms include pain during menstruation and intercourse, paid will, using the wash when your period, in fertility and excessive bleating. I have a question, guys. I gotta go to the doctor. Yeaction, wait about it. What if you have mental pain? Drawing all of those as well? If that awesome, well, well then you're not suppressed. That's just trauma and that's for another episode. And I think we've done no, we've done yeah, we're not in depression. We haven't done to trauma yet though, true. God Anyway, endometriosis. Is that correct? And drew mediosis, Yep, tricky to diagnose because the DESOTA has such a wide variety of symptoms and the pain. And drew me and drow met trim. Sure ratio is never consistent. There were four stages of Andrometo. Endometriosisis I'm using the combination of what I've wanted chemistry and what I've learned by your thirty...

...and, like I can say end Oh, and I can send metriosis with Mestriosis from K I. I. Actually, I believe I talked about this in by thirty property. It was like this. This is when you're your entremetium, girls on the outside of you, uterus anyway, Fadi's and then little phone babies. Save one. Is Minimal. A few instances of ANDRO metriosis. I'm guessing. Is it, and I mean is endometrium not supposed to be endometriosis and metriosis is? I know, I know, and then I know the difference. Oh, sorry, I thought I thought know. I. My asking is because it says the few instances. So my brain, my brains like Oh, instance of Andrometriosis but avery's the one that wrote it. How if she's like this is the right one, then it's the right one. So any fewanss of Andrometrios Andromet Andro met Crios, and that's not. It's Am not, I'm not exists, but that's in my head. SISES this, Hey for first. Stage two is mild, more and deeper instance of endometrium. Stage three is moderate and many instances small, over insists, few adhesions and many pain levels. Stage four is severe, many deep, instances, large over your insists deep attentions and your name begins with Floodl j. What the fuck? The Jay Names? I swear to it might even do that a purpose. I always feel so offended when people are like Shay, people with drain names suck, and I'm like, okay, thank you, but bitch, I chose this one. I didn't evenine this one anyways, with a S. No, yeah, I'm just hating on themselves. Yeah, that it happened. Let it happened. Okay, not a DA chance, fucker. Mild to severe severe pain can be associated with any stage of endometri creations. Some of them stage one endometriosis may experience worse pain. That's the most stage three. Someone with endometriosis may even experience very animal pain, and others may go their entire lives without knowing they have it. Like me, like me, not, not like you, Jack. What are you discooding me a little? My God, what if I have endometriosis? This was such cake keepers. We're really Gat keep it euters has right now. I think it's okay that we get keep this. No, yourters, no opinion. I think. Yeah, like that, but the way you said that Simona is about to be like that sounds a little transphobic. Then that's keeping endometriosis is yeah, you said. I think it's a good idea to gate keeputerss. No, I didn't get keyputers has. I think this is okay, that we dig. I'm that gate key beatriosis. No, worst. Do We know what you meant? Know what Tuck just happened? No, we don't. Will kicking moon out. Don't worry all anyway. Continua. So risk fasters for endemetriosis include getting your period at a younger age, starting menapology and older age, having a part mental sjects, but having short menstrual cycles less than twenty seven days heavy menstrual periods that last more than seven days, higher estrogen levels, are having a greater lifetime exposure... estrogen, which I'm actually not sure what the fuck that means. I just wait. Well, I'm going to be honest with y'all. When you said mental cyclist than twenty seven days, I thought that was the time. You vid for a second and I was like, you'll believe for twenty seven days? No, but it is possible. I mean that's really healthy. Yeah, moving on, low body mass index, reproductive tract disorders, having any medical condition that interferes with the body's ability to pass menstrual blood and having one or more relatives with endometriosis. Doctor Waits order that you like studied about like you will watching your cycle to see if you had it. Yeah, I'm actually I am booking a doctor's appointment soon to go because I actually I it's a lot of risk factors and I a lot of the women in my family have it and stuff, and I'm gonna be honest, I got some fucking do the thees of a period sometimes. So yeah, that's what I'm doing. Actually, not the fucking nerd out about my me's recycles, but my symptoms get worse on these that my extradn go be. It's higher. So I thought that was cool. Oh, interesting, Nice, love it, Pussy. The two biggest complications from Endometrios has are cancer and infertility problem. That was like, yeah, that's one from fucking zero, don't hundred, real fast, talking about like the's what it is, is what it does, and it was like the rebalance of endometriosis and infertile woman is thirty to fifty percent. As a whole, endometriosis is estimated to affect ten percent of women worldwide, which is a l actually a lot more than you think. That's a hundred seventy six million women, or women like assigned female birds, people and undermetrious. Diagnosis may be made through an ultrasound, external or internal. I don't ever want to think about an internal ultrasound to get in my life. Mr Pelvic exam or Lapper scopy. Well, endometriosis is chronic and can't be cured. Treatments include hormone therapies, paid management, telvic massage, less physical therapy and array of others. This endometrius is but my ass is iconic. Yeah, uterus is not iconic, though, I said, my ass is I come, yeah, but you uterus is time with this. Uterus is chronic, but his assess ICHIC. My little my depression is chronic, but my ass is likenic. A's a last resort or, in the VO cases, one from it. I've endometriosis includes removing the uterus or one or both ovaries. New bottom food are just dropped. That's actually one of the like few surgeries I'm planning to have. Is like a historyct me, which is where they remove that. Yeah, all on finding are planning. Okay, okay, I was like, I want it, dude, the second I get the chance, I'm fucking getting rid of these torture. Be Best these. If you need me to attend, to be your husband, so that so that doctors won't be like what if your husband want kids? I'll do it. Thanks. You know, some cases they ask the father and you know, I could just ask my dad to come in with me. Your debt says no, the doctor. Too Bad. You the fuck happens if you're planning? I'm getting a he's directed me a lot of times. They recommend that you leave an ovary behind so that you still have some sort of like hormone like production. Oh yeah, way of maintaining homeostasis, but given absolutely not. Guys guys home alone pot three? Why?...

It goes asleep and wakes up and nothing bad. Oh my God, yeah, just don't keep an over. I feel like that's going to be counterproductive. I would keep it over, I'd keep one, but in the jar on the side of my life. I'm supposed to be allowed to do that with my tonsus, dude, if you, if you ask to keep it for a religious reason, they can't say no. Oh, that's what I said. Have done. Fuck you could have everyone apen deck to me. I could have. I could have had my own little fucking stomach bean. Okay, so and and no, metriosis can be very debil eating disorder, and perhaps one of the worst things about it is how little people are taught about it. Like you know nothing. Pay a touch to your body so you can understand what your normal is. Remember that endometriosism not y'all about as fuck. And this message is brought to you by the Avery Foundation. Of thanks, if he has a foundation. Now, where can I donate? Apparently, through every luck. Okay, House to know to my baby. Listen y'All. The more money you spend on us, the more likely I can buy us on microphones and then, and then we can all get paid for college. I heard a microphone to you have, like a good one. It's my head set microphone. I use it for streaming. The audio is not terrible. Yeah, audios all terrible, but it isn't Chris. It would crapy Chris by their way it could. If it was crisp, I would get a voice changer. Yeah, I think that's my God, I need one of those, dude, like I would totally if we had a money to, I would totally get you that and then like like it, don't do it, don't do it, like so it's annoying. No, that's funny. No, not so that it's funny. I'll be a going be funny. I literally just don't like my voice. So, like, if I had a nicer microphone, I would need to have a voice changer or figure out how the one I have works. Okay, back, because all have an actual, like nice microphone. Hopefully soon because I'm like finishing up my studio, so hopefully I'll have like an act will like recording. I think thought that was a thing that you were doing. Dude, so did I, but dude just was like just walk down to get like beans in the basement. was like, what the fuck is this? My Dad was like, are you gonna like finish that anytime zone, and I was like, Oh, yeah, you're like finished. What do? What? I will love us. I will for sure one day to ten years in the future and return to that house. Your father doesn't even live with anyone. You fucking break then ice an abandoned home. I said, like a liar. So I said, yeah, I'll finish it one day, you know, like a liar anyway. So I think that's everything. If so, we hope you enjoy the episode. We hope you own something. We hope that you don't have this because, honestly, it seems like I kind of feels like shit. I AIN'T gonna lie. Doesn't seem like a nice thing to have. We pray. We pray to whoever the fuck you want, Nique, my knowledge of God, whoever you before that? If he does not have it, the only two you're either a barber cruise. Just why Christians that much fucking credit? Because they would steal the small yeah,...

...true, yeah, just like give a I've come out with this one. Anyway, we hope you get we hope to see you next week. If not, have a good rest of your life. Don't have painful periods. You can't really stop that, but you know, don't have more painful than it needs to be. Parents Suck. Anyway. I see something I'll said to add before is I will not be here next week. These three will be doing the episode without me. What would do? I have a a poem of the next day. So yeah, you guys, these three will be having to control the podcast. So, avery, instead of having to stay hold people, not stable mentally, but like in the podcast, on track. It's like when you have like two wheels that are rolling and then two wheels that are like shaking, and the cost still proves and now we're good, still moving, it's still fine, but it's just every once in a while it just goes the complete fucking wrong way and now we're getting rid of one of the wheels that is going normally. I don't so a very excellent analogy, avery. I bid you good luck. Thank you, to edit the episode and here the fucking chaos that happens. Can we name it the wheel, the three card wheel episode, if you do the episode on the three car wheels anyway. Is there anything else to add? Valid is? Oh Fuck, I'm next my brain. That's good enough, y'all. Bessie, that's good enough, and stay gay.

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