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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast: Non-Binary


Today we talked about Elliot Page and their coming out. We played the Alphabet game. Our music Joakim Karud Jazz, Instrumental, HipHop. We talked about what it is to be Non-Binary and what that looks like with out first speical guest Jesse!  

Another one of your host you andthere's a lady bug and for three days help named her. I don't haveas I woke up and that was that. I wolcomey's new chat for like aand then remember and laugh so funny about it when I like when,yeah, like she killed her husband and yeah, this is my husband,stress, Jack, you're my wife, Jeff checking broken it off. Really, we haven't been through. We decided pocus on our own marriages. WeJackson, you're married. Who are you married to? Your mother, Ihave anyway, someone do you want to promote? Okay, you can findus on twitter. Helptcom the music that you are very apparently I cannot.Basically, I think it's called I'm gonna Miss so much and quote something.You can jazz hip hop. Find the..., channel, so I wouldbe surprised if you can find it. Is Good. I listen to itfor like a and it is justcember. Oh my God, Mary, Christmasand happy and Tonica, happy. I want to drink like happy. Iwant when I was at a part because that was late. We have thisone Peter, who's always says the morning, how are you, stuff like that. So I walk and he says Good Morning. I don't say anythingbecause I'm like jet straight right like. I'm like, I know why,I need to go. She's like Jack said Hello, and so I goto say apologies, because that's what I've been saying, was apologies. InsteadI just told him and yell apologize in this I don't even realize that.And then I realize I'm in his class. How are you? How did yousleep? APOL walk the I meant to say sorry, not Al All. My that's incredible. Apologize to me now. Oh my God, that'sso horrible. I love it. Is Elliot Cage. Oh my God.So previously Ellen page was the star of Juno and in the umbrella academy.That is that called? Okay, I'm never got it. anyways, theycame out as trans now they are Elliot, and I don't know why, butI'm just so thrown about that, because your mom's with it. Yeah, your mom's great, like with it. My Mom's me too. Your unlike. I'm not even that upset about it either. I'm not a stepon all of us and we think, no, I'm dead. No,I realize we don't stuff ourselves, but...

I'm straight up energy as screaming.I can't explain it, but they are the same. Yeah, I didit. Oh my God, would you like? Would you like a postthat you posted? And then you get the notification my account o what theycost, like I didn't. And it's to the and I'm like realize thesepeople. Oh Yeah, Oh, wow. No, Hey, we have anew episode and the like. Wow, that's the yeah, one of themsays, we love you for we should glade to Oh my God,the photo. This is why I realize...

...we should have run. I neverwish, you know, but then not really a picture of life. Wait, glad we in Canada. What this out? What I'm reading for mypersonal let's do that after we record. I'm being lazy. Someone, comeon, keep up. Anyway, Elliott page. Anyways, I'm in lovewith him. Yeah, I'm too, too. We all. I Idon't, Oh my God, make the crying Elliott and wait. I wantto see. Yeah, but people, I love. That I could like, Oh my God, I love, even though I'm Vera Accademy as theChamel. I love. I'm really they probably just as long as happened toguy. I think I saw an article about that or like, I thinkthat's not a bad idea. Idea, I love one. There's no charactersbefore, only a tour thing. You want to say a game again,coming everybody see, pull out your cattle. You W absolutely not. Never seemslike like I don't principle. I play and drama. So what's start? He's ever caught. So to be like, we'll basically to make astory, but the letters you stay. Okay, okay, you're gonna doso. You're gonna say camp girl,...

...a dog walks throught, just thething it was. I started with a dog wants the street and you wouldhave to say something because they wanted to check and I was a dog.I was smugg you know would happening. I need everybody. Can Number One. Okay, everybody could. Anyone to just come on me picking your number. Did Anyone can seven? Everything else, time where did you pick? Itake seven again. I picked five, so I'm gonna forget that. Ineed to write it down. You'll go. Okay, everybody, writeit down. Jeff, remember, tell you out when my both day.Jess. Okay, Hey Jess, whenever you're ready, start with a letof the touch, with a someone. B Ac me d quite always getthe who are all heads well and goodbye. anyways. Okay, you have tosay a suitable tell that to linguin from Rata Chui, and then sumone, you have to say something up starts with be, but it makes sense, like it's a conversation, chatting funly. We need to start again, butthis time we are doing this as like, like this is a story. Start again and then remember, try to say something that fits into thestory. I not search with an APPS...

...sound great, King Ay ry,you just said kidding it. Look then I said kidding mean sounds great.Ryan, cocaine, I think that's a great Mario, were out, Ryan, noo Oh, whoa said Callie's chloe back in there, everywhere, allof them. That's because we are gabled.

Thank you your knees, or suffer. The rat slowly began to consume ally, oh no, m onher way, very m about Kelly, whacky meal. Another said row andas Brian Bro and they were these. You won't finishing away. Actually thatwe have, because all right, go for it, go for it.Fuck either experience and male gender, or they can experience in neither, whichis fact of non binary, meaning none too of the two xes. Thatside is given a. You know, I'm sure you can get it.Non Binary and Jender crew are also also commonly used as umbrella tones, similarto by six round, somebody may say,...

...but blow. So yeah, Ithink don't find your broad spectrum of Genter don't find umbrella within the gentifinery. So as well, that transgender is a story about the sex of onephone, with and all some numbiners others tend to experience, and the secondand that gender is a social cont so with society, with very society gone. I is so technically, when I get technical, I would be genderfluid. I tend to be pretty fluid with my but I hope you saythem, because it's just me. And also binary. Well, I getit's like every turn. Then why am I heard quite deify as no,by Arey. Can also use she, her. They then he him anda multitude of other pronouns. They can also use terms such as a gender, drogyness by gender. However, being non binary is not the same asbeing intersects. They have in the target and then grab rage attically. Whatare you say exactly that the follow they're just trying to figure these knows whothey are, and shame for that.

And also sometimes between that name somuch the person that I found that any searching, but I found it supercool and really like validating. So the concept of being non binary actually bakesback from four hundred DC to two hundred eight. He was coined by Ireally hope that I've announced this right. I think it's supposed to be likeheroes. They draws. I don't know. It's felt hi are as. Theyare people in India who identified beyond. They can also be referred to asto spirited inter bags and transgender and use identities such as a Ravana throughraby and occasionally refer to themselves as Kinner or Sin Oar, which are mythologicalbeings that excel at song and down, and they are widely recognized within Indianand Pakistan and cultures. I didn't know. I've never heard. Yeah, religion, I guess I don't know culture, but I didn't know that that wasthe thig. So far back, I mean and Ye, who pause. I think other all other cuts of identity and non binary person not explainthe binary something different and there's no centrals and I didn't remember that. Youare bad and there are countless curious about this. Identity Fellow is. So, yeah, just you want to talk about your experiences. So I waslike super, super young, like as far back as I can remember.I just always remember I never really fit into a set gender category, likeI just like I wasn't like the girly girl of home boy. I wasthat person in between that could really vibe with anybody. You vibe with anythingand it didn't matter. But this was a course before puberty, when youbefore they keep gets like scoria stuff. So I thought that this was justlike me being a biby person, but then I started getting different. I'vebeen going by now. I came out place a year ago, so lastyear October, and I used to go by Dick going back to the subtemp. You Tuesday you got pay the name... me. How could you think? That's my so like feeling like I had to give the specific microal thatwere like, you know, like gender flocks or gender, like Damn Gender. And no matter what I category, why I just want finary because there'snot really a good way to explain the way that I feel. It's likeI can't explain. It's the best bad yeah, it's like, but Ikind of don't want to get. I am, and it was like theyjust got a lot to like try to explain them. Now. I guessmy invite for anybody like posing in category out. Don't feel pressure. Likethe term phase is he's a lot. And I really like the thing yousaid. Phases are good. I love that because we all go through phases. Like phases are supposed to be about figuring out who you are and like, like, I hate all the stigma. It's like we all has like amy little pony phase. Like you wouldn't look back at those and say, Oh, that was that time of my life. You're just figuring outwho you are. You Yea. How it jest has been waiting to talkabout this for a long time, but I heavily regret my own ECON phase. Oh my God, don't even give me fucking started about that. Man. I Scream, oh my God, not a I past with his employeesand he asked them all how they were...

...vibing. Oh my God, Ithink that was one of the most incredible things I've ever come upon. Iidolize your father said, because like the silence that follow us is you go, so, how's everyone vibing? And it was like thirty seconds silence andlike, excuse me, repeat that wrong's wrong. Drugs every day and everyday we get Poco to any day episode, but we are here, so damnlike I do. I like anyway. I think that's everything we talk aboutto say. So we get sick. We had as guest. Guest.We talked about Christ a lot of other stuff that I just can't remember. We played the upper wee game, and so feel our binary or anythingto say. Uh, feel free to Google and look up your own form. What we can give you, what we can show you. We can'tgive you the full bas to send me. Would be careful. A few hours. So if you feel like my peel, free feel free. Sorry, what if? I'd be happy to yeah, that's the nextsode. Thisis called. We're gonna make any protost and it's just seven hours. Idon't as I hope, but if not, well do you guys? By.

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