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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Depression


Today! we talked about how dentist suck, and different degrees that dentist suck. We also played a rose and thorn, before getting into our topic of depression. Our music was Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism.

Remember you are Vaild As Fuck

Hello, welcome to the House of cards. My Name is Simon I U Shi. They pronounce and I got some Immaculate Candy sitting next to me. I love how thick Avery's water pot is sounded in the intro. I'm just you know, it's iconic. It's son. It has to be part of every intro. Now every time when the force was speaking, Aby has to open a water bottle. I can close it again. I like heard it as I was opening and I was like, Oh my God, that's so awful. The worst thing ever. They don't even know who avery is it if you got introduced yourself, I gotta introduce myself. I am Averan. Y'All, what's going on? I use see her pronouns and I'm kind of tired. Nice. I'm Jackson. That was I don't want to be here now sounding so defeated. I'm so defeated I've been I am Jackson. I use either they then him. Oh it, I don't care. Pronouns Um and I've had to go to the dentist two days in a row. How pronouns are? I had to go to the dentist two days literally. I've been texting this guy and always talked about is the dentist and how they suck. Dentist, Dude, dentists scamp. The dentist, I love you, you do amazing walk you'll wonderful praise be to you. Or the DAUNTIS. You're a little bit on the edge. Yeah, you're a little on the ends. Know well. The daunt has high genis. Amazing people, beautiful...

...people. Oh yeah, he thanks Queens. The best dental a high genis I ever had was someone who'd previously worked in a prison. She told me that legally she wouldn't be able to tell me any stories, but I still vived with her. I my God. You know who also a really good people or or allow teeth? Dentist? Sergeant's God, Dude. Okay, there's solely dentist and Orthodonis experience of a had sucked. Um, I'm not gonna like. I'm not gonna like name drop because that's super mean, but honestly, they're scam artists. I had racist poice. We could get sued, I know. That's why I'm not going to name drop, but it's a scam. Like I brush my own teeth, I've lost my own teeth. I'm good child. Yeah, I don't need to, Famihir, thanks filed down. Thank you. You know I don't mean to be a beach. So this is your trigger, Bony. We will be talking about depression and other stuff like that. Just anyway. Do we want to get a bit into the roads of the throne to kind of lighten up the subject? Any lessens at home? We encourage you to play with us. It is a great way to help Callm your brain, to refresh the week and just kind of get it in your brain and forgo stuff out. How do we want to do this? Any miny money mode as a Tago biotoe. If it has let it go, I will not go. I don't know who will go forst fight. You will, I'll go for us, apparently. Then go avery smoke. Okay, let's sell with the Thorn and then we'll end with a row. So if you don't know how rose and Thorne walks,... think you pick a good thing out of your week. The rows you pick up and then you pick up bathing out, even the throne, the pone, it comes for a roast that you always end on a good thing. My Thorn was that I had to go to the dentist a lot and there was a lot of teeth pain and all that. My rows, though, is I got to spend a lot more time outside after being quarantine for two weeks. Nice leaving out there. I was like his avery gone. The full I rose is that I wrote some poetry over the weekend from my La Class, and my thorn is that I still did not receive my test results. I can't every we have one rule in the rose and thrown a navy broken. You end on a rose, avery. Come on, you ended a good note. Oh my God, every no, no, I only Adam bad notes. No, only sadness for me. Okay, okay. My thorn is that Jackson's mom didn't text me back. You text my mom, don't worry about it. And my rose is I went to therapy today. I didn't send you for number. Don't worry about it. I need you to text me the number you text. Okay, I will after the PODCAST, but I can find her on facebook. I I bet you can't. Okay, I'M gonna promote how I guess fucking accepted. Do... a free. If you can find it, I'll pay you fifty bucks. Yes, so we are for US cool. Okay, if you like our podcast and you'd like to hear more, follow us on Instagram at House of cars underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock as house of cards podcast, House that write lgb with an out house of cards lgbt for updates, and follow our spotify to, if that's what you're listening to, our applemist music. Google sound up whatever you listen to. Make sure you click that follow button, because it makes us really happy when our number goes up. Yeah, and it'll also give you updates whenever we're post which is every Wednesday, by the way. Usually if we miss the day, it'll normally not be too long after that. So this is your trigger boning. We will be talking about depression and other stuff like that. Just if that can cause you to go into an episode or that can cause you to anything else bad. Do what's good for you. Yeah, weedy, yeah, do what's but following up on a last week episodes of anxiety, like I said, this is kind of a two put series because anxiety and depression, you know, very closely knitted together. Siblings, twins even will not twins points. We're twins. We're twins. I am she, except for when I pretend that I'm going to restart just I don't want that extra stuff. In no offense like don't for bet, just trying to keep it serious. Following up on last week's episode on anxiety, today will be looking into the nitty ingreedy of depression. Again. Anxiety and depression very linked together. After bit of the Knitting Gritty, will get into some copy mechanisms that can help you deal with it. But the best way to deal with it is to talk to someone. Same with anxiety. The best way to... with your mental health is to talk to professional. Basically, in the simplest sense, depression or major depressive disorder is a very sist mental list that neglive negatively affects how you feel, act and think, and it's it causes a lot of pain and death. There's no other way to say that. A cause of death. It is the most common psychiatic psychiatic disorder and averagely and normally affects females more than males. It doesn't mean that you know females or us off the males they are, but this is not that correlation. It just means females and more like the abbit then males from like they have it, but ever, anyone can have it. Just because your mail doesn't mean you don't have it. Depression is also very common in teenagers due to the, let's be honest, toxic society, toxic society standards in high school especially, and plus homeones. Just if you're a teenager, be very careful. If you are feeling depressed or anything is be careful. It is characterized by a decrease entrance in pleasure and entrance in most, if not all, activities, and to pull prolonged depressive or extreme sadness mood. Okay, these are two of the most recognized symptoms of depression. However, in order to receive a diagnosis, an individual needs to present an additional five or more possible symptoms, such as feelings of hopelessness, irritability and feelings of guilt or worthlessness. If you are concerned that you have had that you have depression, talk to an adult or a medical professional. Like how anxiety can be described as objectless fear, depression can be described as objectless sadness or displeasure. It can... caused by anything, whether that's one large event or a series of smaller grievances and can be made worse, which is why learning how to cope with and managed depression is very important. Because depression can because depression causes negative impact. It's important to remember to focus on the positive is, even when you feel like the world is falling apart, there will always be about side. Try to find something good every day. Other coping mechanisms include meditation, exercising, Exhibiting Self Care, such as showering, brushing your teeth or making yourself on you and journaling coursing. Always have access to coping mechanisms and in these instances you should try not to sit in your sadness. Try to see if you can pinpoint your emotion. Understanding the cause can sometimes help. To use your symptoms. If your depression is becoming very because I can say what I put though it's bability thinking I will be able to say it. If the person is be I'm a strangle you. I'm going to strangle you right here, right upcoming. If depression is becoming very hard on you and it is majority affecting your daily life, you should seek medical help, whether that includes getting diagnosis, reaching out to a psychiatrist for medication or seeing a therapist. The most important thing to remember is that your illness does not define you. Even though depression can sometimes feel like your whole world, it isn't. Part I remember in this is coming up with positive mantras or from a nation's stuff like that. Try repeating to yourself I am kind, I am loved, I wolf something, Oh, something along along those lines. Okay. Other...

...ways of coping include listening to music, not sad music, seriously, not sad music, singing, dancing, painting, reading and changing up your environment, whether that means organizing your closet, trying out some scented bubble bath or bath salts, or lifestyle adjustments such as limiting stimulants in your diet. It's worth a try. Seriously, stimulants are like the death of everyone's mental illness, just like everything else we've talked about. Going to therapy and understanding your depression will inevitably help you manage it, learning what a good day means for you and figuring out what you can do to keep bad days from ruining your progress. However, keep in mind we are not medical professionals, we're just a couple of stupid teenagers. Always contact trusted adults or guardians and the suicide hotline in case of an event or an emergency, nine hundred and one, if it's completely necessary. Furthermore, no matter what your depression may tell you, you are valid as fuck, and that's how on valips. I just want to say something quick, just speaking today. We did talk about, which is what we talked about, is how you affected by depression. But what a lot of people forget is how you affect other people with your depression. Not Saying that it's your fault, don't take this the wrong way, but if you do something bad or you hourt someone, don't blame it on your mental illness. As of you said, it doesn't define you, so don't blame O that. You messed up. That's a problem, you fix it. It's okay, but don't get into the idea of trying to blame mental illness on issues in your real life, like with you cause, with relationships, if that makes sense. That's making like if you just take responsibility...

...for it. And as long as you're taking responsibility, unless they should be like, Oh, I get it, you know, they should also be helping you out. If they don't consider finding new friends. True, if they don't respect to find new friends. That's what I had to do with some own so but other than that, I think a very did an amazing job on this episode. I was supposed to help, but I had to cancel last minute Du to dentist stuff, because the dentist just apparently love me. They actually don't. They really despise my teeth, like they can't get enough of that ass, though, Jackson, I'm editing that out these. I am a minor right. They can't get enough of those teeth. I'm still heading it out. got some you really got a gun? That's just me speaking about pedophilia, not about anything else. But is there anything else you guys feel like adding, or are you like me? Think a wedd like a brilliant job on this. You've redid a plugger's job, actually, fantastic. One thing that actually I forgot to reiterate that I said last week was about your mental problems manifesting is physical problems, which again is why it is so important to learn and take care of yourself. Yes, yea Queen Show right there. Yes, at the same time, another thing is just a reminder avery. A bobble bath, a face masks, all that stuff...

...that is a temporary solution. If you're having a lot of bad days, a bubble bath isn't going to save you. Is it going to help you? Most definitely. But make sure that if you are actually suffering from a depressive disorder, that you are talking to someone like a therapist, like a therapist. If a therapist is out of reach for you, then just keep up with these small things and make sure your friends are away and also don't make your friends therapist. Yes, look into free text line therapy as well. It can help for short term relieving of stress, stress, stress. It's not really a long term solution, though, but it can work. Anything that can help you until you can get along. Term Solution is best for you. But if you can get along term solution, go for it. Avery. Now, like I said, there was an update. Doesn't know that those changes? Those I said this a long time ago. The changes will coming. To know, because everyone here afterlutely loves change. Right, guys love it. Ah, we just adore it. I S. You can tell by how they reacted to me announcing how we're changing, how we're doing this today. But changes coming will basically be how we read our script. As you know, a very beautiful aby writes o Gay Agenda. Normally every Monday before we recall it, sometimes orly or if she feeling up to it, if she's feeling a little spicyly we're going to change little bit. So you may notice a bit of changes. We're going to go through a five five episode trial period. Simone tried to go a little lower.

I said no, let us know if you like it, though, like d must on instagram. Anything you want to see change or widow Instagram, ticktock. Send us a mess. We we before. If what's going to change, if you've any crust for us, we would before if you used on twitter and not our DMS and on our instagram. So when you add us on twitter, will see it and that gives us a more public way to do it so that we can answer questions for everyone. If and then our instagram will be used from a post twitter, from our answering questions and random thought, thoughts and took talks to or someone to Shakeo. But rude. We know that. We all know that's what you do, but just be with us, as sometimes you may notice an episode will suddenly change it's formatted. That's normal. Would just kind of figuring this out. And Yeah, that's that's really what's changing. Besides, hopefully posting on Tick Tock, though. Okay, I want to do something that in all simone that will definitely be like a violation again. Someone's everything. What like? I want to face reveal only here. Oh my God, I'll just do it. Fuck you. You're at your you're at your private tick Tock. Now, y'all, I'm doing a face reveal this weekend on our tick tock. Go check it out. No, we have to me know. Um, yeah, that's basically it for today. I'm thinking today again is a very kind of smallower episode. But again, changes are coming, as I've said so many times, but I have been trying to figure out what the changes are.

Nice always think ahead, but I think that's where we're going to end it off today for you, guys. We might stay here a little longer, but we hope to see you next week. But if not, we hope you have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add, guys? Well, it is fuck. I think every's dead champ water. Thank you for watching, guys. Bite.

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