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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Demisexuality


Welcome to this epioside of housewives in disgusies where Simone is knitting, Avery is making a dress and Jaxson is looking for apartments. After housewiving this shit up! We talked about Demisexuality! We hope you enjoyed this episode and we hope to see you next week, if not! Have a good rest of your life! You are vaild as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simon

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapi

Hello and welcome to the House of pods, Lgbtq podcast, where we all are housewives in disguise. Housewives in disguise. Yeah, checks out. Actually, my name is Jackson. I don't have a catchy phrase ready. I go by he, him pronouns. Hi, I'm Simone. I used to the pronouns. I'm crocheting right now. That's hot. I don't know. Hoi I'm averyen. I used she her pronouns and I'm altering dress. I got at Value Village poggers. Out of Value Village, yes, we stand value village. No, Promo, one hundred percent. I found a shirt last week that says sexy grandma turns sixty. Oh my God, yeah, you said that. Oh, yeah, I did. You best believe I've liked, been wearing that shit everywhere. Wait, oh my God, every we actually are housewives in disguise. I'm crocheting and your sewing and I'm and I'm looking at houses. Yeah, like what it's on me. There's only two, twelve, twelve apartments in our city. That sucks. What will we do? Rip? Can you imagine? There actually was? There's just twelve city. There's just twelve apartments in the dires, twelve cities in the apartment. Okay, if you want to find us on social media, that's a thing. That for God. Yeah, if you want to follow us on social media, I highly suggest you do. I don't. Our instagram is house of cards, underscore podcast, our twitter is lgbt, underscore deck ...

...and tick talk is house of cards, lgbt, lgb what t that sounds homosexual. That's the point, bitch. Can we get rid of it? That's nothing. Smells fruity. It's you. It's you. It totally is. How do you straight? Well, what straight? Apparently we who said can you imagine? If we were? We'd be so, so, so funny. How would it be funny? It's sad. I'd be very boring. I would have absolutely no sense of humor. Lush Jay, that's hot. Yeah, you would have no sense of humor. Being gays like my only personality, trait. I know that's that's very true. Actually it is. It's hot, it's kind of consoling. Yeah, I have like three aspects to my personality. It is like anxiety child. Yeah, LGBT. Yeah, grandmother trapped in a teenage body. I was going to say grandmother. Yep, that's a vibe. Also, like I found apartment that's actually pretty nice. It's it's about one three hundred and one thousand three hundred and fifty. So one thousand and fifty letter it to six seven. Pink. Is Real estate, actually it is. I do like looking that houses. I could never be a real estate agent because you have to lie to people. But Oh, yeah, no, no, but your kink is real estate. I love looking at houses. Yeah, I watch HDTV sometimes. I love it. It's act. Oh, that's my favorite thing to look... augers. Yeah, well, we get into it. Yeah, Oh, I should tell you. Hello, I'm not done my stories. Hello, shut up. Hello, I've got stuck to say no, no, to be convinced to it. But so I we almost text Simon's mom because someone was in here. Well while so I was like should I just took simone some mom and back. Hey, can you test simone to like get down here? I'm sorry, I was crocheting and watching orange is the new black. Non Sponsored. What's it? Was your mom in the same room as you know? Oh, that'd be funny. Here, MOM was it? She's just like you have to go dwn and record. I Love Orange is the new black. That was. I don't know what's so good it is. You are just owne is the new black. Hey, wait, who's your favorite character? I think Nichols. Me Too. She's just so iconic, dude. I know I'm in love with her. I literally I started doing my eyeland her liquor when I first watched. Orange is the new black. Raise your hand if you get your personality from the content you watch. My hand is raised. So yeah, will all. Mentally, it'll never stopping. Today and that light. I think I spent like I didn't, but I think everything I got is probably over to Onezero dollars for show. Jesus Christ be what. Yeah, like I got how many a I got to sweater for sweaters, a short two shots, so that's six. Four pants, so that's ten. Plus school supplies. Steve, what the fuck? I spent under twenty on school supplies and like three hundred on clothes.

I like to get everything new for school, poor because I've so much time caught it. So this is my goal. So school starting, it's cappening. Go, go, go, right. Yeah, even, when do you start? Because I'm I'm started. Started, really, there's we've all started school. Yeah, I just started yesterday. Yeah, I've started a week to go because my school hates me and I've decided that. So in the fourth quarter I have nothing in the morning. Second quota, I have two courses. Third quota, it's basically it's an music and nothing, and then to English. Nothing. So I've decided I'm going to try and get ninety in everything. Yeah, you're doing the quarter system. Hey. Yeah, so, because I've all the time in my first quarter, I'm gonna focus so much and studying as well as practicing for social and math. So when I go in it'll be easier. Music. That'll be hopefully in easy, ninety fully and then, I'm hope, and during that time I'm also going to be prepping for English. What music are you taking? I'm just taking music general, okay, because you need like a notebook and some other ship for music, because you do have to study for music theory. No, no, I don't. Actually, yeah, and you do not buy my music teacher. Music theories actually pretty difficult. No, my it's my story. I was on the way to becoming a music major and university, but then I quit. So I'm I not listen. I hear you and I'm sure that is how it's supposed to be. Very much it is, but I know for sure that none of my teachers care about the arts enough. HMM, so my music teacher is most like. From what I heard, music is normally, I think, a bit of most of it is just learning songs on an instrument. Yeah, and then I don't I...

...haven't heard too there's not too much other paperwork. There might be a bit, but that's like. It's not difficult from what I thought. Plus, I'm only doing grade ten music because I haven't taken music beforehand. I can't qualify for great twelve music. So mine will be easy. Maybe, hopefully so. It's really just like to fill up your credits. Oh, yeah, yeah, no, I'm yeah, it was. No, it's because it was going to I'm gonna have the entire quote or off, but because is my graduating here and it's the quota before graduation, I didn't want to take it off because I want to because I want to be there, I want to be a part of the graduation, because I will not stand for bunch of strict people plan my graduation. I don't think I actually get a Grad because I'm doing online. You're just get a diploma in the yeah, in the mail one day. Yeah, so, I'm going to buy a wedding dress from the first store and go bowling, then hike. I go. Yeah, up to your graduation. Bestie. I'm inviting like all the people I know, me, avery. That's it. Yeah, that's maybe it's maybe your mom, maybe, maybe Nice, you know, sometimes just a little thought. Also, Simone. Yeah, you're a minor. Well, so, I've almost was my we're all my God about all. But you're younger than both me and Abri at now. Yes, because I'm seventeen, you're not yet. Are you waiting? No, you're not eighteen yet. If returned in February, because she's an Aquarius. Yes, now, and then I'm seventeen. And then someone you a little bed, reallyboon by September eight YEA, so sixteen. Yeah, it little trial. Follow us...

...and you coming up in about a month. Is there annivorsary when you anniversary of HOUSTAL cords? Holy Shit, yeah, I was very action. September twenty nine is the force is will be the day that we met. My calendar, so we will probably be doing something special. Ak, we just everyone's going to end up crying by the end of it. Yeah, anyway, let's talking about cry and let's talk about demisexuality now, because that's a lighter topic. Is that? Is that correct? Is it lighter? Is it hot? Is it like a this isn't sad, is it? No, I know, sex. Wow, that's why I was like confused. Actually, if I am actually is anti, not anti, but it's not about sex. I meant to say sexuality, but my brain kind of chat. So, okay, it's okay, d you can just say your haunting. It's okay. I didn't kiss a girl before I came over here to record. Sorry, what? What are we talking about? We're talking about your mom. I'm sorry, I don't care. She had met her. Now you haven't. I told her she was pretty. I forgot about that. that. That's such a you thing to do. Okay, we're talking about demisexuality, not to be confused with Demi Gender, which we recently did an episode about. Did we quit? Yeah, we did, actually, not recently, but like we have done it. It says recently. Okay, anyways, then I didn't make it. Okay, yes, you did. Everything is your fault. You know what you know. Let me. Sexuality is a sexual orientation. You're fired, bitch. Okay, I F...

...fucking thing. demisexuality is a sexual orientation where someone only feels sexually attracted to another person after they've already established an emotional connection. Like if a demisexual person means a stranger on the street, they wouldn't want to, they wouldn't immediately feel sexual attraction. I'm not saying what avery road, what Ad Avery wrote. They wouldn't want to jump them. What I for? Do you know what that means? Yes, that's why I wrote it. That's like robbing someone. No, no, I wanted like jump their bones. Yeah, that's what. Yeah, I'm not saying that, though, anymore. I know they saying you did. Don't, because to me, when you jump someone means like you rob them. Yeah, it also means you fuck. Okay, anyways. Now, so free oxygen. Okay, but if the demisexual person decides to become friends with that stranger, they could start to find the strangers sexually attractive after they've become friends, because now they have an emotional connection. Like demigender. demisexual is used to refer to like, quote unquote, halfway between sexual and ASEXUAL, since demisexual people can't just hop on the one night stand train, but they can also be sexually attracted to people. demisexuality is all often also referred to as gray a sexual or gray sexual, based on the same idea that demisexuality is halfway between a sexual and sexual it's also been described as like the spectrum between a sexuality and sexuality, and other terms include sexualish, a sexually sexual, sexual fish plus see, sexual fish,...

...sexual and fish. Let me get sex plus. See, the sexual fish has come to tell you your sexuality on your eighteen fourth day. Oh my God, wait, that could be a why? A dystopia? Noble? Oh my Jesus, you are gay, some gay, gay you now, unlike Simon, anyone could be test. I don't know what that mean. Um, like Simone is does not. It's not considered in anyone. Anyone can be taken me sex reality, regardless of gender or lack thereof. Oh, whether you're attracted to men women? No one know. Everyone basically straight to will convey be demosexual as well. Look at every for example, you just straight. Yeah, one US. One of the biggest questions about demosexuality is why it's its own Tom Because fucking these questions about how sub cards podcast is why did Jackson call a very straight you know, you know why it's its own Tom? Because fuck you, Prenda, because fuck you. What did Brenda Do to you? undertone? Yeah, because you, because most people don't have sex with people laugh. So why is it about? About that Nice, but why it's its own Tom is demisexually. Isn't just about sex, because most people, well a few people, have sex with people they're already in a relationship with. It's getting a little fewer numbers nowadays. But, unlike my grandma, that's good because, honestly, marriage was just used by the government to sell more rings and dresses. It's an economy...

...based thing. What and people want to be like legally devoted to each other. And also taxes. Why? Actually, there's no tax, but there's not very good tax benefits. There's a little bit of a tax benefits, but it's much it's much easier just to like, you know, not getting married. I'm good to know like you can still a ceremony, but like that, why the government need to know who I'm sleeping with? Fuck y'all anyway, anyway. But again, there was actually, it'sn't about sex, it's about being able to feel attraction for specific people, just like any other sexual orientation. This can also be referred to as a day. We were maticism. Sorry, there was just a thought process there. I'll talk about that later anyway. Moving on to the next person who's speaking, that's not me, anyways. Another criticism is the expectation that demisexual people want to have sex with anybody they have an emotional on with. That is fucking wrong. That's just a mon. I'M gonna kill you when you're sleep. Am I wrong? And that is an actual confession to the murder. So I've asked you. Am Am, I wrong? Yeah, Oh, yeah, I'm wrong. Yeah, you're fucking wrong. Shut up anyways. You literally want just like homosexual men are attracted to men, it doesn't mean their attract all. Some men are must evy. Sexual people still have their preferences, just like everybody else, just like want to do you want to know the most musty man? I know your mom Simone Kill you. Okay, demisexual people still have their preferences, just like everybody else. Just like demisexual people still...

...have preferences as to whom they find sexually attractive, because you can't flip that switch on like a lightbulb. demisexual people still experience other kinds of attraction and can still experience the LIBTO and sexual desire. Again, just like a sexuality and a Rormanteism, demisexuals can choose to have relationships or not have them. demisexual is just a label that a person uses to best express and identify them. Even if someone you know identifies as demisexual and they don't fit whatever you think demisexuality is, literally, who gives a shit? I do. You can ask if they put a current orientation, because they might still be exploring their own sexuality for an identity that fits the best, but like nine times out of ten they're just their own brand of demisexuality. Go just gay, exactly their homosexuals. Anyway. Moving on, demisexuality was first comb calling as a term in two thousand and six, two years before, I both feel, after augurs, after Rogers, but this doesn't mean it never existed before that. Just like we discussed it in a five part history series, but one western, and it's a blong title. We need to start in that title. Sexuality is such a huge and constantly evolving spectrum, and Kudos to the people who are still out there fighting, but I think themselves out figuring themselves out, like always. Your identity. That isn't something you have to explain to anyone. And demisexuality is a thing. It's balads. Look, demosexuality is a fair demisexual people are and always will be, valid as fuck, unless you're fucking homeless, whole Porson y'all. Yeah, I may re Graham and I approve this message. I am Simone and I maybe approved this...

...message. I like this room because it has orange wallet. What it has? Orange Wallet? What? Why is you saying by ending yet? Hey, I'm hungry, best best. That's the best, the BESTIE. You know how in your room you have a block wall. Yeah, this apartment I found has one too. Well, MON's actually a chalkboard wall. The paint is really it might be. I don't know. Anyway, I for sure someone's about to kill me if I don't end the episode so well, potentially. I want to thank you so much for coming in and walk listening and enjoying, hopefully, the episode. If not, fuck you and fuck you know we hope to see you next week. If not, that's okay. Enjoy the rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? It is. Fuck, I'm gonna have a bath bugers me too. Bye,.

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