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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Demi-boy/girl


Today! We decided to talk about Demi-Boy and girl! We hope you enjoyed this episode and that we will see you next week, if not, remember that you are vaild as fuck.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simon

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapi

That's so cute. Thanks a littlegay of you. I'm going to be honest here. It totally is.Anyway. Welcome to the House of cause and LGBTQ podcast. Tonight, weare recording. Obviously, it's so cute. Thanks a little gay of you.I'm going to be honest here. It totally is. Anyway. Welcometo the House of cause and LGBTQ podcast. Tonight, we are recording. Obviously, yes, are we know? Actually, this is a fig pupyour imagination due to the fucking heat wave of my name is Jackson. Iuse heathen pronouns. You know, currently, that's what we're going to go with, just because that's what I'm telling everybody. HMMMM, as it shouldbe, as it should be, as as it should be. WHO's next? Soman Moll. Sorry, I'm eating chicken, love of my life.Oh you're eating meat. I thought I told you all going vegetarian. Fuckliterally, other people feed me, I'll eat what they feed me. anyways. Hi, I'm samone. I use she they pronouns you good. Yeah, it's realty, excellent. Some Moan is literally Sumons just dying. Justthat's not at all concerning. No, someone's fine. This is no mothalways died. I don't you know that? Yes, of course I went that. I'm avery end I used share her pronouns, and I'm in Saskatchewan, because that this is my hot girl summer. You want a Skatchewan rightnow? I don't know. You were like Siscaty. You were like inthe same province that warn now, which is a province, by the way, a province because we're not going to...

...aduct the cells. We've literally saidthat we live in rap now what I can we gonna say anything anymore?That's part of the past. Avery. What different? What's social media?What do let's see, what's all social media. Chicken, that is.That's our social media. Social Media. Hang On, speaking of some moon. Last week, when you weren't here, Jackson and I did a pretty stellarjob of finding the Social Oh, that's sick. Okay, some minorof us were prepared. You can find us on Instagram at House of cards, underscore podcast, on twitter the lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock,which we still do not have access to, as house pop, Jackson, we'regetting back up. No body of us the same. Shut up,your penis as fall your pants is far. My Penis is big. It's inmy dresser dower, excuse me, Oh my God, Oh my God, I hate you. So I being a person who loves to stress himselfout, and it's also some so schools not a thing. So I'm goingto add something to stress myself out. I have decided to me and myfriend Crob decided to make DD stream idea. So Simone is actually going to bepart of this. Not every CUZ, holly, every trying to figure outhow to stream will kill a free like we will kill a very tryand do help a free. Yeah, I will not. I'll just stickto this. This is all I can handle. And if he doesn't evendo any of the technology of stuff,... literally Avery Disis, I doubtI maybe just like post on instagram. That's it. So, yeah,it's just, it's a thing. It's a thing. Will find. Everything'sgreat. We're all just so happy. HMM, sound Kay of stress,my guy. I sound like a dad who is like really upset right now, like what if all happy? Yeah, you sound like a dad trying tohold his life together. You, Saul, and we were at Disneyworld. Just do woolf yeah, I was all we should go to Disneyworlds, go to universal. Who is paying? Nobody. We're sneaking in. Okay, I'll do it. Okay, that I'm a call me. Ilove that. We although anyway, fun thing. Okay, back tothink. Sorry, I wanted to get everything up. So there's fun thing. It's bit different. So normally, if you watched Indie podcast, youknow that the stream normally focuses on the DM, which basically allows you tosee all the perspectives the POV's. But we're not doing that. All ofthe players will be streaming on their own different accounts, so you get topick who you're going to follow. Soon we go in a private VC andyou're only watching one person. You really know it's gone in there. You'lljust hear some bitter power between the two the players that are not a partof that. So if you like to watch it, watch somewhere out youcan watch it at twitch TV, hopeful plaza, twitch a TV, MossRaven, twitch TV slash add a x bones or trust act TVASH Goblin,underscore, underscore, which those are all players. So go there, pickyour favorite and that is the Pov you can watch. There are many thingsthat chat to do to be involved in...

...the session, Aka stuff like onesub equals a D for healing or horde. If you gift a hundred sups tothose that can get sups, I will kill a character. I'll killa character, fucking boop, dead, fucking no longer alive. You canalso donate to get a you can also donate to get around the same things, and they'll be channel points for those that can access under points for certainthings. And again, we recommend watching every single pov to get the fullexperience, and do also support every strea month and not just focus on one, but, of course, sets up to you. Anyway. Done withthat. I'm hungry as fuck and Simone eating made me hungry up all stop. No, it's so with that. Should we get into the topic?Talk a bit more, like have some fun things. I'm good. Idon't know if you guys know that. Thank you for coming out. I'mvery proud of you. Your bravery astounds me. Listen, I know yousecretly hate all of us. I will remember this day. Hey, Ijust came out on the podcast. What you good? Like every it's didsomeone like kill your parents or something? Oh my God, I'm tired.It was a seven hour drive. God, so no barbecue loss on my titties. You know what else was the seven hour drive? You know whatelse was the seven hour drive? Well, I don't know. If I wantto know my love for you best seen, I would say we're goingto be talking about demisexuality. No, yeah, not dead, not getme sexuality. I Love Danny, gender Gando, gender chip, Demi,genderality, generality, gender reality. Anyway,...

I don't think I'm starting. IfI am, no, I'm not. fucking no, you're not. You'regood. Don't put yours. I'm so sorry. That's just a regularsummon thing at this point. Yeah, it's expected. Why is stream coming? What the fuck is happening? Are you streaming the podcast? I imaginemagin casually streams podcast. What the fun? Okay, it's like, let's start. Doesn't stop the PODCAST THEY wanna. Okay, yeah, today we're goingto be talking about gender and sex and pronouns again for the in time. If so, you know, if you like. Yeah, if you'velistened to our podcast before, like we've talked about it a bunch, andlike sex and gender pronouns on binary and transgender episodes, and we're talking aboutit again to day and reference to jet not. I almost said JEMMY gender. That is not right that that is called. That's not it. That'snot it. It's Demi gender, which is someone who would identify as demiboy or demi girl. Okay, Jimmy Girl. Demi gender falls under thetransgender non binary umbrella, with similar terms such as a gender, gender fluidand Gender Queer. Put simplest, a demi gendered person is someone who usesthe pronouns they were born with and either the pronounce they them or other neopronouns. So a demi boy may use the pronouns he, they kesy orheaper, and a demi girl may use she, they ate cheesy or sheper. A Demi gender person is basically just someone who doesn't fully identify mentallyor socially with the sex they were assignned at birth. People who had demigender can use a verity, verity,...

...verity, variety. I hate vowI will say it again, I will say it forever. Vowel suck.People who are demigendered can use a verity of different Demi Noun Tom's, includingDemi Guy, Demi female, Demi Gald and me, dude, and prettymuch any other would use your fault to agenda. Aka. Simone is ademi, sexy Demi. Dude, is kind of like a kind of focks. It kind of does. I think it's the alliteration. Yeah, likethat just scratches my brain. CLAR anyways, you're the suitary. We're not gettinginto this. You know what, the Vaginas a nun ZIP butthole.Shut up, brain clearing. CLIN is patuitary. W said that at sametime. I literally don't mind that, though, like that fits, likeyou're right, but honestly, it's more of the hypo hippocampus, because thatdoes you know anyway. Anyway you can tell the hypocampus. Yeah, it'sin continue. We're getting so off track. Just the same, they can useany set of pronouns, even if they want the one they assigned upfor a person bone of female can divide and a person of female can.I'm sorry, the math didn woke up here. A person born a femalecanderfi as a woman up until twenty and you see her pronouns transition to aman at twenty five and you see him. What happened? My question, though, what was happened between twenty to twenty five, like was that thetransition period or was there did they die with they in a car? Theywere in a coma. They want a coma. Woke up and like,I was a man. Definitely Coma. That's what happened. That's what happened. They were like they were hit by a car. They were hit bya car. They went into a coma for five years. They woke upand said, I'm a man, as...

...they had finally realized who they wore. Why are they in a coma? Because you gave us a five yeargot when they were women to a man. Well, so we were like,so that's doesn't nothing has to happen during that time. It's just likeit did. An example of the Times. They had a comma had coma andwhen they woke up they finally understand that they were man. And thenat thirty they realize I'm not a man, I'm a Demigol, using any pronounsalong with pronoun she. So that was pretty park of them. I'mproud of it. I'm glad that that coma finally allows them to realize whothey the wool. We stand to understand we're D we standing on a journey. What demigender people may also identify as Demi. A drology, who issomeone who calltly related to a gender identified as a drology. Demi gender peopleare in between CIS gender and anything outside the binary. So I'm not sureif we talked about this, but sistender, that's basically like identifying as like thegender that like matches your sex at birth. So you know, theword Denny actually comes from French and means half or lesser. So Demi genderliterally means like half girl, half boy. You're my have girl. What I'mI'm too tired to compute. Apology. I'm just floating with both of youfor the rest of this podcast. That's it. are both so tiredwe stand Joe. Josie won't fucking do. Oh my God, I found outI have the same pants as her and honestly, and I'm living,I do. I saw the pants she was wearing an instagram post and Iwas like wait, oh my God, I have those pants. You needto show us. I totally will.

I'll send a picture as soon asI get back to these let you. Thank you, home, province.We got so off track. Okay, how like. anyways. So,yeah, Demi gender means like half gender. So like this. It doesn't meanthat Demi gender people are explicitly fifty percent female and fifty percent non binaryor, you know, like fifty percent male and fifty percent non binary,or any kind of like we or anything in between. Yeah, it's kindof like bisexuality and that. Like it doesn't matter what percentage of preference youhave one either gender. It's your identity and like, honestly, whoever wantsyou to explain themselves like is not valid at all. It's your identity.You don't have to explain it. Yes, you do. I like now.I'm very sorry if you'll hurt me. Sneezing. I hope you see itwhen I don't think I heard that. Maybe I thought it was like myimagination. Oh, I get like sick sometimes. got like like don'tthere. Yeah, I got my Donair. Oh my God, we don't needhere. I got food. Yep, Yep, I'm so sure. Anyway, continue with the episode. All Right, okay, the term Demigender was only created in two thousand and ten, but Demi gender people havebeen around for far longer, like we discussed in our five part series ona Western history of lgbtq plus identities. Queer and a gender people have existedfor literal centuries, no matter how badly homophobic historians claim they were really goodfriends. I heard you, Cross Fan. Oh, that was me gagging.Sounded like a cat and a hair ball. I mean, I meanlike a sexy kind of cat. What's great now? So are you shannedAustin? Oh my gosh, well,...

I'm dying. Sorry, that didnot work right. Like, what about early a paragraphs in this episode?We're gonna say with Jen it does not matter which gender you literally identified with. Any gender unit fight along the way. You can always experiment with a dintingsand ponents and never to explain yourself a very. But what? Whatconclusion? Homophobic historians are not bothers. Fuck them, Jenda. People willalways spell fuck and you will also. Well, it is fun, andyour mom is Bella, is fuck. I'm so sorry, I mess.She's a homophobic historian, then she's not. I'm sorry, that's fair. Yeah, Uh Huh, I just finished and my hand would into the gayposition. Sorry, I'm likely like I was just chilling in. My handwas like, Oh, you know, I would love to talk more aboutUN zip, Butt Holes, Pussy, brain and but I think today welike but I think today we're gonna end up here. I think we're alittle off track. I think, Oh my God, we totally I thinksomeone has been exhaustion. I'm going to be honest. I think I onlyset up side for three hours. I can direct sunlight. Dude, thatgave me strongly this. And Avery is not allowed to leave her house anymorefor there's two days because it's a feet wave and you have temperature issues.Hacks. Literally, you'll step outside the next days and your hand will justdisappear into Ash. You know, cute. I am infinity war. Hope tosee you next week. If you have decided you hate us. Ifwe don't see you, have a good rest of your life. Simone willprobably track you down in five, six visits days to kill you. Yeah, I know, add we will not...

...murder you, won't? Yeah,.

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