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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Demi-boy/girl


Today! We decided to talk about Demi-Boy and girl! We hope you enjoyed this episode and that we will see you next week, if not, remember that you are vaild as fuck.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simon

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapi

That's so cute thanks a little gay of you, i'm goingto be honest here. It totally is anyway welcome to the house of cars and lgbtqpodcast. Tonight we are recording obvious. That's so cute thanks a little gay of you, i'm goingto be honest here. It totally is anyway welcome to the house of cars and lgbtqpodcast. Tonight we are recording, obviously, yes, harle. No. Actually this is a ficoimagination due to the fucking heat wave. My name is jackson. I use heathenpronoun for ently. That's what we're going to go with just because that'swhat i'm telling everybody as it should be, as it should be a? Uas it should be, whose next so monoo sorry i'm eating chicken. I of my life,oh you're, eating meat. I thought i told you all going vegetarian back literally other people feed me only atwhat they feed me. Anyways hi, i'm simon, i use shiva pronouns. You go yeah, it's weety, excellent, semoni, literally some one's just dying,just that's not at all concerning yeahsomeone's fine! This is no one always died. Don't you know that? Yes, of course, i went bad, i'm abria,i used shot her pronoun and i'm in saskatchewan, because that thisis my hat girl summer. You want to scotchman right now. Idon't know you want like this guy. You were like in the same province that war in now, which is a province by the way, aprovince because we're not going to...

...adopt ourselves. We've literally said that we live in,like rare, were not a be going to say anything anymore. That's part of the past avery whatdifferent to media, what let's see? What's our social media, chicken that that's our sealing? Speaking ofsome one last week when you weren't here jackson and i did a pretty stellarjob of finding the soche- oh that's sick, o ay, soneither of us go prepared. You can find us on instagram at house of cards,underscore podcast on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on tic tack, whichwe still do not have access to a house of popish, shut or canyon pack up. No, she of us the same duck shut upyour penis as fall. Your pants is for my penis is big. It's in my dresserdrawer use- oh my god! Oh my god, i hate you, so i being the person who loves tostress him stuff out and it's also summer. So school is not a thing. Soi'm going to add something to stress myself out. I have decided to me and my friend,crow have decided to make a d nd stream idea. So semon is actually going to be pot ofthis, not every, because how every trying to figure out how to stream willkill a free like we will kill avery, try and do help a free yeah. I will noti'll just stick to this. This is all i can handle and ay doesn't even do anyof the technology of stuff like...

...literally ever just it. I don't. I maybe just like post on instagram. That's it so yeah! It's just it's a thing! It's athing, we'll find everything's great we're all just so happy sound kites. My guy, i sound like a dad who was like reallyupset right now, like what is all happening. Yeah. You sound like a dadtrying to hold his life together. You so o o me. We were at disney world, so i w a we should go to disney world is ano go to universal. Who is paying nobody were sneaking in okay i'll. Doit? Okay, that i'm a call me at. We are, though, anywayfun thing, okay back tothink. So i wanted to get everything up so as that's fun things but different.So normally, if you watch andy podcast- and you know that the stream normallyfocuses on the dm, which basically eloge all the perspectives, the pelvis,but what i doing that all of the players will be streaming on their owndifferent accounts. So you get to pick who you're going to follow son. We goin a private, vc and you're. Only watching one person, you don't reallyknow. What's going in there you'll just hear some bitter patter between the two,the players that are not a part of that. So if you like to watch it watch itsome where you can watch it at twitched up tv, potful, plaza twitch up tv, moss,raven, twitched, up tv, slash, ad ax bones, o trist tv, slash goblin injust go on just go witch. Those are all players so go there pick your favorite,and that is the p you can watch. There are many things that chack to do to... involved in the session ak stuff,like one sub equals a d for healing or ford. If you give a hundred subs tothose that can get subs, i will go a counter. I'll kill itchapter. I fucking di dead, fucking no longer alive can also donate and getyou. You can also donate to get around the same things and it will be channelpoints for those that can act is channel points for certain things and again we recommend watching everysingle povee to get the full experience and do also support every stream monthand not just focus on one. But of course that's up to you anyway, donewith that, i'm hungry as fuck and so on. Eatingmade me hung you sor i'll, stop, no, it's so with that. Should we get intothe topic it more like have some fun things? I'm gay! I don't know if you guys knowthat. Thank you for coming out in your proudof here. Your brer astounds me. Listen. I know yousecretly hate all of us. I will remember this day. I just came out on the podcast. What you good like every is, didsomeone like kill your parrots or something? Oh, my god, i'm tired! It was a seven hour. Drive god so are keeps us on my kiddies. Youknow what else was a seven hour time. You know what else was the seven hourdrive. I want my love for you best in anyway. Today we're going to betalking about demi sexuality, no yeah, not d, not them e sauali yea. I loveoteen, o gender chip, demi genua ity...

...genully gene around anyway. I don't think i'm starting if iam no, i'm not fucking, no you're, not you're good or i'm. So sorry, that's just a regular somal thing atthis point yeah. It's expected. Why is stream coming? What the fuck is happen,are you streaming the podcast? I imagine a. We should casually streams podcast a it's like. Let's top doesn't stop thefucas, i'm doing it. Okay, yeah today we're going to be talking about genderand sex and pronounce again for the nth time. If so, you know if you like yeah,if you've listened to our podcast before, like we've talked about it, abunch and like sex and gender pronouns, not binary and transgender episodes,and we're talking about it again today in reference to get not, i almost said:jemmy dender, that is you're, not a right that that is not it's demi gender, which is someonewho would identify as jemmy boy or demi girl, okay, demi girl, demi gender falls under thetransgender s non binary umbrella, with similar terms such as a gender, gender,fluid and gender queer put simplest. A demi gendered person is someone whouses the pronounce they were born with and either the pronounce they them orother neo pronouns. So a demi boy may use the pronoun hethey hes or heap her and a demi girl may use she the cheesy or shee per ademi. Gender person is basically just someone who doesn't fully identifymentally or socially with the sex they were assigned at birth. People who aredem gender can use a varied varotari ty...

...verity i hate about. I will say it again. Iwill say it forever that will suck people who are deming gendered can usea variety of different demi, noun toms, includingdemi guide, and we female the egal and do d in pretty much any other word youso for to a gender ak. Simon is a demi sexy. Demi dude is kind of like it kindof fucks it kind of d. I think it's the illiteration yeah like that. Justscratches my brain click, anyways you're, be jewish ary, we're not getting into this. You knowwhat the vagina is. A nun but hole shut up for including click is patiar saidthat at the same time, i literally don't mind that, though, like that fitslike you'll write, but honestly it's more of the hypo hippo campus, becausethat does you know anyway anywhere. You can't tell the hato campus. Yes, you csorry we're getting so off track just thesame. They can use any set of pronos, even if they want the one for a signedup. Both a porson pon, a female can divide, tant il postin, a female. Can i'm sorry. Thematin woke up here. A person born a female candes, a woman up until twentyand ushio pronouns tasio to a man at twenty five, an you seen him. What hadmy question, though? What was happen between two thousand and twenty fivelike? Was that the transition period or was there, did they die? Were they in ac? They were in a coma. They want to colma woke up and, like i was a man,definitely coma. That's what happened! That's what happened! They were likethe i by a car they were hit by a car. They went into coma for five years.They woke up and said i'm a man... they had finally realized who theywere. Why are they in a coma, because you gave us a fire yer bat when theywere a woman to a man? Well, so we will like so that doesn't nothing has to happenduring that time. It's just like it did an example of the time they had acoleman when they woke up. They finally understand that they were man and thenat thirty they realized, i'm not a man, i'm a demi gar using any phonos along with front, sothat was pretty poulam. I'm proud of i'm glad that that coma finally allowsthem to realize who they will. We stand to understand for the come dawe stay inon a journey en what dey gender people, i also identify as demi a draney who is someone who partly related to agender identified as a granite demi gender people are in betweensistren and anything outside the binary. So i'm not sure if we talked about this,but this gender, that's basically like identifying as like the gender that like matches your sex at first. Soyou know the word: demi actually comes from french and means half for lesser,so demi gender literally means like half girl, half boy you're, my high school. What i'm i'm too tired to compute apology that i'm just fating with both of youfor the rest of this pod? That's it er, both so tired. We stan georgos afucking. Do oh, my god i found out. I have the same pants as her and honestlyi think i do. I saw the pantos aninstagram post and i was like wait. Oh my god, i have those pants. You need toshow us. I totally well i'll sign a...

...picture as soon as i get back, so helike you, thank you home province. We got so off track, okay, how, likeanyway so yeah demi gender means like half gender. So like this, it doesn'tmean that demi gener people are explicitly fifty percent female andfifty percent on binary, or you know like fifty percent male and fiftypercent on binary, but any kind of think or anything in between yeah, it'skind of like bisexuality, and that, like it doesn't matter what percentageof preference you have on either gender, it's your identity and, like honestly, whoever wants you to explainthemselves like is not valid at all. It's your identity! You don't have toexplain it. Yes, you do. I like! No, i'm very sorry. If you'll heard mesneezing, i use it when i don't think i heard that. Maybe i thought it was likemy imagination. I get like sick, sometimes go. I likedon't ye. I got my donate, my god. We on i got fluid yep yep, i onthe sdeal right. Okay, the term demigender was only created in two tanda ten, but demi gender people have beenaround for far longer like we discussed in our five part series on a westernhistory of lgbtq, plus identities. Queer and a gender people have existedfor literal centuries, no matter how badly homophobic historians claim theywere really good friends. I heard you cough then. Oh, that was me gagging. It soundedlike a cat and a hair ball. I in i mean like a sexy kind of cast. What's rat. Now.Are you sure? Oh my god, my god, we in...

...sorry that did not work right. I eliapagan episode, we're going to say with. Can it does not matter which genderoriginally identified with or any one you don't fight along the way you canalways experiment with the dealings and pronos and never to explain yourselfevery what what conclusion homophobichistorians are not as fur the me gena people will always fell. Fuck and youare also be- is fun. Your mom is ballad his foot, i'm so sorry and thet she's ahomophobic, a story and then she's, not i'm sorry, that's fair, yeah uh. I just finished and my hand went intothe gay position. Sorry, i'm like sing like i was just chilling in my hand,was like. Oh, you know i would love to talk ballabout uns and but holes pussy brains and to, but i think today we like, but i think today we're going to end up.You know i think we're a little off. Try. I think. Oh, my god, we totally, ithink someone has been exhausted, i'm going to be honest. Okay, upo the hoursin in sunlight. Do that kee meat, stroke, o s and avery, is not allowed to leave herhouse any more for the to day, because it's a featwave and you have temperator issues- tacks literally you'll step outside thenext day is and your hand will just disappear to ash. You know i of cute. I am infinity war.You hope to see you next week. If you have decided you hit us, if we don't see, you have a good restof your life, so mon will probably track you down in five six businessdays to kill you yeah. I do anything else to adde will not murder you a t.

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