House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 3 · 2 years ago

House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast; Consent


Our topic today was on consent. We played the yes or no game, we learned about planned parenthood consent rules called FRIES. or as we call them french FRIES

Hello, welcome to the House of cards, where we are gay as fuck. Who that was? We go from me. Hi, welcome to the House of CADS and LGBT podcast. Avery. Hi, welcome told beauty podcast. Also, gods, Simone, welcome to the GAYEST fuck podcast. I said, house of cards. We're good, we're good. Hi, my name is Jackson. I'll fuck. Sorry, Jackson, it's still uh. Hi. I'm Jackson. I go by he them pronouns and I identify as queer. cornly. Hi, I'm a very ann I usually hear pronouns and I'm a sexual. Hi, I am Simone. I go by she her or they them pronouns. I'm figuring it out right now, and I'm bisexual. Fuck girls are so pretty, so our guys. I agree. We should also say that, like we'll all currently knitting at the moment. Oh Yeah, I'm knitting, definitely. I'm working on an offer us. I found my chunky needles. I'm going to try and make a blanket out of all the yard I have. It's going to be patchwork, it's going to be beautiful. I just got my knitting stuff today, so I'm just trying to knit properly. I Have Rainbow Yarn. I have just a nice doc blue on that I really like and I ancle right now. But like I have a rainbow fluffy yarn and I am so excited. You guys, I have like thirteen of schools of guard. It's a sh it's like more. Well, you have to remember a really knits, not professionally, but like professionally. Oh my God, you want imaginating Olympics the knitting minute. I would not. Oh my God, there were people who knit like probably real life, like people. You know, it helps with arthritis and like dementia. So it causes off the arthritis. To know what are. Sorry, you can help with hand de coordination on arthritis. Yeah, I need also hand stability. I need that Shit. I'm like, I'm trying to get this needle through this yawn without ruining the yawn, and my mind's like fuck, you can the room. Okay, cool. Wait. Well, let get it started. Should be getting to our game first, or into know, we have an order. I have an agenda right, okay, and can see a gentle open the gay agenda. Hang on, I need good. So we start off with our promotions. We have to promote our social media. Fuck, I need to get my notebook. Hang on, get you. I'm not prepared. I thought with us. So we have a patreon. I'm just winning menuals sound just like King Billa. Check to make sure I have the right patreon. So I patreon is on named the House of cards. We have a we have a symbol that you can see on spotify, which I presume you're watching on. This should be we also we see created twitter, which is house of cards them or just house of cards all together. Look, it wasn't. Oh No, on Pamblo will called the House of cards and that was did you get twitter? No, no, I'm not on Tas to show. So I didn't do it because I don't know the full okay, on Instagram we are at House of cards underscore podcast. On twitter we are at lgbt underscore deck, all capital LGBT, you already said. Our patreon and our website is house of cards doe or House of cards lgbtcom wicksite. Oh, I want to say I was talking to someone and they said they would definitely watch a podgress. I want to say how to Nathan. I know this is like. This is like we may not even be talking anymore. But at the time of this recording I was talking to you and you really wanted to listen, so I thought I'd say hello while I'm on call. I'm pretty sure I flicked up my knitting avery. We're gonna eat avery. You might need to show me how to knit at some point today. That's fine, we can do a video chat later. Yeah, my dad said he wanted to listen but he's too straight, so that's valid. I'm just kidding. We are welcoming to all sexualities.

It just you know, my dad. So okay. So in first reason I put I put strawberry dress, strawberry suit and strawberry capt we have no agenda. I'm sure some of you know about it. I don't know what early robberry out. That literally is the gay agenda. So you know the strawberry dress. What's the Strawberry Ow? I tried googling it and I stare see anything. Avery would wear the strawberry dress? I fucking would. Someone buying BAPP I HOPA starting shirt? No, I would wear the strawberry suit shirt. I'm own with a strawberry. No, it's like a full suit. I'd be a full suit not to. So there's like a Hawaiian shirt, but it's a strawberry shirt. Okay, you might wear that, but I feel like you Bo were like a strawberry cow costume, like, I mean really nice, since they well, comes in like a big my cow. It's I am not. I'm not a cat. I don't say me, me out, Chima Cow. Is that a chick tock? Yeah, it's not the tick tocks that takes hot swe have an hold of I haven't hold you talking about those and years kids with your renegade these days. Oh my God, you think I'm on street tick Tock. I'm so sad. I have so plays Potito. No, you have to remember every doesn't know what straight tick tock is. Right, okay, Street Tick Tock is a dancing so like renegade gay tick Tock is, like I hate trump and also witchcraft, but I thought you guys were singing the Carol Baskin Song. Yeah, that started out on Okay Tick Tock, and then I was taken from us. I'd know, I know nothing. That happens a lot. We get a lot of things taken from us. Oop like to consist say it like it is not even yet. I know. I just wanted up a pay I made it. I made a joke and it wasn't funny. No, Oh shit, I got it. Okay, yes, I can say that. We're not. We're gonna get into that later. So a topic today is consent, but we do a few things to get to how's everybody's taking let's talk about that just kind of. This is a very heavy subject, so let's start off with a little bit more of a relaxing thing. Oh well, my day wasn't. I was kind of relaxing, but like I'm on medication, so like it's not very relaxing because I'm like sad. But are you always sad? Okay, but I'm taking birth control during my sad season, so it's like extra sad extracts, just sad. I hadn't just started. So I feel like Shit my pants every five seconds. My Day was exhausting. I love how you say we start lighthearted and we're like we are days we're wow own. I'm depressed. ME. I was dead inside. Pay ifrey. I cry. I never said I was depressed, I said I had sad. We all know what that means. We're all day disorder. Will all gay here. My brother's calling us gay. He's actually using the fsler and he's a strag it, so he's not allowed to do that, but I thought I'd expose him. Oh No, nice, he thinks he hasn't e slur past because I like women. Oh Fuck, I, fuck, fuck. I shouldn't be knitting on call because it goes from US talking about something serious to be fuck, fuckuck. So you'll get the hang of it, Jackson. Yeah, we'll all trying to knit. I literally I never forgot how to knit. I am trying to loan and I'm failing. I just need you know, I'm gonna wait for a be to teach me, because I feel like, like everyone I watch is always like you do it like this and then in five seconds they already have it. Not I'm like, what the well, it's not it's not terribly hard, but beginning it is very hard. Beginning I was in like grade...

...three and I started knitting and I doubled and tripled my stitches every single time. Oh my God, really, it was awful. I was trying to make a headband and my mom was like, what the fuck did you do to your fucking headband? Shit, shouldn't say that. I was a mess up. No, my grandma helped me fix it, though. She made it so that it like tapered. It was really cool. You know, I'm like viving today because, Um, maybe mercuries and retrograde. I don't talk about that. Shame. I don't know. Like I'm just kind of Iving, like like, do they have a control over us? We like it also makes sense of like the time when will bond and the energies during that time do affect us. But I don't know if the planets affect us, because that's kind of like they might. That's deep shit. I I'm not. I'm not, which I don't know. I think the way, or the ocean, sorry, affects us more than the planets because it is controlled by the moon. Yeah, I think the moon and ocean definitely affect us. Yeah, because miss the blunders wall. I believe in nothing the planet. I believe in nothing except Dur and knitting. I believe in dirt. I believe in dirt. So quickly, I want to say this. Today we had, I had finished editing off horset episode, which means when this is being recorded, not when you get this all four episode is set to actually be released tomorrow. So we currently will pre recording, so that will will planning just so that we have we don't slow down and you guys don't disappear if you actually decide to stay for a while. Who Will Watch us from the beginning? Yeah, the thing that was Akay us. I love you. No, we have been. We have the entire it's no, we have the lip fan. Really, girls are gender neutral term. Sorry, yeah, we should say that goal. Let's goal and Queen will be our gender neutral toms. Please, a cool, guys and GALS, is all gender neutral. It's like for reference and DADS and homies and Ros and but yeah, we'll really glad it's publish it. We'll probably going to cry when we do it. Oh, dude, I don't cry. I'll tax a Lo of you. You'll just send me pictures of you guys crying, can you me? No, I don't cry either. So what else you sorry, tell on you, yes or no? Game. There is that, and we will get to that. I have one within in my mind. Are we still talking about our lives now? There's something else that was important. It's gone. It's like, Oh yes, so, as we begin to crawl into beginning to upload again, I do want to remind you we do have a patreon. Now, on a Patreon, we do have a goal. That goal does not just apply to Patreon. Our goal is five hundred, I believe, followers or money. Five hundred followers? Oh, my goal is five hundred moneys deposited into my paypal. No, Oh my God, see, this is like below you and not a lie. So far, five hundred followers. You are Sam on any on any platform. So if we get five hundred on twitter, five hundred spotify, five hundred on Instagram, five hundred on Patren, five hundred town below all, five hundred anywhere else where we can see the following, that will count our goal. Natlee Jackson, I think you're aiming a little bit low. I think we got to go five one, five hundred and one. Now I'll change it later. Guys. Leave a five hundred and one followers. We we have a little idea what our prize is going to be, but we do want to hear from you, guys, so we can do Qa.

It'll most likely be in podcast form, just because five hundred followers doesn't that exactly dissolve face reveal? So almost like we do spotify, patreon, Qa, if everyone's good with that? Yeah, Yep. And then or we do a oneshot D D thing. It'll be up to you guys, depending on what Kinde of people we may people that may not enjoy the Dan Day thing and want to hear the questions for us. Well, we could see the Dand thing until like two thousand. I'm thinking that too, but I do this is a oneshot. So this will be like a one episode thing facts, but it will be very long. We'll see. Whatever you guys want to do. Just make sure you message US or not message. Don't message US personally. Don't find Asansuche me directly. My account is blond sound all for no, make sure to comment under our videos. I'll meet not comming on it. It's common under a post. We're going to post ones on the third, so tomorrow, September, thirty, the first episode. You guys w see that, and then also going to post today, when this is being published, which should be a date that I do not have planned. The thirty s no, the thirty is the episode one, so everyone would have seen that by now. Off The back Shit. Okay, so this the fourteen of October. Fourteen of October maybe, maybe, earlier. They will be another post and then we should do one on my birthday. We so. Maybe, though, maybe we'll do a Simon happy both day. It's just literally a five thing, which just mean maybe seeking every birth day off key, please. You know I can't do that. My voice is too angelic. No, come on, I'm in music classes all the welcome a bone. Welcome to the Yes and no game. Don't okay, yes, so the yes and no game. That's pretty simple. Will each start up thinking about an item. Now, because of how much I'm we've used, I'm going to say about ten question ten questions each, so each pick of thing. Let's start alphabetically. That sound good? Yes, sir, who is that? That's not what's you? And then me and summon, yeah, double lay. So sorry. And will ten questions. They have to be yes no questions the person who is thinking of it. So avery really will say yes or no. If you asked a non yes no question, the posting cannot answer and just kind of is quiet. So we are going to get into that now. Okay, every you have the floor. Okay, I have my item. Okay, can I ask first? We can just go and ask. Just make you go dumb avery. Is it large, like kind of like a building large, or is it like tiny, kind of like an object? That's not a yes or no question. That is the yes or no. Oh No, that's is it bigger? Is it small? Fuck, okay, Damn Frog. Is it what? Frog? No, damn it. Is it something you love? I wouldn't say I love it. ME. Yeah. Is it knitting, and I love you now. Is it knitting? It is not knitting. HMM. No. Is it able? Fo Us? Now is not a table. Is it food? It classifies as food. It's in a... group. Rang. What Food Group? Is it a fruit? No. Is it a gluten? No, me, sorry, meat. Nope, I'm sat. You, Chileen. Oh Oh. Is it Veggie? No. We have three questions left. Okay, we need to go easy. My brother doesn't classify as a food group to Hannibal Elector he does. Is it carrots? No, two questions. Let it class wise as a food group. I don't think it's carrots. We have one question left. Oh, is it butter? No, but that's very close actually. And that is all the questions. What was it? Milk? Food Group? Was Dairy? Not Milk? No, she said it was in a food group. Oh, you said a classified as. Okay, whatever, you're right. It's my ton. Scary, okay, Um, okay, I'm ready. Is it an animal? No. Is it a witchy thing? Yes, Oh fuck, I don't know any of that. Is it your ruins? No. Tarot cards. No, don't think too deep into it. It's not like very easy. It's not just a witchy thing. Candles. No. Do you own it? Nobody owns it. It's a public down thing. Is it the moon? Who Owns the moon? What do you mean? Just Bim we he stole that Shit. You have three questions left. The son? No, Earth. No, you got one question left. Someone's twenty five questions. So it's just like bloating them out of the really shit, I have to critically think. I can't think of anything that. This is the stars. Nope, that's your last question. Are you guys ready? Drumroll please. It was color, just like my yellow and blue Y on. I'm like color, that's my thing. Color. Okay, my turn. Anyone want to ask me with? Oh, if you were ready or not? I said I was ready. Said Mike Durn, is it a boy? I don't own boys. Well, so you own it. Okay, not, not yet. So you own it. Maybe you can't say. Maybe it's a yes or no. Yes, someone's supposed to help unukate for a topic. Oh, is it? Maybe's a No. But is it a type of furniture? I don't think so. Is it a witchy thing? It's depends on what you put in it. Is it a call Dron? No. No, Alans all the way at which you think, although I do have one of those. Is it a draw no, that was smart, though. What was smart? A Jaw? Oh, yes, it's like. Is it a front row? Yeah,...

...okay, honestly, lean away from which, because you're not going to get it with that. It just, you know, like if you put something in it, is witchy. Vase? No, think more in it. If you put something, think more. Why just say that? I'm not can I give you hints? I'm not going to adject to that. No, not, I say. No, okay, think more stuff that I bring to school, backpack. Oh, is it a notebook? No, Oh that fall. Think think more delink when avery ask something and then I ask somethink more delinquent. A vape, yes, but can you get the exact name of my vape? No, Oh my God, you're serious. Yes, no, what done? We lost it. You got to say Hannah. You asked an eleven questions, not ten. Oh, you have to listen. Same on when we say we're done. That's all about questions. Oh, I didn't hear anyone. Wey, we're done. Sorry, okay, what's what is it? It was my vape. I do not add too. I don't not advocate for vade pay. I do not either. Maybe we'll get to that later, but for now let's get into a topic. Right, guys, we're getting onto today's topic, which is consent. The dictionary definition for consent is Noun permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. It obviously doesn't cover all aspects of giving consent for sex. However, it's a good baseline, for just like general consent, a consent can be given for all types of things or withheld for those same things. Like if someone asks you for a hug, you can either say yes or no, depending on what you want. According to plan parenthood, consent must be given freely, must be reversible, is informed, enthusiastic and specific. Acronym is fries. You gotta have fries to have sex. You need to have those. And who doesn't like fries? And even if you don't like fries, you got to get consent for things. I don't know everyone likes fries. Okay, so now we're just going to read off of the acronym. So F stands for freely, which both are all participants in an activity. GIVES SOBER CONSENT TO SHENANIGANS on their own. It's not coerced. If not, it is not consensual, and sober is really the key word here. You have to be in your right state of mind. Yeah, it's so will also, I think, should mean not just not drunk a high, but also like, not super depressed, not super impulsible, not, yeah, seeting either, not just social any that is a big one. Thank you. To say that on next one, game reversible. Even after consent he's given, it can be revoked and you should respect that. That is okay to take that your consent. If you feel like this is going to follow, you realize you don't enjoy it if you are not. Yeah, if you're not feeling it, just make sure you as to stop. Don't pretend like you're fine. You should feel okay to be able to say no to whatever you're doing and be able to take back the yes that you may have given beforehand. Yeah, that comment. Yeah, a PREDEFROMATA or is the best thing. You should have a safe for it. And if you don't think of the head, if if you don't want to have like a safe word, than just say hey, if I say stop, you have to stop. Yeah, stop is you. Yeah, when stop is your safe word, heart, eyes, everything should stop. Everything shut there, he, he or she or they should make sure you're okay and if they don't stop, it is no longer consensual. And Yeah, for that one, I think a lot about like like a movie, like if you start a movie and then like you get bored or like it ends...

...up being wayfure here than you thought or something, and just like off out. Sex is like a movie. I'll maybe not, I don't know. I'm a sexual movie reelling solid. Your people were just saying movie to everything, like I'm getting McDonald's movie. I don't remember that really. Okay, I feel like that was a feel like that was a week thing. I don't know. People were saying at my Grad and they were making out with each other and I was really sad I wasn't included. Okay, wow, movie. Okay, the next fringe FRY is informed all parties and pride. All parties, partners or group must be aware of everything going on. Like if someone says or asks a person to wear a condom, where they say that they were were a condom or they will do something but not another thing, and and they do something like remove the condom or do something that the other person or other people said they were not comfortable with, that is not consensual, unless you're getting like superkinky and you've consented to a multitude of options but wish to be surprised. Are All parties should know basically everything that's going to happen before it happens and E for enthusiastic. If all parties are not excited about the activities, it is not consensual. One person says maybe and the others or others take that as a yes, that is not consensual, etc. Basically, if everyone involved one thousand percent wants to partake and there is absolutely no question in less consent is provoked, it is consensual. Yeah, that's a that's kind of thing of like yes, maybe, and no all mean no, I don't want to do it. Yes, of course, sure, those mean yes, it needs to be, you know, smile on the faith. Yes, see a lot of that. She said yes. Did she say maybe, or did she say yes? You know, although, to add to that, as somebody who may be vulnerable, like if you are kind of in a vulnerable state during activities, you should try and avoid saying yes unless you a hundred percent mean it, to avoid confusion and hurt, which goes back to being freely and you are in the right state of mind. Yeah, and it wouldn't it would not be your fault. However, it would really suck because a lot of people would have a hard time dealing with the situation. Yeah, well, said. Is revoked, then fuck themselves. A last part of French fries, French not being Oh, I wouldn't do with the French comed the swift sister Tuck my pediment, skaken in Simeon, can you say it for me? Sorry, specific, yes, specific, I can't say. I can't say. That would all good. I want to. I want to remind a listeners, I do, of a speech impediment. I cannot speak all of my words right. It normally comes out when I ours, but specific is one of those words where I just cannot say it now, probably no problem. We love you anyway. I'm saying that to the listeners because in case the here, we mess up award, I most likely did. Saying yes to one activity like kissing, does not mean saying Yes to another, Aka Se asking, asking permission for any and all activities is a must and a need and something you should do, and you also need to make sure you and your partners boundaries all respected. Yes, sir, will said, especially since I wrote it, that not been talking all of this. Oh my God, God, we can't give that away. Okay, anyways. But remember,...

...though, consent is not just for sex. It's for anything and everything that you do with another person, or two another person, like serve them food, hold them, kiss him, copy their homework from them, for crimes wait, bring them for crying. Oh My dhugging me and say Moan, only did that once and we ask the type of what. I'm allowed to say that. You guys are so inconspicuous I don't even know anymore. Dude, Dude Jackson's being sauce. Throw them off the shit. I still don't fully understand, like whats us means this comes from. Yeah, I know, I know, I'm just like I can't. I don't think that. I keep thinking like Oh, se subway, I'll explain how I know it off camera. So, UM, well, isn't it just among us there's will talk about what? So convent is a really big deal, something that is not just an Al TV team matter, but also just a general sexual activity battle and also regular activity hanging out with people. You know, if you want to yeah, and Donald, make sure you add first, because they may not like McDonald's. That that is something that, like, I love. That is that we need to stop making consentus a sex thing and consent a normal thing. You know. Yeah, it has to be normalized, and I people really don't talk about it enough. Yeah, like it's not music on ticktock. Like if your kid does not want to hug somebody, don't make them hug that person, because that teaches them that they have control over their own actions and the way others treat them, or at least they should. Yeah, Me From and also I reminder that you have control over your own actions. Yes, don't. That's getting into another fell of the things. But, like, you are your own person before like anyone else, you are what matters most exactly to yourself. Somebody else values themselves more than you, but exactly, you are not just a flesh and blood that can somebody can just use and do without asking permission. You are a soul. You have a brain of a personality, and that's something that should be respected and asked if that's what you want. These are as final nervous system. That's pretty much all you are. Okay, let's not freak them out. Come on. That's for late night podcast, not now. You have skeleton in your bones. No, you have actually Latin and your brain. Yeah, you're actually inside the skeleton. You Have Mu Kiss in your brain. That's true. The brain is an electric meat sack that gets tickled by Sara Tonin sometimes, if you're lucky, and a lot of other chemicals. IOLOGY. Let's get back into I'm taking bio. BIOEX semestery. Y'All learn me too, oh you should, oh my God, vigorously and sitting. Biology. Biology. Do we want to go? I can ender this out of for you guys. Don't want it to do? We want to go into a bit about our experiences with consent, I'd be okay with that. Yeah, okay, I would like to start with that, then it is a serious oh this is I'm going to put this, I'm going to say this right here. This is a trigger warning. Stand we will be talking about consent and this stuff may result in behaviors that may be triggering to some people. So this is just kind of a wall of wanting that if we end up going into more serious topics, you might want to skip this pot. Yeah, so you can turn that off now. We won't blame.

Put enough round. We won't. We're not going to judge. We will try not to make any too many inside jokes. What you will go on? We just want you to be comfortable. Remember, road work ahead, old walk ahead, I show. Hope it does anyway. What does that have to do with consent? Is that a mean? That's just like if there's road words ahead, you can't drive up there, but, like you know, it's also a vine. Road work ahead. Sure, hope it does. Oh Yeah, who wants to stop? Should we go alphabetically or do you want think? Or do we want to do anti alphabetically, because we already went aphabetically? Oh, scary, yeah, okay, sky season. Never Mind, I don't want season. Okay, yes, sure, I'll go first. Okay, I've had like a lot of experience. One moment that you want to talk about and then, if it is one of the triggering start to say triggering before. Yeah, can I do like a couple? Yeah, I'M gonna said I don't think I've done any. But also, I'm I was not educated on concenct until very recently. Oh, me, neither. Well, like two years ago. A reason. Mine was like a few months ago. Okay, so this first one isn't triggering, unless years squeamish about delinquent activities that horny teenagers get up to. A real leaves the call every you can hide for a bit now. I'm okay. I'm okay. So I've had lots of positive experiences with guys. If you if I've set up my boundaries beforehand, which works the best? You know, deciding on what words to say when you want to stop, I prefer the word stop, because I think it's a turnoff if ice I stopped and somebody does not stop, definitely just don't. The Guy I'm seeing right now really really respects my boundaries. Like if we are let's stay kissing and I say hey, can we just like watch deadpool for a bit, he'll be like sure, wants some maccaroni, and that is how you know that's marriage of material people. Okay, she might watches. If you do, maybe like this friend. I am so sorry. I'm not going to say your name, though. Yeah, you know who you are. Yes, my son in law. Can't wait. Trigger warning for this next part, you know, for non consensual activities. If you're treged by that, you can stop listening right now. So in February of this year I was seeing this guy and I was kind of like a rebound out of like a really long term relationship and I didn't really know what I was doing because I'd only been with one person. He didn't really know what he was doing. so He'd only been with like one person, and you know, I like knock out of my house to go see him. Oh Wow, which is kind of a red flag. If somebody asks you to do that, not at all. I'd do it. I mean it was in the middle of the day. It wasn't like really sneaking out, but like my parents weren't home, his parents weren't home. You know, stuff happened and I kind of felt like a weird vibe when I got there, but I was like okay, yeah, let's like do stuff, and we were doing stuff, as kids do, and I kind of wasn't into it and I was like hey, maybe we should play video games instead, and he was like Nope, and I said maybe you should get the fuck away from me, big you said, dude, get the fuck away from me, little pole man,...

I wish. And then he said no, sir, and I kind of couldn't stop him and it was shitty. So remember, ladies, Bringing Mace to your Dick Appointments or just no, get pepper sprain sprayed on the deck. Yeah, that's Mace, but like it's bear spray. I want to fuck it, and that's that's another important thing about consent is that if you don't consent, it's not your fault. Exactly. HMM, it isn't. You do not, you should not, and also it is a hundred percent okay to break noses if you do not consent and somebody is doing something that you do not know that it is self. Yes, just this is like self defence. Will come in and Shue you and aby will ma keep cookies. I'd also like to say someone that I'm just I'm very proud of you for how are you've come. So that's my letter. At my moments of yeah, I'm like really happy for you. I'm aggressively knitting. I Love You digressively and we love you so much. Okay, continuing, I'm guessing you said you are multiple. One more. It's food related. Nice. Um. So seeing this guy and he was like, do you want to order some wings, and I said yes, let's order the spiciest fucking wings ever. They were called suicide wings it we ate them together. It was a time I shat myself. Okay, okay, but I consented to it, so it was fine. Okay, another that is a shown of consent. That is not sexual. Yes, okay. Do you guys want to move on? Yes, is Jackson's charge to share, so I'm gonna do it's not exactly. No, my mine is about a different type of content, sort of. We'll get into it here. was another Tugar Wanning. Mine is similar to Simons in that it is what children do, except mine is be online. So I was talking to do it that like you do, and I'm homing out like you do. Yeah, but I didn't want to send any pictures. I think for comfortable with I didn't want him to have those. So No, and he pressure me and eventually he shut up because then I say I'm going to hate like not talk to you, and then the next thing you do it. And he'd pressurely. It was a psycho for so long and it was like very much like just just do it, just do it, and then one day I said fine, Tomor and then I blocked it. So like that to me. To me it wasn't too bad. I got out of there. I was able to just delete it. It wasn't real life, but that's nothing. If someone's pressuring you and they press like you pressure them into saying yes, that's not consent. Well, see, it's. It's not. That is a know, that is you forcing them and that that was cyber bullying. That was cyber bullying, dead ass, and not wrong. Where we were. Pink shirt art very illegal. That's child pornography. Yes, can you Lee out of you, Jackson? Can you believe my lip jutted out just then and made me sound like a three year old? Okay, we're very proud of you. Yeah, I love you so much. Maybe, Jackson, you're still put in. I love you. You're stupid. Oh my God, that's how I sho I l this is how I wish. Okay, Um, so I have one, and obviously not sexual go but mine is one having... do with family and how you can be like expected to, like show certain types of affection. Yes, so it was about two years ago, I think, and my grandparents for visiting and on the day that they were supposed to go back, I was feeling not great, not fantastic, so I when my grandma came to ask me for a hug because they were leaving, I said that I'd rather not and like told her I loved her but that I just didn't feel like giving her a hug. And what she didn't know after is that I heard her complaining to my grandfather about not hugging her and how that made her feel. So that that was a little not fun, but still was my body, it was my space and my grandfather actually advocated for me. Oh, we stand your grandfather. Yes, we love him very much. We love both of them. We do, and it can be so hard for some family members to understand boundaries like that, but you do have to explain it to them. It's all a learning process. We Dance. We love it, absolutely love it. It's pathotic. Amazing. Um, I've taken my slot pill. Now, pills your Regra, no, my Alicsana. Oh, it's just like, okay, that's what it is. Um. So tonight we be doing things. So make sure everybody that you catch up on a past episodes with will have been up by now. Yes, sirs, that's great. So that is kind of say. That was a concern thing. If you have any more questions on content, you will make sure to have a twitter post, a tumble post, a patreon post, maybe instagram post and a links to help you figure out more out about consent when this stuff is posted. So when this podcast posted, not when we're recording it, we will send that stuff out. I also believe we will put up the sexual assault hotline and the domestic abuse top line. That is going to join, yes, join us on one of our many calls, which being one of on all of our BIOS. Yes, so as a remind so as to kind of end up again, make sure to watch our second episode, which was about being queer, forst episode, which is about coming out, and make sure to come back next week, I believe, to watch our episode on Asexuality, which will have avery be taking the fall. We Wi can't wait. I love it as a double promotion Simone. Do you want to say the social medias you're in charge of? Yes, our social media is that. I am in charge of our Fu. Okay, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards, underscore podcast, twitter at lgbt underscore deck, Patreon, house of cards website, House of cards, lgbtcom Wi site. And for our social media's that I'm currently in charge of but probably will be for long, you can find out Tumblr, at the House of cards, and I'll pay John at House of cards. Thank you so much for listening. I don't think there is anything else we need to talk about today, unless anyone else has anything honey like. Hope quick I want to say something. Or okay, now...

I have no thoughts. Head empty, head of too. I forgot how much fun it is. You should all try it at home. Everybody try knitting. That is today's Homewook. Knit and then remember the words yes, maybe, no, and what end all of them means. Let's talk refresher actually, yes, yes, if it's in the asiastic means absolutely go ahead unless revoked. Yes, if it's on enthusiastically means maybe you should like ask a couple questions, poke around before you proceed. Make sure that it's like good you know that they don't just have a monotone make sure that it or make sure that they're actually consenting. If it's a maybe, I would assume no, and if it is a no, do not proceed with anything at all. Awesome, that is I'll refresher and now. I believe this is when we say goodbye. We hope we get we hope we get to see you. Will Not really see you, but here from you in the coming week before we publish on new episode, and we hope so far that you enjoy the hustle cause if you again, we all prerecording. So if any of your recommendations or topics are not hard and the like next to podcast, that is only because we are about to podcasts ahead. Yea. So eventually we will hear your things. If it's a big issue, we will do it to do to me immediately. But yes, we are excited to see you next time. By guys, see Y.

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