House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast; Coming out


Today we interdouce ourselves and talked about coming out. We did so with an Improv scene, tell our experiences, and explain our views on Coming out and how all coming out experiences are Vaild

Hello and welcome to house of cardsand LGBTQ podcast. Hi, I'm salone. I go by she her pronouns orthey then pronouns, and I have a mushroom with tits tattooed on myankle. Hi, I'm a Brian. I use she her pronouns. I'ma sexual and I am a published author. Hi, my name is Jackson.Jackson can't say my own name anymore. I go by heathen pronouns. Currentlygoing by queer and I want to know the piercing. That's a validI want one, like literally I was as we were talking about that.I was kind of like, I want to go play with like my nosepissing, and then I realized I don't have a nose piercing. I shouldget one. We're doing that. Next time you come out bad family doesn'tlet me get face piercings, then get your nipples tattooed or pierced. Wow, that's that's ably. It's Mike Wazowski. Okay, we're here to talk.We're talking about talk tabs, but for talking about coming out your nipple, let's up a little lay back before we go into the depressing shit.We got quite a while. Let's not force just go into HMM, thisis why. This is how I told my family. I'm a disappointment.I shouldn't say that. Coming out doesn't make keep disappointment. We're not supposedto swear right, so it's fine, I put that down. That willswear. We swear for yeah, our podcast is really just talking about theLGBT community, about different identities in terms of gender, sexuality and Po Schoolsduring the fall season. Well, here for gay culture as well, hopefullyjust giving some more education to what it's actually like to be a queer teenager. We'd also like to make sure that to keep it light hot, wedon't want to go into the very serious with like this is the chemical thatmakes you gay. We'd like just to be more gay culture is watching,watching Shira and knowing that catch aw and adore will getting together like that's gayculture. We do. There's a chemical, dor brand, that makes you gay. No, that was me, I don't think so okay with Icould just inject myself with it. I don't like men anymore. Me Toodoes like I'm done with men. Just have every goal with your SI people. Get every goal. Would do that. That's what absolute, literally Antis axersand slave acts. As a straight boys, oh, dropsy boys comingto watch those gonna be like a stripe lay coming to watch to support thelike a bisexual girlfriend or gay brother, a gay sister, and they're justgetting here with trash and them like wow, okay, so I know they hateme. Now that's good to know. We don't hate all state. Wedon't hate you, but when you are annoying, we do exactly.Yeah, drive up simple when you give us your hat. Was that avery? That set it? No, you said stray it. Oh, Iavory said. That was okay, I'm just thinking about to sit my coffeeand all here was straying, like we're not heterophobic. Don't worry. HMM, you guys are bisexual. You have... like some of the head rows. Yeah, I'd date a man, but that's it. You've dated man. You'd never let him inside. Oh God, that's for the ladies.That's what l well, it's because they don't want to knock. Guys don'tsay. Oh No, Oh my God, I find all of us just like. We should probably talk a little bit more about where you can findus. All Right, okay, you can own take it away. Youcan find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast and twitter at lgbtunderscore debt capital LGBT. That is amazing. This is a pot why tell youabout a Patreon, but I don't have it up, so give mea moment. Of Our patreon right now is actually just Trishas right now.So what we're actually using? True, Shapatos has now well, subscribe theearly Trisha currently. So goodness, we're gonna hate us because I said Ilike Trisha. Okay, I don't even know who that is. It's fine, Shapatos by the time. All right, I'll patreon is not up. IsNot up as of current but it will be up once we gain moreof a following. You will be able to access bloopers of our podcast onthere and contribute to when we put in our podcast. It'll be up bythe time you're hearing this. Well, we will quote. Will quoting this, I think three weeks at a time. Right now I think I've got topress launch. So right know it's kind of just in. It's goingthrough, but I'll patreon. You can find us a house of cards,not LGBT podcast, just house of cards for right now. Just in casewe watch another stuff. It's really easy to find. It has a gayflag with the different symbols of cards. That's got to mention. There willbe q and as and pulls on twitter and instagram on what we should coverin our next podcast and also questions that you have for us. Yes,so a little bit more of us, Pittren quick, just because I'm gettingthrough it. We do have one Tioh, which is not the right amount ofmoney. I think I put it for two dollars. It says five. It'll be two dollars a month. That's it. You won't lose anything. All you will get by pain is more weak request. You'll get moreof what do you want to hear, and then, by just being onthe Patreon, you'll get to decide out of the list of things. Yeah, that makes sense. Again, if you don't, if you don't payto be part of the Patreon, you're not going to be losing too much. We don't want to make you pay as of right now. We'll getlike right now. This is only just in case you want to support us. And Yeah, that's basically if you want to. If you don't wantto and you or you don't have the money to support us by paying monthly. Listening to the PODCAST is literally enough. We don't want to have you guyspaying for education. You already do that for school. Exactly. Good. Save Jackson. You almost sounded like a capitalist there. And also,another good idea, if you don't want to pay for spotify premium, isto get your ex boyfriend's father to pay for it for you. Hot Tip. Is that why you're doing a little bit? Yeah, I've been doingfor like six months to that what you're doing. Sorry, I'm too purefor you scandalous gaze. And the thing is that started after we broke up. This is what we have. Someone..., someone local. Yeah,their axes know what. I want to do anything, and he's paying formy spotify. Wow, so I lied. It won't be too all. Thiswill be three dollars, patuons, like you need more money than two. Know what the Hell? It's the kettle point zero one, John Anymore. I forgot. Two point zero five, the exist digili really? Yeah,Oh you do. You get to see a bit of behind the scenecontent, which is literally just blue pus with literally mostly me saying things wrong. That's the other so funny but you get to listen to for pain isso funny. If you pay like the three dollars, it is so worthit. We're so funny. I'm mostly awkward, but thanks for hyping thatup. Okay, you're welcome. That crack of my monster. As ofright now, a patroons on. Well, well, good school, fantastic.Literally, while we're recording it comes up. That's so funny. Well, like in the middle, I can't wait. We listen like, Oh, this is a great podcast. Who Up on patroon? Like this list? Okay, well, the patroon. We have a patreon now and wecan stop posting thing. Cool. I don't really know what that is,but you know. But on us it's like only fans. Oh, Ohmy God, Hannah, it is not. Yeah, that's what Trisha uses itfor. Don't worry, Trisha is is I'm own. Will have theirown. Only fans coming up to mat now. No, I have tobe eighteen. When we turned eighteen, that will be the pride. Okay, okay, let's talk a little bit of what we what each of usdo in the House of cards. Um Avery goes for it's I don't reallyI don't really have a defined role. But really, when we first startedthinking about house of cards, we were thinking about what it would be liketo discuss the duality of a sexuality versus Allo sexuals. I do remember yousaying that to me, Jackson, because I think Simone had been talking aboutflaying of their's and that sing on and I was like intercourse yas pretty muchinto a whole and an a sexual having a podcast. We were like let'sdo it. But what I really can't wait for is because eventually we're goingto get through a lot of the sexualities and then we're going to begin likecomparing, like I cannot wait to get into the a sexuality and Alo.Is it alo? I don't use that tone too much. What is it? Abe Ice? An't know how it's pronounced. There's a sexual, aromanticism and then allows or alow, however you pronounce it. I feel,which is basically I find that very interesting and talk in about just don't thefeel because I I'm not a sexual but my friend is, and seeing theconfusing and that I think with gay people and Bisexual and even turns into peopleit. It's not easy but it can some time. I find it's veryhot for any sexual to realize the very sexual because everyone around yeah, definitelyyou haven't found the right posting yet when...'s like no, I just Idon't feel it, or I don't feel it from men, or I don'tfeel it. You know, which I think is like I just find ita really insertant topic and I think that it would definitely help. So sorryfor taking a reason went I was just we talked. No problem. Ithink you help me out there. I'm miming finger guns. Avery is alsothe MOM friend. So if we have a something and I'm the Mama there, I have my Moma bear mum with me here. I'll just drinking call, but my cocacola mine had, I like. It's what I like.Amuch. It's avery with a cocacola or tea Dore's me with the coffee atlike late at night, and then this se mown post pouring whiskey in acoffee mug. I was drinking earlier. I'm not drinking right now. Yeah, just an energy drink. Oh yeah, it's the ultra violet monster energy drink. It has a zone sponsor. It has ten calories. I can'tdo get anymore. Wow, drinking at least three of those would kill meinstantly. Yeah, true, brother has to shit in a cup because hedrank too much red bull. Okay, UM, hot Um, Jackson,me Um. I'm the tech side and a bit of the organizer. Ido a lot of the organizing. I'm fine with sign of Freddy and planningit out. I hope, plan everything out and be like hey, thisis what we need to talk about today. We shouldn't go straight into it,because that is just going straight into risky topics. I my computer recordsthat. I don't record it personally. I edit it and then I willbe posting it as well. I'm that is basically my job. Basically,I'm the one that like, if we ever did like a studio tour,you'd see a very and Simone and these beautiful outfits looking really happy, andI'm in the corner, Drina, didn't energy drink, on Zeros of sleep, trying to finish editing the next podcast for the upload. That's my job. I'll be at the death. Your are, Freddy, we direction.I am are. That's true. We do love you. Correction. Iam wearing men's soccer shorts and a sports bra. They sadly men and femalessame own is not signal single. I have a speech and pediment. Ishould say that. You're going to hear that a lot. Like to Jacksonsay the right. I most likely didn't like if you say that right.Just assume now, even if you know. It's better than being wrong. Oh, perfect, I'm own. Do you want to say what you mostlydo? All right, I handle the social media and marketing side of things, except for Patreon. I feel like that's kind of Jackson saying. Youcan take it over if you want, but I might own up taking overthe patreon. But for right now, hopefully when you give me responsibilities,I'm like Golla. My like mine. For Right now, though, I'mmanaging our instagram account, which again is hang on, I got like atrue mock it up from moving it again. Our instagram account, again which Imanage, is use of chords underscore podcast, and I also manage ourtwitter, which is at lgbt underscored deck. I need to follow both of them. Yeah, you do with the heck. I've on the INSTAGRAM.I don't follow it. Twitter, I don't go into it a lot.I could never run the food going to retweet me. Oh, I shouldgo retweet. I'll do that. Yeah,... that's just kind of what theISS the sauce. This is who let's very important thing is coming out. Um, coming out is a fun topic because some people don't believe init any more, like that you shouldn't need to, and that it's likea society boarding and stuff like that, and then there's some people that findit revealing, which is both valid and should be respected. You will heara lot of the world valid on this podcast. You don't have to comeout, but it can be very empowering if you do. Exactly. Icouldn't have said it better myself, but I could have, because I couldbe you and anything anyway. Could do anything dead or than you. So, Comont do you want to be the parent, or do you want meto be the parent? Okay, what kind of parent am I planning?That? It's an Improv thing. All right, cool, so you canI be dad, though. You can whatever you want your dad. Soyou want to be the parent or you want to be the Child? Comingout? I want to be the parent. I want to be a dad.Daddy s before I got well, no, I don't. I don'tlike how that sounds about some moans thing. That's going to be the thing.That's what they call them. I like we're gonna too. I liketo think that's like will have a own like some people will really love averysomewhere where you love me. And then those are the warship ords of DaddySimone. Yeah, like you have people who like me. I'm gonna havepeople who have me on their altars. Yeah, like, that's that's whatSimon is in the group, like everyone has. The group was like,Oh, I don't really like Jackson. Oh really, I like avery.And then this is the person taking down the rope with the bold head.Just a face, is some bone on the back. So let's get intothe Improv I won't be using any sexuality that I don't identify as just becausethat is not good of me. Okay, awesome. So let's get into itin three she's one, Dad. I have something to tell you.Yeah, what is it, Son I? This is really hard for me andI know that you want me to be cutting the spaghetti up for ourdoll. You know, I don't. You know, I don't like doubleentendres. I know, I just Daddy, I'm queer. Your Queen Year,hi, Queer, I'm dead nice to me too. God Damn It, Dad, this is why they want to tell you you wake everything adad joke. I love you no matter what, though. This is howI show then. Have you been on Tick Tock again? You know whatyour doctor said. It gives you a hot attacks because you laugh too much. Listen, son, you can be queer all you want to. Letme do the tick tocks. You can't do the tick tock. Last teamyou did the renegade. You put your hit out and I'll put it outagain, but that was kind of a little I like to do that.It's kind of like a human like a fun way of getting to the topic, which can be very serious. So I think right now we're going togo into every I'm going to message you with something and if you could dothat while we'll talk about this. I think we're going to go into ourstories. But yeah, I'm just going to mess you quick every if someonone. You want to talk about your coming out story and what happened there.All Right, I'll figure you guys are...

...insagrast. Come on, I don'tknow. Okay, okay, so when I came out it was on CanadaDay and my parents were drinking over at the neighbors and I was also consumingbeverages with my friends and we were all kind of like getting to the endof the night and me and my friends were kind of laying on my bedand my mom came in and offered to give us head massages and she wasmassaging my friend's head and I turn over to her. I roll over onmy bed and I say mom, I'm bisexual and a very slurry voice,and she says, snack, that I'm the bifect the well, that's exactlyhow it sounded, and then she says, aren't we all? And you'll figureit out, and wow, they don't remember. Beautiful think never cameout and bifectual. It was like a trial run. Like if I hadto suggest anything, do it when your parents are absolutely blikty, blinkty.I've never heard that before. You're a mom. Well, true, Ihad to get my aunt to teach me how to use air drop yesterday.That's so fun. The same are you? Are you older? The Same Ageas us? I'm I'm sixteen, same age as us, and likeI'm fifteen. Actually, Oh, Somone's the child, you can't be here. Okay, just kicks you out. Um, I'm coming out. Storywas I have like sixteen, because goals, the more coming out them points toget. Listen, you don't get a points. So I was okay, I'm a very good proof that you don't need age shouldn't matter too muchwhen coming out. You shouldn't just you should question for a bit. Ifind. But if you I realized I liked men when I was ten.See that rhymes. So you win. I went. I didn't come up. So I was twelve. So I had two years of question myself,making joyed it and when I was sure, I did while it's cleaning my room, like HMM, I have very bad timing. So I'm cleaning memberlike this is a great time to tell my mom. So I go in, my eyes a waterfall, crying and I say, Mum, I'm stuttering, I'm bisexual, and my mum's like, Oh, okay, you still haveto clean your room. She knew, like she knew when the second Iwas born. The second I looked at her like nipples to drink milkand I was like no, thank you. She was like, oh, he'sgay. Yeah, and then I came up to my mom again becauseI said I'm queer. I go by gay for them, just because forthe older folks that's a little easier. My family's not to like wrapped aroundit. But I text my mom I was gay because I didn't want togo through that emotional stress again. I told my dad at my birthday partybecause I wanted to get my gifts force. So I waited till after I gotmy gifts, like if you owned to me, I try to getmy both. I gift like I'm not... he and they told my grandma. This is my favorite. I'm driving home from my doing my can mybrothers asleep in the car and that's my mom. Have you told grandma yet? My mom doesn't respond. I don't know. I can't remember what shesaid, but didn't make sense my brain. So I told my grandma and Isay, Grandma, I'm gay and she almost swaves off the road likethis, there you're probably need on bindset. You're on the roads like wow,I got a new dishes, I got a good groceries and then yourgrandson says I'm gay. Yep, just head sweet, like fuck that.And she accepted me. I haven't accepting family, but I just I lovethat that. I literally almost killed us because I was gay. Like youimagine at your funeral, death by its gay culture. That is gay cold. Welcome back to tea time with the gay culture. Yeah, second podcast. I also want to say I did think about naming the podcast two hoseand a sexual. Absolutely that was ageprop absolutely absolute horse, it's trust y'allare nasty. I don't want tote about it. We just go absolutely rose, two horse getting rossed by an asexual golden no, okay, okay,Daddy Simone went, I went. It's time for a free okay. SoI have two stories. They're both really differing realities on what does happen whenyou come out. So my first one was my family and you know,everyone was over for dinner. There was my uncle, there were my grandparentsand my uncle was during the salad and I can't remember what it was about, but I made a gay joke and he like whips around to look atme, eyes wide and I remember suddenly that I am not with my daysand then quickly had to explain that no, I'm not homophobic, I'm actually apart of the community. I love that yeah, sounds like something thathappened to you. I'm not gay, I swear. Yeah, it does. And Gay. No, I'm not homophobic. Yeah, actually, itwas so cute because then, you know, I like brought up a sexuality.I was like, Oh, it means no attraction, and my twelveyear old brother, bless his heart, like he looks over at me andhe's all confused and looking and he goes avery, don't say that. You'replenty attractive, and it was just so sweet. I love it. Ilove your brother. I love your brother's reaction. I know it was sowholesome. It made me feel very thankful to have that sort of familial support. That's not in a word, that's just something. It is. Itis really yeah, well, April, I'm my from Earl Yeah, I'ma hot mess. So, yeah, that's my first story with my familyand then my second one definitely isn't as happy. So yeah, you know, like being a teenager, teenagers talk...

...about relationships and occasionally the topic ofsex will come up, and so that happened one day in my English classwhen I was back at my old high school, which was a very toxicenvironment, soon to be explained, and so I just decided to religious comeout and say it. Oh, I'm a sexual I don't have any sexualattraction, and that's one of the things about asexuality is that it can bevery particular because a lot of people don't actually recognize it because there's all thatstigmatism about, oh, not having found the right person and Oh, you'llknow what when you try it. So, yes, that's what these two girlskept saying to me, and we're making comments like, oh, soyou're going to be a virgin your whole life, and I was like,yeah, yeah, that I'm pretty sure that's what I just said. Iwanted. Yeah, but how it goes. Sometimes you'll find people like that,and what was really horrible for me was that they then made jokes aboutgetting me roofied at a bar. That's terrible. It's to make sure thatI would like it. And Yeah, but you don't like get roofied.Oh No, I don't think anyone would. Some mo Mo never been rufied.Um, okay, anyways, Hum God. Yeah, sometimes you're not. You don't, you don't come out in a sort of environment, andthat's not something for you to blame. We collected some resources. If everyyou're good to just kind of read them out. These are just some peopleyou can call and they can help you. They can maybe give you a shelter, get you food, get you to a good place. But yeah, sometimes in the worst case scenario you are court, you are kicked outof your house. It's just there's there's just some really bad people out there. If Hey we you just want to quickly read those off? Yeah,I have a collection of about seven here, I think. So there's really likeone of the most popular ones out there is kids help phone, whichis one eight hundred six six, eight six eight sixty eight, the suicidehot line, four hundred and three, two four five, thirty nine zerozero, the lgbt youth line, which is six four seven six nine fourfour, two hundred and seventy five, the Trevor Project, which is eighthundred and six, six four, eight hundred and eighty seven, three hundredand eighty six, the LGBT national hot line, eight dred and eight eight, forty three four five six four, the community help find eight, seven, seven five four one two five two five and rain, which stands forrape, abuse and Incest National Network, and that one is eight hundred dicks, five, six, four, six, seventy three. So there are thereis a lot of three versus. You really just have to look forthem. Um. I also would say that we're going to be posting thoseon our instagram and and, like we our twitter, but and okay,kind of gets lost interplas. You can get it to the top. Youcan put into the top so that people...

...can see it. We will.I think what we'll try to do is in our instagram, twitter and patreonwill do a monthly switch out where like we switch out in the numbers thatare in there and just so that we always have at least one number inour profiles. And you can scroll through and try to find all the othernumbers or you can come back and listen back to when we stop talking aboutthem and put them through. We just want to make sure safe, assometimes we do get some bad lives and bad experiences and these people are designedto help. You do have to say sometimes kids help phone isn't yeah,but don't be shy to use it. If it doesn't work out, useanother hot fine. They're all we again. That's what we named many is just, yeah, different times, but also in case one decide to notwalk, because sometimes they don't. Yes, absolutely. So I have a bonuscoming out story. Oh last one. It's from what I came out tomy brother. So it's very short. It's kind of funny just to tellyou that it won't Merkan. So you were American. Um, soI was eleven and I was staying in a hotel in Edmonton for a soccertournament and my parents had gone out to like go get groceries or whatever sowe didn't have to eat junk food, and so me and my brother walkedto the gas station across the street and, Girl Sens, we saw this smokinghot lady. I mean seriously, she was chef's kiss. Not tonot to objectify women, but you see where this story is going. Andmy brother turns to me and he says that woman is banging and I sayyeah, she is, and he looks at me for a second and thenI tell him I'm by. He's like, Oh, okay, and then wego by ice cream. What was the chance that he was high?Oh, he wasn't. We were very young. He was twelve. That'sgood. Oh, how old were you? Eleven, so you can figure itout at a very young age. Like I said, I figured outat Zena, out eleven. I'm sure avery figured it out at like thirteenwhenever was like, hmm, I don't feel the sexual attraction I'm supposed to. Oh No, I think I was only like a few years ago.Really, yeah, yeah, we are you normal to figure it out lateas well? That's exactly the reason too, is that, like I was profeciatingmyself in the face with everybody's everybody. Coming out is not just going upto your mum and saying hi, I'm gay, it's also going upto yourself and saying, yeah, you're not straight, and you come out. Maybe you don't mind. When your life to everyone, you mean likeyour experiment with sexuality and the people you love and how you feel, yourexperiment with gender, your experiment with other such stands in between the genders andyour you'll be experimenting a lot, and it will happened very much so inyour teenage years. Yeah, and maybe even when you're like sixty years old, you'll be watching television, you'll see a documentary on something like a sexualityor a gender and you'll have a full on realization like, Oh my God, that's what I am that's why I did it, marry Timmy Tong.That is why I am attracted from Linda...

...from Bingo. Exactly, you willfigure this stuff out as time comes. And exactly it's a journey. It'sa lifelong journey. This podcast is it to help you feel hey, thatmakes sense. Oh, Hey, you help me realize. That's not whatI thought it was and that's not what it is and hey, you've we'realso here to help you through other issues that you may feel your facing,because, yes, we do deal with a gbt content, but also youhave to help you, to support you another needs. So if you dohave other talk two topics you'd like us to talk about. As long aswe feel that we are we can either find someone to talk about it whoexperiences it, or we ourselves can tell you about it. We will tryand help you with this stuff. We called an Lgbo podcast, but itreally is over teen podcast. It's the other help teenagers through tough times.Yeah, but there's already a podcast called teenager therapy which, by the way, is so good. Not sponsored, it's not songs, but they're agreat group of people and they talk about really cool things. We are addingon to Jackson. What you were saying earlier about how it's all an experimentation. It's okay to have phases. That should not be something that should beused against you. Having phases is what you makes it in an experience.It's what makes it on experimentation and it's how you figure out what's right foryou. That is so well said, avery, and it yeah, Ithat's amazing, Um, and it's maybe just so amazing right. Avery isa great mom like like, imagine being a heather. What's that? Isthat from the musical? There's this song by Conan Gray what talks about somebodyhe wish he was. Oh, I know, I know that. Iknow that music. That's Um, that's amazing kind of email. It's likelocal email. I think I have one of those songs on my playlist.I realized I never thought this. They would come, but I'm going tobe the one that I'm the unique person they like, like I'm I gotlike people are going to love Daddy Simone and then people are going to liveover here, the wholesome, and I'm the people like, Oh, yeah, no, I like Jackson. I think he is makes edit twelve.People like what Jackson which one to see correct. I want to be worshipme. I know they will whip me. Respect that. I'd rather be inthe quiet, though. I really you me. I I just seelike the cult of Simon, and then I see like the the the mom'sClub, which is a real group, my Yael and to my monster wowFIP Domi not get in my pen just drink. I don't know. Bynow. I've given myself tattoos with pinning. Oh my God, your tattoos realcorrect. Oh, I need to talk about my tattoos. Do it. I know we have like we still have a lot of time left.That's fair, and if it's not good, we can edit it out. Yeah, okay. So the first one that I ever gave myself it's gonenow because it washed off because pinning, but it was okay, boomer onthe inside of my Middle Finger, and I gave myself that Tattoo like threetimes just because I wanted to like, you know, make my mom alittle bit mad, and it didn't want..., it did not work.It like it washed off. So, like hot tip, don't use sewingneedles and pinning to Tattoo Yourself. Did that and then the next time Ihave is a delta symbol. It's two triangles on my left thumb. Itmeans create your own reality. And then I have a playboy bunny on myhip, because why not? That's so hot. I know, to sectifyyou. And then I have a call and named Simon on my left arm. He's so cute. I love him. He's adorable. And I have amushroom that the stem is a very, very hot woman on my ankle,and that one's my newest one. That is very hot. Not toI know, not to objectify you or just sitting here like we don't wantto like put your feelings. We Love You, want to hurt your feelings, but, like you're saying, with you, but you're an ugly,pickily bitch. But you're an ugly, pickily bitch. So I think that'spretty much good enough for us to end it here. So again, today'stopic was about we talked about our personal lives. We talked a bit ofabout the house of cards and a little bit more what we plan to dohere, and then we ended off talking about coming out with an Improv scene, our personal stories, some helpline and a bit more about that. It'sokay to come out and they have to come out to yourself and just abit most support, but I think that's all from us today. We reallyhope you enjoy it. Make sure to follow on Instagram, twitter and justfollow up. Atron you don't have to pay for it. will be postingstuff there as much as we can. Thank you so much for listening.By guys, by.

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