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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Bisexual History


Today! We went through the history of bisexual and how it has existed since almost the beginning! We also talked about the trouble bisexual face in and outside of the LGBTQ communtiy, so remember that everyone is vaild. and you are valid as fuck. Make sure to check in Next week for a new episode!

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello, welcome to house of cards podcast. Arm Simone, I am I am currently using she they pronouns and I knit myself a little bucket hat book. It booke it. I'm sorry, like ten things in there, House of cause lgbtq podcast very intense. So sorry, I'm gonna. I should be really slow, just to fuck with smone. You know what, on the document, Jackson only labeled it as lgbt he's he's putting people out of the community. Oh No, avery made this, that's true, actively and you just kind of use them all interchangeably. Yeah, I didn't. I love. You tried to buy me and I'm just like actually, you can see, and because I read this episode, I put, as we talked about, in now, lgbtq. So, smone, try to throw me under the US end. So I'm tired. This is why you don't be addictive people, because introduce yourselves, and so it was that. Sorry, sorry, what what? Introduce Yourself. Okay, so I'm doing this podcast with Jackson, who uses pronouns for sure, and avery, who I just said. I'm okay, look, you thought I don't like that, who uses pronouns for sure. Hi, I'm I'm Jackson, I use he, they pronounced as of current, just to fuck with Shimone, because the moons being a Dick Tonight. I'm sorry, just to look to when you try to rush the podcast, I'm literally going to Anti Rutch it. You know it have like a lot of weird energy. It's cute. Yeah, I trying to rush it a bit. Your brains, for your brain is just going fast today. Yeah, I can. I just have my nets. So, oh, that's who our speed her chow. Anyway, some Moan did mention a name after mine. So who's that? Oh my God, that's me. What's up? I'm avery and I you share her pronouns. I have some weird energy going on. I kind of feel like a valley girl, not gonna lie. You're talking like a straight white twelve year old boy from the early s who wears like one of those guy fiery flaming shirts and in you guys is both leave the pot all myself out. Yeah, it's just because it's just going to become a one person show with Jackson. Yeah, I'm kind of Dune. I'm dying and anyway, your funeral. Anyway. Anyway, before quickly, before Simone promotes, I'm just going to bring this up. I've talked to you guys about this before, so I know it's okay. When this episode is released in two days, the Friday of the week you're listening to this when it was initially released, the second session of the Dandie podcast, dreaming that me, Simon and three other people are doing will be happening. So go check that out. Go check out the fourth session and then check out the second session. But yeah, I thought's happening. I can hear Simon Dying. Yeah, it's fine, does it's not about someone right now. It's like that. ME. Yes, my best, like I'm shine every just leave it alone. Doesn't mean me living my best life. A very Simona's drowned in the background. That's in ...

...about how I yeah, I feel like I'm pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. Yeah, it's so you gotta promote. Promote the rest of it and share. If you want to follow us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards, underscore pod kissed and on twitter lgbt underscored deck. On my a just one Simon said shall not instead of not shall. Reminded me of earlier. I was trying to say something. And you know, like if the two phrases like bite it in the bullet, bite it in the butt and stuff. Are you okay? I'M gonna get to the I have a point, I swear. So, like, you know, those two phrases right. Basically, that's what my mind was thinking. Oh, nip it in the buttet. That's what it is. And earlier I was just talking and talking and I said bite the bullet in the bud, and now, like, I really like it. So I'm going to be saying that for a while now. What I agree with that statement by think, yeah, Bud, yes, I don't. I actually don't think every spoken English right there. I don't. I literally do some bone. You guys just reminded me. I'm going to send you something in the Skypechat and you guys are going to scream. Okay, will we? Yeah, how do I guess? I have got this is about Dandy. I'M gonna cry. Yeah, both your characters are dead. Dude, last session broke me the tick Tock Fassword. Oh my God, I just it. Okay, so we're tick tock. Password is fucking Dick. You know what I decided? More last good trauma for next session. Just for that, just for that, you're going to remake her into a world. Yeah, lose her memory, all that fun Shit, make our Killo Dad again. I don't know this, this is all out of context. Oh yeah, anyway, what did you guys do this week? What are you guys been up to? We don't talk about what I've done this week. I've been on a virtual writing camp, but CAMPA got. How's the camp? You know, it's been pretty good. I mean, I was like hikey depressed yesterday, but we got over that. All you so I remember. So avery is in a public speaking class right now, favorite class. She loves it so much. I don't know, and I realized Av your public speaking right now. Yeah, I know. The thing is like public speaking, I know, but the thing is, like here's the thing. I can public speak, like I read my work in front of people all the time, but like there's also something about like when it's not my work and when I know I'm being scrutinized, like it just makes it so much worse, because the point of the class is to like really use like breath and voice and like really delving to like connecting like the mind and the body. It's it's so weird and it's yeah, I want how to click on that photo that I sent in chat and do the rest of the podcast looking at this. Oh boy, wait, but then how are we going to read the script that we not you, samone. Oh Yeah, how am I going to read it? That A suconly no effect. I've been on stage many times. Second, I know it's stroking with you. It's just like an I know that I'm being graded on how I speak. Well,... know, it bucks me up. You know what will about to be graded on by how accurate I'll bisexual history is, which is the topic of the day, and today was starting with our local bisexual, samone, one of our locals. You are locally sexual. I'm sorry, you can have to. Okay, so I'm cu. You can one title, propose and I'm sorry, valid. So limiting. There's only one, you see, there's only one person for label. So there's only one bisexual person. And then there's the followers. Oh, yes, and it is that are than did her. No, Zendaya is the bisexual leader. Yeah, we don't even know for sure if she buy. She never she's just like I never said it, but like her energy and just everyone loves her. I anyway like court her. I would buy her flowers. Oh my God, you right. Starting. Guest starred on a show that my family and I were watching and I could not speak for the entire episode. Every time that she turned came on, I would like blush and have to look away because I can't. She's doesn't like I've been in love with us since I was like six. Okay, someone, you're starting right. Sorry, we love them. I should not invention the name. That's on me. Okay. Well, we have talked about bisexuality on what. Oh, what happened? What to the original plot of the movie? What the Moon went from some Moan to your secretary? That's customer service, boys, Bro we don't need that here. That no, well, sometimes it just happens. Yeah, I was just like I was coughing and I was trying to like clear my tone through your bodies. That, customers of it. Okay, what happened to the original plot of them? I got straight. Sorry, guys, yeah, you can see out. Get Out, all right, let's do this thing. Okay, get this bread. Well, we have talked about bisexuality on the podcast before. We have yet to talk about the history behind it. Exclamation Point, as we talked about in our LGBT Q throughout Western culture. We talked about comma. We talked about how Greeks and Romans did not have such labels as we do nowadays Semicolon, yet majority of their culture did refer to bisexual nature's period. Young men would be expected to enter a loving relationship with a mentor bracket, a male bracket, comma. Sexual intercourse was also expected, but all of this would end once the man would get married. Period. In Roman culture, Comma. They did not care if the mandated a woman or man, comma, as long as the man talked period, which leads to the idea about the bottom. Dot done. Yeah, what, what are you saying? All that like, boy, doesn't matter. I want to talk about so the only way America Sek to the man is if he talked. What about the bottom? He what? Ye, know, what weird? What math does nope, correlate. Know the thing. They float. They float. What your are? We go either one of them is technically bought or they go vertically, but I don't you're both. Are you making a joker? Do you understand what we mean by bottom? No, I do, but you know, talking about here, not that damn well, I mean, okay, at true. But yeah,...

...logistically, if they were standing, then neither of them would be. Technically, I was going through the script and I scrolled down my picks go past my paragraph and I totally fucking thought I just forgot to get myself a paragraph. I like to as forget myself valid. Anyway, moving okay, so in Japan, Bi sexuality, Smon, what the fuck, my dude, just let him one choke on a Dick. Okay, keep Jesus. Oh, I'm Hazel Gray, s lancaster color, just like, Oh my God. Well, next time you start to die, kidd you, just like please mute. Yeah, just like, if you're gonna die, just mute. Ahead of fine things, just bisexuality. Do you need me to read this? You good. Oh my God, I'm my energy is so weird right now. In Japan, that's the third time I've said that. BISEXUALITY was a part of the Warrior class known as the Samurai. I saw a movie about Samurai once with we all did. We all did a very don't Tom. It was a Tom. I think it was Tom. We all did every everything. Tom Hanks it was not. Some thanks. I was going to say Tom Jones, but I don't even think that's a person. It was not. Thanks, Yahburai. We're a group of men often hired my home rich and foolish of Japan. It was Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise Yo. Was that the guy in? I can't remember the movie, but it's. It's with Wilson. No, grandma, no, that's Tommy. Tom Hanks is castaway. Tom Cruise is them O. Right, awesome. Yeah, got it. So, yeah, the Samurai Group of men hired by the rich and foolish to act as personal bodyguards, similar to age in Greece, young accolytes. I hope I said that right. I think it's accolytes. Yeah, they would enter a sexual and loving relationship with their male mentors. That was expected to end once the accolate entered a relationship with their wife a house. As in most cultures, women were not expected to have it outture get, I just said a fucking outer course. Oh my God, I'm not expect to have any outer course. You No outer powers one? That's yeah, awesome. Women were not expected to have any intercourse with men in ancient Japanese culture. Ancient Greece and ancient Roman culture. Fuck that, dude. Any of course. Oh, sorry, fuck, let women orgasm. Yeah, we women were not going to have any intercourse if men were not involved, because men like to put their shit in everything, anywhere. Movie level. Women Orgasm as yeah, I hope you, baby. Yeah, you had that coming. You've had that coming. Yeah, and I forgot for a whip. Now, go ahead, stop my pot. Well, well, we move on to more modern periods. We can note that in the eighteen hundred, this is eighteen hundreds, the seventeen century, by sic the bitch. I wrote it like. Dude, I may have a T. do you think I remember any of what I wrote? Dude, I'm a reading this on my brain, still thinking every route this. Come on, keep up. BISEXUALITY was a new Terne for liking more than one gender identity made by Charles Giblet Shin Up, but uh, chattick,..., dog, something like that. Just look up trolley, Giblet, chat and how come up. Don't worry, Gilbert Join his translation of did you correct me? Yeah, you said Giblet and like it. Shut up, Pussy Liquor, as me during his translation of the site koff La sets you out to these. I don't know, it's a different language. No, it's not. Yeah, it is, because it's supposed to be psychology, sexuality, say, but it's in a sexualis. Yeah, that's like a different war for psychology, different world for sexuality. It's it's just like Latin. So it's still a different language. It's like the root language. You just pronounce all you just pronounce every letter. That's so a different language. Genus Avery. Yeah, let me, let me say every letter except for AIAE Uai, because you know the vowels and they have more than one sound. So don't tell me just for no, just sound out every letter. The letters have different wall that have different sounds. Shut up, I say, you can't tell me to sound out. That's what okay, many Rd, I hate. We were like just sounded out. What about the vowels? What about the vowels? The vowels are not important. Sorry, that's a many rant for teachers who are like your sounded out. I can't just the vowel, the foul. That's why you have to learn the tricks to the vowels. That's what we have to learn to what if we just learned a basic language? You know, what I'm loaning Mandarin, literally valuidu language. English is a fuck, one of the hardest languages. It is the hottest language. It's awful. Let's be if they're they're in there anyway. Along with homosexuality and any LGBTQ identity, bisexuality was disapproved of in cultured and punished by death in many countries. Why? Because people don't like what they don't understand, such as America was one of these nations where they were like, go, you're weird, dead anywhere. Moving onto off favorite psychologist, fraud fly God, he is a fraud Rod, literally frod. No one likes it. After the person does, like, do you like fraud? If they say yes, killed them. So not real, those Zombie. He believed that any idea was one wishes to have a relationship, either romantic or sexual, with one's own gender. Is Rooted in trauma, and well, most of us do, I'm from. That is not why we are homosexuals. Yeah, please remember that, for it is the guy who's like everyone wants to fuck their mom and I only want to fuck some mownes mom. Yeah, your mom was we love her, of course, as you should. She's a queen she's a queen. She's a queen. Moving on, me, these are I never edit these out of the podcast. This moment when we're all just sitting quietly wait for some Mon to talk, and some of those like wait me, sorry, I'm kind of one disco a little. We did. I go ahead my dud. Okay, bisexual by bisexuality was finally recognized on the human sexuality spectrum in one thousand nine hundred and forty seven by behavioral scientist Alfred Kinsey. Ah, we talked about him before, Ye, sorry, before. He's very weird. He's a weird champ. Anyways, his spectrum was also, it says, foe the six.

Ah, you can't tell that. Maybe Poe is off. Come on with sixtying homosexual comma and zero we heterosexual period. We'd don't do that. Say I'm in using the scale comma. He discovered most people had by sexual tendency's exclamation point. Also listening to Christmas music, as she should. Christmas and July. We should do an episode, episode of Christmas in July, but it make him out of an August. But you know. Anyway, moving on. Okay, in the s following the stonewall riots, bisexuality was right there fighting with the rest of the lgbtake que community. Bisexual activist Donnie the punk created the first ever on campus lgbt group in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine. Just kidding, it was on thus nineteen sixty six. No, yeah, that's later. Oh Yeah, who identified as bisexual held a huge role in creating the first gay pride March in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine. Funny number in the script for some OOne. I just want to say that spot of the script of them someone saying his spotlets. But but y'all, that the years wrong. It's the first march wasn't until after the year, after the riot. The dates. I got in with these and just it's it's fine, it's fun. I actually Kay finish the script I want. I'm going to do some googling. Favorite will findu script, and I want to see if maybe not all of this is as true as we think. Ominous, I'm going as I'm on this like every other identity in this wonderful community, because we slap we are so fucking cool. You can see bisexuality throughout history all over the world. No matter what people try to tell you. We have existed throughout history and will continue to exist for many years to come. Hate to words of bisexual community has come from both outside and inside that bisexual community. So remember to give your local bisexual as a hug, like, care for them, Bro, all they want. That's how you can care for me my paypal. Yeah, and you know, remember, like your valid is fuck, dude, no matter like if your bisexual or identify as something else, like. Y'All be valid. Everyone be valid, except for unvalid people, you know. Ah Ha ah Ha. Yes, I agree with that. It has been agreed upon or right. So doing some reading right now is I believe that the dates all correct for those two events, at least. So the first one is so dawnny, the punk was doing activism from nineteen sixty five until and then during Stono. Why, it's was a part of that as well. As reminded the Stone Wall Lights not cause the movement. There's stone lights will when it became like you became a movement. So prior to that, in the nineteen s, the movements were happening there. Stone, all right, was just the big thing that got the world's attention. Yeah, it was a kind of like the conception of like liberation. I'm going to check to the crea in the first of a pride watch, because we may it's possible that, while we view that as the first prior parate, it's possible that it was not the first pripearaid. Yes, that's true. That's my cake. So I'm just going to do a few more googling. Just give me one second. Should I have cake after this? You said yes, what there was...

...a question? Well, I already had a piece today. So she's known as them. So Brenda Howard is known as a mother pride for work in coordinating the force pride match in nineteen seventy. But it's seventy nine. So I think it must have been one of those generate December kind of pride things. HMM, so with the dates live on. So both of these events are dately correct. Yeah, but the N S August one Wa lights when those kind of really started. So just for that that was yeah, we just I do that Google just to be safe. Just make sure' giving the correct information, Av you will rock. Technically, we were both right. Literally, Virgo versus Aquarius is the worst growl in the world. You understand, start yeah, you. We're just gonna I think that's all going to enove today. You know. Thank you so much for listening today's episode. We hope you enjoy it and we hope that you found it enthralling and that you would like to be your own research because again, well, we have touched on the little skin, force, layer of skin, of the history of the cheek community. There was so, so, so much. There are so many names, so many places, and it's really interesting listen to a yours. She cries about it every day. It's listen to another episode ever again. We hate you, guys. No, no, please come back, but if you can't come back, well, you don't want to. I hope you did a good list of your life. Is there anything else to add? Vlads, think I can still hear the Christmas music, by the way, so happy Christmas, Du Liar. Goodbye Guy, bye.

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