House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 89 · 4 months ago

House of Cards: LGBTQIA2+ Podcast; Avery and Jaxsons Chaotic adventure


Simone and Jesse are out because of exams and so you get to listen to the mess that is Avery and Jaxson alone. We just talked about whatever came into our head and went off. We hope you enjoyed todays epsiode and we have to see you next week if not, ur valid as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello and welcome to the House of cause and L G B T Q. I a two plus podcast and today, Um, my name is Jackson. I use the name pronouns and for today. Tomorrow will be different. Huh, you said today my name is Jackson. Yeah, actually, that's really funny, because next week it will be different. But we will get into that right we won't get into that right now. We'll wait a bit, we'll we'll like, we'll wait until, like there's dramatics come in, until like the monkey stop flying from the scene thing. But you may have you may have noticed that there has been a lot less screaming, laughing, interrupting off topic. Um, but in the first minute even, not even. Yeah, and that is because Justin Simona here it's me and my co host. It's me, I'm Everyna. I usually have bronouns, and it's just us. It's just us, it's just us, it's you, it's your two favorite like members, like who else? Actually, it's really funny because, yeah, every is technically no, I hate when you say that. Okay, but you should know it because you are worthy of it. But I just, you know, like it makes me feel like so like conceited and like prestigious, like whenever you say it, I feel like I should be like lounging next to the pool, like skipping on a Margini or something. You are that is the life you deserve, like having people fan me with peacock feathers. Exactly. That is the goal. What is the God anyway, before we get oh my God, fuck, Oh ship, no, there. It is like the Pinocchio thing in that one when he said like no, no, where can I leave and go out on my and you want to see more of avery and me. Mostly you can follow us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, at our TIKTOK, which is avery's personal mind dump, apparently at at House of cards LGBT, or you can watch or perhaps you're watching it there. Or if you want to watch are episodes with subtitles that on exactly accurate. Uh, you can watch our videos at house of cards and lgbt Q deck. Or, if you feel like getting some stickers, that will help us get more stickers and help us produce better episodes, check out our at https. Colin backs US backslash by hisuse of cards company dot site. backslash and the boy is spelled B Y, though I think it would be even better every if we could change that to be I. I don't mean, I don't know if I know how to change it. Maybe I should not put you in charge of the most star. It's okay, fine, I mean that's maybe. That's what I'll do jourin my vacation. I'll revamp it. Fine, I think it's fine. It's not. My life is a mess. Your life is a mess. Um, it's you know, there is an idea of this, like episode was supposed to be, like we're gonna talking about Gash it and like how fun. But I'm not em cent sure. If you just even again begin trauma dumping. House of cause, an LGBT Q, I too. I too, House of cause and shut up. Probably Random alphabet ladders and people would like accept it. This, this episode could be called House of cause, L G B T Q I, a two plus podcast. Avery's charming darting. It is not. That's...

...what you think. Before we started this, everyone's like my life has been absolutely I mean, I didn't mean to go off the rails, but then I realized that I did and I tried to change the subject, but I find it too funny. Too Okay, valid, valid, Valad's fun but currently, currently speaking justinave just and Simon by my name again. Shut the funk up, just as Simone just finished one of the final exams and are very tired of today. And originally there was't gonna be a topic, but somebody felt lazy. You give her a five a five weeks, a five week break, and suddenly she doesn't want to do anything. So, actually, I take that back. This is going to be a trauma Dun thing episode rescinded. Oh, Oh my God, I actually I'm commant to tell you so, like you know my health ship, right. Yeah, so, if you don't know this, avery is extremely unhealthy. She eats burgers every day. No, Oh God, I don't know if you've ever mentioned the podcast that you're vegetarian. Oh my God, we have it. You've never brought up the fact that you. Yeah, if you doesn't eat meat. Shit. That's why I'm a sexual, y'all. A I take vitamin D because I don't get it. Naturally, it's my choice. I went off the rails Um anyways, yeah, I mean I don't really think about it, like I've been vegetarian for like six, is seven years now. I don't know, I'm just used to it. You just used to not eating meat. It's fine, I get it. Yeah, yeah, that's why you can't suck. Take ever, exactly that exactly is this is not a sexual invalidation? No, no, no, I saw so. I saw this on every story, every pot thing, with the like aloes and aces on valid and the Lgbtq community, and I was saying they like they don't even know what they're saying. They have no idea. They're so dumb. Right, Oh my God, it was like this is like twitter post or something that was like aloes are part of the lgbt and then the comment right below was like wow, no one exists, exclusionist, excluded. They've excluded themselves, excluded themselves. That's what came upon. Like our recent Tiktok we had people to being like six people on part of the community. Yes, they are, SIS people are. There may be none in the PODCAST, but they do exist. I mean, I might tear siss because I still use like she her pronouns. I think I am. Your Tiktok says otherwise. Yeah, like, let's bring up your tick let's talk about your Tiktok's. Okay, let's go over them. I want to. I love them, but I want to. Let's go over them. I want to ask some questions. I'm curious. Okay, okay, okay, okay. So we know about that one. We got a re being a Weirdo. Yeah, always I radiate alien vibes. So, yeah, we had this whole thing, well, the people saying SIS thing. Then we sorted it out. Yeah, we were a bit confused, though, but it turned out that there was some miscommunications between someone who would comments. Here, it is here, it is here, it is. Yeah, choosing my sexuality. A sexual queer. Sorry, I lost it because it went by too...

...quick. Yeah, a sexual queer and androgynous. I've been saying I'm Androgynous, though, for like three years. Did you not realize that? But that doesn't make you Suspesti, even though I used she her pronouns. Well, if you don't, well, if you consider yourself more non binary, but still she, who are then, technically another question, another question, another question. Was the last person you talked to you before me? Beans, yes, okay, to say that. What was the last time you who was the last real Horston, you talked to like in person? Yes, my mom. How long ago was that? One day morning? Okay, okay, but noone. I just want to make sure because you have the I was someone who never, like talks to people. Ever, I kind of don't the podcast normally. Ever, we talk to, and we talked to two three groups of people, her mom and her dad and her family, the House of cods podcast and beans, and that is it. Were actually my one friend from high school who we like pretty much exclusively communicate in memes. That sounds like you anyway, rubbing back. Sorry, I feel like this is something. This is, this is kind of a topics we're gonna WE'RE gonna backtgation, like with avery, like being like CIS, gender, not sus, gendered, a drudgyness. She pronounced like technically speaking, technically speaking, like on like the realist level, and not just like making fun of Avery for being avery. Labels don't matter. Yeah, they really don't. Like if they manage to you, they manage to you, but in the grand scheme of things they don't. I can slap on myself. She whore, he him. They then zeems him, zes like. I can stop whatever PRONOS. I want on me and like fever huh out sounded like feeser, the last one you said. And Julius Caesar. I am Julius Caesar. Yes, UM, no, but, like what was the thing? So, like you can consider yourself CIS gender and use they've am. You can consider your yourself trans and use they them. Um, you can, like, you can do whatever. You can be trans, mask and dressed it and we're addresses all the time. Like so, like a techni speaking, avery can be whatever the fun you wants. Yeah, like, literally speaking, I'm not exactly SIS because I do use like Androgynous, like expression and stuff like that. But like you want to be sis or six. Yeah, like and like, and there's not. There's not a problem with being sis. Like, we like, we like not. We like to make the jokes, especially on the podcast, like, Oh, I, straight people, just people, you know, like all those jokes. But in the end, be who you are. You know, like it's five month the L G B T Q I anthem, Lady Gaga herself. Yeah, no, don't, but yeah, that was I just want to say that out there so we didn't get canceled on twitter being like yeah, people actually like interact with us now we have to be careful of what we say. Yeah, people do listen to us now. It's not just us being like. Another thing that I think we talked about is, like we interview Jannis Olwen, because that's because, so this is really funny. We had to we had to record the opening to the general when in the closing, and then we had to record jess's opening. Um, so we had to like ingest this opening. We had to pretend like we didn't interview poor. Technically, we were supposed to to do Jess's opening the day...

...before, but I accidentally fell asleep in the bathtub and I think I gave all my friends a bit of a heart attack. I just said they were ready to like call the cops. Okay, I was not concerned for you whatsoever, just because I'm like avery is most likely fine. Oh, yeah, of anything. I'm just like having a breakdown walking to the bow ripper and back. Is that technically boxing? Sorry, no, I'm just there's I had an I had a mini panic. Oh what we'll hop on. Oh, if the said have fun, Um, I thought we didn't coachess as open. Oh, but I think we did. I think we did the only donut I know is your mom. Oh, Gary, I know if people are donuts are like belly buttons. No, the donut hole the timbit person, but you don't like cut off a piece like the butt hole doesn't like. It's like the entire the entire adjusted system is the donut hole, from the mouth down to the ESOPHAGUS, down in the stomach to the colon and everything in about your hole. That's your don't it's just weirdly shaped. Belly button is like in your middle. Yeah, but it doesn't go fully through you. It's a little dance, I guess your belly butt and goes fully through you. We need to go to the doctor, Bitch. I've been to them. They don't give us a full apparently you could tell them you would die and they'd be like you're fine, bro the fact that I had to diagnose my fucking self go to the doctor and be like this is what I had, and he basically like looked at it and was like yeah, you do, okay. Anyway. Um, moving past Davies Trauma, moving back that Um, yeah, we got to interview Jamis Owen. We did. Oh my God, it was so cool. It was so amazing we were all so nervous. Simone, I think, was the most nervous that all of us. I was more worried someone was going to suck something up and I was gonna have to be like, I'm so sorry, let me just deal with him and then take my belt off. And weirdly, I was not nervous. I know you were the car, but I think the reason you were not nervous is because we were also nervous, like some one of US needs to be calmed. One of us was a mom friend overdrive, like it's too scared to go to the counter and ask for a Napkin. I will be that person. I will violently get up, walk to the counter and request a Napkin, and then you're following your way back. Yeah, but yeah, I know, avery was calm. Just just talked a lot, like after you listen to Jes Justin Avery really let it, because I was more focused on like other ship Um and barely stock. She was so nervous, I know, and she did a mean and we love her. MM HMMM. Um. Another thing that by the release date, one of us has won the Gay Olympics. I can't wait to see who it is. No, yeah, no, you already know it, but you remember, you know who won. Oh my God, I got tripped out again recording this one before we record the Gay Olympics. We wanted to do you wanted to wait for the Um, we wanted to wait...

...for the diplomacies to be over. We didn't want to suck up Justin everyone's thing. Yeah, yeah, Pie month is over. We're done with our literature, Caesar, we're done with our JAMAS, oh in series, which is just what e what do our Olympics? And now now we are in the final stretch. Oh Shit, fuck ship. Actually, for our second anniversary and one hundred, one hundred episode, we're we going to do a few, a few fun things. That's fun. Oh, you thought it was the Gay Olympics. Faults. We don't know anything either. Jackson, won't jealous. Yeah, yeah, you'll find everything. It's my little thing. said. I let a recontrol everything for the rest of the year, except for September when I take control. Yeah, actually, technical I take control as of Septembo six, because I like a week of print. Yeah, but anyway, Um, yeah, I know. At that point all of that, we will have been had the podcast for two years. We will have just for Um, a few years. Yeah, a few years. We know. We've known just for a few years. You know, we won't be alone on that day. That is kind of ominous, like I feel like you men in like a nice light, but it's all a little coren. No, it's meant to be. It's meant to be ominous, because I don't think I've told that new people before that. Yeah, we won't be alone. WHAT WE WON'T BE? You know, are you going to make one of the squirrels on my porch? Are you gonna sucking probe the squirrels outside my house? I love that's where your Bo that's immediately what I thought. Oh my God, that kind of reminds me. Actually, um my mom, giant dumb every moving on, moving on. Uh My mom, bless her heart and soul. I love her. Um, I don't know why I felt the need to say that. We're not religious. We're also not southern. anyways. Um My mom was like, oh, for one of the Gay Olympics, we should do it like in person and like set up like an actual game show kind of thing and have you. Yeah, absolutely, but it's really funny. I've been working on the Gay Olympics for females. Actually, this is really funny. Technically, today we're supposed to be doing the GALYMPICS. I had nothing prepared, so I was gonna be s family. So now it gives me like a lot more weeks to get the shipped together, like one week. Oh, two weeks, two weeks. I was like one week, two weeks, because I'm not doing it this week. I'm waiting to talk to finished school and then I'm going to be going full force on Wednesday. Is Next Wednesday is the twenty two, which is the day of both of my final exams. Oh my God, I panicked for no reason. Okay, sorry, why? No reason? I'll tell you about it later. Did my spirit just like inhabit you? Yes, yes, it did, yes, it did, but, yeah, I know that's but this I want to keep thinking spicies. we are doing the same kind of thing with like a game show. I can't trick you guys into like it being a normal topic again. Um, but there is no like except confect it really. Yeah, and then there's still those now, our surprise, surprise contenders. What? Yeah, you'll find out. You'll find out. Jennison one, I brought Jennis going...

...back. Oh my God, that would be the best thing ever. That is immediately. Oh, you're gonna bring back the guests that we had on the podcast. Yeah, totally. There you go. That's it. That's it. Every you solved it, big brain. I've connected the DOTS. You connected ship. If you didn't connect ship. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm not a big Fan, but no, no, not doing my heart. You'll find but yeah, we're not doing that. MHM. You know, if it is Janice Irwin, I might actually combust. Yeah, but I feel like we can have fun of John Someone was here. I feel like we'd all be too nervous. Very true. Someone would probably go into cardiac arrest. Yeah, that would be a fon Um. Oh, I had a thought process. Yeah, okay, he was the next thing I want to talk about rebel Wilson. She's a girlfriend. It's like Ol friend. You love that she's coming out and I love that she's looking so much more happier now and like now she has a girlfriend and it's like, Oh, I'm so happy in those photos, and they do. And I think she was just really excited to be able to tell people, mm hmmm, because like it is. It is nor wracking, like even though we're like, oh, yeah, I gave people are fine, don't know, we still do it. So much trauma, Oh, so much, like look at AFE, look at this bundle of trauma. My technically, my trauma actually has nothing to do with the fact that I'm gay. That's what you think. No, it really doesn't. It's all Western medicine, that's what you think. Oh my God, I didn't tell you. So. Basically, you know how, like a few months ago, my therapist said that I should write a letter to redacted. Yeah, so we want to be talking on the PODCAST. I said redacted. I think it's fun Um and my mom actually had the idea that I should do the same thing to my old doctor, who basically like gasolate me, like called me a hypochondriact when I was having my nerve fame. And that is just which really is just you being a hypercontract. I am not, though. That's the thing. Well, you definitely have medical anxiety, but that wasn't a case of that, you know. Does that make sense? Oh, like, like, like you, like you like get a slate born and you tend to panic a bit sometimes, but you're not. You're definitely not a hypochontract, and nothing to do with your norms has ever been like you being like I'm overthinking. That's the I mean. I'm just saying, are you okay? Every are you combouting? Do you need a minute? I don't. I don't. I'm okay, okay, but like, I don't, I don't overreact. Is The no, no, you don't, you're not. You're never like I'm dying. Yeah, and I think we have a similar anxiety when it comes to medical where like we like we like feel a sharp pain and I'll bring immediately goes to we're dying or not. We're dying, but you know, it's this. When it's not, it's the anxiety. That's even what tricky, though, because like mine actually like is like yeahs possible. It sucks that, even if, like, I feel like people can kind of be a bit dumb when, like, if they haven't been diagnosed with like, like probably by a psychiatrists, with hypochondria right, take everything what they say as if it is gold, unless it says on the medical shot that they are like no, doctors should just assume that you know it's so dumb. Oh God, yeah, it's fun. Me Up with the doctor who miss like actually fucked up while telling me one of my...

...diagnosis is which I had like a psychosomatic illness, which basically my mental health was so bad that my anxiety started manifesting his physical health. But the way that he described it to me was that I was making it all up in my head, which is so dumb. Likes, I wonder, when you're all focused on it, does the pain exist better, like more so, like does it lesson? Like if you're focusing on the pain, does the pain heightened? Um, sometimes, but like that's only when it's like so bad I can't think of anything else, in a way. So it's yeah, it's like really, it's like that pain where you're just like, holy sh it, I'm dying. This is it's God. Is God has finally decided that it's time for me to die. No, I know it won't kill me. It's bad, but makes me kind of wait, now we're getting a bit too real. Let's let's wrap that up, let's put that in a little box. They're not touched for another few years. Let's look that away. Look, the way I'm almost on the school. Yeah, when's your last day of classes? Um, six days. Oh my God, is who it is? Wow, yep, six days exactly. M Hmm. On a Newfoundland. Are you still going to be up to record when you're in Newfoundland? Are you so? Oh Damn. Here's the thing. My grandparents don't have Wifi. What you do? What is your fire? I can't tell if you think I'm joking, so I'm going to reiterate. They only got a smartphone last year. They called it a flat phone, but they don't have Wifi. Do you think you'd be able to get Wifi? No, unless you go to the Public Library. You could a podcast. You could in the Public Library, but that means technically, avery will be Finnicky. She made joy em like, if you have time, I'm sure you'll want to join, because you know you're you okay, but I won't be able to. You know what I mean, though. So it's fine, though, because you go in August, right, yea. When you get back? Yeo. What when you get back? Yeah, when you get back. Said when you get back. I was I didn't hear you say when do you and I was like expecting you to tell me something about when I get back, when you get back back on the fourteenth, but like I'm not sure how late it is. Yeah, okay, so you're just missing like two weeks. Okay, yeah, I was also or that you were like gone the entire month and that you were going to miss my eighteen pooks. I was like, well, that sucks for a very anyway. Yeah, I'll be back by that time. You will most likely miss, though, our final interview. Okay, that's fine. Yeah, it's yeah, it's fine. Not Fine. You're the person who was supposed to be getting in contact with them. Yeah, I've been trying and we've been hearing nothing back, so I'm assuming it's he dod. I'll yell at them. Do Not spectful organization. Then, why don't Jenna's Owen responded to us? Okay, well, I don't know. Anyway. That's our topic where we give Avera re break because, if you don't know, for the past almost two years avera is basically every single one day or Tuesday rich in the topic shown up, recorded and then, I know she loves to... it, but you have to make that's a lot of work. It's actually like not really, because it does bring me so much joy. But wait, have we even? I don't think I've actually disclosed anything about my new diagnosis. No, and you know, we can bring that up another time. We can. We can. Yeah, Um, even. Maybe the break is probably good idea. So you might. You might get a few more, like about once a month, like an episode where it's just talking, especially, not feelings, which I think is a good idea honestly, more free flowing, not so structured, makes gives the relaxing hormones. As soon as you saw that, my stomach immediately like clenched with anxiity. Yeah, like go of just like letting things go as they go. And you did it today, I know, but like we decided that, like ours beforehand, kind of things. It will be decided. I was beforehand as well. Yeah, and, like I said, like dude, I'm going through it. I really need to see all on sat or day. You might want to drink too. M Hm, you might want to drink too. would be relaxing. Oh No, actually, alcohol is one of the triggers for my disease. Well, whose fault is that? Anyway, thank you so much for listening. So I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next week. Um, I want to see you next week, though this will be the last time that I say this. I don't know what they're gonna do. I don't know what they're gonna do to close now, I don't know if someone's gonna take my role, but uh, they will see you. This is questions we did not this is questions we did not answer before making this decision. But thank you so much for the same. I hope to see next week. If not, have good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? Ballads Fun. I say something random Granilla bar and say HM,.

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