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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast; Asexual


Today we talked about Asexuality, The different types of attarticon. what asexuality and aromantic mean. We play two truths and a lie, and a had a lot of laughs. We hope you enjoy this episode

Hipe welcome to the House of cards, ldt poncast with yourlocal. Well, not local, yourl gaze for tonight ygaze for tonight. Youree. Ifyou want to start introducing yourself no problem, he y I'm Abrien and I'mstill working on my Octopus D. She's a book go yeat Promoo work, Abery, hts Bokyeah. I forgot it's general free end. Yes, onAmazon, go give it a read. It's amazing! Istill need to get my coffee. That's actually on the Christmas list. Sowen feels little dip tonight anyway, sommo Hi, I am Samon, I! U. Sheher thempronouns and my neck hurts like a bitch me too. We know what you woeld Doinlast night, sleeping crookedly, sure to it's Lik. I haven't okay, I'mnot saying that on the ineret Um my name is Jackson Ran, I seempronounce and I I can now nit. I will haven et I'm so proud of you. Thank you, mother! Thank you, mother moter. I cravecookies and milk. Now t motions. Oh, I feel like this is sodisargin. Yesterday, Um, you can find us on insteom at hoseocards under scorepodcast ontuter at lgbt under score deck on patron, a house of cards andour website that avery runs is Hasacars to lgbt com slushwick site, we're goingto move on to. I think aftertoday it's going to be some Oan even doing all of the Socian etes, even ifthey're not running it, so that we can say this so again, Hopefullyou rwatshing is on this. Of course you know a Otirfi House of Calgounat to bedeparttrass, and we also have a patron in which you can follow where Um corenly. It's not really anything, it'sjust like a titer and stuff, but it's there when we need it and if we startto need it. But if you go on Ou partrio and you can see our goal and remindeogoals for any sociamedier, so when we get five hundred followers them any ofno, so I got aron. I got a roket five hundred and one remember from atime atfive hundred and one fees we get a five hundred and one followes on anything. Ithink the plan is to do a q Tna Yeah. Do you do tounor it Um, but that is when we get fivehundred follow five hundred and one follower, so that is not fore while, Oh,my God guise today, I got outed as a podcaster in music. How what the FA I O,no letting my sti go. The thing is Ingesi ask project as the ten minutecoadcast about like music. We enjoy that's on our instrument. Right and Um.Is My ter. Do any of thes guys like record fodcast for yourself, and I likeraised my hand- and I was like Oh fuck n me- were heavily judged. I washeavily judged, especially by my violent teacher Er, W an iee new like isn't they askipe, I mean like I've mentioned it, but I haven't Lke, told anyone that we'velike actually published it or I'm going to Promo it at school all the time. MyDad watches this he's not hot. No, he is watching this one. He can watk thelast Onei Buch yeah. You guys... guys can say how to my Dad Jackson's Dad. What's his name dry, hij? How are you he's going to smile when he us, I hes just going to smile and co I'd be so happy. Your sounds awesome. Okay, quick for the gay agenda. ForToday on today's Pordgast, we all Goin to talk a bit about this Woki, thePoopi Sesan spooby. I don't know. I said it's still the wrong. It's justboothy, wh n. We all know it's spoopy ock, oh apologies, spoopy Ol myr was amillion Ain. So we're going to talk a little bitabout that Um. Then we might have a few of the conversationI between 'cause well gay. So of course we don't know what Wuld do in half thetime me. Then we Willn we will playing at recommendation of Somon a two truthand a lie. So talone can make us wonder if they really did that or lite orely,a good kid. After that we might talk a little bitabout some other things. Maybe I better about what we have pon in the futuredinner Trama. If we feel like it, you know whatever the Tay leads us and thenwe well get into our topic, which, if Youeremember fo last week, will be a sexuality with a Marira Yeah, I'm even wearing myasexual colored flannel. That Samon gave me yeah that is yeah he's ban, I'mso ready, RSTIME IITHOUGHT I was asexual. I could see wow Abercano es like what the Pug I'Mi'mshocked. I know it doesn't seem like it would be true,but it is. It is not true, it's actual, but I thought I was Dottitch, I'm sorry new stat actuallyright now, because my sit. Basically, I think I kept clucking it up, so I wasgoing between the yarns, so I was just replying in Ynin, a new area, whichmeans my entire thing is soful that I can't use it anymore. Oh, that's why Iwas using it as I'm not making anything, I'm just literally Um, just kindo playing around I'm justplaying with it Yah. So That's Nice! It doesn't 't matter that it's like notwolking. It's point, spooki season, yeah tilverwhat. Do you guys allplanning to dress up us? Oh my go: I'm dressing up as the red impostor with agroup of people at school and we're all going to pick who the impolsors at thestart of the day and play a big G of like tag throughout the day. That sounds like so much fun you, myGosh. If your homework, what your task is to do, homewalk yeahour tesks, are o go to all of our classes. Oh my gos you're Goinno Le todo all of your tests. That sounds like so much fun. It is wow. I mine is definitely not ascreative as that meanabriel just partin on being likeourselves. Well, I'm not actually planning anything for HalloweenHallween, but on um the eighteenth Um this weekend, my mom and I are doing ahalloween art class, so she's dressing up as a clown and 'cause. I'munoriginal, I'm just wearing my same alsacostume that I wore last year inthe day home that is so cute. You are adorable, as also I mean it makes myself a sceem like goreally high 'cause all the little kids run up to me and they're like Oh, mygosh. I love you, my God. It Els, oh my fucking, God,it's also yeah. I it it just wonders for mymential health, not even going to lie...

...there, be no else. Alson, yes, hell yeah! That therapy, I Ol, Know Elsa gostume therapy. We don't know her in thishousehold. Absolutely not. We are mentally stable. Good ChildrenHo want nothing more thenyou cidn't even get through that.With a Straighd Face Im, your dog is yelling cause. He knows Nesdog, that'smy dog yeah! Your dog is yelling 'cause. He knows like Jackson Lying, I neverlie O. I go. I only told the truth. UHHUH MHM. Are we all like kind of feelingshitty today I feel like it's been kindof like a word. Well, like I got a therapy Sai. I HuayI'm not going to Hie about that, because there'll be something weshouldn't have to hide. So I like had to do with my trama yeah got for a litt.That is good for exactly never in a good mood when you have to go back tolike the shitty things in life. You Know Yeah Ho. Are you doing it? I mean? I'm having Lady Problems Fun, Oh my God. I wish la you wan to tell the pot as of whathas been happening with you and you'll be isshoes me yeah 'cause like yours,is pretty fucking interesting, Oh okay, so so noa, friends, avery ninety see noproblem. So so far I am late by ninety sevendays and I started birth control. Probably about thirty days ago. Almost so it' Bena Hai, it should startkicking in then then the first pillpack so like it'll kick in in like a week,but it was like twenty days ago orsomething that I started taking beadh control, but anyway they really sucks. How are you feeling with that? Like?Have you been sealingn as if, like emotionally you've been getting it oris it like m? Before I started birth control, it was shitty and then for thefirst week I started taking my birth control. I was so suicidal, but afterthat week I was good. I've been good, I'm happy grise EETICH. I fucking hateher who girl who's like trying to stealthen myboyfriend. What how much you want? Ta Bet. She watches that wshe's crazy. Sheshe probably would just to get to now. Information on you she's likethreatening this at me. I tell he too just she should just go up and stab you tea. Okay, we Yo know what your action thinksabout some Moan Yeah Jackson loves someown. I do, I think SOMON is the easiestperson to stab mean, but okay cause okay, so me and myFrid wwatching Zombula last night, ooh right and so wae. thinking like whatwould our friend group be like with Um, I wan to think I'd be mstone, but Iwould definitely be Jessie Eienburg yeah me too no AV. I think you would bethe dad character: WHO's, Bad Assa, killing Zombes, Oh yeah awhat's, hisname again, its no ther. He plays Haymit in the hunger games, but Ifeelin avery. You would be a bad ass. Yeah like you would just you would goall out like nobody touches my children, honestly facts. Every time I go toBabysit, I run through every single possible scenario in which an intrudercould break into the house and every...

...single way that I would lay down mylife for the children. That is an unhealthy thing. Ooreally yeah thinking how you're in an eye for otherpeople is Ito. Yes, yes, it is don't try to like justifybeing sad it', Notsad, yeah, sure iesn't. No, my mom is literally the exact sameway. She said too. No, you both said rip okay and mcon man. They reallycalled out much buck. Do we just want to go right into twothros? Then a lie yeah sure, I'm just writing mine ot right now, y soon, ifyou wanna, do you want to stop, then I have one more to rect. So okayso justgive us amint aw. We can talk about your ah sadness if you'd want no comonor oling with emae Ful Olf Mask Daveid, Averety Sinds, two thousand andtwenty okay Um. Okay, so truth Ni been to Mexico, three ST M: I've Panda Sox and I'm never theimpostorn among us the lie is I've never been I've. Neverthe impostorn amonus, because you were litterally imposto befor started tocalm, Likei Nam, Asta D, Yes on theapof andthen I lost so terribly hant believe ahout biggest ellhas evertaken me thinking. You were going to do something smalt, I'm only smart when I'm playing withyou guys are y you no really. I always catch you, okay. Sowhen I'm of a plane with SOMON, I'm always the one to catch themone, doingsomething like either benting or Caling someoneit'. Always me. I have aquestion. I M Yeah, what say Yo question again e. It is onroll that out hello, so MonsDad it's just no nolsia is kit shele. I nowt well M Wel. I, like literally in a Mometh, Ialway. I always catch Um, some I'nm doing something Dune. It's like it's just the VIBE Wy, it's Thevi H. I say that way tooeoften, it's Aost, ik tha way too often, and you guys hear me now. Yes, you lostAon for better me and me try to cover up Semona being her. It's O oavery. Were you also panicking? Not Really? I was Tannd. It was likeyeah. I I said: Miss Kisha Musky, Wiscabad,Um, K, okay, O Ofni, my favorite vine. So Anyway, Ski Abre. Do you want to go o? You wantme to go 'cause. I have mine ready, if you don'tsure, I'm gitely just going to come up with mine off the top of my headanyways. So if you have yours and go...

...for it, okay, here we go so my two two son Ali. Ah, I WAN TO BE VEGETARIAN. I've been to Disneyland more than sixtimes and I normally don't like playing theDM Indundy, the last one's a lie. Last one. What do you mean what deal with it? I'm like? Oh, thatmakes sense 'cause, like not everyone likes being the DM you're, literally always the Diam, andyou love it. I pl fuck you I do like Planteplayo, but DM's fun off Soyah Tere, two, each ther, Rou tes I',actually went to Tozlan ten times what Yeah I've been to Disneyland twice: Yea et e Olando, Oh yeah, okay. I went to Dizsneylandonce in Disney worldlands Yeasoe to fuck up temon you're too rich Averyo Te, okay M Darn Ky. I have to think okay. MMY Name was Emma for thirty minutes. I bite my nails and I never got my learner's license the last one's a lie. The last ones areyeah 'cause. I remember you talking about like driving and stuff laterearlier this year or something yeah Lov to your houselice, Oh yeah, youliterally drove when we were hair. I did I' IWYA. We both were course. Ikind o thought it was the Anay 'cause. They knew far Straw. You Bet your hails.Do Nea look like it? How do so? So far? I re- I wasn't ine clairfor thirty minutes, though Mokay on taround too, because that tookus like like a few minutes. W is, I think, we're g just because we'll bereally quick, yeah, okay, Um! This go the fight, just stocped, tostop saying things me yeah. My final grade in math tense was sixtynine percent M. I didn't end up taking gym last yearbecause of Colvige. So now I have to do it this year and I attended every single calm class.I ad Um, I think, Ti aed every SA last one.Oh, I skipped every single one I passed with. He sixty seven hole: boken Shit,wow, I'm a genius Ye'RE CERRIFIING! Oh my keeter, suck ad, Miss Luick. Ifyou're watching this fuck, you, Oh my God, Egres of we're going to move ontomy aggressive, but I have a real life: Si.Oh sorry, Um Ih've, a real lifeside pony in my room, my gray, nine Jim teto bully me didn't Aon, I wan Yo to Bal DIOSthelast. One's a lie.

Are you sure I really don't know how iseither the pony or the science one yeah Yo datake a damble cony I weardly feel like the pony istrue, you gist to see a horse beside me. No, I think it's an actual pony. I feel like it's a cardboard cut out. So are you guys ing with the phony? No Science? Okay? No, you weresuspicious only 'cause. I said that you have to go. Witho Gioe, send thatavery ee said that, oh I thought you said it too MiG hear any suck. Okay,simony one! I ig have a lifeside Pony H in my room. I I go. I cleane my room,but it was Mei got. IS IT AI? Have I have almost fild? No kids like you canwrite it. I fo my goodness FY and so Um ofal te CA, efor every OK, Oky Gota got a just start saying things. This is soweird Um. I only sleep with one blanket, not true. I have it's t e blanket okayyh, I'm so bad at this. Came thereist on Apos impostor among us, okay, Lo go for one around and then get into atopic. Okay, I'm so bad at this. On my God, I'm notfun. At Party SES UM, my brother is entering university with basically honor roles in mechanics Um. I bring a coffee to school everysingle day and I have a friend named Carson. I focus a lot I feel like you can neverbe friends with the costinporsonally, like I feel, like someone's name wasCostin, you just say fluck off. I don't have enough faith in your brother, so Ithink that no, I think, 'cause it's in mechanics. I know and that's WHA. Thatwas what got you, but I I don't know man. I know atthe Carsoyo, O both arewrong: its the coffee, it's a Coton' eerday. I got a monster. I can't believe that I thought weshould have known that, though. Like okay Um, my ton, Oh ave, that little faith in N, yourCaffeine Addiction, Um Onstazo, like worse but yeah, it ist, is worse. No, it's likeworse, so my daughter would be so disappointed. Goodti fi only have one coffee a day. My favorite animal is a Unicorn and Ionly sleep with one, an pellow, the last one's a lie. You both agroom with that CASS yeah yeah. It's Unicorn. I only sloep with onepellow Sycopat yeah. That's that's weird man, IASELEwor hellows on my bed. But when it's time for bed I throw them Togh theother side of the bed and sleep with one. Oh, my how mlet me Tayk go BOT. Ijus Leek it that Lese to read, so I thought you was were going tothink the coffee. One though too.

No you, I believe, drinks a cough. Noonly war offer ou day only one though OA at I'm in the coffee, thin you good m ARY. Do you want to go, listen sure I guess M. I can't Miti've only been out of thecountry twice Um. My mom was proposed to by my dadwith a teddy bear, and I wrote my first novel when I wastwelve first one's to lie. E was one ye Po yeah. Of course, I think I was gonna. Thefirst one was going to be a truth, but I'm like no. The other two seem oe real, anontis put like lot of family vacations, though yeah you, I think I know when there was one like right atthe beginning of twent a twenty, but that feels like seven years ago that been years ago, mood tee h. So do we? Are we ready to getinto our topic? Yes, I got tat videos, yes, Ma'amepecially, the ee Al Yogaa, not O orry. Oh yes, I am going to start usup again.Our topic is asexuality SOMOAN. If you're ready take it away. Yeah, okay, first, to layout like kind of like a premise for the whole, asexuality thing. There are six types of attraction: there is sexual attraction,romantic attraction, platonic attraction, aesthetic attraction,emotional attraction and sensual sh physical attraction. So could youquickly say what a lot of those mean 'cause, I think maybe Om heviews maynot do what they mean. 'cause sexual orantic makes sense, but maybe putonicand asthenic and emotional. They may not make exact cents. You got it. Okay,I'm going to explain all them because I feel like it. So sexual attraction iswhen you feel attracteve to someone in a way thatmakes you wantta have sex with them. W Wow. I know some people might not know that really stont feel Li towards someoneelse, like maybe kind of love feelings kin. I like you, willlet's, hang out ND.Are you the impostor 'cause you take my otwo away kind of feelings. WOW can out a tan pick up line. I don't nostatemay. Okay, Um Platonic attraction is when you do one of you, friends withsomeone which I mean sometimes can be mistaken for romantic attraction and VICEVERSA.Sometimes romantic attraction can be mistaken for platonic and sometimesplatonic can be mistaken for romantic. Actually, fun fact: There's a word forhaving a platronic crush on someone, which is where you want to be friendswith them really bad and that's called a squish me with ARY. I used to think every girl I met. Iwanted to be best friends with them, but really I'm just oraging bysexual,that's a Nolo spicy strike shut the fuck up, anyways Um. Actually I don't really know what astatic attraction is. Is it like you're, atracted, tnow, someone looksestetically, I think Ye en you tass on at night, ofic you'll, just like clock.I walk out like the physical beauty of...

...someone. I Guess Yeah Lik, it's more yourenpise and like I can beaesthetically attracted to like a sunset. It's just like you really likethe way that something is or so the way that something looks. Oh okay, so likehow everyone, no matter what is attracted to biance yeah yeah, I yeah. Yes, come emotional attraction. I feel like hat'skind of like romantic but emotional. I would op fuck. Give me SAC OSS, my head,oneten notes. Do you mind if I just take that over Cook, as I have an ideayeah, so we are romantic right. Yet we are platonic and unless I'm going tofuck this up in about five seconds, let me just quickly read yeah, so we have patonic and romanticfriends and love. intrests emotional is that family love is my thought of it.If kind of, with that family lofe it 'cause you're, not always friends withyour family you're, not always, I hope, you're not romantically intoyour family. I mean Weyou emotionally attractas your family and you'remotionally attractice to fell human and helping them that just migt view on it.If you rise Wana yeah, I like that. I think that makes sense, and I thinkthat emotional attraction is like Um kind of relative to like empashy andsympathy, Um and kind of like just like fee loing, to make and feel betteror wanting to share your feelings with someone w a okay last one is censual sashphysical attraction. I would assume that's kind of it's Probain handsimilarto sexual attraction, but yeah anitlike when we know a smallbleach bond fon right MM. Yes, we all know who I'm talking about ievera small beliefs tri now and remember how like I'll, just Gralike remember when we were hating out, I just put them on my back and ran withthem, yeah yeah, that I feel a central attraction facts like o s Adeline and will meanhaythat's riht in a demboy friend like that too OL wy yeah. We know him the funny Hahama Shat was probably like associated withtouch, not necessarily sexual touch, just like Cano Hane own face. No, can Ihave Kate Giv me Kat. I really kissed my Goingto sexualte. I feel like a packApadlingo, it's like what me and you did when we were wearing a mask when Isaw you some pisses, where it's like, not sexual rye, looking. If your ton isgoing down the throat that might be a little bit sexual yeah, I'm talkingabout like packs, do you OA in at a lovely conversation? I know afterwe talk about se, let's go onto ASEXUALITY H S, probysmooth Acitra, let let the man speak. No, you assumewagent Enou ASEXUALITY is a sexuality in which somebody expeences little tono sexual attraction like o friend, aprey, very bluit, sexuality and graries inidentity in coms of identity. My brain is like Ond, do do juice, ANA senxual, porsinimilr,all kinds of attractive or non at all,... like offeriend avory, making thatsensense really cute, but when they see a titty they say no Um. I would pary, I can understand not experiencingsexual attraction. Bot boobs are so pretty, which can often go in hand with aromanticism, which is a little too no romantic attraction which wascompletely valid ad. They see a lot of people saying that you mean selfish,but if you are aromantic you are not solbut, you just don't feel it go bediscouraged. Anasexual person can have Libero andsexual desire, but may choose not to act on it Libyo. So I don't know what Imean so Libedo is like Um. Your sex drive, OIdon. I think it's pronounced Lebido Wabito. I know Somia or e, then asexuality is a very broad termUm, it's kind of like an umbrella term for Um other sexuality, such as demimisexual or graysexual, which canbe Um only having sexual attraction afteryou formed a deep personal relationship, so that would be like beginning with emotional attraction andthen possibly ending with romantic or sexual attraction, sick, okay, um! Ok, you can even use terms such assaphosexual the attraction to females female appearing, only androsexual thesexual attraction of Mal Suh male appearing only by romantic, theromantic attraction of males and females, Sapo or andro romantic andeven heeroromantic and homoromantic. I am Omo and Headrot, no okay, Strag it OHS to it's not the sameas aby ianything like some say, Mas, taking a vow, no sex. If I'm correct.No, yes, it's not the same because you usually not to anasexuality. Well again,like any other fexalty, it's not really a choice as well, but many sexual people doenjoy, having sexal Multitu of reasons raging from pleasure to craving physicconnections with someone so one. It's not a choice and two: a Aix proposingmate ch use to have sex at one point in the life, and that is valid and you arenough to be a bitch to them. Do'l be abouto bitch, don't do it o Liby Joeask also, it isnot like they're missing out like Tho. Now, not at all. You don't have to meetsomeone. You don't like have to be fixed. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with you. There was no. I menremember remember that romantic love does nothave to equal sex and there are many ways to feel physically intimate withsomeone without having sex the most important thing alout. Yes, the most important thing aboutasexuality is understanding where you sit on the spectrum and making sureyour partners understand and respect that. ASEXUALITY can be a verycontroversial term, both in and outside of the LGBT community, to be seen ashaving something wrong with us, and it can be hard to find the right partnereither romantically or sexually. Because of that fact, but you are valid,your sexuality is valid in any attraction you may or reman. NotExperience is valid, you're not broken and, like you, don't have to try andfix yourself. O said this one now AAn...

...again, I said it again and I'l must sayit again. You all valid Yo amount of Papas a tat on period. My blanket is so cozy jus yt from COSCO, and it's the bestthing in the world, we're literally all going to just immeaely go of topic nowwe'l like done wol, they can't cok would done. This is over well move on to blankets, okay, wait. Let's pay arose in theThorn Beci a rose and of thorn. Have you everplayed that? No? No, it was a rose of your day like a good thing and what wasa thorn like a not so good thing talking it to you, you do the thorn first. So that you endon a happy note H, that's do this. That's Ho well get!And today's saying after like well wells, we going to say goodbye, butwe're also going to end it with at h. If you want to start avery, becausethis was more of your sexuality sure well, my thorn was that I was havingsome ah memories of maybe one of my worse coming out stories. But my rose of the day was that I watchedcor line for the first time ooh amusing and at was actually you know it waspretty good as wat O was amazing. He did you findit scary, 'cause, I think corline is terrifying, O with Aine it was it wasn't like scaly scary, like youwould expect a horror movie to be b Wat, it's it's very unnerving yeah and a lot of the imagery.Definitely I love Corlin's imagery, I'm like so tempted to dress up Asherfor Halloween. Now. Do your hair blue, too! I have blue haired eye DOIT BGA DUcrime, okay, Jackson. What was a rope aor ErDay, God we doalphytetically. I WAS GOING TO GO FLA UM! Well, slightly relived drama was kind of athon. Definitely not my happy moment Um, but then I got to talk to you guys,which is always fun and good. That's so sweet shut up. I miss you somuch I'm with you too, will se each other soon yeas. I have a big partyyeah. I Don'oow, where we're going to want to do that. We need to. We gotsome conversations actually Um. Oh yeah, better, have a better cop on ThelitFami. Later H. I good this is goingto sound re, Thi Visus to I listeners, butI need t talk to Yo guds after this jesn some Moan Jackson, sess orange cess yeah, I doonsome on Oh yeah, okay, Um, mletical e mad electrical Um. The Thorn of my day was probablythere were some unwanted like drama at school that really sucked it was bad. No Fun you'll be only unwanted trauma.I want I sad trawma not trauma IUS sad drama too Huh sure t frose would probably beum thoug. Ilearned that the composer Bock married his cousin and had seven kids with her oh wow, you're related to one of them.Yep Wow, O coald, see it in your eye. Oh myGod. I I'm a descendedt of buck. I...

...don't care if I came from inzest so that was aepisode en tonig. I thinktoday went pretty fluid. Um Zo again make sure tak out an Istrogram,a twit, Ohton Atumbleo all website. Everything else, O you eve, Er neat tostrick us out on go, find ick, GI'LL CICK it out. It's going to be amazing. We have like two followers. I want morefor the cloud it O, but we also eenjoy our instrogram, because that's sand orstagram is don't wonre about sounding it out. TAIN.If you want to hear it again, go to the front of the episode o o Nee d, thatwhen you're God, Okay G, I thinkin' so much listeing and our next topic fornext week will be no topic. We're just going to do a friendly episode whet. Wejust talk about our interest all day and anything else that comes to havehardly Gointo, be a lot of stuff about knitting. We little bit on mentalhealth as well. If do you have any topics that maybe you want us to touchon Fil free to common under on video of the author opsode, so the episode thathas been released last week make sure Thee Comonto that one and we can andwe'll repost it again, and you can tell us any talk anideas that you want us tom talk about, but think you'. So much of coming tothis episode and somone. If you want to finish oursoff Um, what you're saying Obout, you don't sayanything else, Youd just got t say goodbye: Gay! Do Crime, goodbye, biter,.

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