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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast: Aromanticism


Today, we talked about how many dice Jaxson has, and on our throughts on school. Avery revealed that she wants to be an english teacher. Our topic was Aromanticism. And Our music was Tranquility- Chill Lofi Hip Hop Beat. Hope to see you next week, but if not, have a good rest of your life.

Yll welcome to the House of Carts andLGVT podcast. Where we address the gay agenda. I am Arienne, I'm one of your host. Iusually her pronouncs and I finally new finish that sweater. I was knitting youneed to show us, Oh my God. She sent it to the group shot anyway hi. My name isJackon II etet on now figure o just find out God's, not real, because Ithink I may have actually made my hundred dollar Intogo, give cod invalidonline yeah. That's why that's what I was soset about, so I might be calling to go being likehey. I fucked up money,please Ontorneo Ohhi, I'm smon, I ushidepronouns and I have little fun buns today, they're super cute, okay, anyways. Okay, you can find us onInstagram at House of cards, underscore podcast on twitter at lgbt underscoredDick on Tumbler as its house of cards. Ourpatreon is house of cards, and our website is something I always forget.Our website follower, instagramcom yeah, yeah yeah.Our instagram is what we use most yeah thust follow or instagram. That's where you'll find everything sonow, ther we're done. Pomoni we'll got to promot again, but my ton so we're talking about Aro Mathocism,which I'm sure you cand see because you clicked on the episode. So you know tat so just a Galid on ourSega of attraction and that kind of sexuality that attraction, fals Undo,watch o a sexuality. Video Watch a conception would also be good to watch,but you don't have to relationships and attraction watch those thre episodesand that'll kind of catch. You up on Ar Saga, O attraction that we've kind ofbeen going on recently. We have been very attraction focus recently, as weare attractive lofos, I soildn't say attractive with atattraction. Yeah, but wee wee are attractive. You know it's because onceyou get stuck on a topic Avr you ar stuck in the topic until you're done,yeah, usually so thiss just abry running. Of course I was a little tiredtoday, so I wasn't going to keep going on our like puerty streak, but believeme we're getting back into that soon. Oh godnot again, I do'wantto go throughm again fucking King Me, I'm actually right now, I'm actually going throughmy dice to find my favorite one likes picking out the groups and picking outwhich ones are going to be my favorite days. Oh I', basically pickingfavorites right now, currently trying to curl my bangs witha scrunchee. I love that so both o hope doasn. I am coloring on my phone. That's that's that's what that's what moms do? I havecoloring AP and I just Nid a sweater. Oh my God, I am do Lix that a verysimilar the different shades of the same type of green with the fuck wow.You have so many dice. THAT'S WHY WANOSEHITNO! I know how many you have.No, you guys haven't seen the recent one so I'll Tur, my camera. You GuysGan to see this. I'm really Sally Chat but O my God you're such a Gamer. Oh Myfucking, God. What Tha Hell Hey need to go like go to like PNanonymous. I literally use the same dice, though every time because I don'thave my favorites planned out. So I'm going to get favorites that I just usemost o the time. Oh, my goodness, I...

...don't like these bright on tones thatlook like trafpin cons. There are es traffic com, these ar kind of cute, andI think I want to use them for something at PNT. If you have a donhundred that you don't like, I would be more than happy to take it off yourhands like a ful B, one hundred what has one to a hundred or like the onesthat go up by ten. I have no clue. Oh, I thought it was a d one hundredlike every day to decide. If I was good or yeah that's a d one hundred you canjust use twodtens or a deten and then a deten, okay, ie AV. A game I know, is fine. I'M gonna cut n sit on for,like I'm sure you guys have noticed. Posting has been a little all of the radic as Edito M is getting back into school andwe're going fullstring, which means there's a lot of walk, have to catch upon. So just keep telling you guys. Hadt of time there will be a more often chance of mejust not being able to post this week. So we're really sorry. We have lives,but we will try to post Wednesday or the day after with ackon. Imagine having a life. Do you want to Sido? Oh God now I wouldscrew up so bad, but I meant like how did you delete you entire? How did youdelete the ENTIA podcast? I don't know yeah. I meant like having a life. I I cud literally just read: I go toschool, even though I don't have classes until one. I show up at schoolat nine and I just hang out that's kind of depressing for what Ilike me, I like being at school, don't even try to say you like being atschool. I do that' wh ets, not done your wife, I'm literally going to Edinto education fight me. I will buy you yeah, you look like you,Ud pthat's, a compliment. By the way I will take Itinno. I was talking withthem. I was talking with my yfriend about how much of a milfor old Englishteacer was. You know that's avry future we're going to be making fun of avoryin the future thanks. I canway yeah baby future enformed and you cannotstop it. I likefrend I will embrace it. It is.What are you going to teach? I want to tea La Yeah. That ISSHAP is that reallyyou. Can you please dress like astereotypical, English teacher, she god yeah, I started sexet today in class. I never actually had a proper sexid. Iknow kind o don'tthink, like we didn't, have o metal to really capitanelementary school and then in high Sceoa, its like ases. So why wouldyou get sex IEAD? I mean like yeah, it's not fantastic, but because Istautit Causemoo knew how to do it. Creepy way,can I have some volunteers, Oyor insectand. She was like she was veryvictim blaming with stuff so like she didn't talk about consent or anythingand Iwam, so stupid, wow yeah, the only thing that we've really learned aut myschool was a episode on consent. In grade four, we learned about GradeFourny. Five we learned about puberty eahwhich was actually not all that muchof stuff. Looking back on it, I...

...remember learning about whet dreams,but not learning about periods, and I was like what the fuck, what rig tod? Okay, that's wild and then in middle school we only Lopodcast. We only really learned about consent and abstitence either Ou. As for Cincetra, you don'thave sex, which yeah I mean. That's fair, very fair. The Catholics might be on to something.No, I wasn't Catholic middle school that was public. Okay, public yeah,don't give the cathlike that I haven't had actual any like sex, ed educationin high school. It's all just healthy relationships.These duys are like popl blue with golden numbers, and it looks so.Medical sounds like a galaxy. Tis should bring back Alexy O wher. Yousaid that told he an so you said: that'm like Oh, he bes awhome secitable. You were like she fruityr somethings, a little food. Somebodyenters up podcast, something sounds a little fruity. Now that was your mom last night withavering what I can see it, what except she's a Capricord, anNeuran Aquariu, so like tha, really wouldn't? Oh, Oh anags in a sexual tothat yeah. I playe Treen, no, not the FU. I levt a like Ome Mon. Just completelyforgot. I erit was 't asexual like no. I could see it. I could see it. Wllie ha like knitting. I guesi justlike that for sure I a Afyor, mom yeah. I could see that yeah. I couldsee avery Scoppok with all of Ou MOMS, my own der I gotok N, with my grandma.More than with my mom' o yeah. I will hit up your grandmother somoans a mom tognumber, it's unre, two three four open there. Let's see how many callsyour Mo you grandma God I'll just give him the hotline. That'sbeen herassing me very valid, extremely call the otherday from literally it was an eight hundred number and then this woman. Onthe other end, she started screaming at me. She's, like you piece of Shit, youpiece of fucking Shit. You really think you're going to leave me on deliveredhi. You really think you're going to Le me on delivered with a baby. Oh you I hav os like e, but I was in themiddle of a matt or not a matcess. Like a chemistry Quist, so I was like okaybye. Damn back to me, I would have stayed onthe line. What happened Sweetie tell meeverything jus to listen in I'd like pull up a chair. I listeinindown takeyour teachereverybody, Sep t qear. I want to see what happens yeah. That's going to be me. I shouldhave asked if I could put on speaker and be like listen. This ISS'me fuckingTean is is so ginty you in that you're like Yelia, who you think is yourboyfriend and they just hang up on you dude he's going to be in like a wholeother world omes or she or they I mean like we wait, but what's the mostbizarre part about it is my brother is my number neighbors, so she very wellcould have been calling my brother Oho Thedon't, my God, you should havegotten her name. I should have fuck okay, anyways Aunti salthe topic is aromat heromamphicism. We love to yeah. Let'sget into the topic, I think. That's God,...

I think we've exposed thoseselvesenough for today for today come back next week next week, we'll tell youabout like a whole like history, oh yeah, so this was the day I was born. Er prumble, coming on the won showed up. I wish I could remember my birth. Iwish I wishd that you didn't. Why Don' I double dice that be so traumatic toHor? Maybe you stop UKN, Okay Yeah! I have to start okay. We previously toushed onaromanticism ind, our ASEXUALITY episode, but tojay since is ouour topic.We're going to be going more in depth and actually February sixteenth was aromantic prideweek, which I did not even know about until I startresearching for this episode. So not I'm like absolutely destraught that wemissed it, but next yearli believed iht week. Yeah next year, we're still goingat this. We will be posting. Oh, we will because we're too all anxious tosay stop one of US ASE die before and thepodcast well just all too anxious to tell each other at. We can't do itanymore. Water Hi Will Hav O Yo Dyeah. That's how I hate US given the podcast.Is They Hunt US Don Kat? Lest I could see it ha arograph abit simplist people who are a romanticor Arrow? For Short, they don't develop omatic attractions to other people.However, I just clap my hands and ironically holy Shit. Oh my God be an English teacher. NHAS begon. Thisdoesn't mean that aromantics don't have feelings. There are many omant peoplewho have loving relationships and form very strong bonds with the peoplearound them, which actually that's all explained in our Greek glove episode.Yeah. You should go and like yeah, oh actually, all atraction. We call itattraction because yeah justguys, we still use them today. We just don'tcall them by those names. We should them. So, while a sexualityis a lack of sexual attraction, Iin the name, a romanticism is a lack ofromantic attraction, they're complementary to each other andmake up the ace aerospectrum and just like how a sexual people can stillengage in sexual relationships. Aromatic people can still engage inromantic relationships. Just be aware that they may not experience all thesame levels of romantic attraction. As someone else, they might not behate ein ways that would be typically expected of a romantic relationship andthat's okay, like I have a friend who has an a romantic girlfriend and theyhave the cutest woking relationship in the world, I'Mso happy for them, but continue Olwith that. The basest misconception about a romantics is that they are likeincapable of feelings as they we said. Oh Ante, romantic, not true, nay, tobreak it. Love and romance is not as Gooso twin each other. What we talkedabout, O attraction go watch it O paustive pause, Theso watch it comeback, you'll miss nothing else. They have been proven through Mir. MRISCAN that romantic love is distinctly by a noral chemical standard andhormonal profile that they're completely different and they are notthe same. Romantic love involves intense feeling of intimately andpassion, and that's why the beginning of the romantic eliatonships are thehoneymon stages, because that is wherin. The most of that Noro and homonehomonal love is there and just to say,...

...don't just because, like we'll talkabout love it Ahomanoa chemical area, it is not just an AAL chemical area,don't love is more than science can explainwe're just kind of explaining why a romanticism is real by science ebel,because everyone says facts, don't Khow your felings! Here's, the fat, bitchfacts, don't hurt your feeling, I'm going to start saying that I hear of itthese moliesadditionally, oh a romantic on psychopat. I know it's insane. Is that a punishe, because Si he's saying actually is a it's notbecause insane is a very bad word: tosat PSYCOPAT, Oh yeah! It's a legalterm Y psychopast lacked the production of the norchemical Oitotian, which Ilearned today actually from are. They are incapable of bonding and lovingother individuals. AROMANTICISM is a lack of romantic attraction. They canstill enter emotional bonds with other individuals, which is something thatpsychopath struggle with achieving the psychopath is. I should have known thisis an actually outdated Tom, don't Oshow, ely, antisocial disorder, AH ISOfor sure ETE yeah, what's Moat, so antisocial disodar. I should know that I can blink my head,but don't use the wor psychopath. It is no longer a voutled ton, cool so yeah. This is where the concept ofromantic orientation comes into play. This is a really big word that I justlearned today and I may butther it, but I think I've got it down. So I'm mad tonorm. Matipity Fuck, O sying anything I said, tibody a Madow normativity. I did it again. Ohmy God, you do Tatt onormativity a Matal normativity. I am incredible. It's a tram! I am a God. I am Sumperior Ba Amato normativity. Icouldn't say it again. Is the term coined by Arizona StateUniversity, Professor Elizabeth Blake, to capture societal assumptions aboutRomancei'm, going to try to say it one more time, a Matton normativity ore,literally G, I'm making it so much worse, we'll puta post about the wordand definition. When we post this anyways Oo, I should I'm going to have to startputting reminders in my fon. You should that's a good idea. That's a brilliantidea! That's how I trained myself to eat o. This is assumption that traditional viewse ofRomance, which is like manogamy and the suburban dream of you,know you go to school. You get a degree. You get a job, get a SMOUSE OT. How isit going to school jas? That's what I'm talking about thesuburban dream. I almost clapped again, good God, I'm like your Traingo wassmoozing. Someone give me a wineglass. Why am I soi Superan today wow scaffeine? I never have caffeine. I my Daueu tell I'm not allowed do always.UNN HAVE COT sometime yeh, sometimes like that's very ythough, and like I can only have yeah cobical Jesus. I can. I only ever havelike one glass of pop per day, but no.

This is all natural. We you imagine. Web Sorry. Could you imagine, like mydoctor Sayd, I can't have caffeine stores like a huge fucking line ofcooking. Oh, my God, how you cope with that stuff, the suburban dream, we're goittingsideback, the suburban dream. So that's yeah, you is like it can be associated withheterolike normativity. So the suburban dream is like get a pouse. Get a house have kidshappy white ate life yeah this a Matto normativity is the belief or so no not believe. It'sthe assumption that the highest form of satisfaction is having that kind of suburba life andthat all individual strike for this lifestyle, itpulse and actually because wearenot hate onother women, Elizabeth Blake. She actually came up with this word becauseshe wanted somehow to describe the pressure she felt to prioritize herrelationship over her doctorate. Yes, she's a fo me literally trying tosot up my dice Kay Semon your oweek, oh Fucki, girl past it that's supersexy at me. Ati Nowokay, Aealy, RNI Oisli, a suburban drink can also bereferred to as the nuclear family, which is like okay, anyways cool, clear family sounds like a Disney,can show Rey right. Am I what you like you hi? Did you takedrugs? I never do drugs and let xexcept for my prescribed ones: Wilyou Fok, stribe, Cococaine, cocacaine cokcane, it's a new Duk just made upt sounds simper exciting. I don't know.ISIL won Moeon go goon mgwhat I meant, like my sweater, looks supergood. I did good on my biotest Osick, sowe'll kick. I SOM monout of the podcast yeah. I GET IT SO Y IYEAH! Okay, do you a no I'm gonna? Read it okay, so Wallisexuality is eleck. Oh I'm on the wrong thing. He just looked for t your name, a me to now. I found it Ohey we good everyonehas different conceptions of romantic love and romantic relationships. Jis dismantling a Matal normaativity isthe biggest example of that. How did you sa it so effortlessly, I'm Goinna kind of Clinchin my buttreally hard right. Nowt. We are taking some Mona, the PODCAST,soon okaycoming ffrom, the Latin rout, anNATO. The word means beloved. That's super okayanyways, that's cute! This is why aromanticism awareness isimportant, as it reminds us that no matter, our romantic or sexualorientations, who are what we choose to love, isn't restricted to societalexpectations and is undeniably value sexy. I know I'm so operseing that imytime have to edit up that part.

What te me ot, just like every other identity we havediscusse, we have discuss our lot ACI out. Uarotis is an ASEXUALITY, isjust the beginning, literally there ware. So like we have a Li like this.This document, it's fifty five pages and onl, not even halfway down like who,like you see, building there are dozens of tomes that all consider umbellotomsthat can make you feel better by more inpointing how you indentify yourselfso fer free to do you own research, which is what we promote. We give youthe we give you the crumbs. You make the bread, I hould you better. Wek Redis Mae. We give you sand, you make theSandcastle, we we give you the IGREDIENCE, you make the bread, that'sbetter, remember that it is okay for yourpreferences and feeling to change, and we found it for today's episode, guys no W, my God Gote, I'm joking, I'mjoking every dood good today, I'm not going to say, though, feel feeling tochange over time. SPACIS are good. You, wild valod is fuck unless Youre SOMOP gode. This is like whet. We wereroasting, the hell out of that one counselor at Camp. You know exactly whoI'm talking about? No, I don't Ata Avery does when we made that whole songroasting him and just like made fun of him a lot we can say Jessbecause Jeffhas been on the podcast. Yes, I don't know if, like the maybe Okas gshe's getting old in her years, won't make. It won't be alive muchlonger guys that wol't have to end the podcast. Imagine that sounds I don' Don me. Whatare we gonna do if, like one of US dies memorial episode, we replace them with someone else withJef. Let'so, be honest. We replace them with Jess, probably Oh, my gosh, or we could just relate,replace them, O it just right now, hteou, I don't dress would be betteractually I'l there. You SAMON is my baby. Thankyou, mom you're, just lying, because you want teon to feel better literally eat Shit Jackson, I'm goingtoGE killed the night in my sleep yeah. Actually this is beginning episodewhere we are going to Wal guys pick your favorite it'US becomes dramesawe, make afemisson P, but its only orbl. It's what oh Yu. Okay! Thank you guys for watching. Don't youdare don't You da Sommote get out God and remember? You are valid asNOOKAYACO S, Goi, F E, our Ng idontar dancing dance problem anyway.Thank you for watching tos episode. I hope you enjoye his episode. If notwell, what can we do about? It hope to see you next week same time same place, flide into the DMS of spotify and Clickepisode. Anything else to add guys be. It isfook.

Milk is good white post. Then, anyway, t love. YouNoah a.

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