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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 84 · 5 months ago

House of Cards: LGBTQIA2+ Myths and Stories: Apollo and Hyacinthus


Today is part 4 of our LGBTQIA2+ Myth and Stories and it was Jaxson turn. He decided to pull up an older story from Greek Times, one of the Sun God Apollos lover Hyacinthus. It was found in Lovers Legends The Gay Greek Myths, restored and retold by Andrew Calimach. Make sure to turn in next week as our final part of this series is told by Jesse, and make sure to turn in the rest of this month as we have alot of fun things planned! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly lofi escapie, tranquality lofi. Orpheus Odyssey - Legends on Strings

Again. Oh, hello, I'm welcome to the House of cards, an Lgbtqi to podcast Redu, Gay Shit. My pronounser she her. I am Averrey. Yeah, hi, I'm Simone. I us see they pronounced. I really like vitamin C. It doesn't count if you just eat the fucking powder. But Hi, my name is Jackson. I use the himn pronouns and I'm drowning in commitments, which is why I have a fear of commitments. Hi, my name is Jess and I'm in love with a man that lives like a thousand miles away from me. And I'm say Robert Pattins and Droppert Pattinson actually lives closer to me than this guy does. Join Love, Jess, join the club, which means, realistically, I'd have a better chance with Robert Pattinson. Well, now for Robert Pattinson. Hi, will, I hate to tell you, I disagree. You don't think I could bag Robert Pattinson back straight is shit, of only for one reason, and one reason only, because he's like fifty. You, yeah, and he seems like okay, but he's yeah, he's Super How old is Robert Puds? And Hang on, I thought it was like thirty. Oh my God, he's thirty six. That's nowhere near S. oh, sorry, did I say to my pronuct? I used he day. I feel like. I feel like we could all. I think you did say jest, and I think we all could assume that. Like you use t the pronounced by how you were talking about rabbit person. It's fine. Yeah, like, if you see these, are thirsty for Pattinson. That's disgusting, Dying Shit. Now I'M gonna have another gender crisis because I'm no, don't do that, you're too sexy. You know what you should do? You should promote the podcast. Yeah, if you want to find us, if you want to find us on Instagram, you can find us, a house of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscored deck on, Ticktock as House of cards LGBT, and our website is https colon, backslash, backslash b. Why House of cards company don't sit backslash. Is it bad that whenever someone says Colin, I think of the body part? No, no, it's okay. You could also honestly, but honestly for Y'all, you can just put in by by House of cards company dot site. And it'll take you there, you know, but you not to put the https. No, you don't, don't you? Jone, I think we have almost been doing this for a year. If you trust to Moan with that information, I think it's time for you to die. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm very from house of cards. Host Jackson. Oh my God, I'm very tired today, so I want just ignore that. You'd be really funny. What if, like, we wiveal later that none of these are real names, like I mean technically, technically perfectly, we know, we all go off and the actually out all of us to share the name Doug, Oh my God's good, and Doug, my fuck. Youtube. My parents took one look at me, a sick, yeah, infant female, and was like Ah, yes, oh, that's a dog. Absolutely you look the most like a dug out of all of us. They're like a dog.

My name was actually supposed to be Emma if I was a girl. My boy name was a very. My Name was supposed to be grace. What do they think? You're a boy because you're so flat. Jest it, but I'm bum so I hate, I hate to be that person, but all babies are flat chest obviously you haven't met me. I had mom I gave out with huge mommy mouth, you think, massive tips. I was self sous. Yeah, yes, I can. This cannon shows my own name. So I don't have like a didn't you know? You didn't. You didn't choose a chest. You stole it, that's true, from Jesse, Eisenberg, I back. There's actually from Haid Jesse. Yeah, those are the two main places that I stole it from, and then one that we cannot say for like you know. Oh Yeah, only do I remember well, the either. You know, it is of exact that if I chose that name, he'd kill me. So I said Fuck, it's my name. Sounds like me, sounds like me, sounds like me. Dude, I actually hate crime to me again, time to throw myself in front of a bus. My God, finally, finally, only end this chronic pain. Oh my God, what it what a Gina Moment? What a Gina Moment? Oh my God, I can't, I can't. I literally accutally became Gina this year. Who'St from Brooklyn, I know, Oh my God, the Queen Herself. I know, we should. We need to get Gina on this podcast. We need to get Gina Lenetti, the character on this podcast. Dude, contact the active hang on hit asign each other characters from nine. I called Jake. Hang on. Here's why I am Gina Liddy. I actually convinced a friend group that I joined recently that I have a personality, but I do not. Okay, who I want to begin to sign? A cast from Brooklyn Ninety nine. Your role. Hold hold. Who did you say? Jes Rose, our hold only, not Rosa. That not Rosa. I'm too nice for rose. I'll take that. I can any whole. Just you can what. You can imagine me saying that? Yeah, like, like, somehow I would. I would definitely talk to my dog that way, though. Full. Yeah, because about have you seen coming? It's he it's laterally like Dick. I've been re watching it right now. You know what's kind of three. I. Okay, I'm trying to think of who someone would be and, like Gina, it's Jane, yea or Rosa, because she also has a no, wait, all you, no, wait. I think jess would be Rosa and Simone would be jump. Okay, here's what rose hard. Rosa has hard daddy issues and way. Yeah, but it's like it's like how reversing roses gender. We're forcing your parential issues. Yeah, I'm also would taking your daddy issues and replacing with mummy issues. Shit. I'm not like physically scary, though. I'm like, no, you are not physically scary. I'm a show wow of a person. I think. I think, I remember when I saw you in like for the first time, and I think like my brain through like shock of those like now, no doing. The first thing you said to me with, Oh my God, you are short. Yes, it was, hey, cry, it was. It was outside of and that's how I got richen on your list. That's how I got richen on your list. You were like, yeah, it was cute. If I think Avery's house maybe the word. I can't remember. No,...

...would have been someone's house. We I met everyone at some months. Oh yeah, it was outside, outside of my dad's car, at some MOM's house. I had just gotten are you guys? Come on now, and someone and avery like took my bags and you stopped, you went for hug that, you stopped and you went you are you really are short, Huh? And I was like I'm getting back in the car and I'm driving home and to think if you, if you future, you had gone back in time, you'd have to tell them. Yeah, that got you. You're now in a podcast with that person. See that one that's insulting you. PODCASTIC clocks maybe? And they keep doing it. I mean, listen, what else you're going to make fun of? Everything else about me that's makes like this, like bullieable is like sad. Yeah, like I try to make fun of it. A feus about you. It's like, you know, talks like oh well, at least, at least I've Copen to a mental hospital. Like that's not as funny as your short bawl. Like I can control my motion, you know, like I can, but it's just when I'm on my meds and I would like to play the fifth American. It's just sad we're not American. Okay, Wa't playing a fifth only in American thing. Yeah, wait, yeah, I feel like Simone would be like and Simone. You can't kill me. Hitchcock and scully combined, except without the scully. Oh my God, okay, I call scully. You as scully Simon, you are absolutely scully, which just as like sexual Devian. Yeah, that was like eight x wives. Yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah, I think I'm just okay, no, so many, because Samonki road rests, we can this. been so many times when I tell someone something and it just be like Huh, what? Sure, processing your shoes, dude? So this just scully just eating vitamin TE powder. That is. That is I would not be surprised. No, that's hitchcock. Yeah, it's really. I'm currently waiting for US whole steak to be made for me downstairs. So I have ridded. I have ribs in the oven. I'm supposed to be cooking, but I made a sandwich, but instead I'm being gay with a bunch of idiots. I chugged my Chili before we started recording yellow Beta's. I could share it. You was so loud when you were like yeah, wait, Chili, like as in like the soup's chili a soup? No, it is. It's more like stew. Well, is it a salad? No, no, it is. No, this is too much lick. It actually a cereal makes more sense, right, a stew Chilie us do it's so that's what I said. Yeah, maybe he's right. Why do we Christian? I'm literally the person alive. I see my finger. Yeah, you have shit in it. Soup tends a very little stuff in it. So by itself, is this is that it's not? Well, I feel like you can the soup would actually just be a stew. Chicken, a little soup doesn't have veggies in it. Yeah, it does. Going to say chicken because you can get chicken flavor. Well, yeah, you'd get to it and not where it's just chicken flavor and it's just the new dad. I feel like. I feel like chicken in it and had vegetables. Know, the difference between a stup and a difference between the soup and a stew is the amount that is in it. If there's a lot in it, then it is a stew. If there's like a few things, that it's a soup. I'm gonna Start Hold on our instagram story asking if chicken no soup as a no yes, and then that is how we get blocked, canceled, band everything. Everything's...

...gone. Everything's gone. It's a pole. It's public opinion. Yeah, but the people are gonna think that we even ask that, they're going to get rid of us. They're going to be God, shut up, fucking chicken noodle soup homo hopes. Yeah, Bobe. I got wait for this to be in the episode that are's like three weeks later and they're like, oh, so that's what that was about. Yeah, it's really funny. Also, just I should mention we released an episode about two weeks ago. We were supposed to make a post about something on instagram that you never did. I yeah, I don't even remember what the reference was. So, like someone, they're gonna listen to this episode like just as gonna be like, yeah, I'm gonna post a up on the instagram you, they're gonna go check the Instagram is gonna be nothing now and then two weeks later, no, three weeks later, after watching that, we've got to come to this episode and realize that you forgot. That's why I love that we post post two weeks in advantage. I remember what it was. It was Bor Ragnarok. Yeah, because Avery constly forgets, we post two weeks in advanced and so we'll be shocked when I tell her, actually, we have to sell it Christmas now and she's like what? Why? Dear, your fuck's up my OCD. I'm like, excuse me, no, but technical, Bember, technically last week was pride month and now we're in the middle of pride month. Now it's two weird I got happy pride month, except it technically may twenty four. Technically, when this episode is Air I will officially graduated high school when you're graduation, checknow I graduation. My graduation is the beginning of June. What day, though? I don't want to tell you because you can catch me. Well, no, I really, because because mines on the mines on the Oh mind, also on the fourth, but that was gonna say. I wanted to know if, when this AP when this aired, if I was also officially graduated. We'll all be graduated except for Simone, the baby. My don't graduating early, because my graduations like six days after you. Old Most people graduate in like May. A lot of you do. A lot of high schools catching graduated. Yeah, actually, because they're still going to be very well, you guys. You guys are so early. Every being really lit. It does. It doesn't make sense because you haven't done your diplomas yet, like if you haven't done your finals and you walk the stage, like what if you, what are you doing? They do that generated like about how did they do for you? A very ill they didn't do much of any because because they take they take the assumption that you're going to graduate, as on any secrets. If you look like you're going to fail, they just don't. You don't come to the graduation ceremony. Yeah, yeah, that's awful as all well's, because they're probably gonna it's if you're like big diploma is, it's kind of hard. It's ten percent avery. I could fail the diploma and I'm not going to go down him. Yeah, I would. You just eat. You just see a minimum of sixty percent, actually a fifty nine percent to fifty. Yea Sixty percent and you pass. You have sixty percent. No, fifty nine, because they rand up at forty nine and the forty eight. Oh yeah, so you need a fifty eight minimum. Why did do people make it such a big deal then? Because not only it's thirty percent. No, usually it's twenty. No, thirty. It was twenty eight las year, but they got was twenty avers year or well, it was going to be twenties every year, avers year, and then they got rid of it and now it's twenty. Yeah, it used to be fifty, though. It used to be fifty. Know, it was. It was thirty. It was going to be thirty four, are you until we got a spike and then they turned it down to ten because we got the spike a week before quarter system diplomas was supposed to be again, like literally it was a week before my chem diploma, and suddenly we got a spike and were like is outopoma and December and December, I heard them. Wells fucking weird. Actually, majority of schools in a Boorda would doing this. Weird. Don't shut up us. Don't patronize me. You're ugly, I said. Don't patron anyways, not don't tell me the truth. On on today's episode,...

...we're going to be here, sorry, being read by our star, very old, badly. So I said. We have made this a statement me and Averel, basically the parents of house of cards, and Simone, because me and avery are married, and I full belief that just is the young also having sex with some mountains. I have full belief, just as the youngest simbing, even though he is the oldest circle. But can we talk about? How can we talk about how jess, who took just pretty could just as the youngest and yet still the oldest? Yeah, because you could not tell me just as the oldest of being, not as the Moon in Jess Oh dude, no, I think anyway, because I reserve my old sibling, like my oldest sibling, energy for what I need it, because it's so exhausting being mature. You know what I mean? Yeah, that's like the emotionally mature all the time. It kind of is the all time. Like. Yeah, literally, cut to a very skating across her floor like a crab. I I book all of my doctor's appointments. That doesn't make you an adult every that makes you a capable human. I also live on joke, son. You Watch averrew was silent, just like. It's like, I have my own fucking house. Dude, you like you're not an adult. Yeah, also, I'm sorry, motherfucking no, you're not. I do pay taxes. Actually, I don't pay taxes. What the fuck? Yes, you do. Your Dad probably just follows them for you got God bless that man. anyways, as I was saying before, I had a little bit of childhood trauma. Today's episode it's not going to be US rambling about the most rid of things. Ever, it's going to be Jackson rambling about the most ransoms. Actually, I don't know. Yes, this is this episode is supposed to be me reading, but I said OOPSIES, and I don't know what I'm reading yet. ME, who didn't know what I was reading either until about and now we're before recording. Oh well, at Cher, I found I had a week to decide. See, okay, I was all weekend. I was taking care of my son. Okay, so I was two. His name is Simon. Yo, that's actually true. The collective sons of house and cards are beans and Simon. Yeah, who wait, will you babysitting beans? Yeah, it was our one over and I feeded hated I feed it. I Fed it him and I hung out with him and sent me proof of life, pigs. I did so, UM, anyway. Well, I'm pretty sure Simon and avery did lesbian stories. No, no, I did poems. Yeah, but story, Christian, gay thing. Okay, well, those two words. I'd ever thought I'd hear the same thing. He's next to each other, but go off anyway, me, literature person, good words. That's it. I will be reading. Most likely to be decided was that I had about in about a minute or two when I'm by myself, in about two weeks from now, you'll get what you on, but I can tell you for sure I will be reading a gayst love story about Apollo, and anyway I'm going to be reading some gay stories. See you in a sack. Why? I will be reading Apollo and Hyacinthis from lover's legend, the Gray Greek myths restored and we told but Andrew callamunch hopeless aid that right. Apollo was taking his ease at his shrine at Dauphine, surveying his land,... his leisure alone, as only a god can be. Suddenly a stunning sight stopped him cold. A youth, one like a god, Paul, slender, a mop of jet black hair, courly hair framing a gentle face and at the peak of beauty too. Apollo transformed himself and took on a very likeness of a man and struck out for an unwalled Sparta, bent on making the boy his own. As he drew near, he ran into a musician taining softly on his lya drinking in the boy with his eyes, Apollo made himself out to the traveler foreign to those parts and piled him with questions, curious about them. Both the call me Thyrus, the poet, and that is my sweetheart. High INSCITHIES SON, spotting king the board, offered, unsuspecting that boy will be mine. Let Fire Apollo and edge to his voice. No sooner were those words out of his mouth than Zephyrus the west wing weaned down before him. He had been shadowing the prince and now claimed high insynces for himself. A fiery argument broke out among the three. He's mine, I seem to him, if he must know that my music puts to shame even that of the muses, cried thyrus, unthinking, insulting the goddesses. Oh No, he is mine. I have taken it in my arms and flown him through the sky. Hild Zephyrus in anger. What if we let the boy decide? Suggest Apollo. The three of them approached high synthus laid with all before him. Well, which one know us? Will You keep us a lover? They wanted to know. Whoever is most able, replied the youth of it put out unsher whom to pick? They all began boasting their skills at the same time, confusing him even more. In the end, they agreed to hold a competition. That way, a clear winnow might stand out Apollo, however, put it wise to rid himself of thlyrus forced, he did not have to lift a finger. He simply told the muses about the poet's boast. Furious, for they had been the ones to inspire thyrus all along, the goddesses rushed down and punish the poet for his pride, as his mother looked on dumb struck. They ripped away his voice, his sight and all memory of music. A great crowd gathered the next day to take in the contest, and the two remaining suitors squared off. For SEPPHROS let lose a fierce blast of wind, cold and Wet. It stripped the trees of leaves and spread panic and careosome on the people. Hin thesis was impressed. Then came apolous tone. He drew a silver bow and shot a shimmering Arrow that spread nothing but sons and sweet pleasures in its wake. That one high fences over. He had never seen any anything remotely like it in his life. He turned his back to the West wind and modestly asked Apollo to be his lover. Zephyros turned off in a rage, sparing vengeance, but all those who gathered there only smiled at his bluff and blustered. From that day on, the two could hardly stay apart. Time and time again, in definitely, the God went up and walked off, leaving his strine unintended just to be with high fences. Never had he loved anyone as much as he loved this boy. He took him hunting the scented woods and meadows. He taught him to shoot a silver bow with Cheraim. Apollo welcomed the simple life. It wakened all his desires and roamed the mountain path beside his friend, fed the fire of his love. Every thing he...

...had apollo, but before highds of this, everything he did he shared with him, even when the sun drove his chair it across the sky. The God coached high hids of this in gymnastics, pouring raw strength into his young body, and even taught him to ride one of his sacred swans. Soaring and plunging through the sky at will left the boy breathless with delight when night drew. Who Vail of the land? Apollo revealed to the prince the secret ways of divination. taught him music as well. into rippling medley's rolled easily off the boy's Lyar hinds of highds. Of this was to want, filled with wonder at these awesome arts, skilled and dreamt by up man. He mastered them one by one and passed them on to his friends and torn so that, thanks to him, mortals came to lone, where only gods had known high insences by Apolo'side and its coffermence grew with every passing day. Once in midsummer, the loves decided to try their hands at throwing discus. It was midday, the Sun beat down in a blinding glare. The rinless plane shimmered in the heat. The two striped naked, sleeking. The skin was smooth, all of oil. The better the GLIP, the better to glisten in the light, and stepped out onto the field Zephyr's invisible, only invisible zephyrs, invisible, was watching closely. His hot poisoned by jealousy, Apollo gallowed his might spun and hold the heavy metal disk. It rose swift as a board, cleaving the clouds into showing what can be done when skill and strength are joined. Then, glittering as a star, began to tumble down high into the sprinted to meet it ego to stretch his stuff, his feet nibble over the rough soil. Suddenly a gust of wind out of the West caught this disc is just so. The Gland Bras glass of the ground and struck high fences sharply. In the temple, the boy light on a Moan and crumbled to the earth. The bloods in the grass as efforts flew off, taunting apollo with cruel porls of laughter. Apollo raced over and popped high in Physis, up creating his head on his knee. He Applied Magical Horbes, he laid on secret ointments, but still the round refused to heal. Apollo helplessly watched his friend slip away. Nothing walked, nothing could ever walk, for not even a God's skill can un do what another God has done. There was nothing left to do but course the West wind high insince this grew Pale. His clear eyes lost their gleam. Death is closing in on you, dear friend Cud Apollo. So unfair, and by my own hands too. Was it my fault to play with you, to love you. Of what I would give to join you. I'm so sick of this endless life. Sobbing his eyes out, Apollo held his friend close. He then bent low and whispered in his ears. High and sences listen. You two will live forever. You live live in my heart. When, in True San I strung my liar, your name will renout and you will rise again. Each scream you will rise a gogess flower, your name branded on it. As he spoke, the blood upon the grass vanish and in its place Crimson Blossom placed its head, and the garden ow carefully inscribed an h at the root of each petal. Ever since, the memory of hyphesis lives among the gentlemen of SPATA. They give their honors to their fallen sons, just as the fathers always have, and celebrate him with three whole days in mind, summer, at the Great Hyathin this festival.

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