House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Androgyny


TODAY! The House of Cards finally meet up and record together! We talked about so much, but our topic was androgyny. We hope you will tune in next week for queerplatonic relationships! If you can't, that's all right have a good rest of your life, remember that you are valid as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism

Hello, welcome to the House of causeand L GT podcast. My name is Jackson. What is my name? What is her name again? We don't havean A. I don't have a name, I'm dead. My name is Jackson, and this is house ofcods in real life in my hi I'm so I? U S, the Protosov BeenSang at Jackson's house. It's not even real life. It's not even real life.It's just all in the same work in a yeah, I'm a ran. I used see herpronounce and yeah this weekend. We've been sorry, you were in our Dakin yeahyou've living redacted, we've been fucking up, reductive, T, yeah yeah, promote you to read now yeah. I knowyou can follow us on Instar at House of cards, underscore podcast on twitter,at l, GMUND, er, score deck and on Ticktock as House of cards podcast, they were just brought out. Er Knittingttile only reason why you re uniting just so that we could as we because Iusually knit during while we record I like sit in my bed and I get allsnuggled up in my blankets. I I like twice my gosh: We yeah. I died likethree times a week. Not even so. It's really weird is on the Junkman, wherewe have a script. It's like, I always see my view of it, but now I'm seeinglike those- and I can see my little icon and weird in me out- I love yourlittle icon. It's so cute. I mean I can't see mine because my thing, mystudio, like my window, isn't thick out Jackson likes to edit the script whilewe're talking and it fucks me up. So I go into viewing mode yea. So you don'tsee the editing, yeah. Okay, the doesn't trip me up. I think no days would I want to look sesto right now. Isaw so go to my script. You're right. Oh there's! Your little pictures on myscreen just like to a mine in is yea and if I go, Osit doesn't wid. Your guys is screensare so small. How can you read that it's so tiny, Mucho Jackson? It'sbecause you blind. I can. I can't read that actually it's too far for my eyesto read: I'm blind actually met were blind was your befit? Are we all?I didn't grab one grab averages as you coming down to so like we need to graba beverages, a beverage and I'm like okay, so I gave Dr Pepper and they comedown it with nothing. I know I was like about packing because I want to get outof here and rap. I just like we'll cut out all the pots in the next year havean eleven make a wif. I wish that and that happened I wish that Jacksonwould have murdered. I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was abolder. I wish I had a girl who took...

...good acol. I wish I had a rabbit in ahat with a bit and a six form father. That's for! Like all I now sorry, I'mgonna just kill you like. I God we actually murdered hither Ge said that'sthe game. It's just been like throte punching me this whole week end. It'sso weird! I don't need to. Ah That's good. That's the game today, we'regoing to do to real life today, we'll be talking about jicks atnow today or fucking. A those movies a day will be talking about how Jacksonseems to have the entire amulet series on his book shelf. I do what I do. Iread that I never read it, but I knew people who were obsessed with it. Ithink it's a cool concept oread it. I read like the first book where, likethe person, dies, what the yeah every single book well, the person dies, yeah,which book is that that's like so many? I think it was the first one here, likethe parents died in a car accident. I don't know poilies, Oh my, that rightonly the day, don't Wan, it's okay! I never read those as because you're gay,I am so estrith. Why did you read them straight? That does not sound right. That wasrearable among us in real life. Oh, my God, you suck at everything you ever.Do I gonse we, the fact that you can and realize I know or recording this isso back to me like. I would have been on you, I would have kicked you out. Iknow I yeah. If I go, if we don't stop making episode up to this one of eitherone two of us all of us have died and that sucks be, you know, what are wegoing to do the true yeah, a fact like? Are you? Okay, my latoe need to gorandom random topic. We capricor given Bo, oh my God, or you guys, bothobsessed with that lasocause. So it's happening in my bock, so me and me, andso we all writers, but one of us does really cool music and they look. Two ofus do really long and hard contenir and want to kill ourselves novels. YeahYeah. I can't write novels for the life of me. I have a child word while and Iused to do my story, boarding on it and I was kind of sick and then it just. Itdid not work as losing my mind yeah. I don't story bout. I story about after Iwrite the entire thing. Why? Oh my God? No it's because if I story about I'mnot going to get so it's as like an I say, I need to just write a down, and Iwas so I like that's a good thing, I'll go back and I'll edit it. I edit myessays. I, how do you help? I I don't edit them. Ijust write them. It was in thirty minutes in them out novel wise. I haveto plan everything. I write too grammal wrong like when you, because Averis,probably going to at my novel when you read it all you're going to be doing,is gramary fixing, like fixing Grand, Oh yeah, absolutely, and I hope, if youfeel like doing that, I would I would literally marry you... I will put a ring on your finger. Hat'Ta Commandments is women right. Wedon't know that. No, what the hell no Jackson, just checking like how longwe've been recording for every five minutes. It's Yah! I don't want it to be likesure you can have it up on your computer screen. You can just read offmy computer. Are you no, I sure waned up there, because I, likeyou, was gonna Panic, the No? No! I don't think I would ye an you guys,don't see the time or anyway, but I do so. You guys never experienced know mehow long eotens I see yeah, but we see we see the scab time Er yeah yeah, likehow long we've been a call o how long we've been long. We've been an COL, butI pay attention to how long we were on call before the recorder yeah, becausewe can see when it pops up yeah yeah my ears beliny it on my ear. OhJesus, I I I thought you meant. Like your actual, like then go. That's me. Ithink I broke something to my air, because if I lay on it the wrong way, Ican't hear anything about her an to, like, I think, Popanilla I can't hearout of. I think it's because I hope I E R N A to fan probably broke somethingJesus. I do it all the time I've, like fifty percent hearing in my right, ear,wow. What is on my Msee One? WHO has temperature problems? Yeah, you don'tget to say what's wrong with well, my mom used to play music to eleven thecar when my ears were developing. So I have really fitty here when my earswill developing as if that's a real thing, it is the fucking writ my guy.That's way. You said it makes it sound like a ton o me just let it bleed, I wefind im over yeah. I don't want scabby earshome, so ha your can see it anyway. You have too long. I love your hair, you better throw itback. Fort Breaks back, every's been heavy and aschaotic episode. No it's not no, it's not person, it's not the most chaoticit will be. It was catchen. We didn't do the scripter when we changed theending or at the beginning. No, when we changed the beginning, O Anina wasn'tbecause that was just like fine like we did all right yeah. I think it was whenwe did drugs. What I'm doing on right now, Jesus Jesus, Sass, Jesus, Mary andgo SAT Jose, save us when the fire n, the form of the son and the wholespirit, Amen, fall son and the Holy Ghost and she is, is casere usuallyhave like something in my hands that I'm playing with, but I didn't break itbecause I was like Oh yeah, I recording. I is fun, that's why that's why I'mknitting? Oh yeah, I put that up her brush aoh quickly, everyone hand annyand anny and Sanin Peep Fasani, it's...

...the Sammy. A sometimes you seeSantissimi was I thicket a huge bottle had sometimes at my house that was justyeah, l, finally, Bout Oo that we stand. I remember that I I remember you. What do you remember about me? Nothing! You don't exist, oh anyway, back to aback to what we re talking about yeah. How is giving going Yeah Aby tellsabout it. Well, you know I actually have a similar destation period tohumans and stuff. What about ten months, like yeah nine to ten months and actually, if they're carrying bowlsthey'll, have l longer s station period as opposed to carrying hypers? Whattype as girls falls her boys? Oh really! Yes! What's is that literally all youknow for now pretty mad one time a my Biolo gotdigestive good, oh from a cow Jeez, because she was like helping with itand, like I said they were like feeling inside of a cous stomach, okay, and Ithink the college something happened with Rupchu and so that goose float allover. Oh in places what you should not be yeah like hope, I didn't have anyway I can. I really go so not be an now. Why would you take that or my head,because this okay, okay, what I have to sex? My English teacher? I do it thingy God e, the English teacher, butEnglish teacher, okay, okay, okay, it's been the way all spend the way, alloptions, so hell, Jackson, Mary Avery, Give Self New Tasso. I feel like youhonestly. I feel like you're talking to me. You do this all the time in the podcastwe it's like. It's not even like, like my God, Somebody's calling me it's mymom stop recording yeah, so drugs. As we were saying, we werenot saying, okay so funny, so I have a crown in my room because I don't knowwhy I think I was going to be a Kane following and I cowithe a yeas one doesso I have this crown o that I just have so what? If, whenever it's a topic beafter wear, the crown I could tell me to speak come have to treat the crowdround. I could vie with that. Yeah Yeah have you had lies? Yes, I can't tell ifyou're joking, no, if I like you for my life like not recently, but I have hadlife like who hasn't had lice before in the life me really. Yes, the fuck iswrong with you get out. Oh my God. We need to. We need to make.We need to make every laugh. Yes, why Pussy Jackson, you guys, can see. No, youguys can see your laugh.

No, you can not do it, because I wantto sure what averis laugh looks like why, because it's Hilarious, I know youtexted me the other day you were like I love when your laugh shows up it's socute. It just goes out a due tickled. No finsen touch your neck. Why? I'll,probably laugh eventually all yea ye show you the pressure on me pressurelaugh, laugh, wait of the Jina look like it looks like an UNZIP stop. Anyway, let's get into our topic todaySimon and drag Jenny literally right here home. I thinkyou're on God. Can you read? Okay, no anyway, following up on a following up on last week's topic onsex and gender is androgeny. Where are you I'm fucking dilly withjust keep just? I know what I do, I'm just doing my da it's a I'm literallyjust doing my job all right. Okay, we've talked a little bit aboutAndrogeny in terms of expression, which is how some like to dress. Do theirhair makeup or look a certain way. Expression does not equal gender. Sorry guys dig Yep genders what we feelexpressing it doing to the do. You want to the Paoagain the whole one just because you had some other like minor things thatmessed up. That's fine thing: okay, a andrade following up lastweek's topic on of sex and gender, all sidestep a minute. Take a minutebreath it's! Okay! If you mess up, you will free to just take a minute and re.Do it all right got it like just so green? Take your self a following up. Last week's topic on sexand gender is androgeny. Customer Sois is much ride. You got this come on. It's gocome on. We've talked a little bit about Androgeny in terms of expression,which is how some like to dress. Do the hair make up or look a certain way?Expression does not equal gender. Gender is what we feel expression iswhat we show and Dragen can refer to a state of biological, aesthetic oremotional forms of expression, and is the combination of femininity andmasculine, which, if you guys remember last week's episode that that is what the pause of coldsgenda is yea. When we took that quiz yeah, a Jognis, we were in the middle,so a Jorjan can apply to close your hallmakeup shoes, socks, Pisin, anything and everything to blend in the mouthanity and femininity into what is Reford as an Abigeos, anbigs for in Psycho logy...

...and psychology and Jurgen is a bland ofmaster and fentiman trait Okar characteristics such as a sort of nessdominant God. We're not saying a OIE's. Our Favorite Jack Ripper was an unidentified serialkiller activist denied or a Jugeny can be applied to closehell, makeup shoes, socks, piercings, anything and everything to blent, cocoon appropriate. Like one up, I nodo not. Joy can be applied to close hair, make up shoes, socks, pissing,anything and everything to blend masculinity and femininity into what isreport as an ambitionist pom, basically combine it's confined into a combinefrom together in love, maybe not love, but not love, but well you never knowif you can't like one of the attractions, it's one of the attractionyeah like. If you look at someone who can't tell I go, yeah, go a go. Watchour attractive thing to know what kind of a love that Mathematicam nity have so in Psychology Andong, I'm saying sowrong, but is a bled of Masha and venom traits apart ste such as a sort of ness,Davenant, toughness and gentleness, but you could just solenoid this basicallythe same thing: it's fine! It's, Oh, my God that was supposed to be likesubmissive, a sort of in dominance, a fucking thingas well submission versus dominance. Yeah! Oh my God, in biology, a googe isreferred to as an individual who presents as intersects whether throughtheir home owne, a reproductive anatomy and dory has become more presidentpresent present. Judging has become more of a thing withthe rise of Fenis and frequenly occurred to great mythology, fun factfrom your friend Avery speaking through Jackson, because I fucking love,Adamooli Yeah, the ward agronomy comes from the male Ados and female gin inGreek and Latin, a sound stone. No, it's not it's cool, because men inGreek is antres. Now we know what like Samon does to the entire podcast. Justplease getting just gogles random shit. I love it. What is happening to go fuck that Kaymy turn a h? What what because the line between gender can beso blurred, like we've already discussed in sex and gender episode, aswell as not binary and Dragen, can be a...

...blanket term for anyone who considersthemselves non gender conforming and keep in mind that non gender conformityrefers to like anything so like gender, trades characteristics, appeals andappearance. Therefore, someone could consider themselves to be androgynousand still identify his female. So that's like how I said last week I useandrogeos expression yeah, I use she or pronous, and I do bike like I considermyself to be female. This is where taking out now scaring me holders all right and grose can be seen as just anotheridentity. So it's important to remember that the way one person may identifyAndrogynes is not the same as another person you will identify as in Cratinus,just like every other termin identity. We discuss here. It is unique to youand you have no obligation to explain yourself to anyone and Gerasenes peoplecan be of any sexuality. As long as it feels right to you and also non binarypeople, don't know you, Andrew Aginy, yeah, facts, yeah yeah, to remember that you aren't alone and howyou feel think I choose to look. I mean it's. It's me that I'm going tored it just because, okay, sorry, it's me that I'm going to text you if I hearthat on that will I do and then you would not be lit now andthen we'll give ye the bad pots for the next week's Oho. Anyway, I e toremember that you are not alone and how you feel think choose to look again.That is your own choice and expression. There are hundreds aspects to ajohndrew and thousands of people who exhibit this expression every singleday. Do you on Recu research and have fanning to your mentin wether, a man,an scort, a woman in a suit or something in between in a Cape with thefuck? That's like so I figure that, like your dream, I don't know. I was just like thinkingof something like not binary wearing vampire things. Well, YOU BA! Well,your ballad is fuck Rochas fuck all day every day, h we do an episode where,like it's something, that's bad and we just say you're, not all of us fuck I mean, like we've said that, liketrump is in violates fuck yea like the topic is not supposed to be pelleasfuck. Why? I don't know why? Oh my God, Ijust internal phobia, are you into Ali on a phobia? Oh, no! Definitely not myparents, never your parents make sure you wont they did. What was that like?It was really awesome. I wit you know like for your parents, not to hate, notto hate gay people. I mean my mom would like walk in on me, like playing withtwo dolls like making them kiss and she'd, be like. Oh, are theygirlfriends you sit in like cam mummy yeah they? Iwas like Yeahs to why the well yeah growing up. She was alwayslike you know. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend yeah, like always kindof gave me those two options. So when I, like kind of to you, were raised bysexual yeah in a way she my mom knew I...

...was gay, but she also wondered if I wasjust trains to my mom, never wondered yeah, you MonProbably. Did she just didn't one like tell you. What do you have on your short? It's apowder. You have crap. Did you go? That's Dander? Oh my God. IT'S CRYSTALMATS! Oh my God, my banon crystal be. What dowe do I'll cold film, the Farm Gonad it the ranch. Pleaseknow we have to our babies doing drugs- ohmy God and she's not going up now. Oh my God, God we've lost her a we have to pray.We have to posthorn. There's I'm editing! All of that. I know.There's H: D Corn, no, not the pot about Dr Pill just the spot. I know:There's: D: Corn, there's black corn, there's mature corn, that's awful! Oh my God! You actuallyknow that, like the yellow corn is recessive really yeah. So what othercorn is there? Buffel yeah BOCOCK OP is the common one. It's more dominant corn has just beengenetically modified Hankin, no actually want to ney you yeah aswhat the fuck do you well well. Well, we got to go guys O we go togenetically modify semon. So that's going to take a few days, but I guesswe guess we we'll see you we'll see you next week, because we always come backyeah, no matter how far you try to end the PODCAST, we're not done yet bullstart find will find you will find you. I fucking use your voice in our podcast.Don't even try and even try it fish, don't even fucking try, but we hope to see you next week, ifnot what you fucking back a good rest, because it won't be that long. What isthere anything else to add the? That is what I yahwe need to go: Get Beveragesnow, I'm jack the rip a anyway good bye you about his Fuck Bo.

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