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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Androgyny


TODAY! The House of Cards finally meet up and record together! We talked about so much, but our topic was androgyny. We hope you will tune in next week for queerplatonic relationships! If you can't, that's all right have a good rest of your life, remember that you are valid as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism

Hello, welcome to the House of cause and LGBT podcast. My name is Jackson. What is my name? What is the name again? I have a name. I don't have a name. I'm dead. My name is Jackson and this is house of cards. In real life, in hid hi, I'm some old I. You See, they pronounced and I've been saying at Jackson's house. It's not even real life. It's not even real life. It's just all in the same word. Yeah, I'M A ran. I usually her pronouns. And Yeah, this weekend we've been sorry, you were in our dacted. Yeah, you live and redacted. We've been fucking up. Redacted, but I'm gonna yeah, yeah, UM, Promo. Know, yeah, I know. You can follow us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock as house of cards podcast. They were just brought out her knitting. I like, what's up the old the only reason why you run your knitting just so that we could, because we have, because I usually knit drink while we required. I like sit in my bed and I got all snug out of him. My blanket's killed like twice. Go Yeah, I died like three times a week. Not even so. What's really weird is on the jogman where we have a script. It's like I always see my view of it, but now I'm seeing like those and I can see my little icon, and it's weird in me out. I love your little icon. It's so cute. I mean, I can't see mine because my thing, my screedia. Like, yeah, my window isn't thick enough. Jackson looks to edit the script while we're talking and it fucks me up. So I go into viewing mode. So, yeah, see, you don't see the editing. Yeah, okay, there doesn't trip me up. I think now I lose. Wait, I want it. Let's test it right now. I saw. So go to my script. Pop, you're right. Oh, there's your little pictures on my screen. Just like to wear my thinness. Yeah, and if I go it doesn't yet it doesn't seems weird. Your guys's screens are so small. How can you read that? It's so tiny. Month you Jackson. It's because you blind. I cannot. I can't read that. Actually, it's too far from my eyes to read. I'm blind. Actually too. We're go blind. What was your befotage, are we all? I didn't grab one and grab beverages. He so as you coming down to someone's like we need to grab a beverage's beverage, and I'm like, okay, so I got a Dr Pepper and they come down it with nothing. I know. I was like you were packing, because I want to get out of here and rip. I just like will cut up all the pots in the next year. It to love and make a wish. I wish that and that happens. I wish that Jackson would have murdered me. I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was...

...on baller. I wish I had a girl who look good. I'll a call who. I wish I had a rabbit and a hat with ever and a sixfom father. That's for like all I know. Sorry, I'm gonna just kill you like I god, we actually murdered hither Jesus. That's the get. Just been like rope punching me this whole weekend. So Weird. I don't mean too. That's good. That's the game. Today we're going to do real life. Today, we'll be talking about jigs. That now today, as these are fucking whack those movies over there will be talking about how Jackson seems to have the entire ambulant series on his bookshelf. I do what I said. I do think I've ever read that. I never read it, but I knew people who were obsessed with it. I think it's a cool concept. Have you read it? I read like the first book where like the person dies. What the yeah, every single book with a person dies. Yeah, which book is that? Not like so many? I think it's the first one where like the parents died in a car accident. I don't know, spoiling, is it, Dad Grip? Oh my God, right, only the day. You don't. It's okay, I never read those. Yes, because you're gay. I am so straight up. Huh then? Why did you read them straight? That does not sound right. That was a recurr really among us in real life. Oh my God, you suck at everything you ever do. I'm gonna spit on better. The fact that you can in realize. I know our recording. This is so whacked to me, like I would have spit on you. I would have kicked you out. I know, I, yeah, I if I go, if we don't start making episodes off to this. One of either one, two of us are all of us have died, and that sucks me. You know, what are we going to do about? Yeah, yeah, fact, like, are you okay? My laptop so a little bitams cute. We need to a random, random topic. We cow, pric cow giving ball. Oh my God, are you guys both obsessed with that? Lee? So, so, it's happening in my book. So, me and me and so, we'll all writers. But one of us does really cool music and they little. Two of us do really long and hard con well, hard and want to kill ourselves. Novels. Yeah, yeah, I can't write novels for the life of me. I have a chalkboard while and I used to do my storyboarding on it and I was kind of sick and then it just it did not work using my mind. Yeah, I don't story about. I story about after I write the entire thing. What, Oh my God, no, it's because if I storyboard I'm not going to get it's like going to say, I need to just write all down, and that's my that's a good thing. I'll go back and I'll edit it all in my essays. I how do you help? I did say. I don't edit at them, I just write them. It was in thirty minutes. In them out novel. Wise I have to plan everything I write to grandmoly rotten, like when you because I was probably going to edit my novel. When you read it, all you're going to be doing is grammarly fixing, like fixing grandma. Oh, yeah, absolutely, and I hope if you feel like doing that, I would. I would literally marry you, like I would put a bring on your finger.

Anyway. Hope. Thanks. No, we will be no, that wasn't. That wasn't at a press. That was a command. Those are going, Oh, the Seventh Commandments. When she's write, this is women rights. We don't know that. Nor. What the Hell? No, Jackson, just checking, like how long we've been recording for every five minutes it's yeah, I don't want it to be like short. You really have it up on your computer screen. You can just read off my computer or you're Oh, I still wonted up there because of pick. You guys going to panic the time showing? No, Oh, no, I don't think I would. Yeah, but I mean you guys don't see the time or anyway, but I do. So you guys never experience knowing how long we've been quoting. Well, I see, yeah, but we seemer we see the skype time are. Yeah, like how long we've been on call, how long we've been recording. We've been on call, but I pay attention to how long we were on call before recording. Yeah, because we can see when it pops up. Yeah, yeah, my ears bleeding? Why? Let me see, I had a sit on my ear. Oh, Jesus, I thought I thought you meant like your actual like thank out of that's me. I think I wrote something in my ear, because if I laying it the wrong way, I can't hear anything of that ear until, like, I think, pop it. Well, I can't hear out of I think it's because I poked my favor and I too far. Probably broke something. Jesus, I I do it all the time. I've like fifty percent hearing in my right ear. Wow, what is wrong? You Got Music Super Loud, says the one who has temperature problems. Yeah, yeah, you don't get to say what's wrong with well, my mom used to play music super love in the car when my ears were developing. So I have really shitty here. When my ears well, developing, as if that's a real thing. It is. The fucking rip, my guy. Now that's the way you said. It makes it sound like it's sound really just let it bleed. It be fine. I'm over. Yeah, I don't, scabby ears me so heavy ears. See it anyway. Your has too long. I love your hair. You better throw it back for us. Breaks back. Avery's been having a most chaotic episode, but now it's not. No, it's not. Person It's not the most chaotic it will be. It wasn't when we changed the ending or the beginning. Now, when we change them, be canny. Know any it wasn't because that was just like fine, like we did all right. Yeah, I think it was when we did drugs. What I'm doing them right now. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Mary. I got sayt Jose to save us from the fiery cards over the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, Amen Thought, the son of the all the ghost and Jesus. Chris Servis. I usually have like something in my hands, but I'm playing this. But I didn't break it because I was like, Oh yeah, we're recording. Gets Fun. That's why, that's why I'm knitting. Oh, yeah, I put that up. Hairbrush. Yeah, I'm pretty oh quickly, everyone hands, any hands? Annie and Sanny Peep, the Sannyas so Sammy, and sometimes... say santized. It was most riser. I remember what it was. EXON that like left a huge bottle of him sometimes out of my house. That was jess. Yeah, finally bought small that we stand. I remember that. I too. I remember you's. What do you remember about me? Nothing, nothing, you don't exist. Oh, anyway, back to I'm making back to what we were talking about. Yeah, how's giving born? Yoh, aby, tell us about it. But you know, they actually have a similar to station period to humans and stuff. What about ten months? Like yeah, nine to ten months, and actually, if they're carrying bowls, they'll have a longer gas station period as opposed to carrying hypers. What's Hyphas? Girls, balls are boys. Oh Really? Yeah, so what's it? Is that literally all you know? Ah, for now, pretty much. One time my bi Alt Teacho, got digestive good on Huh oh from a cow, Jeez, because she was like helping with it and, like I said, they were like feeling inside of a cow stomach. Okay, and I think the cow like something happened. What ruck shot, and so the goose float all over. Oh, in places. What good? SHOULD NOT BE? Yeah, like hope. I ain't anywhere I can really go. Should not be anywhere. Why would you teach that of my head? Because this, okay, okay, what I have to sex my English teacher. I'm doing the English too. Oh my God, keep the English teacher, the English teacher. Okay, okay, okay. It's been the wheel, it's been the way, all options. So they'll Jackson, marry avery, gives off new tattoo. I feel like you're honestly, I feel like you're talking to me. You do this all the time in the podcast. Well, it's like it's not even like, like my God, Somebody's calling me. It's my mom. Oh my God, recording. So drugs, as we were saying. We were not saying. Okay, so the Funny Day. So I have a crown in my room because I don't know why. I think it was going to be a keen folloween and covid hit. All right, as one does. So I have this crown now that I just have. So what if, whenever it's all topics be after wear the crown like it's all. Try to speak. I have to trade the crown on. I could vibe, but that. Yeah, have you had life? Yes, I can't tell if you're joking. Know if I liked before my life. It's not recently, but I have had like like. Who hasn't had lights before in the life? ME, really. Yes, what the Fuck is wrong with you? Get Out. Oh my God, we need to we need to make Um, we need to make every laugh. Yes, why, Pussy, you laugh, Jackson, you guys can see. No, you guys can see. You a laugh on the Thame. No, you can't over do it, because I want to... what avers laugh looks like. Why? Because it's hilarious. I know you texted me the other day. You were like, I love when your laugh shows up. It's so cute. It just goes out. No, don't know. I was gonna touch your neck. Why? I'll probably laugh eventually. All now. Yeah, we'll show you a good pressure on me, pressure, laughs, laugh. Way Of Vagina look like? It's looks like an unsupt asshole. Stop. Anyway, let's get into our topic today. Simone and Dr Jenny, that was feminine. What and literally right here, Homie, I think you're wrong it. Go ahead. Can You bread? Okay. Now, anyways, following up, I'm night and last three to following up on last week's topic on sex and gender is androgeny. Where are you? I'm fucking dealing with just keep just know what I do. I'm just doing my job. It's hard. I'm literally just doing my job. All Right, okay, we've talked a little bit about Androgyny in terms of expression, which is how some like to dress, do their hair makeup or look a certain way. Expression does not equal gender. Sorry, dies and then I can yep, gender is what we feel express in it. Don't do that. Do you want to the paragraph again, the whole one, just because you had some other, like minor things that you messed up? It's fine thing, okay, Androgeny, following up last week's topic on jet of sex and gender, and I'll just added. You'll just keep going. Take a minute, take a minute, breathe. It's okay. If you mess up, you will free to just take a minute and Redo it. All right, got it. Like just how free take yourself before you go. Following up last week's topic on sex and gender is androgyny. Customer service by so much righting. It's not the hell up you got this? Come on, let's go, come on. We've talked a little bit of out Androgyny in terms of expression, which is how some like to dress, through the hair, makeup or look a certain way. Expression does not equal gender. Gender is what we feel, expression is what we show, and Geogny can refer to a state of biological, esthetic or emotional forms of expression and is the combination of femininity and masculinity, which, if you guys remember last week's episode, that that is what the House of cards gender is. Yeah, when we took that quiz, yeah, Jogins, we were in the middle. So yes, a Joginy can apply to close your hair, makeup, shoes, socks, piercings, anything and everything, to blend in the masculinity and femininity into what is referred as an a bigness ful, a big US and big UUs, for in psyychology, Pope and at the ecology,...

I'm joginy is a blend of masculine and phenomon traits, Oh care, characteristics such as a sod ofness, dominant God. It's sho fuck up, we're not saying anything, are you looking at check? The ripple because he's not our favorite jacker. Ripper was an unidentified serial killer. activist. Denied. Sorry. A joginy can be applied to close hair, makeup, shoes, socks, piercings, anything and everything, to blent Google something appropriate the point up. But no, do not. A geology can be applied to close hair, makeup, shoes, socks, piercing, anything and everything, to blend masculinity and faminity into what is referred as an and bisionist phone. Basically combined. It's confined into a combined form together in love. Maybe not love, but not love. But well, you never know. If you can't like one of the attractions. It's one of the attraction. Yeah, like, if you look at someone girl, can't tell. If don't, yeah, go what? Go Watch our attractive thing to know what kind of love that math and femininity have. So in Psychology Andrology, I'm saying that so wrong. But is a blend of mask then and venom, traits of character, is sticks, such as a sort of ness, dominance, toughness and gentleness. What do you live and dominance of those basically the same thing. It's fine, it's fine. Oh my God, that was supposed to be like some missing a sort of a dominance't fucking things as well. Okay, whoops, submission versus dominance? Yes, Oh my God. In Biology, atology is referred to as an individual who presents as intersects, whether through their home, owns or reproductive anatomy and Jogy has become more present, present, present prest A. Judging has become more of a thing with the rise of Finnism and freekly code to Greek mythology. Fun fact from your friend a very speaking through Jackson, because I fucking love etymology. Yeah, the ward and dronlogy comes from the male Ados and female gin in Greek. In that one and dounds dumb. No, it's not, it's cool. Yeah, because men in Greek is antras. Now we know what like Simone does to the entire podcast. Just plays game, just Google's random shit. I love it perspentively. So what is happening to Google? Fuck that, okay, my turn. that. Oh what what? Because the line between gender can be so blurred, like we've already discussed in sex and gender episode, as well as nonbinary Androgeny can be a blanket term for anyone who considers themselves non...

...gender conforming, and keep in mind that non gender conformity refers to like anything, so like gender, traits, characteristics, appeals and appearance. Therefore, someone could consider themselves to be androgynous and still identifies female. So that's like how I said last week. I use androgenous expression and yeah, but I use she, her pronounce and I do bike like I consider myself to be a female. This is reading me out now, scaring me. I'll gars all right, and Grogny can be seen, is just another identity. So it's important to remember that the way one person they identify as a drowsiness is not the same as another person will identify as droginess, just like every other termin identity we discuss here. It is unique to you and you have no obligation to explain yourself to anyone. And rodiness people can be of any sexuality as long as it feels right to you. And also, non binary people don't owe you. Androgyny. Yeah, facts, yeah, yeah, true. Remember that you want to loan and how you feel. Think I choose to look. I'm gonna it's good that. I'm going to Redo it just because. Okay, sorry, it's me. I'm going to text you if I hear that on the will editing and then you would not be that now and then we'll give you the bad pots for the next week's Oh no, anyway, abreast, remember that you are not alone in how you feel. Think of choose to look again. That is your own choice and expression. There are hundreds of aspects to a Drahn G and thousands of people who exhibit this expression every single day. Do you own me to research and have fun experimenting with your a man as got a woman in a suit or something in between, in a Cape. What the fuck that's like? So Pacific? Is that like your dream? I don't know. I was just like thinking of something like non binary wearing vampire things. Well, your valid it. Well, you're valid as fuck through CHARLOTTA's fuck all day every day. If we do an episode where like it's something that's bad and we just say you're not Balad as fuck. I mean, like we've said that. Like trump is invalid as fuck. Yeah, but like the topic is not supposed to be valid as fuck. Why? I don't know. Why not? Oh my God, is this internalized homophobia? Are You internice homophobia? Oh No, definitely not. My parents never your parents made sure you want. They did. What was that like? It was really awesome. I wish, you know, like for your parents not to hate, not to hate gay people. I mean my mom would like walking on me, like playing with two dolls, like making them kiss, and she'd be like, Oh, are they girlfriends? I was sitting there like yeah, Mommy, yeah, they are. I was like, yeah, girl friends. My girl was like yeah, their wives. The why the fuck? Well, yeah, growing up she was always like, you know, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Yeah, like always kind of gave me those two options. So when I like kind of to your race, bisexual? Yeah, in a way she knew. My Mom knew I was gay, but she...

...also wondered if I was just trans to my mom never wondered. Yeah, you mom probably did. She just didn't want to like tell you. What do you have on your short it's a powderhart. You have cracked, did you? Oh, that's damned her. If that's Ah my God, it's crystal math. No, which, Oh my God, Oh my God, my baby, nobody crystal my baby's doing crystal math. What do we do? I'll call Dr Phil the farm and I'm listen to the ranch please what we have to all baby is doing drugs, oh my God, and she's not going up now. Oh my God, my God, we've lost. Okay, we have to pray. We have to prove. There's popcorn. There's I'm editing all of that. I know. There's HD corn. No, not the pot, about Dr Phil, just the spot. I know there's HD corn. There's black corn. There's mature corn. That's awful. Oh my God, you actually know that? Like the yellow corn is recessive. Really? Yeah, so what other corn is there? Buffal? Yeah, well, buffle corns, black, purple, black popple is the common one. It's more dominant. Corn has just been enetically modified. Hanky. No, actually, I'm fire you. Yeah, please, what the fuck? Well, well, well, we gotta go, guys who? We gotta genetically modify some ound. So that's going to take a few days, but I guess we'll guess, we'll, we'll see you, will see you next week, because we always come back. Yeah, no matter how far you try to end the PODCAST, we're not done yet. I'll start kind you will find. You will find. You fucking use your voice in our podcast. Don't even try. And even try it, bitch, don't even fucking try, but we hope to see you next week. If not, watch your fucking back and a good rest of your life, because it won't be that long. What is there anything else to add? Lla Is Fuck Um. Yeah, we need to go get beverages now. I'm Jack The ripper. Anyway, goodbye, you bout as fuck. Bye.

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