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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Alliances


Today! we talked about alot of things, one of which was Alliances, which was our topic today, and as of alliances we are talking about, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, or rainbows clubs! Take a listen if ya wanna get a better understanding of Alliances. As always, We hope to see you next week, if not, have a good rest of your life! and remember you are valid as fuck! 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Homiseexuals. I'm avery and I fuckwhat. Welcome to that ass of Chris at lgbt to prodcast what? Idon't know. I mean I just it's I had some pop form, butthat's pretty normal. Who knows? Hello, it's because I got a new haircutand I'm hot as fuck. anyways, we could. Yeah, yeah,pretty hot, pretty hot. Hello, I'm Jackson. Yeah, we're allhaving a strunk. Apparently, await uses she hope pronouns, by theway, and I use he. Then pronouns he, then he them in. They they then hi. I'm Simone. I use the she pronouns and I'mdrinking a niced coolfee, as one does. Why are you? BecauseI can. I'm also crocheting a titty hole. or It's wonderful beauty.Hey, I should crochet a titty holder. You should, please. But whatI'm asking avery, what titties? Did you just titty shame mom?Yeah, rude. I'm flabergasted. Okay, if you want to find us onsocial media so that you can hear us titty shame a reason all.Yeah, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast ontwitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock, which we still don't havethe password. Two at House of cards podcast. Yeah, Jackson, what? Sorry, sorry with that. Sorry, what good? What's the Post Bard? So every days here. I think I'm going through a tunnel.If you do, you hear that, but I'm so lupus. Is thisa joke? Maybe they really very bad at picking up on. Joe,I struggle. Me and Jackson are being mean to each other because it's whatwe do, what we do. How was your guys as week then?It's been pretty good. Not gonna lie. Why? Because I've been working.Oh, how's that been? You're doing skip the dishes, Potos.Right, okay, you need to cut that out, because what I'm doingis illegal. What. Okay, anyway, yeah, how has you a newdropping? It's been pretty good. I have made a total of fiftyexcellent. Wow, that is not a lot. I know, like Shit. Why? Could? Probably cause she's a girl. You know a lot. That's probably true. I'm gonna be honest. Yeah, that's probably true. Oh my God. Speaking of though, so I hate going to get likemy hair cut at places that aren't like a fucking barber shop, butwe don't. We don't have one where I live. So, like Ihad to go to the hairdresser and the rates on upon the window. It'slike men's cut twenty, women's cut forty, and I'm like, Brossi, whatthe fuck, I'm getting a man's hair cut. anyways. That's literallywe literally, like just we just posted...

...about feminism and the Patriarchy and it'salready coming up in our real life. Like life just sucks, literally,does now for me die? No, I'm good. I'm too good atbeing a man anyway. Um, rude. You know, I got like youknow what someone what you've been paid for? I've gotten intents for myjob. Yeah, well, I mean, okay. So, to be fair, I haven't been working that much. I got tipped twenty dollars actually thelast time I was working and I was like I'm going to call ita night. I'm a migraine. I've only I haven't worked that much either. I've worked twice for two hours total. Yeah, I'm talking about my path. Two shifts ill longer. Your shift. Three hours. Yeah,I had two shifts and they were both one hour. So you have tochoose when you're done. Yeah, so whose fault? Is that mine?I just get migrains because I've been delivering through all of like the storms thathave been happening where I live, and it sucks. Lit's. Yeah,that kind of that. That definitely does not sound fun. I love storms, though, personally. Oh yeah, I for them, I love watchingthem and I love when they happen, but I don't like being stuck inthem. That makes me anxious. Yeah, dode still, the hail got soloud one time it was terrifying. I love all about storms, like, if I was going to die, I'd want to die through a storm. What? No, but dude, there were like sent afterwards. Iknow, right. We live in close enough range that I got the samestorm. I know, but dude, it got so loud while I waslike waiting, you know, it got Sela red. What do you dowhen you're waiting for deliveries? Do you just kind of like stand there andwe so I go with my brother and we park in a parking lot andwe play games. Or we talked about God. There's no in between.Exile, is you. This got me thinking about the stanic temple and whilethey like this Atanic temple and how they are so much better than the charge. Literally, like what? Yeah, okay, so they're tenants. TheSatanic Temple has tenants instead of commandments, and they're all about freedom, likethe yeah, they don't worship Satan, by the way. And one ofthem is literally like bodily autonomy. And one of them, one of them, is like if you are like disrespect someone else's freedoms, are all againstsomeone else's freedom, you give up your own freedoms. Yeah, and Ilove it. It's literally soapoggers. It is vibes. I guess everybody getsbad raps for them because like Satan, but like, come on, yeah, and there's atheistic, polytheistic and theistic Satanists. Yeah, because satanism actuallyisn't about PSYCHA. Yeah, it's just about how can you be an atheist? Like say, okay, because Satanism is more like a way of lifethan a religion. So it's not based around the worship of Satan. It'snot based around the worship of anything. The main thing is trying to allowfor freedom of females, freedoms of the up community, freedoms of people ofcolor. That's what they're trying to get. Just sounds like feminism. Yeah,but the high still don't understand, like the atheist, how you canbe as so the what I was hold from someone is the reason why theydo it is to bypass because people respect...

...religion more than they respect other things. So like calling it a religion, they end up respecting them more.Does that make sense? But it's it that it's stilled. It's doesn't makesense in my head. It's fine, no, describe. I want tolike, let's talk about this. This is the whole one of this.Talk about it. Let's go on. Come on, because it's like justbecause of the word atheist, that means like not believing. It's just likekind of contradicting the whole of the whole thing. How you can be likean atheist. Of was something. They just don't believe in, an idol. Basically, they don't believe in a higher pam or like a club.Yeah, that's it. It's yeah, they just they're working a higher power. They believe in themselves. The word is it's just the wording fucks meover because it's consciously way just hold atheism just the wording of atheist. Thatdoesn't EXC that's announce my question. I'm as like the ward atheism or likejust how the sentence sounded. The sentence like a seism within a religion.Yeah, that, yeah, contract. It's just they just call, Ibelieve they called a religion to bypass some of the People's thought process. Youknow what I mean. They're trying to manipulate the system, as should.Actually in America, did you know that legally, if abortion is illegal,anyone who's a satanist is allowed to get one still because it's part of theirfreedoms of religion? Freedom of religion? Oh, that's fuck you hog.You know, in Canada Church and state are not separated. I I thinkthat's an Tue. They should be. It's original constitution that the church isthought of it. We talked about how cres state aren't separated. Yet wethe church affects all government less than the American government. Talking how? Ihave no idea. It's just it's screwed up. That's so weird right.I swear to God it's the Americans. Sometimes just I look at them andI'm like, what what happened? What happened? Now? They're built different. They have all been differend they are. I think that's enough for us talkingabout politics today. Let's move on. There's a literally fucking politics later inthe episode. anyways, let's get into it. What are we gettinginto? Alliances, those at our Tallet. We love alliances. We stand.We do we stand? Technically here we are an alliance. Yeah,we got the three of us here. Join us. Wrote Gay Ace HomeboBipan Killer Dad. That was Jackson. I deleted it, but because you'rein dream and you don't get to see when I delete my things. Ohwhat is she change? I'm in viewing mode, so it's easier. So, like, if you guys are editing something, I don't get distracted.Sometimes be an issue if we have to change something in the script, butI have a crippling attention disorder, Jackson, and I know I'll just it.Just means we have to tell you if, like, Hey, youneed to like get out of it and re enter it because we change somethingthat's important, or just change things beforehand. anyways, wel good, let's doit. Sometimes I don't really properly. Okay, a me too. Oneof the best things about being lgbtq plus is the community, other thanthe widespread access to the community nowadays, Akab Internet, ilgbt Qi plus peoplehave often what that's wrong. Often have things called alliances. Why is myone eye blurry? That's not fun.

Oh well, you've most likelier her. But what to say about that? It's fine, I'm seking my doctornext week. anyways, foggers Hogg, or it's not really I'm anxious asfuckney likely heard about something called a GSA, which is a gay straight alliance.So GSAS are mostly in enterprises like schools. Oh sorry, I didn'tmean to interrupt you. I just had a thought. Some GSA's also goby gender and Sexuality Alliance instead of Gay Straight, to be more inclusive.So, okay, I pusson before someone. Can You? Can you not dothat? I wasn't. It says that later in the grave. Ifwell, I'm still say I feel like it should have been. I'm justsaying my preference. There is that one, just because I like it, Ithink it sounds cool, and also I don't like straight people anyway.All right, we at that being said, just because it might be called aGSA doesn't mean that it's just for gay people. GSAS are about creatingan environment of student led acceptance, regardless of orientation, sex, gender orrace. Valid as fuck. GSA's might also be called Rainbow Clubs currently.Wait, what? Yeah, you guys have never heard that? No,Oh my God, the one at my school is a Rainbow Club. Imean it's probably called that because, like it's a Catholic school and they don'twant to explosively say like gay. But yeah, I've heard that some arerainbow clubs and that there's even like some in elementary schools that are known asRainbow Clubs, and that's like is supposed to like for elementary is to kindof like introduce that diversity and idea of orientation. Oh Nice, okay,currently there are about four thousand GSAS in the US and GSA's are all aboutfostering community, producing discrimination, embracing diversity and encouraging leadership. I just wantto say it's not in there, but in Canada there was the Gusa Board, which is a largist school boat in Canada represents nearly six hundred schools,and so it's more than two hundred and Fiftyzero students. EATO all. MySchool is one of those schools. We actually attached to the Gusa Board ofCanada. R boy going to stock. Jason Jackson School almost just Gason Rickdid not Jason Closing Mom. There's good it going on. Fourth documented,JSA was created in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight when a gay teacher, Kevin Genie, Gina Gena Jennings, sont Jenny Jen John. Frank Yeah, I could. An Academy in Massachchusetts was approached by a straight student,Meredith storling, who founded the treatment against gay and o those who found thetreatment like, oh, sorry, I thought, like sickness. I'm likethose not a sick who found the treatment against gays and others to be disproutimation. Yeah, anything. Ever, Kevin Jinning, I'm going to say Jenny, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you. I know it hurts you. Iknow it does. I know it does. Later went to co foundthe gay, Lesbon and straight education network in Boston in one thousand nine hundredand ninety. The quote the Concorde Academy. JSA HAS SINCE BEEN RENAMED AS THEGENDER SEX alliance because inclusive tivity. GSA've in Alberta faced discrimination back intwo thousand and seventeen. Two Thousand and eighteen, when a new Alberta proposalrequired teachers to inform parents if a student joined a gay friendly group. Fuckthat. Most, if not all, backlash regarding this proposal was directed towardsJason Kenny, leader of the UCP,...

...which I didn't put the acronym inthere, but it's United Concert of United Conservative Party of Alberta. Jason Kennyhas a funny penis. He does, actually it's been yeah, he wasthe one. Basically you like came up with the idea. At least that'swhat we've been told. And you know, like, despite protests, like includingschool walkouts that, like I myself participated in. Die. Yeah,it was passed anyways with Jason Kenny's election and has taken away the protections andconstitutional rights of Lgbtqi a plus students. I got so upset about this earlierwhen I was writing it, I had to go outside and I pulled weedsbecause I this once again. This one's can get that that a free isactually a grandmother. Thank you. Oh my God, I was talking withmy mom earlier and she was like you should make a reassured but says I'mnot like other GRANDMAS, I'm a teenager. Oh my God, no, please. That would be this coolest fucking thing that would be so concerning topeople. I might just fucking make myself one. Oh my God, I'mwriting that down. I love your mom, Dude. Right, samone's mom isa male parish. Okay, wait, Iver, are you done your paragraph? Yes, I am all all right. Okay, GSAS can savelife. That's hilarious. Sorry, especially the student in question is at riskat home because of their identity as lgbtq plus. By being allowed to outstudents, Alberta has put its LGBTQ, I. A plus students at riskand has taken away a safe space. That being said, this only appliesto GSA's in the regard that a GSA is explicitly requested and formed by studentsand supervised by teachers. So what we're basically saying is to take your friendsunderground if you or other LGBT members are at risk. As long as youother LGBT students and or allies don't exclusively aligned with the school as a club, teachers and staff have no right to alert your parents. Go be allon the law, break it. Actually, my town has a GSA as wellowschool, and all school does not follow that proceder whatsoever. Augur's valid. Like no, no parents have been told about anything the wold. Theworld is in a perfect place, but having alliances and communities and and anyplace where you can feel safe and be yourself out having to apologize, makesit a little bit better. Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone deserves a chanceto feel like themselves, no matter closet not or what your home environment islike. No one deserves to be silence oppressed, and anyone who fights againstthis, which could be anyone in your community. But for about it.Jason Tinney and the easy be oh not felt it as fuck. You,though, all that as fuck unless you are considered one of the categories whereyou silence or press others. Than Jason Kenny is not realid as fuck.Yeah, I just said that. I wanted to reiterate it because it's important. It very much is. Why was that delayed, though? What?Because I'm Carchia, okay, I'm like a movie notes to the next boughtand Simone's like, wait, don't worry about it. I'm worried about it. But going going back to what I...

...was saying, Peop all under thedegree of you, science or oppress people. You're not those fuck. I'm sorry, not really, but you're not. But the rest of you, youall, you are vols. fucking always will be, unless you scienceor oppress others. Keep yourself another safe. I'm sorry, pulled up a freeput. Keep Yourself. Keep Yourself. When I was safe, literally begained crime. I'm sorry. Doing crimes is not safe. What doyou want here? A Free Noo? Begat you crying. Go outside thelaw. Don't keep others safe and be gay and do crimes. They can'treport you if you don't rip. I'm not saying that that is to afrect, that is to a free I can't say that anyway. Go forthand be valid as fuck. I'm going to try that again without someone interruptingme. Go for us and be valid as fuck. You know, ifyou're not well, we'll come and take your knee. Coups only vous reportyou if you're not registered as an actual club. Yeah, I think we'vestated that enough. Maybe don't worry. It has to be known it.I think it's known. I'm good. I'm looking out for the years.You are the UN. I don't think you know this, avery, butyou are only a small age, I can still look out for the youth. We talk about her, like, in a few months, a reason, not going to be a minor anymore. Oh My, Oh sucks that,no thanks, I'm going to be a major. Oh dear, I'mgonna be a major. That's how I refer. That's how I refer togrown ups occasionally, because people under eighteen are called miners. So like,why wouldn't people over eighteen be called majors? It, like it just makes sensein my brain. I be called like farmers, because we're minors.So like we're mining, like minerals and stuff. So adults obviously farm stuff. I think avery's makes more sense, but I do think that both ofyou are major. Painting my ass. Yep, I love that. Sorry, that's my starphone. anyways, excuse me, why do you have tointerrupt us? Why? I had a what I would her literally having aconversation. Know, like, why do you have to interrupt the MOE,the mood? Also, why did you? What do you mean that stuff?What are you talking about? Strap on? Your what strap on?Also, I do want to rehiterate, whenever Simone makes a your mom,dope, simone is your mom. Aka Simone, is making fun of himself. That's that's the whole thing. We decided that a few episodesgo. Ijust want to remind that for our new viewers, those simone is your newmom. Yes, apparently, I don't know. I'm about. Sounds likea threat. Oh my God, Ah, parent lie, Oh my God,there's such a door avery. I love it. I think that's whatwe're going to end it for today. I think I'm tired of these tworude as fuck. Meanwhile, we're staying on, but I'm even at wellpodcast. Well, I'm still valid as fuck, though, but you're rudeas fuck, but I'm still valid as fuck. Well, I hope tosee you guys next week. If not, I hope you have a good restof your life and make sure that you do actually keep yourself another safe. The world can be dangerous, and don't get yourself for it over anargument. Okay, carry a flashlight or you know, like selfdefense. No, that's illegal in Canada. We can't promote that. Know what's no,it's not. There's a knife limit.

You can have a limit of aknife. No, I'll explain it later, but anyways, yeah, no,this is the place this is literally the place to explain it. Oh, okay, so in Canada you can't carry it. So context is reallyimportant in Canadian laws. So if you're carrying something, even as self defense, it's technically considered carrying with intent to harm. So you actually can't carryanything like knives, bear spray, Taser, anything like that without like potentially beingarrested for holding it. But did and you didn't? You say therewas like a limit of a knife that you couldn't oh, there are stilllimits on knives, but that's another limit on self defense weapons. Is Youcan't actually carry a self defense weapon. That's what the fuck, because you'recarrying it with the intent to harm somebody technically. But we can, wecan all agree that. Yeah, yeah, Oh my God. But anyway,do you keep you yourself another safe, and that does include if you havea self defense weapon. Please make sure you don't have it. Wink, wink, wink, wink. Wing you gay do crime. Don't docrime. Reality, crimes will just be add a back think stigma to begay. Anyway, I will see you next week. If not, havea good rest of your day and if you enough to add valid is fuck. That was a beautiful melody. It was actually very good on you.

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