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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Alliances


Today! we talked about alot of things, one of which was Alliances, which was our topic today, and as of alliances we are talking about, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, or rainbows clubs! Take a listen if ya wanna get a better understanding of Alliances. As always, We hope to see you next week, if not, have a good rest of your life! and remember you are valid as fuck! 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Call me sexual i'm avery and i fuckquite welcome to the as of cars and lgbt fuchau o. I don know. I mean i just i have somepop for, but that's pretty normal. Who knows hello, be it's because i gota new haircut and i'm hot as fuck anyways. We could yeah yeah pretty hot, prettyon hello. I'm jackson, yeah we're all having a strunk apparently are uses. She hope pronouns by the way,and i use he then pronous even be them imbeded hi, i'm simon, i use the she pronounsand i'm drinking and ice coffee as one does. Why are you because i can i'm also coaching a tittyholder, it's wonderful gaudy g. I shoud crocher a tone holder. Youshould at i'm asking avery what tithes did youjust kitty? Shame mom yeah rude, i'm flavor, gasted! Okay! If youwant to find this on social media that you can hear us, it shame aversama yeah. You can find us on instagram at house of cards, underscore podcast ontwitter at lgbt underscore deck and on tick tack, which we still don't havethe pastor to at house of cards, podcast yeah jack. What sorry? So? What's that sorry, whatgive us the pass morse think i'm going through a tunnel eedyut, but i'm so isthis a joke, maybe real, very bad at picking up onjokes, i struggle me and jackson are being mean to eachother, because it's what we do it, what we do, how was your guys is weak? Thenit's been pretty good, not gonna lie. Why? Because i've been working? Oh, how has that ben you're doing skipthe dishes out as right? Okay, you need to cut that out, because what i'm doingis illegal hokay anyway yeah. How has you a new droppin? It'sbeen pretty good. I have made a total of fifty dollars excellent wow. That isnot a lot. I know like shit. Why? Probably because she's a girl, youknow er lot. That's probably true! I'm gonna be honest, yeah, that's probablytrue. Oh, my god, speaking of them, so i hate going to get like my hair cut atplaces that aren't like a fucking barber shop. We don't we don't have onewhere i live so like i have to go to the hair dresser and the rates on uponthe window. It's like men's cut. Twenty dollar women's cut forty dollars andi'm like brossy what the fuck i'm getting a men's hair cut. Anyways,that's literally, we literally like just we just posted about feminism andthe patriarchy, and it's already coming...

...up and over your life like life. Justsucks literally does not for me die. No, i'm good, i'm too good at benga man, anyway rum. You know i got like you know whatsomo, what you've been paid for. I've got an intense for my job yeah. Well, i mean okay, so to be fair, ihaven't been working that much. I got tipped twenty dollars actually thelast time i was working and i was like kay i'm going to call it and i'mmigraine i've only. I haven't worked that mucheither. I've worked twice for two hours: total yeah, i'm talking about my past twoships, a onrushese three hours yeah. I had two shifts and they wereboth one hour. Don't you have to choose when you're done yeah so whose fault is that mine? I just get migraines because i'vebeen delivering through all of like the storms that have been happening where ilive and it sucks and lits yeah. That kind of that that definitely does notsound fun. I love storms, though personally, oh yeah, i e for them. Ilove watching them and i love when they happen, but i don't like being stuck inthem. That makes me anxious. Yeah, do you so the hail got so loud. One timeit was terrifying. I love all about storms like if i wasgoing to die. I'd want to die through a strong, but no but dude. There werelike some sense in my r afterwards, i know where we live in close enoughrange that i got the same storm i know, but dude it got so loud. While i waslike waiting, you know it got sea red. What do you do when you're waiting fordeliveries? Do you just kind of like stand there and we've? So i go with mybrother and we park in a parking lot and we play games or we talk about god,there's no in between exois you. This got me thinking aboutthis ican temple, so i like this atonic temple and how they owe so much betterthan the church, literally like what yeah, okay, so their tenants.The satanic temple has tenants instead of commandments and they're all about freedom like theyeah, they don't worship sate by the way and one of the mostelle like bodilyautonomy and one of them. One of them is like, if you are like disrespect,someone else's freedoms or a against someone else's freedom. You give upyour own freedoms, yeah, and i love it. It's literally sopagers, it is vines, i guess yeah. Everybody gets bad raps for thembecause, like say ten, but like come on yeah and i there's atheisticpolytheistic anthistria yeah, because satanism actually isn't about like yeahit's just about. How can you be an atheist like safe? Okay, as satanism is morelike a way of life than a religion, so it's not based around the worship ofsatan. It's not based around the worship of anything. The main thing istrying to allow for freedoms of female freedoms of the gp community,freedoms of people of kalo. That's what they're trying to get just sounds likefeminism yeah, but that i still don't understand likethe athes, how you can be aters, so the what i was hold from someone is thereason why they do it is to bypass...

...because people respect religion morethan they respect other things, so they call im in to religion. They end uprespecting them more. Does that make sense, but it's in a it's still. It saeson make sensein my head. It's fine! No describe! I want to like. Let's talk about this.This is the whole one of this talk about it. Let's go on come on becauseit's like just because of the word atheist. That means like not believing,and it's just like kind of contradicting the whole the whole thinghow you can be like an atheist out, something they just don't believe in anidol. Basically, they don't believe in a high or like a club yeah, that's it it's yeah. They just they owein a high a pooty believe in themselves. The word is: it's just the word ingfucks me over because it's contra lowe, just the old atheism, just the wordingof faith that doesn't eat that i a my question, i'm as like the ward atheismor like just how the sente rounded the sentence like he ism within a religionyea that cone it's just, they just call. I believe they called a religion tobypass some of the people's song process. You know what i meanthey're, trying to manipulate the system and actually in america did youknow that legally, if abortion is illegal, anyone who's satanist isallowed to get one still, because it's part of the freedom of religion,freedom of religion? Oh, that's, not the hog. Do you know in canada, churchand state on not separated. I think i to nation it's written onconstitution, that the church is part of it go we talk about how fuckers stayedaren't separated. Yet we, the church, affects our government less than theamerican government fucking. How i have no idea, it's justit's screwed up. That is so weird right. I spot a god, it's the americans.Sometimes just i look at them and i'm like what what happened? What happenednow they're built different? They have friend they are. I think, that's enough for us talkingabout politics to day. Let's move on there's a literally fucking politicslater in the episode anyways, let's get into it. What are we getting into alliances?Those or to we love alliances? We stand, we do. Westand technically er. We are an alliance yeah. We all the three of ushere, jonas rogas, home by pan killer, dad that was jackson. I deleted it, butbecause your own em on you don't get to see. When i delete my things. Oh, howmuch is she i'm in viewing mode? So it's easier solike if you guys are editing something i don't get distracted, oh a on.Sometimes finish you if we have to change something in the script, but ihave a crippling attention: disorder, jackson, it e, i know i'll. It just means we have totell you if, like hey, you need to like get out of it and reenter it, becausewe change something, that's important or just change things before anyway. Solet's do it? Sometimes i don't read properly. Okay, me too, one of the best things about beinglgbtq plus is the community other than the widespread access to the community.Nowadays, ak internet, lgbt qi, plus people, have often what that's rightoften have things called. Alliances is my one eye: blurry, that's not fun! Ohwell,... felt likelier o know what to sayabout that. It's fine, i'm sinking my doctor nextweek, anyways gers hoger. It's not really i'm anxious,as fuck one be likely heard about something called g sa, which is a gaystraight alliance. So g sas are o mostly in public enterprises likeschools. Oh sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt you. I just had a thought.Some j says also go by gender and sexuality alliance. Instead of gaystraight to be more inclusive of ounound that i wasn't, it says thatlater in this grade, well, i'm so sit i feel like it shouldhave been. I'm just saying my preference there is that one justbecause i like it. I think it sounds cooler and also i don't like strakeanyway, all right, a that being said justbecause it might be called a gps, doesn't mean that it's just for gaypeople, gs as er about creating an environment of student led acceptance,regardless of orientation, sex, gender or race, valid as fuck gs, as mightalso be called rainbow. Clubs currently wait. What yeah you guys have never heard that. No, oh,my god, the one at my school is a rainbow club. I mean it's probablycalled that because, like it's a catholic school and they don't want toexpose y say like gay, but yeah, i've heard that some or rainbow clubs and that there'seven like some in elementary schools that are known as rainbow clubs, andthat like is supposed to like for elementary, if to kind of likeintroduce that diversity and idea of orientation. Oh nice, okay, currently there are about four sand gs,as in the us and gs, as are all about fostering community producingdiscrimination, embracing diversity and encouraging leadership. I just want tosay it's not in there, but in canada there was the gs, a board, which is alargest school. Bold in canada represents nearly six hundred schools,and so s more than two hundred and fifty thousand studentseach year and my school is one of those schools.We are actually attached to the ga board of canada sar be going tostock jase jackson school. I was just on jason. Dick did not jason. Lo hasgot it going on. The fort documented tsa was create. Ione thousand nine hundred and eighty eight when a gay teacher, kevin genie,deni jam, kennin son, johnny, jen john fright yeah, i cote an academy inmassachusetts, was approached by a straight student meredith strolling whofounded the treatment against gay and others who found the treatment. I, ohsorry, i thought like sickness, i'm like that's, not a sick who found thetreatment against gays and others to be dis, group, himation, yeah, er. Anything ever kevin jenny, i'm going to say junin,i'm sorry, i'm sorry, for i know it hurts you. I know it does. I know it does. Later winter co found the gate lesmanin straight education network in boston in one thousand, nine hundred andninety the court. The concord academy gesa has since been renamed as thegender sex alliance, because inclusively g s dave in alberta face discriminationback in two thousand and seventeen o two thousand and eighteen, when a newalberta proposal required teachers to inform parents. If a student joint, agay friendly group fuck that most, if not all, backlashregarding this proposal was directed...

...towards jason kenny leader of the cp,which i didn't put the acronym in there. But it's united can sort of united conservative party of alberta.Jason kenny has a tiny penis. He does actually it's been co yeah. He was the one. Basically youlike came up with the idea. At least that's what we've been told-and you know like despite protest like including school, walk outs, that, likei myself participated in, we tought yeah. It was passed anyways with jason,kenney selection and is taken away the protections and constitutional rightsof lgbtq ia plus students. I got so upset about this earlier when i waswriting it. I had to go outside and i pulled weeds because i this one again this one to get thatthat avery is actually a grandmother. Thank you. Oh my god. I was talking with my momearlier and she was like you should make a reassert that says: i'm not likeother grandmas, i'm a teenager. Oh my god! No, please! That would be thiscoolest fucking thing that would be so concerning to peopleright. I might just fucking make myself one. Oh, my god, i'm writting that down! I love your mom dude right, samos!Mammas a mill! Perish! Okay! Wait ever you done your paragraph!Yes, i am all right: okay, gs, as can sable. That's hilarious! Sorry, especially, this student inquestion is at risk at home because of their identity as lgbtq plus, by beingallowed to out students. Alberta has put its lgbt, i apus students at riskand has taken him away a safe space. That being said, this only applies togs, as in the regard that a ga is explicitly requested and formed bystudents and supervised by teachers. So what we're basically saying is to takeyour friends underground if you or other lgbt members are at risk as longas you other lgbt students and our allies don't exclusively aligned withthe school as a club, teachers and staff have no right to alert yourparents go beyond the law break it. Actually, my town has a gs as willowsas cool and our school does not fold that posed whatsoever augurs valid like no, no parents havebeen told about anything the world the world is in a perfectplace, but having a license in communities and in any place where youcan feel safe and be yourself without having to apologize, makes it a littlebit better. Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone deserves a chance to feel likethemselves, no matter cause it not or what your home of virmen is like. Noone deserves to be silence, oppressed and anyone who fights against us, which could be anyone in your communitybut for a botija one you be i'm not a fellow is fuck. You, though, all abouthis fuck. Unless you are considered one of the categories where you silence orpress others, then jason kenny is not belides fuck. I just said that i wanted to reiterateit because it's important it very much as why was the delayed, though co, whatthat cause in parte, i'm like moving on to the next pot and so ones like wait. Don't worry about it! I'm worried aboutit by anyway, going going back to what...

...i'm saying ofall under the degree ofyou signs oppress people you're, not those fuck, i'm sorry, not really, butyou're, not, but the rest of you, you all. You are belles fuck and always gobe unless you start in to repress others e yourself, another safe, i'm sorry hold up. Every put, keepyourself keep yourself and i was safe, literally be gain due crime. I'm sorry doing crimes is not safe. What do youwant? The a free you be you crying go outside the law, don't keep other safeand be gay and do crimes. They can't report you if you don't rip,i'm not saying that that is too at that is to a free. I can't say that anyway, go for and beto us fuki's going to try that again without some on interrupting, go for us and be valid as fuck. You know, if you're not well, will comeand take your knee coups facts only to no import you, if you're notregistered as an actual club ahi think we've stated that in no favor you don'tworry, it has to be known it. I think it's known, i'm gonna, i looking outfor the gas. You are you, i don't think you know this are, butyou only a small age. I can still look out for the youth. Wetalk about her like in a few months, abri's not going to be a minor anymore.Oh, my god, suck that i no thanks, i'm going to be a major, oh dear, i gonna be a mad. That's how i refer. That's how i referto grown ups, occasionally because he under eighteen are called minors solike why wouldn't people over at team be called majors it like it just makessense in my brain i got to be. I should be cold like farmers, because we'reminors so like we're minding like minerals and stuff, so adults,obviously farm stuff. I think avery's makes more sense, but i do think thatboth of you are major a pain in my ass yeah. I love that sorry, that's mystrep on anyways. Excuse me: why do you have to interrupt us? Why ihad a i won for literally having a conversation oh like. Why do you haveto interrupt the mot? The mood? Also? Why do you? What do you mean thatstrut? What are you talking about strap on what straparolo i do want to rehiderate whenever some one makes a your mom joke samon? Is your mom ak simonismaking fun of himself? That's that's the whole thing. We decided that a fewepisodes go. I just want to remind that for our new viewers. Thos samon is yournew mom. Yes, apparently i don't know, i'm out sounds like a tri, oh my god,parent li, oh my god, they're such a dork avery. I love it. I think that's what we're going to endit for today. I think i'm tired of these two rude as fuck me and while we're stayingaround, but i even a podcast. Well, i'm still valid as fuck though, but yourroute is fuck, but i'm still valis far. We, i hope to see you guys next week.If not, i hope you have a good rest of your life and make sure that you doactually keep yourself and other safe. The world can be dangerous and don'tget yourself fo it over an argument. Okay, carry a flash like or you know, like self defense. No,that's illegal! In canada. We can't promote that. No, what o...

...there's a knife limit? You can have alimit of a knife, no i'll explain it later, but anyways yeah. No, this is aplace. This is literally the place to explain it. Oh okay, so in canada youcan't carry it so context is really important in canadian laws. So, ifyou're carrying something even as self defense, it's technically consideredcarrying with intent to harm, so you actually can't carry anythinglike knives. Bear spray taser. Anything like that without, like potentially being arrested forholding it. But didn't you didn't. You say there was like a limit of a knifethat you could. Oh yeah. There is to limits on nives, but that's anotherlimit on self defense weapons as you can't actually carry a self defenseweapon. That's what the fuck, because you'recarrying it with the intent to harm somebody technically that well we can. We can all agreethatit, yeah yeah, oh my god, but anyway you keep you yourself,another safe, and that doesn't include. If you have so defense weapon, pleasemake sure you don't have it wink, wink, wink, wink wing, gate, grime, don't docrime reality. Crimes will just be out about think stigma to be gay. Anyway. I will see you next week, if not hogoo.I see your day. Anything else. To add valid is o. That was a beautiful malady. It wasactually very good on you.

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