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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Abortion


Today! Avery could not make it, and as such the chaotic duo was Simone and Jaxson were forced to lead the epsiode. They insulted each other, comforted each other and had alot of laughs. They then talked about abortions! The myth and facts, the procedures and after care of it all! Make sure to tune in to get some information about it and tune in next week for a new epsiode! and remember that you are vaild as fuck. 

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Hello: Welcome to the House of cardsand LGBT podcast. I am one of your hosts and Moan and I ushi theypronouned hi. I am your technically for the daysepisode, Co Host Jackson, I use he them pronounce and I was not here. We be it here.Everyone's missed an episode now yeah. I literally me and every were liketalking about this last episode, so like Oh Avery's, the only one who'snever like missed an episode, and it would be so weird with just me andJackson. I don't think it would be. I think it'sgoing to be like I think it's literally just normal. I think it's US going tobe like I think, like so topic. Tay is a portion and I think that's going tobe the best topic for me and you. Why? Because I think we're going to justlike everything we were scientific but we're going to make it funny. How is abortion you eat the fetus, you Tis the fetusyou month month. I need to take my medication. That's actually part of the topic today. Promotion! All right. If you want to follow us onsocial media, because we make interesting posts, you can find us onInstagram at House of cards underscore podcast on twitter, at LGBT, under sortdeck and on Tick Tock. As House of cards podcast, we have three tictacksposted they're amazing check them up your you're wrong house of cards. LGBT IT'S A! I see, anyways, that's a non, a nosbecause I bet there is holy house of Cots podcast or something yeah allright. We really need to find a social mediahandle that's all the same for everything. Well, we can and it works it's good tobe. It's all house of Cause LGBT you're bound to find us yeah pretty much, and hopefully you know what the podcastis, because you know it done spotify or apple music. No anyway, it's it is. It is to what yeah I was so I'mpart of a Mycroft's over. You know that I would like to join,which reminds me. I need to message that person...

...and literally all day well, I've beendewing House Hof Code Book. I've just been like AFK on it, just like fuckinggrinding and getting a level. I just I love it. It's been great, forme, Avery said, have a fun podcast to those I said. No, no. We won't know we won't. Someone tell me, how is your life beenrecently amazing? How about you? You can hear the denial in your voice.Sweetly leave okay, so abortion no tells that you look literally everything elseabout yourself. Now I, when how work going, I don't have a job.What you do in that job. I was working for my dad, but it sucks no, but youhave like that other job where you used to you, know de Live de Lipa food. Oh Yes, I'msigned up for three shifts next week. It's great o. How long are the shipsfive hours or four hours? I need to four hours a week to get gas money. Oh, that's pretty good timing! Ohpretty good timing. What's the lost your life going, this is this is notfun shit! Jackson! This is boring shit. It's a small talk, Tuck! Actually my asgoing well, I just I recently I'm pretty much killed. I have a bit of theagain. The past two days have been the aftermath of a cold, so it's war likeit's like what every once in a while. You subtly can't breath because yournow stuffs up and then it ends. You know it's like that ID, maybe when you're no longer infectiousyou're just kind of riding the wave yeah, you did not get me sick. Luckily,yeah, because I know I want to get sick because, literally most of the time wewere wearing that Tho, we literally show really share drinks. It yeah. I know I wouldn't get you sick, becauseI'm pretty sure the cold was in an infection. It was a volumen Tal Code. Ialso just don't get sick so for those wondering why I dink a Cotest, for it is because the cold was entirely because of my environment, notbecause of it just suddenly happening. I was in B C, which is corrente on fire.As always, and I was also going into a poolconstantly- I was also in heat constantly and every once in a whilegoing to a freezing called trailer. I mean you could argue that like Ovid isalso caused by environment, because we, like you, know where we are in theworld- they're handling things stupidly anyway,it's not environmental, because the...

...illness does not come fromenvironmental issues. I wonder if it does anyways O no! No! Idon't. This is now a conspiracy. PODCAST osomecould make a conspiracy branch of House of cards. It's just like some of itsjust thinking. CONSTITS, I'm like to me. This is a man of like Ahi' connected the OT. You haven'tconnected sit. I connected that. It literally is Oh, my God. I love it. Whyis the minecraft music so loud? I have it open in one of my Tomsha's why Ibewtifle t e best, I'm not using it. I just closedit. I'm not adjusting my sound settingsthere, immaculate! No! No! Yes! Yes, they are best o you, God parish. It's brutal out here, just justperish now. You're so mean to me. Okay, speaking of perishing, what did you go? Perish? No, no! NO SPEAKINGOF PERISHING ABORTIONS! No, that's not how we do it. No, no sweet, Sweetie!You Suck at this! I know I do think like. Why are you here? So you, becauseof you? So a few updates so a summer comes to an end. We're going to try and get the podcasta little bit more organized or some of vocation is ending its back to walk. I so some on vocation, it's end, actually, a few other things I shoulddo to it. But it's almost my past thing. That's something cool! Also, so we'll have a schedule there forposting on things. I've made it. We will follow it. I will try. You will because you'll get ourreminder and you me I plan to check this calendar like I'm gonna, I'm gonna plan to areyou good, I'm gonna print it off Dude, Oh my God! Well I put it on my calendar whatever.Why don't you print it off and put it on a wall, because I don't so printer starting next e got a teckin. This willalready be so, as you may have seen already. Wehave a schedule...

Monday in a post on twite and Tik jockWednesday is, of course the podcast is released,episode and our instagram and then Friday will be instagram tick tackingagain, so that means from us four days of aweek will be House of Card or in pated, because we have to record these. Itdoes not take that long, no, like on making instagram post. You know what Imean it. No, I think tick tocking discrimen, so the eases is twitter.Literally, if you look at a wit, if you look at our tweets a Trito so like ittakes us five seconds between them, our twitter is such trash dude as it shouldbe because that repetait a bit more because you have to make pictures andTiktok is a bit hotter because you have to think of something to do for a video.Take tacks are so easy. You just do whatever sound is trending and the oWii don't know if you notice, but that's why I have. I have you doingmost of the tick Tock Yeah. Well, that's because they're just they'reeasy! I make I made it, so it's even funnier as I don't I'mactually and going to end up, not posting too much on social mediaanymore. Just because once a week I take up the posting of the episode aswell as editing. Yes, so you guys have to pick up my slack, so we would like to as it is about midAugust right now, so I sow about mid August. This doesmean a pris going to university. So now the rest mean Samona are going to highschool, so Monas Online. So, like should be abit easier. I will be physical which, because my school can of Ford Online,so you'll probably see a lot more of semones ing when me and Ay are busy with school. Don'tunderestimate my powers of getting extremely overwhelmed. I so August we're going to try to hit itstrong and hard September. We may follow it by I'm, hoping by October,Tis October November December, I o strong again because by then we shouldbe into our new schedule. So that's just a heads up about what's going tocome so if you want to have house of college more often, please look at twitter. Look at our tick, Tock look atour instagram and you will see a lot over there a lot more interaction. Wecan't interact with you a lot in the podcast because it is recorded twoweeks in advance, but on twitter ticktock in the scrap we can interactwith you way more than we normally can. Also I'm just Ole sponded to as alittle hint a little thought. A little debation... a possible house of cards calendar, a boy maybe which will it will be madeby me. Don't worry S M, but that's a thought process. So, ifyou do like it, you know tell us you, like it. Tweet of US tweet at us at L, T underscore deck. Isthere an under crather I swear to? God is not yes, there is grow. I literallymade it there is. There is yeah. Also well, I'm not ugly, so you think yeah well. The problem is I'm better than you he. Let's do you think you know what we can do yeah? We could do like those spaces on twitter. We canlike do those every once in a while, Oh yeah. We could this when you're boredand just want to talk. So maybe we'll do those two times menill, do like a bi weekly twitter me, I'm, my God. We can also do that.Ingram lives and instagram. Well, those you know those are Cui faces and not always inthe mood for a face, O God right. I was thinking I s just like Oh, if we out toit, wouldn't be like a manager or Erything, but is like a fun thing to do.Does anything about that? Tell us what you think about US doing like everyonce in a while, just chilly now and like you know, this is yes just that's just a contentupdate speaking about on tent, let's get intothe content of today's episode, which, if you don'tknow, is abortions o'regan start off with the person just had ten Samon. I well. Okay. Abortions are controversial thing inour society, even though it literally shouldn't be because we should haveaccess to do shit with our own body bodily autonomy. I agree. You netery wrote that my guyyeah, you agree. No, you! You need to not take away the magic runned to notrein. The match come on now, but that's funny emeth magic of Disney. I alsoforgot I ron it so shall the magic am pite anyway, keep going?Okay, so today we're here to tell you, but the fact that abortion Jacksonspelt here wrong. I would just like to point that out I literally shutliterally shut the fur e's gonna kill me, go I'll. Just kick you out apodcast yeah. Okay, Oh my God was my scroll, not working!Oh I'll, leave the podcast and watch you go shambly can't spill helloo...

...all right. Let's start off with a sectwith what exactly portion are you, okay and while a cruel way of saying it is aforce of fiction, an abortion is when it is decided to terminate a pregancy.Normally I like to say end just because I feel like torminted makes some bias.You know throw literally like the Terminator, like that's so cool okayyeah, but it could make some people think like killing child. Oh my God.Okay, you just like stop being pregnant, that's yeah! They just like stab you Jesus! Okay! Now the deer, they don't y podcast. What really happens in abortion rooms? Oh my God! That's how H to abortions we just to you know he ses. Normally. This occurs before twentyeight before twenty eight week period, whichis the third trimester and most apportions, have to happen in the firstrimester. I want to say that I spoke trimester wrong. I don't know how I spell it. It's like trying miss tryingmintry minister, basically, where you put the eye in the end. That's where hedid it wrong. It would just be an e, I think, you're one anyway, I'm allright. The reason abortion happens before thisperiod is because, after the fetus is now completely formed- and many arguethis is one of fetus becomes more conscious- it's probably wrong, butwhatever a abortion that happens after this period, I hate to say, but thisthat is around the time when babies begin to dream petus his begin to dreamin the mother, they're literally not breathing, okay, anyways may Bursin tohave no. This is a when they begin to fake breath like when they begin tobreathe in the body as well. Okay, well so to try. Mester is around the timewhen I'm a little like yeah you're right, there's a possibility. The fetiscan be considered a conscious being. I personally don't don't think so. Yeah,that's everyone is feather the choice about when they believe how this isconsidered, because it is such a call. It is such a controversial tropic ofyeah is allowed to be considered because TCL it's living, but is itconscious is? Can we consider the same but chicken I mean here I rule of them.I feel like it would be really to the person who is pregnant and I feel likea lot of people if they've carried a baby for that long like until the thirdtrimester probably wouldn't want to get rid of it. I actually said that yeah,the most any emotion that a happens after is due to probably the mother... going to die if she gives both yeah.I have a second later, but so you probably don't even need to say it, butyeah yeah. I don't it's. It's not safety thing, because if youhold it for twenty eight weeks, you're pretty confirmed that you'regoing to have the baby yeah, but it's could happen that suddenly you've beentold if you have it you're going to die and it is o whenever reason it is valid.If you would want to do that, it's also about, if you don't want todo that, an it's about it's fun, you is fuck, I just to it. Sorrye get thatbaby or get rid of that baby. Get I'll get rid of that baby. We don't care aslong as your happy sis yeah yeah. It now, if you want to get rid of thatbaby, there are two main ways that can happen: The medication way or thecynical way. So I started off with the medication away you're. Basically, youtake a pill. You take two fields actually, so you take a pill and thesepills will cause the uterus to expel the pregnancy tissues which will besimilar to an only miscarriage. To what's very important is the longyou wait to take the pill, the less likely it is to work, because you know at that point like thelonger you wait, the more the fetus grows and the harder it is the body andthe Mahometan your body in the hotter is for your body to you know outweighthat as how how proud miss is, walk and trust me, and all this work is all homeon, is literally the man on the podcast, but like go off no, it's because I gota hundred cent, a re production. I know I just am apparently really good atknowing how it was, but it's all home on base is homos that tell the body tokeep the body pregnant and it's hard to kind of after the weeks come on to tellthe body to no longer do that because you know there could be like.Let's say you missed a few HOMOS, suddenly the body's done it again yeah,but that doesn't mean that it's actually a low weight, so the startedan eight weeks or less it's about a ninety four to ninety eight sets right and with ten to eleven weeks. It'sabout an eighty seven which honestly isn't that line like it's, not the like. Isn't that,like the efficacy of condoms yeah, I think so yeah. I think it's betteractually yeah. I think it's eighty four forcondoms, but we real, but if you do take a second dose which talk to youdor, don't just take one talk to you doctor. It can raise that two hundred andninety eight at ten to eleven weeks. If you would like to game these pills, youwould need to go to a health center. They'll give you two fills, and youtake them two days apart. The busion will call roughly twenty four hoursafter the second pill. Make show it to talk to your doctor to get the fullthing. This is a brief understanding. It's not this simple it just not thesimple! What's is definitely not that simple, but you can always talk to yourdoctor about this stuff yeah. Your... will always be there to help youand if they're not find a better doctor, come on ax do better do better or idolsecond way of getting an abortion is what a hole. This is where a doctor or nurse willuse a medical instrument in gentle section to remove the pregnancy fromthe uterus. This method works. Ninety nine percent of the time, becauseyou're, basically just physically removing the pregnancy from the uteris yeah. Theonly way I wouldn't work is, if you forget, a single cell and that so youthink you could stop me, you think you can stop me. It begins to recreateitself honestly. At that point, I feel like the the feetes deserves to becomeout at that point, that big s yeah all okay and basically that'sninety nine percent of the time it works and it basically whenever it theabortion, takes place. There is a limit to when this method can be done. The procedure takes roughly ten minutes,but a full appointment will take a few hours later in pregnancy. An abortionis taken the longer the visit may take. So please be aware of that. Also, you can't drive after to getting amedical o. just another reason why I did put in there forgot to the whythere's a limit is because eventually the baby can get too big and it will bemore like you're giving you're going to give both to the baby. At some point,you're just gonna have to give Botti and yeah you can't. You can't function outa full full of baby they're, not that big they've, not it's not the sectionis not. Can you imagine if it was that big, then it I o w d, this giant tojust take it to the help. That is image for sure. So, after an Abusin, you should begiven a care and, after care, instructions a Plantis, a written list,something if not asked for it. That I'll give it to you. So yeahadvocate for yourself yeah for yourself, because sometimes doctors don't like tolisten. Hopefully they will make sure to rest afterwards. It will bestressful on your body. You are even if it was like a week or so after youfound out your body. Son Be stressful, because that's a sudden termination ofa pregnancy, your body may not have been prepared for that yeah, and youjust seen to take time for yourself. Like someone said you can't drive aftera clinical yeah, mainly that is because they do give you medications to sort ofsedate you, especially with no, not fully yeah. I don't think I not fullynot fully today you but to ease or right yeah, but to take the day to nothing butreally eat, relax, poop shit. All that... shut the next day, you can normallyreturn to normatively, but if you find yourself to be so exhausted to feelyourself in pain feel free to take an actual bay off just make sure you goback to you now, activities at rolling take a whole month off because by thenyou should see a doctor but enough to gin your body back to not overlook yourbody and avoid hard worker exercise for the like. That, can don't do that forlike two weeks, you give your time give your body some time you it is recommended to use. Youliterally can't use tampons after an abortion. My guy you can for some. It's not recommendedyou use pats. You use paths, sorry use pads the beginning, but it is okayto use other Feinin products. If you find yourself wanting to probably don'tdo it the forsake, because that's when a lot of it's going to be coming out,it's going to be chunky. Your Tampa on help with that, but I do what makes you feel comfortable andtalk with your doctor again we're not going to tell you what to use yourdoctors and can tell you what to use you get to make that funk decision, butmake sure to talk to a professional and that only cleaning as a car it mostlikely it will. Probably you will most. Therewas like a ninety nine sent twenty. I let I don't think that's a actual thingor I don't think that's an actual statistics. That's a Jackson statisticthat it is very likely it's actually it's an if you don't bleed after thepill. At least you should go to a doctor, so yeah you should bleed xafter the Pill for sure I'm not sure about the CLEMI, because they're kindof just taking everything out. So like a a you almost yeah, you know it's have some prepare and be prepared thatyou might bleed, but you should he find after a few days,but the bleeding may last a week for Canace, but it will most likely lastfor several weeks for the pill abortions. I'm not sure I honestly don't know why, but that's what they say so crampingMay. Of course you may want to grab some what some one said is metal. Ijust said at Hill, because that's why I all- and I don't no. I just said I putadvil just because that is what my family uses so ro Mi doll isspecifically meant for you, ter in pain, make sure to do your own research andwhat you think is best for you. So like you should use this me makesure to do what's best for you e. These are recommendations. Idol is justreally strong and I recommend it. You...

...may also suffer some mental issuesafter such as guilt, Red Ron and just know. All of that is bout. This fuck,whatever decision you made, is valid and do a it. Let other people take youdown long term. Serious met issues after and Vossian are very rare, so youshould not need to worry about that. If you have one, there may be somethingelse underline than that, and you should see a professional all right as a reminder: all abortionsare safe as long as they are performed by doctors. Yes, do not don't like ifyou push them down the stairs to get rid of the abortion that is notconsidered safe and don't try and give one to yourself either it's not at no,that's just going to end with somebody dying. It can leave to infection. Will it could lead to you also dying aswell as you, so it's kind of P to you. That's like a not really a win but likeif you really want to consider that a wind go ahead. It's not a win, my guy!Well, this way, let them do what they want to do. Okay, yeah, all right one and four euters solders will havean abortion before they are forty five. There are some risks. We want you to beaware of for clinical abortion. You should be aware that it may fail thepregnant fail and the pregnancy does not end. Some pregnancy tissue may beleft in your uterus. Blood pots may occur in your eaters. Very heavybleeding infections may occur injury to your. I know I know I was making Denni when Iput it. No, so I to your Servi or any other organ may also occur and anallergic medication. You may have a lot reaction to cometicae. Yes, okay, so Iwas writing denos. I was writing this hat. I was making dinners or in thisbox. So it was more of a right right right, get up, check food right whereright get it to Clod, so any spelling in Cosin I'll help out the ill did goto your doctor of heavy blooding causing to soak two pads, and so, if,if heavy bleeding causes, you had so fully so good blood that I oI feel like if that happened to everyone you might want to like at anymoment, you should want to check a doctor. I don't know if that's W, but Ifeel like if you soak to, I feel like two PAS in an hour. It is a lot I feel like that's too much. I know some people that happens too andthat's nom, which is again is. Why is your teck with your Doctor E wor? Youdo any of this because it could be robe for you. Yes, every body's differentand everybody's beautiful, tenus, Oh, and you should also go to adoctor- is really bad pain. That medication does not help or if you have a fear fever of ahundred and four hundred point four or higher what you should to do anyway and that'sa Oli, that's very night so like what,... fifty degree Celsius. No, that'slike that's like full, maybe not if it's check, I thought it would be likenot that hard. Is it it's thirty, seven, actually,okay, all right! So we're for the abortion pills. Some risks are hill, not working tissue left in youruterus, blood clots in your uterus, bleeding too much or too long infectionor an allergic reaction, see a doctor if no bleeding within twenty four hours of taking the second medication occurs.If you have heavy bleeding that soaks more than two pads within an hour pastlarge plots for more than two hours have belly pain or cramps, that don'tget better withpane medication or have a fever of a hundred point four or haveweakness, nausea, vomiting and our diary a the last market, twenty fourhours after the pill, so yeah, it's and again just as areminder, this is fair like adding that's happening is round. Is it likethis isn't? This is like? I don't know the exact ICITE, but it's not a highone. Abortions are safe and they are not dangerous, but we just want you tobe aware that it's like a calea. It's like a list like like okay. So if youtake tylenol technically your liver could fail, but it's probably not goingto happen. No, the a few people yeah yeah, so just remember that it is your choice.If you won't have an embrosine, some countries and say I'm trying to banthis, if you need one police, I perlace that you can safely safely lately nobasements, no alley ways. No, no back sea call no bathrooms. No! No, no, noschool bathrooms a medical office, a mewel is preferred at least a doctorwho a doctor a dull, sterile environment. Yes, and I would cut Iwould almost before a female doctor just because, like me, you know okayanyway, and make sure that if, if there was no res in your lifefor fetus, if you do your worth more than it and that's something that a lotof people have to deal with because they come from homes that areoppressive, that you are worth more than it. But if youdo decide to rist your life for that child, that is also okay, and it isyour body and your choice, though both valid options and they both come withcons and pros. Please do your own research on Abotilaws in your state, in your promise and in your country, make sure youunderstand how things walk in your country, these almostly for the Americaarea, as we use fine parenthood for...

...most of the information, but Canada canhave different laws. MARATOGA has probably different laws. Texas, probably is different laws.Every place has different laws and how the medical procedures walk. So pleasedo your research, we say this every time. Do your research and hood is agreat place to look for research. I personally love them for any type of source for pregnancies and puberty andanything to do with your body that you may understand. Please duck them out.We saw them instagram and we follow them on twitter, so fucking, you don'tknow where they all go to a following: Go to and you'll see them theresomewhere, and just remember that you were valid as fuck R. True All right, I have one more thing to add:Yes, listen to the Porson with a uterus. This is just like if abortion may notbe an option for you to go, get it done. You know safely medically. There arecertain herbs or supplements that can cause a very early miscarriage has to be prettyearly in the pregnancy, but there are some herbs and you should look at them. Yes, so please be aware: There are other methods that are six.There are always options for you do not go with the first one that comes toyour brain and please do not go do something that if you choose that you don't, if you don'twant to richier the fetus, don't no matter what other people say. That's, don't don't do it yeah again, if you choose to that'salso, okay, yes, you are free to do what you want. Whenever going to belike you, you know, I don't know what to say,but you know when ever goin too we're not going to judge you for that, and he wants to touch you. That's Icause is fuck. I don't know why people dont like it what's can people just like do their own thingright like it's, when you come up a be the fuck, it's the twenty four centuryand you are trudging someone because I want to feed this come on munch munch month, even if fetis is inside cannabis andwill not be healthy for you. So this is just a quick to say at don't actuallyeat foetuses, yeah now, but it's funny and it's funny just don't actually doit. A good die could you I knew that human skin. Canwe consider Boissee all right JES get on babies, not on a fetus yeah. Actually they gettheir skin in, like the first rimester. If you catch them early, that's like one of the force things tocome in... need. The cane is the first thingto come in. Actually, that's not true rude. All right. We will so next week. We will see you not weep. If not, youhope you have a good rest of your life and we hope that you decide to do whatmakes yourself feel better about yourself, make sure to tune in onMonday to a twitter and take talk to see what we're doing there onWednesdays Tis here, what episodes and what instate and what we're doing aninstagram and to see we're doing on instagram and tick tock on Friday yeah.Is there anything else to add to my one lovely companion, girl? It is folk and we're going to go, kill some people maybe kill some killsome people who are people who are going people who are being rude toother people? That's what we're going to kill and every can't tell Murdan. Nodon't be it God you mean it Fusee, you guys by.

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