House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 87 · 6 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: The 4th Gaylimpics


Welcome to the fourth edition of the gaylimpics where we have truly revamped the show. With a new buzzer system, all homemade questions and a new fun game at the end of every gaylimpics it was an amazing episode to record and we really home you like today epsiode. Make sure to tune in next week to our Roe V Wade epsiode to hear about how dumb the supreme court is. Remember you are valid as fuck and stay gay!

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

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Hello, gays, guys, know the gays, the Gals, the non binary pals. There we go, there we are, we're here. Were Queer and welcome. I'm having a stroke to the House of cards podcast, no tbtq plus podcast. Excuse me while my brain reboots its whole system. You'RE gonna lose the game with background of mindset. Yeah, right now. So it's it's always amaking so that I couldn't like. It's like, you know when you like delete the like cabs, just to say your name and pronouns. We can move on. Hi, you see, they pronounced. And can I get a fuck the Supreme Court, the supreme much the streame court. Also, it's amazing whenever J opens because, like, it takes them a full five minutes to say on the name of the podcast. Should we start this play just reading out the credit card numbers of Scotis. No, God could be liable. We give re read off their addresses, because we can't be liable for that cure. Really, yeah, y'all, go find their addresses, go find their credit cards, sign them up for any service you want. Go getchall top surgery, go get y'all university. You did not my bupreame cody is my top. So three allies paid from my new Dick. Someone, whenever you're ready. Um, yeah, I am Simoon. I ushet a pronouns and I may or may not be tweeting those numbers from my private twitter, not like house of cards twitter for yeah, I think I get checks, going to kill me. I made sweep them from my private twitter. Do it. Just imagine, like like janiser would like, oh no, she retreat, she'd retreat that Shit. It's just like, Oh wow, this is kind of you don't actually retweet, like it is a federal crime, but whatever. Hear what? Not An America? What the American to do? INVADE CANADA? Sorry, they might ride. They tried. We bone them down. Hi, I'm Jackson. I use the him pronouns and, sadly I'm in charge of see. I keep making the jokes like it's what the House of cause it's like, where are those kids parents? Although Mike like that's that's how the house the cauts walks. I'm like, what, where are those kids? Friends? Oh, those are my children. What the fuck are they doing? I'm gonna be honest. When you said your name was that you said Janet Jackson for a second. My name is Janet Jackson. Oh my God, special guess. Janet Jackson. Holysh I would, I would die the weed them on Queen's Y. She's here, and then Oddo, and then I'll defending champion. The Fan a triumph. It's me. It's my nickname on the buzz in live even I'm Abrian. I usually her pronounce and I'm gonna wipe the Fucke before eating. Okay, you're cleaning a very real time, very quickly, that I'm the defending champion of the cards against humanity. So this isn't a human game, this is a trivia fact. I'm coming in here to take another fucking trophy. I'm here is Jackson. Help justice crawl into avers women like yeah, just killed them. You're just later my blanket. Well, it what I need a day. I need to do with it. Beaver, what did you do? I heard they're just by. I think I killed it. I'm I'm not one of US can sekapy. It really was very lunny, but that happened right after I was back for your fucking crowd avery and then all of a sudden sounds of being murdered. You can want to promote will avery deals with the Spider Um? Yeah, all right. So Anyway, Um, yeah, sorry, if you want to find us off online, all right, instagram is a house of cards underscore podcast, our twitter is lggt, underscore deck, or tick tock is house of cards, lgbt, and our youtube is a house of cards and lgbt deck. And if you want to buy our Merch Hey, Guy Shoft, look everyone. Oh, can you do your Duch and dry? You will try to do with a watch, a wed with your trauma later. Yeah, so like our Urch, is that by house of cards, something, something Yum be? Why? House of Cardscompany dot site. Yeah, that's it.

We have sugar. We do have stickers. I have one on my period tracker journal, because you cannot use period tracker apps and are y'all. Just wait your period tracker apps and if you are a man or our aside mail at birth, download period tracker APPS and use them like it's a fucking first person shooter or something. I don't know. As we speak. You have ever seen your sports team scores? Listen when the when they when the aphabs tell me what to do, I do it. I don't do it. Do it, but like, instead of like a period tracker, it's a masturbation tracker. Oh my God, yeah, and just put down that you got a period for two yeah, I said every time. Do you know that means that they're going to say you had a period every day. Yeah, I mean, Hey, fuck, it doesn't so funny. Bronna, send it. You kind of call it this fucking they're gonna call them on one to your house, like hey, this person's bleeding every single day, and you're just like, I'm just warning. I'm sorry, I'm getting flow. Oh yeah, that's the one that actually close. Your Dada, I used to use eve. That's why that's flow. That's what we're gonna do, and for all fun Shit, before we get into the topic is we're going to have. It's going to be Jackson setting up his period tracker. Oh my God, wait, what if I read from my period Tracker Journal, from this dear I think it's really funny. Okay, I okay, delete, delete your period tracker APPS, and you're like, you know what, let's let me voice this all out. Actually, yeah, that would be a good idea. I'm like, podcast, we never know. This is so funny. Please, please, please, this is so funny. Let me okay, I'm not stopping. Oh my God, guys, Hey me, no period, fertility period, my God, okay, Awy, no period, February, no period, March, no period a, thank God, no, good me. No period June first. No period, period from June second to June nineteen. Dude, this is man sec. Well, be trained. By the way, which which God did you pass off? Okay, I wouldn't hold when you want as describe as prescribed and just okay, Mesas Ammans use deep a cup. Do you know you have rights? The constitution says you do. Please make that on. My God, yeah, Tick Tock. It was like me after shedding a particularly large blood clot on my period. You know you're right. The constitution says you do. Guys. Okay, guys, we have to do my flow. Are you ready? Are you pregnant? No, but I want to be. No, I'm here to so my body better. Yes, I am. No, what you want to be? Okay, yeah, that'll really truck your ovulation. Yeah, okay, awesome. We all have Lok in the you. When was I born? Two Thousand and four? Yeah, wait, we don't give out your full I won't give anything else. That, but they know I'm seventeen. Yeah, allow, got them. Continue with a lighter God high fives. Agree, was gonna make a joke. When is your primary goal at the moment? Ok, okay. When is your primary goal at the moment? Conceive as soon as possible, prepare for a healthy conception as soon as possible, as soon as possible. Kay. How long have you been actually trying to conceive? More than you six months. Okay. Would you describe you perpewed as a regular? Less than seven days difference between Your shortists along the cycle? Yes, I know, I don't know. Just say I don't know for all of I don't know. Yeah, do you calculate your photo window when planning your sex life? Yes, I've heard about it, but I don't do it. I don't know what a photo window is, but I do know what it is. So, but you do it, obviously. Okay, I do. Yes, I you know, it's really funny. What technically I I'm constantly talking my foot toil window, because it is constantly, constantly. I'm constant. I am prepared with you have a childhoot any moment. That is fine. You know what. You know. It's crazy as well. Is that people with uteruses are only fertile about two days every month. Okay, to just have you sought prepregnancy care recently? Yeah, I have laws and restrictions against their body for reproduction. That's super, wen't it? I've been to a checkup, I've gone through treatment. Now, I under gone treatment. I'm waiting for an appointment. I don't I didn't think it was necessary. For What Terry? For Fertility? Duh, Oh, I forgot. What is my height? I'm six eight. You know you're not put six eight. And...

...then your weight. It's like four pounds. How much joy? How much joy away? One hundred and ten two pounds. I'm just so small. And Fifteen. I'm not. You take do do you take prenatal vitamins? Yeah, absolutely, Oh, as your port hazard bottom may change to peperation for conception. My partner does not take part in conception. Yeah, how do you describe your men? I'm an independent bitch. How do you describe you? So good, have ice of your craps? Yeah, yeah, I was doing you and your average day. My to deal with these three. I'm super busy. Selects, select to be serious, that you're interested in fall asleep faster. Better call it if sleep waking up easier, having to sound sleep at night. I want all of them. I don't have any of them. Now. Is there an all of the above? Okay, when I pay for that Shit, though? When did it did? When should my last period? I've started yesterday. Okay, you're on your period right now. I hear my declare you menstruating your soon, as fertility window would be like two weeks from now? HMM, about maybe two and a half. Or, if you're like me, you just don't get to know. So it's like the wheel of fortune up in this bit with, with this be my first buck, because you know I have three children. Yeah, did you say that? You've never tried to conceive before, and now you're saying I have three children. Adoption, mother, is this your prize as inn of you given birth before, but you haven't ever tried to organ Sy. I come. Okay, law, okay, let's let's log my symptoms. Menstrell foe. It's heavy today. Oh, she had, she's every sleep. No, consumed to water. Consumed this day. Non, I actually haven't drinking water today. Sex, drive brow your horny. Just say it through, then. What's my mood today? You know, I need frisky. I was irritated. It wasn't, but I was honestly energetic and happy as well. Frim so irritated and energetic. My dress as my breast off. My breast are really tender. Yeah, they look like it tired and I haven't shout it all day. You look like you wouldn't vagel discharge. I did not know this was an option, but we're going to go with watery and sticky. But you're all your period. Yeah, that's start. Worry about it. Okay, we multitask in this house. Bitch. It's being my predictions. My peers supposed to end on the forest. So we'll find out that. You can see even that. Seven days, guys, next week I can have another child. This is this is how we introduce our God. The fourth is the House of cards. Yeah, this is so. We introduced on a new host, Dawson, the straight one. Yeah, right. Anyway, now that we're done another we're done with my period. Um, let's talk about today's episode, the Ga Olympics, since you know, there's there's nothing better than destroying the government's ability. Today, everyone shut up, this is my moment. You're sorry, this is the Gay Olympics. We have done this. This will be our fourth edition. Currently, avery is our winning champion with two wins, with Simone having a single win and just the newcomer, the young prodigy, the new water, the Quana, mcdavid, I don't know us, Jess sports so on. The Gay Olympics is really simple. I will ask him a bunch of questions they will answer. Whoever's the most points at the end will win the title. The Gay Monarch, the Queer Monarch, the queer monarch, the leader and the glory, and you win glory. Yes. So avery here is the defending champion. Currently she is. She's the most wins as well as being the current leading with our technically there's no streak. She is caring. This is if she wins, she gets a two streak, but simone could come in and tie with avery, which would mean that avery is no longer the best out of all of us and jess would be the loser. Or Jess could win and threaten avery and Simone. So this there's...

...a lot riding on this. That you know. There's a lot of fun. Normally right is right. Now. I'm not here to win, I'm here to have fun. But I'm also not to take your ass and I didn't know this would be really exciting, because those game music going on, but we don't hear that right now, so we're just like everyone. Pretend you hear it. Everyone dance. Wow, this is just say. So can't see US dance, but that's okay. Can I say something to the people to get pull it? We're get holding. No, no, you'll get your chance. This is Jackson's at him. Do It's you're the fucking welcome. Shut up. Welcome to the fourth edition of the Gay lumpis. Let's introduce all players for today's game, starting with a champion. Every me. So you and and do whatever you want. I don't know, just introduce you. Hi, I am your dead interview mother of beans. I look hot as hell and I know it. Next one runner, upper simone, who I'm not here to win. I'm here against my wheel. Jackson is certainly do so, please help, please. I can't even hear a name. Your Christ today. I'm okay, back. What come on, I just connected my headphones. Oh, I christiated such, Oh, and then finally, on newcomer, are I'm not going to say that because that's rude, but you know, your virgin a Gallympas Votin. We're here to we're taking the virginity tonight. Yes, I feel like this is a little unconcerned. Well, you know what that's I consent to my gay virginity being stolen. Technically, you've been really excited about this. I I've been really excited about it. I nobody would tell me what this was about. It was like maybe like two or three months ago. Is Like, Oh, you excited for the Gay Olympics, and I was like the what? And they were like, Oh, the Gay Olympics sounds like, and they wouldn't tell me. So you know, I'm super excited. So now that just is introduced, let's move on. Fuck. Tonight's challenge will come. I do not do the new tonight's will. Tonight's challenge will consist of twenty six questions. There is fifteen multiple choice, ten to a false and one long answer. What the Fuck, dude? I just fucking ten diploma's. Get off my ass. I'M gonna have to take them again in August. What the Fuck is wrong with you? This is your practice. You all of these practice, all of these questions. All of these questions we're created by me and they will result around either a house of cause episode or Gay Information Pop Culture question, except for the law and answers, which will be specifically for House of cods. So how this will walk is pretty simple. People behind the screens so that you know what's happening. We have we have not installed, but we are using Buzzer Indot live, which will basically allow I will ask a question, I will give the answers, I will say go and the players, if they know the answer, will have to click their space bar. Is a button, by the way, so if you are on a computer that might be easier. Space Bar, and that way it will tell me. It'll buzz. Hopefully, people on screen. We hear the buzz, so I don't have to edit that in, but you should hear a buzz and it'll tell me who buzzed and forced and that was someone get to answer. If that person gets it wrong, the porson second will have a chance to answer, but they will have like a split second. So if you push the bust in last sucks, you're out sex about the second person also gets it wrong, then doesn't matter. Then it's wrong, then the point is lost. Oh, the third person doesn't even get a chance. No, if you if you heard you, because you don't remember. There's only for the true and false. There's only two answers. Okay, there's anything for the true and false, because there's only two. A multiple choice, there's only four, which would mean you with one or two. Okay, I see. So if it was like you dod basically just be doing product process of elimination. Yeah, so it needed the second person for both of the choice, the Foceson for truin false and for the third one. You know, it'll be a little fun. It'll there, you'll find out. You'll find out more when we get there. You've lained that you're going to witness house of cards stories today and you are listen. This is exciting. Okay. So starting off with the fun question. This is something that has been on to it's yeah, we all saw. That's okay.

This is the first question. I've evern get ready. Question Anyway. The forty question is who's considered the pride mother or mother of LGBTQ? Don't say it yet, remember, we want to wait till I answer them all. Master P Johnson, Gene Manford, L Woods, Oh Silvia, Rivia and you got five seconds. MARSHA BE Johnson. Dude, I literally clicked incorrect. Avery. Well, Um, the the Sylvia Rivera incorrect both of you over Gene Manford. We talked about her on our by episode. I wasn't here. Yes, suggest that that was kind of a punt. You're workingning it, but good job. But no, Simone and avery bull should have known this. I did. I just I like the buzzer wrong because I hadn't. Who could have just it was? Oh my God, I know, I know who this is. I just completely forgot. I feel like every disappointed in herself. If point, then okay, to hold dumb space for this very true. Yes, anyway, are we ready for the next question? Yeah, what flag consists of shades of green, white and black? Up, okay, romantic. Correct. Someone gets the first point. I was gonna say a gender. So thank God you've answered. I also forgot to even give the options. So the options were a gender omisexual, demi boy and a romantic agender and a rimactic will both correct answers. I just knew it. I just knew it. You did just know it. You're so genius. Please let me say like go before you. Yeah, sorry for he said Go. It's just reflex. So that's everyone gets one mistake. Who welcomed? Who welcomed in the force ever episode of House of Gods? A free Simone, jess or Jackson? Simone Yos does not count. Damn neither does avery's jess. You're the only person who waited all that show. I did think you're gonna read out jess and I wasn't really listening. So it's just ready for you. Okay, I'm gonna take a wild guess. I'm gonna take a child guess. That's a a good guess. Jest. No one can say anything. No, no, I know, I'm thinking. I'm thinking because I feel like it's either you are avery, but I feel like that's maybe it's okay. You have to just say something just so your are you lose the point. It's Jackson. Correct that. Okay, make sure I see you wait for me to say go. You should hear a little button. You should hear a noise. When it happens, you should just glow. Yeah, I know I'm gonna say I say go. I was going to say go, but many of you have let me yet say go because you press the buttons. That's amone's fault. Okay, everyone, wait. Which of these say that was? I didn't even jails it, it just happened. Sorry. Which of these corporations donate over one million dollars to anti GA organizations, while mort Amazon, atnt and target? Go? Okay, didn't reset the button. Oh, you didn't reset it. Oh, sorry, do it again. Sorry, let me say go. We were waiting for go. Okay, shit, I fucked up. I thought it was washed up gas. Sabone was forced. Okay, target, correct, and yeah, that's all of these organizations have. All of these organizations have indeed donated to get and to get organizations. But talk. He's the only one who exceeded one million. Target, avery, you are falling behind. What the Fuck is happen? We feel in the eye, my son. I failed town. Yes, you have an eve also failed me. On what episode did a very create the famous line invalid as organs? Oh, Jesus will love episode number. No, it's women. One Women Love, women, history, religion and LGBTQ, feminism or INTINE HOMOPHOBIA? Go, feminism, incorrect, jess, internalize homophobia correct. Yes, I'm coming for your Goddamn crap, Babe. I love you. Yeah, avery has fallen averrias. I'm fallen all in from grace. Which... of these has spawn of that sentence? Because it wouldn't have been any of them that we were talking about positive things. So I thought it was either feminism or internalized with homophobia, because you're like, Oh, if we would, you're not a religious arch quo. Yeah, because like Thea, I guess. Anyway, what flake has? Pink, blue and black? The transplate? Fuck, sorry, I'm on. Is Out come on, you can it? Yeah, the TRANSFLAATE, the gender fluid on me, sexual or bisexual? Go Jess, wait, say the colors again. Pink, blue and black. Omni correct, gender fluid as White Fish. I identified a gender fluid for a year and a half. I know this shit. Bro Question Seven. How did we end the first episode of House of cards? We just ended it. We just cut it off. We've kind of just like ended talking me saying thank you so much for listening to the episode. We hope you enjoy the US to day. All of that by or pure screaming go, I wouldn't know. Okay, some m screaming avery or yeah, every bye, avery gets a point. Sorry, someone. Yes, I was gonna say bye, and then I thought no, no, I would have screamed. It was a very say. It was avery very quietly saying I can we end it, just all of us screaming. Yeah, okay, question question eight. Which Acts Group did Marsha p Johnson and Sylvia Riva let the Stone Wall? Like activist group, not to the you know, there's a lot of stone walls. The Sola octivist group. Star was GLF, House of cards, go daddy jess. Okay, I want to say stonewall, but I don't think that's right. I think they led the stars. Correct. Yeah, I fear that they were part of the stonewall riots, but the stonewall group was something after that. Well, fun fact. Actually, the day that were recording, this is the end. There's the third anniversary of the storm. All Thats. Oh, yeah, okay, so this is modern trivia. So this is yeah, there's no hope for me here. I don't leave my house. Who was the forced side? Black, openly gay actor, twin an Emmy we pall. Can you long stale billy porter or Dale Stevens? Go some on the second one. No, avery, billy porter, correct, he was gay. How you see? Sorry, I'm telling you all, I don't leave my house, I don't look at the Internet. Okay, this one, play this. Okay, this one's for some mount I literally saw someone was like this one's for so okay. What was the fourth known Lesbian Rights Organization in the United States? And Sorry, I read that rock the first known lesbian rights organized station. Any unit. Say. It was called? What? The oartomist singers, lesbian avengers, the furies collective or the daughters of Blitus? Go, Oh God, Jess, you have to bring in. Sorry, I just I would know. I want to say all of them. Savory, the female know the the third one incorrect, samone. Can you say them again? Sorry, short to remember. Ottomist singers, lesbian avengers, the furies of collective and the daughters of Bluetis lesbian avengers in correct. The point is lost. It is d daughters of blue tift. Oh, that's so dope and yeah, I've realized it. I try, I think, all the coolest one. I also, I try, I did, all the cool ones. Same Sex relations with common in ancient Greece, what elite military unit was formed of couples chosen to fight side by side in combat during the first century BC. They say good bands of Thebes, the hoblet, filax, outomists, hunters and Rhombus. Sorry, jess is out, Simone's out. A Very Yay. Read them. Sacred Band of Thebes, the Hoblit, fairlax outomists, hunters and Rhombis the first one. Yes, that is correct. This is modern trivia. I just thought know that one.

No, now we're in ancient history. I just remember talking about that one and then you fuck I then you fucked up and then you focused them out because the mon when the buzzing, was like, Oh, yes, you should be. I'm so sorry, my brain is motion. In what nation did the force in large scale gay Oh fuck, all right, shuit up, you're ugly. In what nation? In what nation did the force large scale gay rides movement again? Netherlands, America, Germany or self Africa again, Smell Netherlands in correct chess. What were the other three? America, Germany and self. America or Self Africa? It was Germany, wasn't it? It was Germany in eighteen something. Yeah, the Germans don't. I can't make that joke. Well, I can. Okay, we are going to move on. I thought it was another lands too. I told her it's The Netherlands. Do Good, I know Germany. I'm so upset. Okay, what is a Boston marriage? A marriage beteen two people in Boston, a sex position of movement in Boston for equal marriage rights, or a name for women lovers? Go Holy, he'll awesome. ONS and name for women lovers. Correct. I really wanted to to be a six position or marriage of people in Boston. Get A poust in my marriage shooting exposition. We make yes. Question Fourteen. Who was AIDS called, when it was forced discovered? Red, the gay cancer, Comma of God's punishment? Go Simone, great, incorrect avery. There's not a he's wrong. You reread them. Grid, the gay cancer, Comma of God's punishment. Gay Cancer, correct praison. That as wrong. I was was called? It was eventually called grid, but when it was forced discovered, it was called the gay cancer. Go there, decray. Why do you think I put a grit in their besties? Pick you, Derek Shepherd, I believe. Final Question of the multiple choice book. How many episodes have been released as of this episode of Fu Sixty three, ninety, eighty six or seventy seven? Go a very seventy seven incorrect. SAMONE SI U, Huh, eighty six correct. My Hey, clicking isn't as fast as I feel like it should be. It's all been pretty fun. Critics, episimone's just being really quick. It's W D forty on your fucking keyboard, brother. You know what, honestly, you're probably right. I clean this thing like one tmo. Okay, I clickin every day. We have just been it like that. We have finished all multiple choice. Jess as in the lead with five points. Avian smone a tied with for Oh my God, what God is real? No, now we move on to the true false beings. Redemption is near. Being root for your father. The Stone Wall here, you shut up. The Stone Wall Right, was planned after the bar was attacked. Go some. Um, I just incorrect. The answer is false. The SOE W why? It was a sudden movement that happened at when the bar was attacked. Yeah, I was going to see it wasn't planned, but like, oh, that's such a pretty it's the wording of them. Yeah, that's the point. I'm here to fuck you up, all right, it's no. In the original pride flag, the yellow represent sunlight. Go some on. False incorrect. We're losing points. Yet some moone keeps pressing the button quicker than everyone else. Oh, the original one. I was like, it doesn't represent that the one in the one right now, does it? I didn't listen to the question at all. Same sex marriage, oh, sorry, just same sex in general is illegal in thirty seven percent of countries. I dare you, you hit the song. Go, it's a go. Did I think? How did you hear it? Nobody...

...else here. That okay, chess, you guys said. Sorry, repeat, the same sex is illegal in thirty seven percent of countries. Same Sex, just relationship. Okay, yes, jesting down. So you for for the question and I'll move on. Tabor. True, that is correct. I only only it's given you numbers of country. I'm like that's way too easy. So I just no, because I know that. I know the numbers of that. That word gay marriage is banned. But then, since it wasn't just gay marriage, I was like, Oh shit, I don't know if it's higher or lower. Okay, are we ready? Yes, Oh, I'm sorry, the expected lifes brand of a transgender person's thirty years. No, SME on false. Correct, it is. It's twenty five it's twenty five or less. Yeah, we laugh, but it's a serious issue, lakes issue. The death penalty is still use for gay people and three countries go way a true, incorrect. What it is? Six countries. I click like an immediately. I got you, Avery. I'm am your D next question, is There Museum of UHBT history? Go SME on. True. Wait, why the divorced? The game is good, a recourse. We gets it. Okay, wait, it was about LGBTQ history. You Dom a museum? Yes, true, that's a point. Ver Avery, I was like. I was like, surely at least one of them exists, just like some guys who are so mad. The mortis currently calling the lawyer. Dude, it keeps getting fucked up. I click the over one like immediately said, Amoe, you have basically been the forest for the while. You. I don't think you need to complain. I'm using. Are Not your one point behind Jess exactly, I'm hide with. Okay, Netherlands was the forced nation to legalize gay marriage. Go, so what? There's no way. Yes, come on, Bustie, how the fuck are you pressing it so fast? Or if damage? I have nor pain. I've no damage. That's the different. What's your damage? Next question, the pianny and bitch. The beyond my level. That's you're not going to get to this. Next question, the P and Marsha, Peen Johnson Sands with peaches after she's reformed with the hot peaches. Go. I didn't clear it. Never Mind, net. Okay, Simone, you're out. What I thought you were just clicking. When it was re set. They go avery. You get to answer. Oh, yea, yeah, first I didn't say go, so you're out. No, I said Go. Set it. This is, this is, this is homophobia. False. Correct. That's for Patricia. Nos It. No, some reason, I think I feel like it was Peter, but I feel like that's completely wrong. polly, God, it's not a name. It's not heinous. Fucking God, fucked, is that? Oh, hey, it no, mind. The PEA stands for peet. No mind, that's that's sick. I thought it was a middle name. No, God, you know, I really said Peter. He set it. I'm resetting it. I'm proud of you. Jess is also called Saga's go some mom true. Yeah, Yay, yeah, that's what it was called at my high school. Sex and gender alliances yeah, yeah, Gray's O. I'm gonna clear the buzzer before...

I say this. Raise an out of me. Is the longest running show with an LGBTQ character? Go some on. True. Yes, Yay, I have to find a better system. Is clicking it a lot faster. It's just who I am. Brother. Yeah, no, like I feel like there's no way, but like, I don't know. I also with the amount I've preemptively clicked it, I feel like it makes sense. Yeah, avery reason last place with five, in second place with six, and Simonas and first place with eight. But there can still be a winner. Yeah, it's me. The cutoff to win is nine. If you get nine points, there's no way anyone else can win. So definitely. Also, O needed was a single point. So Simone hadn't preectantly clicked a button, simone probably could have won. Yeah, but also I feel like some of the systems a little bit fucked up. JEF can still win. Avery cannot win, she can tie, she can tie tie, but she can't win. And a time would result in a tiebreaker, which would be US using online quizzes. So what happens now? Simon, yes, I can number one and ten, seven, will be playing some months. Game. I've designed a game and this will be this is going to be tested during the what's it called, the two anniversary? So this is our tester to see if we can do this. Oh, so every one of you has a game related to what you do in the podcast. We're doing smons. So Simone normally just does one job on the PODCAST. But by Goddamn, is you fucking good at it? She is. She, he can do it better than any other us. Good, because I have the car that do it look sexy? Yeah, no, she's able to professionally and quickly name off all of our social medias. Oh yeah, that's the name of all of the social media's quickest and without mistake as possible. Is this including the website? Yes, okay. Is this including our patreon? No, this is Annam the ones we announce at every podcast. Okay, you are allowed to write he's down. You will have while I'm finishing this. You averan jest. You can now find all of them and write them down as we speak, if you want to have them in front of you. So I would write them down if you don't have them memorized. Oh my God. Question. Instagram, twitter, tick talk or March and our youtube. Huh, Youtube. There are three points to be gained here. You gain one and a half, or saying each correctly, and you gain a half. If you were the fastest. You can still gain points. If you mess up, you will each have three tries. Okay, wait, are we using the Buzzer for this? No, this is no. So I I got I got kicked out of the call. Can you repeat everything you just said, like the entire thing? Yeah, pretty much. Okay, you didn't get it to the call for us. I don't know what happened for you, but okay. So, yes, it's own normally does one job. Blah, blah, blah, Blah Blah. Your job is in name up all of the social media's TASTA. Then you were talking about like what the what the point system was? Oh, there are three points. You gain one half, or saying each correctly, and one half of you of the fastest, you can still gain points. Play saying mistakes. If you don't know one, just say your verse and Move On. You have three tries. If we end with a tie breaker, by the way, it is possible. So I will count the points for every round, whichever is the highest point round. That's the point that added to your score. So there is a potential that with the other games it is normally you just get one point, but for this game each of you could technically gain three points. So technically, if there was a tie round, we will move on to either Abris game of justice game. Do we have to say which social media they are? Yes, okay, like you're up to all of the ones that we have to do. Instagram, all of the ones who say the beginning podcast, instagram, twitter, Tick Tock, mortch youtube. I will give you a minute now, because, secondly, I gave you all that time to so supposedly research it. M So you have until fifty...

...eight and thirty seconds to have them all written down in front of you. The poorson with the lowest points will go forcet and we'll go up from there. So avery you will be forced wait like right now. No, no, yeah, you're time. No, no, at fifty eight thirty s when I will beget in. This is to give a chance to make you everything done, to read it, to make sure you're good anyway, how the kids. But yeah, this is Bas as well, okay, those I forget what our web website is and it's not written down anywhere, then that is then that is something you'd figure out. Falls problem. That is your problem. Yeah, Oh my God, worlds would it be? TIMES UP? Done, everyone. You can't google them, or if you do, you have to be really quick and sneaky about it. Avery. Are you ready? Yes, ready, set go. Okay, our instagram is house of cards underscore podcast. Our twitter is at lgbt underscore debt, our tick tock is at House of hards vbt. Our website is be why, House of cards at come dot company doct be why House of hardstock company out site, and our Youtube is house of cards and lgbtq deck. Okay, your first round you got full correct and more at nineteen seconds. If you make a mistake, it is discontinued, so it's better just to move on. Are you ready to begin again? Yes, wait, would ready? You get three tries? Ready, set go. Our instagram is house of cards, Underscorese podcast. Our twitter is U LGBT underscore deck. Our Tick Tock is house of cards, lgbut our company is by House of cards company out site and our Youtube is housing cards an lgbtq deck. Okay, you are quicker that time. You were seventeen seconds, but you got too wrong the first two. This is now your final time. Ready set go. Our instagram is house of cards, underscore podcast. Are Clear is at lgbt underscore deck. Our Tick Tock is hous of cause lgbt, our company is by House of hard stock, company dot site, and are Youtube is house of Person Lgbtq deck. Okay, that was your best Goe by far. This is a clair. I have this. Let's see here. Okay, say, well, you got free. Fine on one, because did your best speak. That's why chest on the put. Next jest. It's when it's called some moon skating. Okay, ready, set go. Our instagram as house of cards. Aren't just score podcast. Our Tick Tock is house of cards lgbt. Our merch site is by House of cards company dot site, our Youtube is house of cards and lgbtq deck, and our twitter is lgbt underscore deck. Okay, okay, ready for your second tone? No one? Ready set go. Our instagram is house of cards, underscore podcast. Our Tick Tock is house of cards lgbt. Our merch is by House of cards, Dont Company, DOTS site. Our Youtube is house of cards and lgbtq deck and our twitter is lgbt underscore deck. Okay, I'm gonna fucking I have a hard time speaking without having to read it. And it's okay, Jeff, get it all out. Get it all out, because we're going to go into the third round. Yeah, I'm ready, ready, set go. Our instagram is house of cards, underscore podcast, our tick tock is house of cards, lgbt. Our merch site is by house of cards, company DOTS right. Our Youtube is house of cards and LGBTU deck and our twitter is lgbt on the score deck. Okay, I would like to make it very clear that I use one of those webs things. So the act that I even know them some moon. Okay, your turn. All Right, m you have dealt with avery. You've done yes,...

...this is your game, supposedly, this is the game where you're meant to win, and you but I'd advantage anyway. So you will only get two tries. Okay, which is pretty fair because you know, yeah, you do this every day and technically, in the official game you will not even get to play this game. Okay, but you know, we only have sisokee amount of people all ready set go. Our instagram is has cards, underscore, pokas or twitter. LGBT underscore deck. Our Tick Tock is house of cards. LGBT are. Youtube is house of cards and LGBT Dick. Our website is https calm, backslash, backslash by. House of cards are companied outside. backslash Fu you need water faster than I think. You did get one wrong, though. Which one the Youtube? You only said LGBT, but s LGBT Dick. It doesn't come through you. LGBT. No, Jess you have now she gets the second round to correct that. Nar You free. You should have just stayed quiet, because then I had a bet, a possibility of winning. I can't help it. Okay, I'm s ready set go. All right, instagram, this house of cards. On are score, podcast or twitters. LGBT underscore. De Carte tack is House of cards, lgbt are. Youtube is house of cards and lgbtq deck. Our website is https calm, backsauce, backslass B why have some card stock company DOTS? I backslash broll. Holy Shit. Aw. Also, we have a fucking website. Yeah, it's our merge. The hell it is. It's house of cards. Ll dobt dot week, Sitcom, know that is out company. Yes, one more stories different than I than a website. WHOA so jess. I kindly forgot when I got an extra point because I found that out. Honestly, yes, said Um, because, yeah, that was like so I can say right out avery, you are no longer rating champion. You are in last place, devastated thee. Yeah, who won? Who'd like to do some now? If it wasn't me, I'M gonna Piss. Point five difference. Okay, just congratulations. When you said that the most amount of thunder and lightning happened. Okay, wait, what did I get wrong on the thing? Everyone except for you got thirteen seconds. You will fourteen seconds because you did the https if you had just gone. That's the why, though. That's the correct. That is correct. But you get half a point for saying being the fastest. Justin Avery book, got an extra point for being faster than at half point by being faster than you. Oh my God, did it. We're all of were all of my rounds perfect? Yeah, all of your owns were perfect. You will be quicker my dyslexia, if you will, quicker than avery and all of them except for her last one, Simone, you were the you would definitely the cook as the longest. You had the best score. It was literally you would just it was. It was one second. It was barely a second. It was like three milliseconds and it was. You said it correct. But there's that half point for being the fastest. You will correct you. That's why it's only half a point. It's not okay. Even see it correct on the podcast. Dude. Yeah, you did amazing to all of you. Okay, everyone, except for avery DD. Amazing to everyone. Did absolute amazing and I'm so proud of everybody and this was a lot of fun and I would like to say that it is really great that the most amount of thunder happened after you announced that. I want God is angry, but yeah, no, this was because it was. Yeah, so you had basically your two scores were the exact same. Yeah, no difference. If you had just said I have some cost or coming out site, you would have won. But Dude, you gotta put the http pulled calling backs, because otherwise you don't really reach it. I reached it just by putting by House of cards. Yeah, you can reach it by just going by I start company, not, because I couldn't remember if it was doc company dot site or Doc Company don't store. Yeah, that's all. We had a wis website was I literally just Google House of cards and lgbtq deck because I couldn't remember what our twitter was, because I don't use twitter. Like, if you ask me before what's our our twitter, I wouldn't be able to fucking tell you because I don't. I literally, I literally posted on the twitter as we started recording anyway my phone. Thank... so much for listening today's episode. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next week and I really hope to see you at next the fifth edition of the Gay Olympics, at our two year anniversary and our hungry episodes special with just as a rating champion house. The cause will not be alone on this one and will be hot. Will be forced too, because a team that, instead of competing, they have to use their minds together. You are you going to bring all the guests back to fight us? Know what? Wait, I'm not ill. What us? A numbright? That thing ring? Yeah, the boxing ring. Is there anything else to add? Well, it is folk. I actually I really loved writing my paragraph. I have a lot of fun. Yes, get ready for the same sex couple adoption episode next week and stay gay.

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