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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards; An LGBTQ Podcast: 2021 Achievements for the LGBTQ community


Today! We jumped right into talking about the achievements made by the LGBTQ community in 2021! This was a great epsiode to make as I really enjoyed hearing the many many different names of the LGBTQ community! We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck, stay gay and Happy New Year and lets hope for an amazing 2022. 

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Hello and welcome to I amist atCovid nineteen. She's hello and welcome to covid nineteen, pandemic podcast. Ohmy God, that would be so funny. Walk off. Hello and welcome tohouse of Gods and LGBTQ podcast. I just performed a covid test andI just called up podcast covid nineteen. So you know, covidup life.Hi, I'm Simone. I'm nineteen. I never fucking way head to weight. Them Pronouns. I use she. They pronouns. Do you guys foryou both excellent. So proud. Could be prouder. I'm your last hostfor this evening. My name or whatever time you're watching this. Good morningif you just woke up. Gotta Wak up and watch OPS OF COD potfucking rise and grind. My friends, I'm Abrian. I us her pronouns, and then thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Amazing. IHate Your Ted Talk. Should I promote her? You? Yes, youshould. Okay, if you want to find us on Instagram, you canfind us at House of cards under underscore podcast. Make sure you added thatBOP. Guys. Yeah, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on TickTock has has of cards podcast, but really, I don't think any ofUS post on our tick tock. Mike, I was just out of it.So, yeah, me too. I lost the Password to Oh yeah, because I had to turn to the password. Yeah, so also stressI wouldn't ever go on it. I think you made the best tick tocksout of all of us. True, no, I know. I don'tknow how that happened, but I literally,...

...dude, I would make them likecoming home from work looking like Shit. It was so funny. I didn'teven brush my hair when I did them. I was just you guys. They would depending grouchy about them and everything. I was like, GoshJacks and making me do tick talks. I don't think talk and I thinkit's hilarious. I think you guys did great. I think it's adorable.We should start doing that again. That was so fun. Yeah, I'mjust not going to do it, though, because of other reasons we're not goingto talk about here and Y'all do it. Okay, anyway. Sowe're gonna talk about worried today, by the way. We're gonna talk aboutall what crimes you can commit legally. Yeah, okay, so first wehave arson. Now this sounds controversial. However, just kidding. No,actually, today we're going to be talking about something a bit more Quirky,a bit more fun. So, as you all know, if you watchedour last week episode, you know that we talked about Christmas. Did weChristmas? Oh Yeah, we did. We are breaking the rules of ithere. Technically there's an episode that's really just hovering waiting to be posted,but we're just like no, holiday season four, you'll next. So it'sjust sitting there in space waiting to be used. Because for anyway, ifwait, if you listen to the next if you listen to last episode,you know that we talked about Christmas and we talked about Christmas Christians and whereit comes from and all that. And this year in the terms of NewYear's Eve, which would have been so smart to do last year. Butagain we were dumb. We were young. Most of us were fifteen, no, sixteen, that's in. I made an incorrect statement, but saywe're talking about LGBTQ plus achievements in two thousand and twenty one. I kindof went over this and you can definitely tell avery rode this, because alot of them are not political, but... media. Would you still achievements, and I love but not only did Christian steward can engage or Joseusuo winsecond place on death with the stars. Bros, going to tell you aboutspecific lgbtq winners and awards that took place and any civil celebrations again, willyou? We know this is avery, because of the most important is themedia, and then we can talk about civil yeah, yeah, that's theEnglish teacher in you. Okay, wait, hang on, such an English teuturething. Hang on, and I am I seriously being like, doI have to talk about? Called me by your name? Yes, okay, okay, fine, well, you fired. I have such an objectionto okay, anyways, this year. Yes, yeah, why did yougo silent? I don't know. Okay, anyways, this year, Gay Americanproducer Peter Spears, famous for his work on call me Baron, namesone academy award for his film no Madland. Different movie, amazing, probably Idon't actually know. Chloe zoo, who directed marvel's eternals and introduce thefirst canonically gay Superhero and on screen kiss between two men in Marvel, alsoworked on no bandland as directed and director and screenplaylit writer. This here's emmynominations include transgender actress MJ Rodriguez for outstanding lead actress in drama series, ina drama series, gay actor Billy Porter for outstanding lead actor in drama series, both for roles in nomine outstad geting drama series pose. All their nominationsinclude Jay. Nope, not good Jay, Jay, just Jay. That's Rightdomus, and that's like the gift giff.

Okay. Other nominations include gay,a Chinese, Australian, Canadian American actor. That's quite the fucking resume, by the way, Boeing Yang for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series, Gay American actor Dan Letty in outstanding guest actor in a comedy series,Lesbian American actor Kate McKinnon for supporting actress. Actress offer their rules on Saturday andnight life. Also included our bisexual American actress at why is my brainwords, mal mine is to also included our bisexual American actress Hannah I'm bender, for her rolling hacks, as well as Queer and Non Gender Conforming CarlClemons Hopkins for their role in hacks. Actually be out here. It's fromthe crown. Emma Koran, Ema Koran. Yeah, okay, so damn.Don't question yourself, kidous Emmacorn put outstanding lead actors in a drama seriesand bisexual icon Jillian Anderson for outstanding supporting actress and a drama series. Ifeel like a very lakes drama series. Maybe these are doing the nomination?What? Sorry, Queer American actress Samio Really Whiley Whilie, fuck, questionyourself, gettos. Is No day for whole roll in the handsman hands madetale. Gay American actor Jonathan Groff is nomine for his role as King Georgeand Broadway play Hamilton. Sorry, I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh. And Bobby Book, Coramo Brown ten France and Tony Pooski and Jonathan VanNess were all nominated as the host of...

Queer I, which was nominated forOutstanding Structure Reality Program winners of glad media awards this year. That's filled glaAD. No idea what that is. Include Shits Creek for the second yearin a row. Disclosure. Boys in the band, uncle frank, we'rehere the not too late show with ELM Shira, amazing, and the Princessof power, Transky Griot, but in Windy City Times, British lgbt awardwinners of two thousand and twenty one include Demi Lavado. I Love, loveher, Hilary Clinton and for Oh right, I got you. We hate you, know, I know, I know, we'll caking. You're onthe podcast that that was a final Straw. Thank you for correcting me. HillaryClinton, I didn't know. I didn't know how to cont fruty.It's for global ally, for global ally. Oh, she's not Fretty, that'slame. Wait, Hiler Clinton, one for global ally. They werebetter people. There facts. Melanie Ce for celebrity, a lie, it'sa sin. Jessica Kilgrind Fozar UK black pride, and Marie Tom Allen,Nicola Adams, Lady Phil and Connor Cody for football, Alley football. It'svery funny for me that it's like Alle that. Yeah, like that's allshe's yeah, very funny me, like, thank you for doing the bare minimum. Yeah, any thanks you're going to thank you from expecting. Thankyou for respecting your fellow human. Like. I think there was only one likecruty person on that list and it...

...was demilovato. Now the all theothers are well, yes, but only Demi Lovato. We only care aboutonly one that you love. Yeah, valid of two thousand and twenty oneStonewell Book Award winners are the thirty names of night by Zeen J Kadare.I hope I said that right. God forgive me if I didn't. That'sa lie. I don't believe in God. Queer Games of Vant Guard. HowLGBTQ game makers are reimagining the medium of Video Games by Ronnie Ruberg.They them. We are little feminist families, designed by Lindy Blakeley and written byArchas Shrivatsa. That's I think that's Russian. The death of Vivic Ohgee by a Quaiak am asy. Oh my God, I really hope Ididn't pusher that. Memorial by Brian Washington. Thank God that was an easy name. That part doesn't matter. More than organs by K you land,a Barrett, post colonial love Hoem by Natalie Diaz, boys of Alabama byJeney Pudson, playing bad heroins a novel by Emily M Danforth and Sarah Lotmanwould least see my child. Sorry, the pull of the stars by EmmaDonna Hugh Who Ama Donna Hue, not even gonna lie. fucking love her. Sorry. So you like me, I do, but you didn't writeroom. So like I did. Okay, I did wrong. False the subtweetedby it Vivic Schreia and too much lip by Melissa Luke Ashenko. Whyis? Why is? Why is the...

...why is there a prior gift inmy even twitter? What the fuck? Anyway, what also included in theStone Wall Book Award winners are my auto but a graphy of Carson mckeller,killer Calla Kella, colors, colors, colors, my Augo book, Myauto boogography of Carcon make colors by Jean Chaplin, the Fixed Stars, amemoir by Molly Whiz Berg, paper bullets by Jeffrey H Jackson. I'm guessingit's followed by the letter so xox. Why? A memoir by Kimberly MZisselman. Beetles, beetles, beetle and the hollow bones, illustrated and writtenby Alser Lane. Doris Doris, dairy Darius, Darius the great deserves better, which by a dippit, a dippit brain did not core than that.And the added Korum, I think, added Kreum. That's probably the mybrain just saw. Like both those. Those like wait a second, outof quorum, Felix ever after, written by Karen no okay, Terris Keason. Cylinder calendar, callender calendar, and you should see me in a crownroute by Leah Johnson Swag. As for politics, President Joe, will Joe, Baby Joe, Joe, Mama, Joe Mama, signed an executive orderjust hours after his inauguration, where Bernie wore the iconic mittens which I amprocheting as we speak. I want a pair so fucking bad. I thinkI have enough. I will. Why don't I get a pair? Ihave enough, for I am the Bernie Sanders mean true anyways, I wantto be them too. So after Little...

Joe's inauguration, to make he signedan executive order to make the government recognize protections against discrimination on the basis ofsex to include protections against discrimination on the basis of sexuality, gender and sexstereotypes. On January twenty two thousand and twenty one, five days later,will joe then signed an executive order ending the band on service by transgender peoplein the military, which means that Trans people can go fight wars, whichis kind of Swag, flag, Pretty Swag, pretty swag. Commercial Service. No, I'm not, I'm losing my mind. I just took mymeds. anyways, Commercial Sergas he became legal for both the same sex andopposite sex couples in New York on February fourteen. Found Tens Day pretty sweg. Arkansas may realize that part. Yeah, that's kind of like cute. Itis. Arkansas band the provision of gender conforming confirming healthcare to miners onApril six, which I think means that miners can have gender confirming healthcare.Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, Amn, yeah, okay, andit doesn't that we didn't just praise the opposite. Yeah, hopefully not.I mean I found it with like the rest of this information, so ityou know. Yeah, all right, swag um and so little Joe.Reverse the policy that allowed healthcare companies to deny coverage to gay and transgender peopleon my tenth and on December ten came of officially banned conversion therapy, whichtook way to fucking lung, by the way, but we're not allowed tolook a gift horse in the mouth. Suld have been done sooner. Iwould also thinks, anyways, true.

I would also like to say theinventor of conversion therapy recently just came out. What, Oh my God, yeah, you know what, the inventor of conversion therapy. I saw likean article it. Apparently he came out conversion therapy gay. Shock, way, my God, Holy Shit. Oh my God, what's their identity be? Organization founder comes out as gay. Quote, please forgive me, unquote. Bro. I'll go back to my favoritey. Give me a second.Right. It's so funny game. The founder of the South Carolina based ConversionTherapy Ministry, hope for wholeness, came out and gave this summer, earlytwo years after being fired from the organization he founded. Oh my God,Wow, I certainly regret where I caused harm. I know that creating theorganization that lived, that still lives, was in a large way causing harm. Bro. Well, Damn pod, damn internalized homophobia, and y'all,it's that bad. Yeah. So, anyways, moving on, because upthrew me for a fucking loop. This your was a Doozy, but youknow, there was like there was a lot of good for the LGBTQ PScommunity. Mostly achieved like politically through American progression, with the inauguration of PresidentJoe Biden, President Joe Mama, like our baby Joe, Baby Joel.Did you just go Joe? I did, knock king, I didn't know.He's really not. He's an arty...

...standers has Bernie Sanders is. Yeah, yeah, route, he is simply a replacement so we don't have todeal with trump. Yeah, he's the way that we got a one president. Actual, I can baby show the WACK. Honestly, it took afucking polonoscopy for a woman to be placed in a precision of presidency. Ishilarious to me. That's so right. Moving on, literally the butt jokeof America. ANYWAYS, keep in mind for the politics action, we didcover a specifically North American ones in terms of LGBTQ PAS achievements, but there'sprogress everywhere in the world. Like, I didn't include it in the script, but I think swift voters cheless. No, that's right, that's right, Swiss cheese is gay. Thanks for listening. Let's get out. anyways. I think it's about like Switzerland legalize same sex marriage or something like that, if it wasn't already. I don't know, I might be wrong.I'm probably wrong. No, I'm if reason never wrong. I'm just simplegay existing. That's new March guy's Swiss cheese is gay. Hell Yeah,anyway, once we get March going, I have a collection on my phone. If once we're making anyways, happy, happy New Year everyone. Remember thatyellow ballad is back and Swiss cheese is gay and probact. Yeah,any well, say, Um, I think we're gonna here. Somebody hasto go, and you know I do have to go. You know titty'scall. So we hope you enjoyed today's episode and we hope to see younext week and we wish you a happy new year's we hope that two twentytwo kicks your ass just as much as...

...twenty twenty one. Possible information,but again, be prepared for the worst, hope for the best. Yeah,no, wrong, and have a good rest of your life. Isthere anything else to add? My girl, it is fuck. The strings onbananas are its veins. Stay Gay, stay gay, FUCK.

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